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Chapter 1111 - Su Qingyin

“Dragon Ascension Gate?”

“What is that?”

“Seems like this is the only path to the Ancient Haven Palace.”


When Mu Chen’s gaze focused on the massive stone gate, whispers resounded in this region and everyone had shock written on their faces.

“I never expected the Dragon Ascension Gate to actually exist.” Mu Chen sighed as he looked at the stone gate.

“You know about it?” Nine Nether was taken aback by his words, everyone also looked at Mu Chen in astonishment.

Mu Chen nodded his head. He naturally got to know about it from Mandala. Before they headed for the Ancient Haven Palace, Mandala had told him quite a bit of information regarding the Ancient Haven Palace, which included the Dragon Ascension Gate.

“What is the Dragon Ascension Gate?” Lin Jing asked out of curiosity.

“In ancient times, all disciples that joined the Ancient Haven Palace would have to enter through this Dragon Ascension Gate, which grades their strength and potential, thus bestowing them with qualifying identities. Some elites could even ascend to the sky with this gate, so it’s called the Dragon Ascension Gate.” Mu Chen explained.

“Identities?” Everyone was stunned.

“Remember the Azure Wolf Plaque that we saw back then? It’s one of them.” Mu Chen nodded his head as he looked at the ancient stone gate with interest as he continued, “It’s said that there are four different grades to the disciples of the Ancient Haven Palace. The Wolf Plaque, Eagle Plaque, Jiao-dragon Plaque and the highest, the Dragon Plaque. Each of the plaques is further classified by colours, starting from the lowest, white, azure and gold.”

“Those skeletons we have previously encountered should be the Wolf Plaque Disciples of the Ancient Haven Palace.”

“It’s said that not only disciples that obtained Dragon Plaques could become the core members of the Ancient Haven Palace, they would also be granted with large resources with a possibility of them contesting for the position of an Elder or even Hall Master.”

Everyone now knew that those Dragon Plaque Disciples could be considered as having ascended the sky in a step, so this Dragon Ascension Gate’s reputation was fully justified.

“This Dragon Ascension Gate should be the only passage into the Ancient Haven Palace. Those that wish to enter must first become the disciple of the Ancient Haven Palace.” When Mu Chen spoke, his gaze blazed with fire as he looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate. According to Mandala’s explanation, if the Dragon Ascension Gate still existed, then he had become a Dragon Plaque Disciple.

That’s because only the Dragon Plaque Disciples could enter the deepest part of the Divine Art Pavilion, it would be too late for regrets if he wasn’t qualified to enter.

He couldn’t afford any failure to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body.

“Heh, now this is interesting. I want to see what grade I will be…” Lin Jing’s eyes lit up as she chuckled with excitement.

Nine Nether swept her gaze around again with a little shock. She noticed that as time passed, there were more powerful elites gathering over.

“Looks like you’re not the only one that knows about the Dragon Ascension Gate.” Nine Nether spoke in a low voice at this scene.

Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by this matter, since the other forces must have also been investigating everything of the Ancient Haven Palace for years and the Dragon Ascension Gate wasn’t considered a secret.

“It’s said that the Ancient Haven Palace has three Dragon Ascension Gates in total and we’re only at one of them. Otherwise, the amount would be even greater.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Shall we make our move?” Nine Nether asked. She was getting a little impatient as well.

“No rush, let’s wait and see.” Mu Chen smiled as he shook his head. With the elites from various forces gathering together, he wished to see the results of those elites.

Lin Jing and Nine Nether did not refute his words and they waited with high spirits. They clearly also wished to know the capability of others.

As they waited, whizzing sounds of wind constantly resounded and streaks of light fell like a rainstorm, which made this area even more bustling.

“Mhm, isn’t that the Ghostly Hand, Liu Gui of the Willow Gate? He’s actually here as well.”

As more people gathered, heavyweights started to appear, which caused a commotion in this region.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard those exclamations, they looked towards that direction as well.

Ten-odd grey silhouettes flew over and descended on a massive tree. The one leading had an ordinary appearance but his eyes were pale grey, emitting a cold and chilling aura that caused his surrounding temperature to swiftly drop as well.

