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Chapter 112 – Girl in a Black Dress

Suddenly, the atmosphere on the Escort Platform turned strange. A few boys’ gazes became vigilant, and they all stepped away from one another.

This rule had made it extremely clear. Aside from being careful of the vicious lands and Spiritual Beasts, the greatest threat they could face were their fellow students.

“Little ones. This rule was made to give everyone a chance. A chance to escape the ordinary. Even a person with Core Entry will be disqualified and denied their right of entry to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy if he fails to reach Rank 4.” The old figure’s chuckle rang out again.

Mu Chen snorted upon hearing this. A person who had obtained Core Entry would definitely not a kindhearted person. Even if they had an accident and had their symbol robbed, would it really be difficult for them to regain a Rank 4 symbol with their abilities?

“Regarding the Ranks, it will determine your position within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The higher your rank, the more you will valued by the academy. Therefore, in order to not be disqualified and obtain a better status and resources within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, you should work hard on increasing your rank. I will wait for your arrival at the Northern Heavens Hall…”

“By then, the difference between all of you will be reflected by your success.”

“Finally, a reminder to everyone: If you want to give up, you only need to shatter the symbol on your forehead. After that, a monitor will come over and take you away. But in that case, the person who has lost their symbol will be eliminated.”

“Okay, right now, I want to solemnly tell all of you that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Examination has now officially begun!” The old man directed a slight smile at the crowd before his figure slowly faded away.

With the disappearance of the old figure, the Escort Platform became completely silent. A few people’s eyes were twinkling.

Mu Chen felt the pressure of this atmosphere and glanced at his surroundings. Most of the people on the platform were gathering in groups of two or three. The only exceptions were the Seeded Entry participants and Mu Chen. Next to the Seeded Entry participants, there was a humongous crowd that had formed. Judging from the appearance, these participants came from a rather large-sized Spiritual Academy and thus had many followers.

Compared to them, Mu Chen’s side looked pretty shabby. After all, the only one beside him was Mo Ling, who was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase.

The 3 Seeded Entry participants’ gazes swept across the platform. They were slightly afraid of each other. Therefore, they simply waved their hands and jumped off the Escort Platform as they charged into the depths of the ancient forest.

In the Northern Heavens World, the amount of students participating was numbered in thousands. Thus, there was no need for them to fight against such tricky opponents when they had time to pick their prey.

“Let’s leave as well.” Mu Chen whispered to Mo Ling.

After he spoke, he charged away from the Escort Platform. Seeing this, Mo Ling hurriedly followed. However, countless gazes twinkled on the escort platform as they noticed Mu Chen’s action.

On the platform, there were no less than six people whose strength had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. However, there were only four people who obtained a seeded entry. It was evident that the other individuals at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase felt this was somewhat unfair. After all, they too possessed the ability to obtain a seeded entry. They just lacked the luck…

Fortunately, this examination gave them a chance.

On the Escort Platform, three of the four seeded entry participants had many followers beside them. It was relatively troublesome to attack them. However, Mu Chen’s force seemed pretty weak and appeared to them to be the easiest target.

As long as they defeated Mu Chen, they would instantly obtain a Rank 3 Symbol.

In the crowd, many eyes narrowed as they stared at the direction Mu Chen had taken. The corners of their lips immediately lifted up as if they had spotted a prey.

A Seeded Entry? In this place, it was only a title that attracted trouble.

Mu Chen brought Mo Ling away from the Escort Platform. His calm face made it seem as though he was not aware of others plotting against him. His eyes would only stare into the distance with slight hope. Luo Li, are you here?

When Mu Chen entered the ancient forest, an Escort Platform that was relatively far away was quite bustling.

This Escort Platform appeared to be larger than the one Mu Chen was on. There were a lot more people as well. However, aside from the scattered individuals, the dense crowd was clearly divided. There were many boys with prideful expression. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting from their bodies clearly showed that the majority of them were at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Furthermore, on their foreheads, a dark red symbol appeared which represented that they were winners of the seeded entries.

At this location, they were considered as the best of the bunch.


On the Escort Platform, a light pillar suddenly descended and numerous people glanced over lazily. Soon, the originally lazy expression they had immediately vanished. Instead, it was replaced with shock.


Muffled cries spread throughout the platform like ripples. Many people were affected by it and turned over to take a look. In front of their eyes, a slender figure emerged.

As the light pillar slowly dispersed, a girl in a black dress emerged. She had an exquisite figure and had curves underneath her dress. Her silver hair shone like the Milky Way and fluttered in the sky as the breeze blew. It was exceptionally moving.

The girl’s skin was white as snow while her eyebrows were like crescent moons. While she moved gently, it seemed that it teased people’s hearts. Underneath the moon-like eyebrows were a pair of clear glass-like eyes. These eyes were so beautiful those who stared into them would lose themselves in them. Not many males of the same age were able to maintain their calm under her gaze.

Moreover, she possessed an extremely refined face. The only shortcoming it had, was that it did not have a smile. It wasn’t that the face was cold and detached; instead, it was as calm as a lake. Her glass-like eyes blinked gently and gave off a feeling that nothing in this world would attract her gaze.

The originally bustling Escort Platform had instantly turned quiet by such a scene. Many people secretly stole a glance at her. However, it was unknown why few of them dared to stare at the girl’s clear and beautiful crystalline eyes.

