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Chapter 110 – Departure

Currently, the spacious training ground of the Northern Spiritual Academy was crowded with Northern Spiritual Academy’s students. All of them were gazing enviously at the stage. At that location, there were five giant arrays floating in thin air that emitted a vague yet powerful pulse of Spiritual Energy.

It is said that these light arrays were Transfer Spiritual Arrays, leading to the Five Great Academies. After passing through them, one would be able to enter any of the holy grounds that they’d wished for all over these years.

However, these people currently did not have the qualifications.

At the training grounds, Tang Qian’Er, Hong Ling and Mo Ling had already arrived. Even Liu Mubai was present at the scene. However, he did not have the arrogance he had had previously. Instead, his face was slightly pale and was covered with a dejected expression. It was obvious that he had suffered a heavy blow mentally.

“Mu Chen’s coming!”

A commotion of noise suddenly rang out outside of the training grounds, and numerous fiery gazes immediately turned away from the training grounds. Then, they noticed a familiar boy, and a tall burly figure slowly walking in from the training ground entrance.

As they stared at the boy’s figure, countless Northern Spiritual Academy students lowered their voice. In their eyes, curiosity and awe emerged. During this period of time, the news about Mu Chen slaying Liu Territory’s Liu Jingshan had spread throughout the entire Northern Spiritual Realm.

To them, the Heavenly Fusion Stage was too dazzling. They could not measure up to the power that someone of that level would possess. But no matter what, it must be stronger than Teacher Mo, Teacher Xi and even the Principal, right?

And a powerhouse of that level was actually killed by Mu Chen? Just how terrifying, then, was he?

Under numerous astonished gazes, Mu Chen entered the stage and cupped his hands in salute towards Teacher Mo, Teacher Xi, Principal Xiao and Mister Hao as he said: “My apologies, I arrived late.”

“It’s fine. You’re not considered late.” Teacher Mo smiled. The eyes he used to look at Mu Chen were quite peculiar. Just after he heard of this event, even he, himself, felt tremendous shock. Now that he met with Mu Chen again, a mysterious feeling emerged within his heart.

This boy had too many secrets.

“Ohoho, we still have to modulate the Transfer Spiritual Array for a while, so you’ll have to wait for a bit.” Principal Xiao waved his hands and replied with a smile.

Mu Chen nodded and stood beside Tang Qian’Er. At this moment, Chen Fan and the others were staring at him strangely. This caused Mu Chen to glance at them helplessly.

“Hehe.” Seeing Mu Chen look over at them, Chen Fan and the others let out a hollow laugh. They felt slightly unnatural. After all, they used to be able to joke around with Mu Chen. But now, they could feel that they weren’t at the same level.

As he noticed this, Mu Chen did nothing to explain the situation to them. Instead, it was Tang Qian’Er who glanced over and asked: “Are your injuries all healed?”

Mu Chen nodded and smiled: “With Sister Qian’Er taking care of me, it would be difficult for them not to heal.”

Hearing this, Tang Qian’Er let out a sweet smile before she crooned: “You’ve only spoken nicely right before we depart, how insincere.”

Mu Chen felt completely helpless. When facing a girl’s unreasonable expectations, it was best to remain silent.

“You should look at Liu Mubai. Right now, he looks at you as if he had seen a ghost…” Tang Qian’Er glanced across to the opposite side as she muttered.

Mu Chen’s gaze followed and intersected with Liu Mubai’s gaze. The latter quickly turned his head away. Currently, his appearance had none of the former prestige of someone who had previously been the number one individual of the Northern Spiritual Academy.

Mu Chen calmly retracted his gaze in order to not stare at Liu Mubai as if he had won against someone. During the path of cultivation, he would meet enemies one by one. If he wanted to improve, he would have to constantly look towards the future and review the past. Only then, he would be able to improve slowly.

Liu Mubai was considered to be outstanding. However, he was not worthy for Mu Chen to treat him as an unforgettable rival.

“All of you should listen up…”

From the side, Mister Hao suddenly spoke to the crowd: “I have mentioned this to you before. Although you have passed the Northern Spiritual Academy’s examination, it has only granted you the opportunity to enter the Five Great Academies. It does not mean that you are already regarded as a student in the Five Great Academies.”

“The Five Great Academies will test all of you themselves. That will be the true test of the Five Great Academies. If you pass, you will become a student within the Five Great Academies and have a promising future.

“However, if you fail to pass, we will not send you back, but you will not be able to enter the Five Great Academies anymore. Instead, we will send you to other major Spiritual Academies.”

“Therefore, each one of you will have to work hard to become a true student of the Five Great Academies.”


Hearing this, Mu Chen and the others’ faces turned serious.

The Great Thousand World was endless and vast. Nobody could detect the ends of it. The Hundred Spirit Heavens, that the Northern Spiritual Realm belonged to, was only considered to be a speck of sand within a desert. It was completely insignificant.