“Ghost Hand Liu Gui… Ranked 17th with a cultivation at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.” Mu Chen looked at that party with a piece of information flashing in his heart.

“There’s Wang Tongxian as well that’s ranked 16th…” Not long after Liu Gui’s appearance, another yellow-robed silhouette, riding on a great roc, had attracted the exclamations of many experts.


After that, exclamations incessantly resounded and in just a few minutes, there were five to six elites from the Top 20 rankings.

All those elites had cultivation at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, which was even stronger than Xia Hong.

Compared to them, Mu Chen, who had just replaced Xia Hong as the 20th ranker, was dull in comparison.

When those elites appeared, they looked at the Dragon Ascension Gate with blazing gazes. However, they did not act on impulse and waited for the best opportunity.


As time passed, Mu Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He turned his head and looked at a direction with an unusual gaze. That’s because he could sense an extremely sharp sword aura sweeping over.


A few breaths after Mu Chen had sensed that sword aura, he saw an azure sword streaking across the horizon, before it descended on a nearby peak.

When the sword aura dissipated, an azure-clothed man was revealed with an azure longsword behind his back. He had an outstanding appearance and a hawk-like gaze that made others feel their skin sting.

He was emitting a powerful sword aura around him, which caused the surrounding space to totter with thousands of sword slices.

When he appeared, he had instantly attracted countless gazes, especially those Top 20 experts that had just previously arrived. Their faces turned unnatural with alert and fear filling their eyes.

“He is…” Nine Nether squinted her eyes with a grave expression. She could feel how dangerous that person was.

“Jin Qingzhe of the 5th rank.” Mu Chen said slowly. To be able to intimidate the Top 20 experts to that level, who else could it be aside from Jin Qingzhe of the 5th rank?

Although that person was also at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, Mu Chen guessed that his fighting strength had probably exceeded that level.

When Qin Jingzhe appeared, he did not bother about the fearful gazes directed at him and faintly stared at the Dragon Ascension Gate.

“Looks like we have a top-tiered elite here as well.” Mu Chen smiled. Qin Jingzhe was the highest rank amongst everyone present and his rank being 5th could be considered amongst the top in the Greatlaw Continent.

With that rank, it was no wonder why he could disregard everyone else. Perhaps in his eyes, even Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns like Liu Gui and the rest couldn’t enter his eyes.

Liu Gui, Wang Tongxian and the rest were naturally unhappy with Qin Jingzhe’s arrogance, but there wasn’t anything they could do about it. That’s because they’re not his opponent, even if Qin Jingzhe was only at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

He was not ranked 5th for nothing.

Buzz! Buzz! 

As countless fearful and revered gazes were directed at Qin Jingzhe, a buzzing noise suddenly resounded between the heavens and earth.

The buzzing noises had also entered Qin Jingzhe’s ears and his indifference face instantly changed. He suddenly looked up and his gaze was fixed towards the distance.

Mu Chen could also sense Qin Jingzhe’s sudden changes and he squinted his eyes. Just who is it that can even terrify Qin Jingzhe in such manner?

Could it be…?

Mu Chen’s face turned grave as he looked into the distant sky. He could see a black dot swiftly streaking across the horizon and in just a few breaths of time, the black dot had already appeared in this area.

As the black dot approached, everyone then noticed that it’s a black bug with two pairs of wings. It emitted an ominous aura all around it, looking extremely ferocious.

There was a white-dressed lady standing on the black bug and her black hair was fluttering in the wind as she held onto a jade flute. Her face was covered with a smile. She looked exceptionally gentle and beautiful.

It was a huge contrast when comparing the white-dressed lady with the ferocious and ominous bug beneath her feet, which distracted others.

Mu Chen looked at the beauty and his gaze turned grave. He exchanged a glance with Nine Nether and could see the flash of fear in her eyes.

Amongst the elites of the Greatlaw Continent, there was only one person that could make Qin Jingzhe so fearful and use insects.

The second ranker, who was also an Insect Master, Su Qingyin.

He never expected such a top-tiered character would come to their area as well.

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