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News of the battle in the West City was still spreading throughout the city, and even further abroad. As a result, many powerful people heard of a young and strong man from the North Territory's Daluo Territory, who was currently stationed in the West City.

This man was obviously Mu Chen, who, after defeating Xia Hong, was no longer anxious to leave the city. After all, it was now a place where news converged, and because of the fiasco with Xia Hong, no one dared to harass Mu Chen. This kind of peaceful environment was exactly what he needed at the moment.

So, for the next few days, Mu Chen and his group stayed in the West City, keeping a low profile. This attitude surprised many people in the city, who thought that they would parade around in a proud manner after defeating Xia Hong.


In a quiet courtyard.


In mid-air, there was suddenly a magnificent flash of spiritual light, and countless complex spiritual seals melted into the void, then joined each other to form a dazzling complex web of light rays. Vaguely, the images that were shaped by the light seemed to radiate an aura of ancient mystery.

Mu Chen stood in the rudimentary formation of the majestic spiritual array, his eyes squinting at the numerous complex light rays. He suddenly waved his sleeves, only to see several white rays of light burst forth from his hands.

The white light surged outward, as a dragon's roar rang out in the air. If one looked carefully, they would see that, within the white light, there were several bones that were as white as jade. Within the bones, a dragon's majestic power faintly radiated outward.

These dragon bones shot into the rudimentary formation of the majestic spiritual array, immediately causing a great change within the spiritual array, where a terrible spiritual energy condensed, finally converging on the dragon bones.

The spiritual energy in the spiritual array was getting more and more frenzied, and above the dragon bones, there were also a few tiny cracks. Finally, amid the violent tremors, they exploded abruptly.


Violent and unmatched spiritual shock waves raged, destroying the entire spiritual array instantly.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen let out a disappointed sigh. With a wave of his sleeve, the magnificent spiritual energy formed a light barrier to resist as many shock waves as possible.

"This kind of Ancestral Master-level spiritual array, even if it is incomplete, is very difficult to structure. Also, its complexity is incredible. It would be very difficult to maintain the formation." Mu Chen's expression was solemn.

Over these past few days, he had tried almost every day to set up the incomplete Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array, but he had not succeeded. Mu Chen shook his head, but refused to be discouraged by his failure.

After all, he could feel that, with every failure, he learned things, so he saw this as progress. Hence, he believed that he would be able to successfully set up this incomplete Ancestral Master- level spiritual array. It was just going to take some time.

"Failed again?" Behind him, Nine Nether opened her eyes and looked at Mu Chen.

"It's an Ancestral Master-level spiritual array, and because it's incomplete, it's even more difficult to understand. The fact that you can extrapolate the formation in such a short period of time is already impressive." In the stone pavilion, Lin Jing leaned against the soft blanket casually, holding an ancient book in her hand.

As she looked at them with relish and eagerness, she looked up at the dissipation of the spiritual array, surprise flitting across her gaze. Although she was not a Spiritual Array Master, she had come into contact with them before, so she had quite an extraordinary eye for such things.

Therefore, she was clearer than anyone about how impressive Mu Chen was to be able to extrapolate the formation in such a short time. Upon hearing Lin Jing's evaluation, Mu Chen also smiled. He looked content, but not too proud.

"There are less people paying attention to us these days, right?" Mu Chen walked into the stone pavilion and asked Tan Ya, who respectfully stood on the side.

Tan Ya nodded and smiled. "Although some people still refuse to give up gawking, at least they aren't blatantly surveilling us. Also, we have received news from the Daluo Territory that our North Territory Alliance troops should be here within five days."

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He was grateful to hear that they would soon have some more support among the ranks.

"I am also happy to report that the information which Lord Mu had told us to gather has been compiled. I have it right here for you." As she spoke, a scroll of parchment paper appeared in Tan Ya's hand, which she handed to Mu Chen respectfully.

"Not bad." Mu Chen smiled.

He had asked his people to collect some intelligence on the young, strong men on the List of Powerhouses. This was because, after leaving the North Territory and entering the Tianluo Territory, he became acutely aware of the significance of the List of Powerhouses, which really represented the current peak of the younger generation in the Tianluo Territory. Every one of them had outstanding records, so no one dared to underestimate them.