The boys with a flashing red symbols on their forehead, which proved that they were extraordinary, had fiery eyes. There was no doubt that it was the first time they had ever seen such elegance and temperament.

The girl in the black dress glanced around the Escort Platform quietly. Then, she walked over to the stone tablet located at the center of the platform. As she walked gracefully, many people noticed that a pitched-black sword was on her back.

The gazes on the scene moved together with her.

Finally, a tall boy, who was relatively handsome, could not endure it and walked over. On his forehead, a red symbol shone. This was the ability that attracted other person’s attentions.

“Hello, I’m Gu Ge from the Dayuan Continent’s Dayuan Spiritual Academy. Do you need any help? Since you’ve arrived slightly late, I can explain the rules here for you.” The boy revealed a gentle smile to the girl in black dress. His tone was also quite soft, making it difficult for her to refuse.

The girl in the black dress glanced at the boy for a moment with her clear glass-like eyes, and in that moment, the latter felt his heartbeat increase. A hint of passion flashed through the depths of his eyes. If he was able to obtain a girl like this, just how maddening and moving would it be when he hugged her in his arms as she acted shy?

However, the girl in black dress only glanced at him for a moment. She did not speak to him and only walked around him as she headed towards the stone tablet.

Seeing this, Gu Ge let out a smile. He followed over and began to explain the rules as if he was in a world all by himself. Then he smiled and asked: “It seems that you’re by yourself. It will be quite dangerous. I have many companions. Therefore, I would like to join teams with you, so you can be safe as well.”

When she heard the word “teams”, the girl’s clear eyes seemed to flash. However, she remained uncommunicative and gently extended her slender hands to touch the stone tablet.


As her hands touched the stone tablet, it suddenly shook. A distinctive golden light shot off and formed at the center of the girl’s eyebrows.

Gu Ge’s voice instantly faded away. Moreover, many people, who had fiery expressions, instantly became dumbfounded. This is because they noticed signs of a [5] appearing on the girl’s forehead.

A Rank 5 Symbol?

Everybody sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Even the people who obtained a seeded entry took a big gulp. The girl in front of them actually obtained a Core Entry?

Gu Ge’s face twitched. A Core Entry. Only the people, who were assessed as “King” Class in the Spiritual Road would be able to obtain it!

The seemingly weak and beautiful girl in front of them was actually this terrifying?

The girl slowly turned around and her clear glass-like eyes looked at Gu Ge. Her slender lips finally opened. Her voice was crisp and quiet.

“You mentioned earlier that the symbol’s rank could increase through stealing other people’s symbols?”

Gu Ge was stunned and immediately nodded his head.

The girl in the black dress spoke gently: “Then, all of the seeded entry participants here should hand over their symbols to me.”


An uproar instantly broke out on the Escort Platform. There were a dozen boys whose eyes were filled with rage. They were all individuals who obtained a seeded entry.

“Hmph. Although you are someone who obtained a Core Entry, don’t you think it’s unrealistic for you to steal so many people’s symbols!?” A boy sneered.

The girl in the black dress shook her head. She stared at the boy and replied seriously: “I don’t think so.”

Hearing this, his face immediately turned black with rage. He gritted his teeth as he shouted: “Everyone. Let’s all attack her together and see how amazing she is!”

The other seeded entry participants also nodded when they heard this. A dozen individuals slowly surrounded the girl. At this moment, Gu Ge also shrugged his shoulders. The girl had ignored him earlier, and this had made him feel slightly irritated. Thus, he gloated and said: “It seems that I can’t help you either.”

A dozen boys, who were all at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, surrounded the girl. Powerful waves of Spiritual Energy suddenly erupted. In the next instant, all of them were lunging towards the girl in black dress.

However, the girl remained motionless. She only blinked and brushed away the hair on her forehead.


Just when the dozen individuals were about to touch her body, a black light suddenly erupted from her body.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

A dozen figures instantly flew back and landed on the ground. Every single one of them spat out a mouthful of blood as horror filled their eyes.

The crowd immediately inhaled a breath of cold air. A dozen Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase powerhouses were completely defeated without even being able to touch her body?

The girl in black dress walked over. She made a small action with her hands and the dozen individuals’ symbols quickly turned dim. A few lights flashed and entered the golden symbol on her forehead.

By stealing many Rank 3 symbols, the girl’s golden symbol had turned a lot brighter. However, it had not reached Rank 6. It was evident that it wasn’t easy to rank up.

After taking away the unfortunate fellows’ symbols, the girl in black dress walked towards Gu Ge, who was completely pale. She stared at him with her clear eyes: “Yours.”

Cold sweat slid down Gu Ge’s forehead. He smiled stiffly and had no intention of attacking. As he concentrated, the Spiritual Aura within his symbol emitted out and entered the golden symbol on the girl’s forehead.

Once she was done robbing away the seeded entry participants’ symbols, the girl in black dress did not attack the ordinary students. She only turned away and headed towards the edge of the Escort Platform. Her eyes stared at the distance. Finally, ripples appeared in her quiet eyes. Her mouth twitched and a shallow smile bloomed.

I said that I’ll wait for you. But if you do not come, I will hate you.

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