The area outside of the Hundred Spirit Heavens was known as the Hundred Spirit Continent. In this continent, there were numerous territories that were similar to the Hundred Spirit Heavens. Moreover, there were countless territories and continents outside of the Hundred Spirit Heavens. If they did not use a Transfer Spiritual Array, a powerhouse at the Three Heavens Stage would not be able to travel across all the continents, even if they devoted a whole lifetime.

The Great Thousand World was too mysterious and extensive. There were as many forces as there were stars in the sky. Among these stars, the Five Great Academies were considered to be bright and dazzling stars. Even within the entire Great Thousand World, they were quite well-known.

The geniuses from the various continents would gather at the Five Great Academies. Therefore, it would not be easy to stand out in such a place.

Mu Chen would have to use all his strength in order to pass the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s test.

As these thoughts flashed through Mu Chen’s mind, he looked towards Mister Hao and inquired: “Mister Hao, may I know what the test will be for the Five Great Academies?”

Mister Hao glanced at Mu Chen and shook his head. He replied: “The Five Great Academies each have their respective test. Therefore, I am unclear about them. However, someone will receive you after you pass through the Transfer Spiritual Array. At that time, you will come to learn more about the test.”

Although this wasn’t useful information, Mu Chen still nodded.

After some time, the five Transfer Spiritual Arrays gradually emitted out an intense light. The violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations, which were originally there, had stabilized.

“It’s about there.”

Seeing this, Mister Hao nodded towards Principal Xiao. Then, he looked at Mu Chen and the others as he said: “Saint Spiritual Academy, please go to the second Transfer Spiritual Array from the left.”

Hearing this, Liu Mubai quickly stepped forward and stood within the Transfer Spiritual Array. As he entered the Transfer Spiritual Array, he finally regained a bit of courage. Then, he stared at Mu Chen and gritted his teeth as he clenched his hands: “Mu Chen, I admit that you’re powerful. However, just you wait. There will be a time when we meet again. When that happens, I will defeat you!”

Hearing this, Mu Chen’s black eyes stared at Liu Mubai. Under his gaze, Liu Mubai’s body shuddered. It seemed that he was being reminded of the terror that Mu Chen had inflicted upon his family that day within the Nine Territory City. His legs and stomach felt a little weak, and he struggled to remain standing up.

It was as if he had been completely traumatized by Mu Chen that time, and this trauma made him feel intense fear.

“I’ll welcome it anytime.”

Mu Chen smiled faintly. The Saint Spiritual Academy, huh? Ji Xuan is also there, right? Compared to him, Liu Mubai was truly unworthy.

“Azure Sky Spiritual Academy, please go to the third Transfer Spiritual Array from the left.”

Hearing Mister Hao’s instructions, Chen Fan and Huo Yun hurried forward. Their faces were filled with excitement and tension.

“Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, the fourth Transfer Spiritual Array.”

Tang Qian’Er bit her lips and clasped her hands. She thumped Mu Chen’s chest as she said: “Good luck in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although there are many geniuses there, I believe that you won’t fall behind. Otherwise, I will be embarrassed to say that I know you when we meet again.”

“Yes, you too.” Mu Chen stared at the girl in front of him. A hint of depression filled his heart due to the separation.

Tang Qian’Er nodded and no longer spoke. She twisted her slim waist as she entered the fourth Transfer Spiritual Array together with Hong Ling. However, her beautiful eyes remained fixed at Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen, Mo Ling. The two of you should enter here.” Mister Hao pointed at the Transfer Spiritual Array beside him.

Mu Chen’s gaze stared at Mu Feng, who had been behind him all this time. The latter smiled and nodded towards him. Then, under countless gazes, Mu Chen immediately took a deep breath and entered the Transfer Spiritual Array without hesitation. Seeing this, Mo Ling quickly followed.

“Brother Mu, good luck. Please bring glory to our Northern Spiritual Academy. Even in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, you must be the strongest!” At the edge of the training grounds, Su Ling and the others shouted out.

“Please act as the advance party for us. In the future, we will come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to leech off you!” The other students also yelled out.

Hearing this, Mu Chen could not help but smile. He nodded towards them.

“Concentrate, we’re beginning the transfer!” Mister Hao said in a deep voice. He waved his sleeves and numerous light seals shot into the Transfer Spiritual Arrays. Then, a powerful light shone from the Spiritual Array and completely enveloped the figures within it.

The powerful light gradually obscured Mu Chen’s vision. He gazed at Mu Feng, who was nearby. The latter also stared at him in daze. Then, a hint of loneliness emerged on his resolute face. After Mu Chen departs, he would be the only one remaining in the family…

“Dad, don’t worry. I will definitely bring mother back!”

Mu Chen clenched his hands and muttered to himself. Then, he slowly closed his eyes.

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I’m coming.

Luo Li, I’m coming.

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