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Chapter 1109 - Fighting

Immediately upon entering the passage, Mu Chen’s party felt like they were devoured by the violent darkness, which made their hairs stand on the end. Like a storm wreaking havoc, the darkness seemed like it wanted to destroy this passage.

They nervously looked at the tottering passage. If this passage collapsed, then they would practically be doomed.

But fortunately, it was quite stable, since it was formed by several Earth Sovereigns. Despite being tottering, it remained stable and did not get wrecked. Thus, Mu Chen’s party swiftly moved forth.

There would be fractures that occasionally appeared and they could see scenes of an ancient land and horizon on the other side of the fracture, as if a region had been sealed in it.

“Take caution.” Mu Chen looked at everyone as he reminded.

“When we enter the Ancient Haven Palace, all of you follow me. Otherwise, this old man will not be able to take care of everyone.” The moment Mu Chen finished speaking, a prideful voice resounded, which was naturally from the Profound Black Sovereign of the Sky Profound Palace.

He cast a glance at Mu Chen without any emotion, but the meaning behind his gaze was evident. That old goat was telling Mu Chen that he’s the leader of this party.

Although everyone else was somewhat unhappy with the old man’s arrogance, he was the strongest amongst them and it would be more dependable to follow that old man.

As for Mu Chen, despite his fame in the Northern Region, he’s just a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, so he should be somewhat weaker than the Profound Black Sovereign.

As this thought flashed in their minds, some of them moved closer towards the Profound Black Sovereign.

Mu Chen’s face uncontrollably twitched at this sight. This old goat was truly a treasure. What a crappy leader. Did that old goat think that he, Mu Chen, really wanted that position?

Mu Chen exchanged a glance with Nine Nether and the latter helplessly shrugged. Encountering such a stubborn and prideful old man, there’s nothing to talk about. Furthermore, that old man was making good use of his age and he clearly did not look upon them.

Mu Chen cast his lips aside and couldn’t be bothered to dispute with the old man regarding such a pointless matter. If there’s an opportunity, then he would just lead Nine Nether and Lin Jing and leave this party.

When the Profound Black Sovereign saw Mu Chen’s silence, he thought that Mu Chen had agreed to him, so he nodded his head with satisfaction.

After this event, the group swiftly moved forth in the passage and as time passed, they could sense that they’re reaching their destination.

Mu Chen swept his gaze and contracted his eyes. He could sense the space fluctuating around him and there would be passages similar to them occasionally appearing with people in them. Evidently, they were from the other forces heading for the Ancient Haven Palace.

In events when the passages joined together, both sides would keep their guards up and maintain a distance before they felt relieved.

Mu Chen also felt slightly relieved whenever those spaces intersected together. But the moment he felt relieved, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

He could sense a dangerous gaze and turning his head towards the right, he could see a passage with ten-odd silhouettes in them.

Amongst those silhouettes, Mu Chen saw an acquaintance, the Fourth Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Hong!

The latter looked rather pathetic at this moment with his face pale and one arm missing. When he saw Mu Chen, his gaze had turned sinister before turning his head over and spoke something.

Mu Chen shifted his gaze towards the person beside Xia Hong and lightly contracted his eyes.

It was a man donned in a golden robe with a composed bearing. Every single movement and word emitted an imposing bearing that would make others feel suppressed.

Xia Hong could be considered an elite, but he was dull in comparison to the person beside him and the dangerous gaze that Mu Chen felt came from that person.

“What a narrow path.” Mu Chen knitted his brows. He did not expect to encounter the Xia Empire even before entering the Ancient Haven Palace. Furthermore, if he had not guessed incorrectly, it should be the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Yu, who was ranked 4th.

Mu Chen looked at the golden-robed man and saw that when the latter finished hearing Xia Hong’s words, he gazed over like an aloof emperor without any emotion.

He took a glance at Mu Chen, before narrowing his eyes without any interest. However, he still gently nodded his head.

His nod wasn’t directed at Mu Chen because when he made that action, three silhouettes walked out from the Xia Empire’s party, three old men. Those three old men had powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations around them. They were clearly three Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns that weren’t at all inferior to the Profound Black Sovereign.

The three of them walked out and threw a fist forth without any hesitation.


Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out and rolled towards Mu Chen’s party. Seeing their actions, they were clearly intending on wrecking the passage that Mu Chen’s party was in.