As Mu Chen spread out the parchment, a spiritual light flickered. At the top of the parchment, the light condensed into three words, "List of Powerhouses." Then, immediately thereafter, there was a flash of light, then more letters began to appear.

Ranked 20th on the List of Powerhouses, Mu Chen, from the North Territory's Daluo Territory, half step to Ninth Grade Sovereign, practicing a mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body, possesses extraordinary combat prowess, defeated Xia Hong, renowned for defeating the Fourth Prince of Great Xia Dynasty in the Western City...

The description that appeared came as a shock to Mu Chen. Apparently, he had never thought that he would be ranked 20th on the List of Powerhouses. So, it seemed that this list really was updated in real time!

After all, he distinctly remembered that Xia Hong had been ranked 20th, and now that he had defeated him, Mu Chen had already replaced him on the list! Mu Chen shook his head, not really caring about the ranking. He then began to look at the information that followed.

Ranked 19th on the List of Powerhouses, Lu Shan, Mountain Suppressing Sect's pro-Disciple, first stepped into Ninth Grade Sovereign, practicing Myriad Mountains Demon Suppression Body, strong enough to move mountains...

Ranked 16th on the List of Powerhouses, Wang Tongxian...

Ranked 13th on the List of Powerhouses…

Line by line, names constantly appeared, each line representing a man of great fame in the Tianluo Continent. Each of their strengths and battle records came as a surprise to Mu Chen. In terms of quality, these supreme talents were all obviously stronger than the Divine Beasts Clan of the Land of the Divine Beasts!

As more text continued to emerge, Mu Chen's gaze suddenly grew solemn. This was because, at this time, the fifth ranking had emerged…

Ranked 5th on the List of Powerhouses, Qin Jingzhe, Green Lotus Sword Sect's Young Sect Master, peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign, practicing one of Green Lotus Sword Sect's key Celestial Bodies, Green Lotus Spirit Sword Body, ranked 49th in the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, battle records. Once challenged three Ninth Grade Sovereigns and remained undefeated...

"To be undefeated when facing three opponents, that is formidable." Mu Chen could not help but sigh in awe. Although the record did not state that Qin Jingzhe had won, the fact that he had remained undefeated already explained his strength. As such, he was indeed worthy of his rank.

As Mu Chen sighed, he looked back at the text, his eyes narrowing.

Ranked 4th on the List of Powerhouses, Xia Yu, Crown Prince of Great Xia Dynasty, peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign, practicing Great Heavenly King Celestial Body, ranked 45th in the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Said to be comparable to the power of a Complete Ninth Grade Sovereign...

"Great Heavenly King Celestial Body…" As he repeated the words aloud, Mu Chen's gaze turned grave. Such a Sovereign Celestial Body was much more powerful than Xia Hong's Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body, meaning that this Xia Yu was worthy to be the Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty!

Moreover, even though his battle records were a bit unclear, this simple sentence comparing his power to that of a Complete Ninth Grade Sovereign was enough to explain everything! It truly seemed like, if he met this person in the future, he should be extremely cautious! He then turned to kept reading the text...

Ranked 3rd on the List of Powerhouses, Garuda, Holy Son of Saint Demon Palace, practicing a mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body. Has no known ranking in the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, but is extremely powerful. The last time he struck was a year ago, with the power of the peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign. He pursued a Saint Demon Palace elder of Complete Grade Nine power. Now suspected of being a Complete Ninth Grade Sovereign. Evaluation: unfathomable...

Mu Chen gazed at this description for a long time. This Garuda was fierce indeed, as he had killed a Sovereign of Complete Grade Nine power with the power of the peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign! This kind of opponent was really difficult to defeat!

However, Mu Chen did not have the slightest fear in his heart. In fact, there was only a burning flame in his eyes. After all, the only way to become stronger was to keep moving forward, to be fearless, and to dare to challenge any opponent!

"This time, you are my opponent!" Mu Chen said aloud to himself, then stroked the line of text with his fingers, his eyes sharp as a sword.

After a moment, he suppressed the combat desire in his heart and looked at the two messages at the bottom of the parchment. As he did so, his heart was filled with a deep curiosity. Specifically, he wanted to know what the two men ranked before Garuda were like.

How powerful would these two supreme talents be?

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