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Chapter 111 – Northern Heavens World

This place was a vast, endless landscape with blue skies and drifting clouds. In the distance, a boundless ancient forest could be seen.

Within the forest stood giant trees, that were comparable in size with mountains. Groups of Spiritual Beasts would fly above the forest as their sharp cries echoed throughout the world.

Even further away, there would be massive Spiritual Beasts fighting against each other occasionally. Their thunderous roars came from far away.

This land was like an ancient prehistoric land where no person had ever set foot on.

However, the absence of human activity was quickly destroyed. A massive bluestone platform appeared out of thin air in the sky. Mist surrounded the platform like it was a fairyland.

At this moment, numerous light pillars emerged on the bluestone platform. As these light pillars descended, countless figures appeared on the platform.

In half an hour, the originally empty platform was completely filled and their chatter gradually echoed throughout the area.

At the corner of the platform, another light pillar descended. As the light faded, two figures emerged.

Once he detected that the light gradually weakening, Mu Chen opened his eyes slowly. In the next moment, he became somewhat surprised when he looked at the bluestone platform he was currently standing on.

On the platform, there were numerous figures. However, all of them were wary as they looked around. It was evident that they were also unfamiliar with this situation.

“Brother Mu. Is this the place for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination?” Behind Mu Chen, a weak voice rang out. Mo Ling was cautiously glancing around. His voice was weak because he could feel that even the weakest person on the platform had the strength in the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. Furthermore, many of them gave him a feeling of pressure.

Mu Chen nodded and smiled.

“These people should be the others who obtained entry to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, right?” Mo Ling could not help but smack his lips. Awe for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy formed within his heart. The number of people that obtained entries to the Five Great Academies was limited to the fingers of both hands. But in this location, there were at least a thousand people.

“Although all of the people here are quite powerful, there’s no need to be afraid. If you lack courage, how could you compete with others?” Mu Chen smiled. He knew that Mo Ling felt slightly inferior. After all, the Northern Spiritual Realm was quite a small place. Many of these people probably came from large Spiritual Academies. The background and strength they possessed wasn’t something that a student from the Northern Spiritual Academy could compete with.


As he looked at Mu Chen’s comforting, handsome face, Mo Ling’s timid heart calmed down. That’s right. There was nothing to be afraid of. The one beside him had once killed a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse. Although Mo Ling did not understand the quality of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students, he did not believe many of them could surpass Mu Chen.

Mu Chen comforted Mo Ling for a bit before he too glanced carefully around the platform. Right now, there were at least 1000 people on the platform. However, there weren’t many conversations taking place; only small groups of people would stick together. Based on this, they probably hailed from the same location.

“As expected of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

Mu Chen glanced around and immediately praised the academy within his heart. From what he sensed, everybody here had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage. Moreover, there were no less than 6 individuals who reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

Furthermore, the people in front of him were only a handful of those that had entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Based on this, one could see how terrifying the competition was for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

The Northern Spiritual Academy’s Entry Competition could not be compared to this competition!


Just as Mu Chen looked around, a soft bell sound rang at the center of the platform. Everybody’s gaze quickly shifted, and they saw a stone tablet suddenly emitting a dazzlingly bright light.

As the light converged above the stone tablet, an old figure formed from the light emerged.

“Little ones, I am one of the monitors for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination…”

The old figure smiled as it stared at the numerous boys and girls on the platform and said: “Next up, I will inform you of the rules here.”

On the platform, everybody remained silent. Their eyes were fixated on the old figure.

“The space you’re currently residing in, is known as the Northern Heavens World. It is the place where the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy specifically tests students. Moreover, the platform you are standing on is known as the Escort Platform. In the Northern Heavens World, there are hundreds of Escort Platforms like this one. Therefore, the one you are standing on is just one of many.”

As the words were spoken, many people were secretly shocked. Didn’t that mean there were at least tens of thousands of people participating in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination? This number was too terrifying to imagine!

“Ohoho. Due to there being too many individuals, the number of Northern Heavens Worlds totals four. Of course, the other three Northern Heavens Worlds are also executing the same examination. However, these are unrelated to all of you.” The old figure smiled.

Mu Chen could not help but grin. There are four of these Northern Heavens Worlds? The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is truly one of the Five Great Academies. This could only be described as terrifying.Wouldn’t this mean that his chance of meeting with Luo Li would be reduced to at most 25%?

“Eh, I hope that she’s in this Northern Heavens World as well.” Mu Chen shook his head helplessly and could only look forward to it.