“Damn it!”


When the experts of the Northern Region saw this scene, their faces turned pale, since they never expect those fellows to be so vicious. The Profound Black Sovereign’s countenance turned unsightly as he swiftly formed seals. An ice-blue Spiritual Energy violently poured out of the passage, forming into a shield, guarding the passage.

Since he was the only Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign here, the Spiritual Energy of other Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be destroyed by the violent space the moment the Spiritual Energy passed through the passage.


The attacks from the three Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns heavily struck against the shield and a violent shock wave swept out with fragments of ice splattering in every direction before the shield crumbled.

When the shield broke, the face of the Profound Black Sovereign changed. He couldn’t fight with three other experts that were equivalent to him.

When the shield broke, the shock wave swept over, which attempted to shake their passage.

Everyone’s faces changed with panic. If anything happened to the passage, then they would be equivalent to dead.

But as they panicked, Mu Chen took a step forth and waved his sleeve. Countless spiritual seals flew out and integrated into the space around the passage, forming into layers of Spiritual Arrays.

When he first saw the Xia Empire’s party, he had already been condensing Spiritual Seals and he had used them now.

Boom! Boom! 

Although the Spiritual Arrays weren’t of the highest grade, it was a case of quantity over quality, which were all used for defence. With so many of them added together, it would form into a powerful defensive shield.

Thus, the ripples destroyed ten-odd Spiritual Arrays before the remnant energy dissipated.


Everyone felt heavily relieved at this scene.

Xia Yu had also sensed the failure. He raised his head in astonishment and looked at Mu Chen. He did not expect that a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign would receive the attacks from three Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns.

“Spiritual Array Master…” Xia Yu muttered to himself before revealing a gentle smile towards Mu Chen. He then transmitted his voice through the passage and into the ears of Mu Chen’s party, “Brother Mu is truly surprising. If we encounter each other in the Ancient Haven Palace, I hope that I can experience your strength.”

His smile was gentle and friendly, as if those vicious words he previously said wasn’t said by him.

Mu Chen maintained his face without expression. That fellow was definitely several times more dangerous than Xia Hong. If Xia Hong was a ferocious wolf, then Xia Yu would be a venomous snake that would claim a life the moment he made a move.

It looked like he had to be more cautious if they encountered one another.

When Xia Yu finished his words, he waved his sleeve and lead his party along with the unwilling Xia Hong to travel faster, disappearing from their sight in just a blink of an eye.

He left in an elegant manner. The intersection of the passages was only brief and due to him being too confident previously, he did not make a move himself. Even if he wanted to make a move personally now, it would be too late so he might as well leave.

As they left, the Northern Region’s alliance cursed before cupping their hands towards Mu Chen.

“If it wasn’t for the Profound Black Sovereign weakening their attack, it’d also impossible for me to block it.” Mu Chen lightly smiled in response to their gratitude.

When the Profound Black Sovereign heard his words, he was stunned before his expression turned unnatural. He clearly did not think that Mu Chen would praise him as well.

“The new generations are indeed, taking over the old. I never expected the young elites of the Northern Region would reach this level.” The Profound Black Sovereign's gaze turned more gentle and his arrogance weakened a little as well.

That’s because he was clear that even if he had weakened the other party’s attack, the shock wave still couldn’t be underestimated. Even if he had gone all-out, he might also be at a disadvantage. However, he never thought that Mu Chen would have so many Spiritual Arrays prepared to obstruct those attacks.

Mu Chen politely smiled. Although the relationship between him and the Profound Black Sovereign wasn’t much, they’re still on the same boat, so there’s no reason for him to stiffen the relationship.

“We’re soon reaching the end.” Mu Chen looked at the passage as the fluctuation calmed down. Vaguely, he could see white halos at the end of the passage.

“Be cautious upon entering the Ancient Haven Palace.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

Everyone held their guards up as they flew towards the passage. A white lustre surged from the other end as they passed through the passage.

The dark environment suddenly brightened up and they squint their eyes before they recovered and swept their gazes around.

They’re standing on a hill and the entire region was quiet without any lifeforms with an ancient aura fluctuating between the heavens and earth.

Mu Chen looked at the ancient scene before him and couldn’t stop the surging emotions in his heart.

He had finally reached the Ancient Haven Palace.

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