“The Northern Heavens World is extremely vast. There are numerous powerful and vicious Spiritual Beasts all over the place. Your goal is to pass through these obstacles and enter the Northern Heavens Hall in the center of the Northern Heavens World. At that location, there will be a Transfer Spiritual Array that leads to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and we will welcome you there.”

“That doesn’t seem too difficult.” Mu Chen frowned. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy shouldn’t be limited to just this, right?

“Ohoho. These aren’t all the rules yet. Each of you must touch this stone tablet first. Of course, you will all be divided into ranks. The ranks will be divided from 1-9. Normally speaking, the students that obtained the ordinary entry will be ranked initially at 1. The students that obtained the seeded entry will start at 3; The core entries will begin at 5.”

When everybody heard this, they hesitated for a moment. Then, people came up one after another to touch the stone tablet. As they touched it, a light beam would shoot out from the stone tablet and land on their foreheads.

Once the light beam faded away, a shining symbol appeared on the students’ foreheads. However, the symbol given revealed a dark yellow color and the number [1] appeared within the symbol.

It was evident that these people were assessed as Rank 1.

Everybody stared at the dark yellow symbol on their respective foreheads and felt a bit frustrated. It was truly a terrible sight to possess the lowest rank.


Just as the crowd was feeling bitter, a powerful light beam erupted from the stone tablet. The light beam revealed a dark red color and converged on the forehead of the boy who was in front of the stone tablet.

As a dark red symbol emerged, the number [3] slowly formed.

“Rank 3? He’s actually a student that obtained the Seeded Entry!” The dark red light was too different than the rest of them. Therefore, many surprised gazes shot over immediately and they smacked their lips enviously.

As the boy in white clothes noticed at the envious glares nearby, he raised his chin slightly. A hint of pride emerged on his face. The people that obtained a seeded entry could look over the students who only obtained an ordinary entry. This is because it represented that they were at different levels.

The boy’s arrogant gaze caused the students to feel slightly uncomfortable. However, they knew that the latter was truly stronger than ordinary students. It was best not to provoke this sort of person.

On the platform, the crowd continually obtained their symbols. And after the boy in white, there were two other individuals that possessed a seeded entry. This made many people exclaim secretly. Just in their Escort Platform, there were already 3 seeded entries. Just how many seeded entries were there within the Northern Heavens World?

Furthermore, above the seeded entries, there was the core entry.

Many of the people weren’t clear how terrifying the people who obtained a core entry were. However, it was certain that a person who obtained a core entry would be a monster!

Mu Chen and Mo Ling did not hastily head forward. They waited for the crowd to lessen before lining up. Because Mo Ling only possessed an ordinary entry, he also obtained a Rank 1 assessment. As for Mu Chen, he was assessed as Rank 3 like the other seeded entries.

When the dark red light emerged on Mu Chen’s forehead, many astonished gazes glanced over. Even the three individuals with seeded entries had their gazes focused on Mu Chen. It was evident that Mu Chen, who had obtained a seeded entry, was worthy of their attention.

After everybody was assessed, a strange smile seemed to appear on the old figure. He continued to explain: “Since all of you have been assessed ranks, I will continue to speak. Based on the rules, any students who are ranked lower than 4 will be eliminated at the end. In other words, they will lose their qualifications to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”


The platform suddenly shook. Everybody was stunned. Wouldn’t this mean that nobody here was qualified?

“Little ones. There’s no need to worry. The ranks aren’t fixed and can be increased. Moreover, the method of increasing rank isn’t difficult. You only need to kill Spiritual Beasts or obtain worldly treasures that have accumulated Spiritual Aura, and the symbol on your forehead will automatically absorb some of the Spiritual Aura. Through that, your rank will increase.”

Everyone was relieved. So they could increase their ranks through hunting Spiritual Beasts and obtaining worldly treasures.

“Of course, this isn’t the fastest way to increase it. The fastest method is to steal the Spiritual Aura within other people’s symbols. This will allow you to quickly raise your rank.”

Once this was said, countless people’s bodies stiffened. Then, their faces gradually changed.

“Especially the symbols that are ranked high. For example, you are all only Rank 1 currently. However, if you managed to defeat the seeded entry students and obtained the Spiritual Aura within their symbols, you will immediately increase from Rank 1 to Rank 3.” The old figure had a huge smile plastered on his face as if he was a sly fox trying to lure people to perform this act.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. This rule basically encourages students to steal from one another. As expected, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination isn’t that simple. So this is the examination system, huh?

Because at this moment, Mu Chen could feel the gazes nearby change. Many of them revealed a hint of greediness as they stared at the symbol on his forehead.

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