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Chapter 1108 - Entering the Ancient Haven Palace

As time passed, the depths of the Extreme West became more bustling, even this place, which the Northern Region was stationed at, had other forces around them. But sensing the formation of the alliance, all of them chose to avoid them. After all, no one wanted to stir trouble here so that they did not offend a troublesome enemy.

Under this atmosphere, five days quietly passed.

When the fifth day arrived, Mu Chen, who was cultivating on the peak, opened his eyes. He then stood up and looked into the distance.

Space was still in a violent state, but it was gradually calming down and the fractured space also showed signs of being restored.

Looking from afar, it looked like there was a massive hand restoring space.

“The heavens and earth will restore the space by itself.” Mandala’s voice resounded as she stood on an azure rock and a breeze blew over, fluttering her dress, making it look her petite figure would be carried away along with the wind.

But only those who knew her knew what terrifying energy was contained in her petite figure.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a grave expression as he looked around. At this moment, he could sense quite a bit of Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were quietly being emitted from the centre of the Extreme West.

They naturally belonged to the rulers of the forces. They had been watching and waiting for the best opportunity, which was today.

Everyone of the Northern Region could sense the calmed spatial fluctuations with joy on their faces.

“Looks like it’s time for us to make our move.” A voice resounded from the rear and Mu Chen cast his glance over. The one that spoke was a familiar person, the Palace Master of the Sky Profound Palace, Liu Tiandao.

Back then, there was quite a bit of enmity between him and the Sky Profound Palace and he even made Liu Ming and Liu Yan suffer crushing defeats.

But along with the momentum of the Great Havenlaw Domain, the Sky Profound Palace was no longer as mighty as before. Thus, they also weren’t as prideful as they used to be.

Furthermore, with the powerhouses of the Greatlaw Continent gathered and with their cultivation in the Lesser Earth Sovereign, they had to rely on Mandala, who was a Greater Earth Sovereign, or their spot would be forcefully seized by others.

Mu Chen swept a glance at Liu Tiandao. The latter had also sensed his gaze and his expression was a little unnatural. His face was twitching before he shifted his gaze away.

“I believe you guys know the situation of the Ancient Haven Palace. So we will join forces to stabilise a spatial passage to send our subordinates in.” Mandala swept her gaze around, then she continued in a faint voice, “There’s a limit to the number of people that can enter, too. My Great Havenlaw Domain will take 3.”

The current alliance was formed with five top-tiered forces and according to their estimations, they could probably only send ten-odd people in and the Great Havenlaw Domain was taking a big portion with three quotas.

But they did not have any opinion, since Mandala was truly qualified with her strength.

“Mu Chen, Nine Nether and this Miss Lin Jing. The three quotas of my Great Havenlaw Domain will be given to you guys.” Mandala turned her head and looked at the three.

Liu Tiandao and the rest were somewhat startled. After all, shouldn’t the Sleeping Emperor be the strongest, second to Mandala, in the Great Havenlaw Domain? Why did Mandala not choose him instead?

It’s fine for Mu Chen and Nine Nether, but who was that lady called Lin Jing?

“I also have one? Thanks a lot, Domain Ruler!” Lin Jing was also startled, before she stood beside Mu Chen. Immediately, she recovered from the shock with her eyes beaming.

“I believe that even without our help, you should still be able to enter the Ancient Haven Palace, right? Since that’s the case, why don’t I give you a favour?” Mandala smiled as she immediately said.

Although Lin Jing was not an Earth Sovereign, instincts told Mandala that the violent space outside the Ancient Haven Palace shouldn’t be able to halt her steps.

Lin Jing chuckled as she blinked her eyes, avoiding Mandala’s question.

As Lin Jing and Mandala conversed, the other forces had also chosen their candidates, which were their Elders with powerful strengths all in the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

The strongest one should be the Elder from the Sky Profound Palace, with the strength of a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign and could be considered the strongest amongst them.

“Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?” Mu Chen was a little startled, since he never expected the Sky Profound Palace to recruit such a powerful expert in the past years. It looked like they had been working hard.

“That person is the Profound Black Sovereign, a well-reputed expert in the Northern Region that is a lone wolf and extremely prideful. But this time, he was recruited by the Sky Profound Palace at a great price.” Nine Nether gently spoke beside Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded his head as Mandala glanced at everyone. “In this trip to the Ancient Haven Palace, everyone can be considered comrades. So if any of you are in trouble, I hope that you guys can help each other out. If you guys aren’t working together, then I’m afraid it’ll be hard for you guys to move a single step.”

Mu Chen and the rest nodded at her words.

The Profound Black Sovereign raised his eyelids as he swept a glance at Mu Chen and the rest, “Great Havenlaw Ruler be rested assured, this old man will take care of those young fellows.”

Despite a hoarse voice, he spoke in a prideful tone that caused the other selected ones to cast their lips aside. That fellow was simply trying too much to act with his act.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether helplessly smiled, but they did not speak a word. Although that old man was prideful, he still spoke with good intentions, so there’s no need for them to provoke him.

Mandala smiled at the words of the old man, then she nodded her head. “Since everyone is prepared, then let us get moving.”

“Let’s go!” Finishing her words, she turned into a streak of light and flew out.

Liu Tiandao and the rest closely followed behind with the selected people following thereafter.

Massive and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations soared into the sky when Mu Chen’s party moved out, causing the heavens and earth to tremble.

Evidently, the other rulers had also made their move at this moment.


As they followed Mandala deep into the Extreme West, they could sense how fearful the fractured space was as ripples of violent energy storms swept out, making everyone feel like their Spiritual Energies were about to be ripped out from their bodies.

“What a domineering space turbulence…” Mu Chen’s countenance turned grave. This was just the ripples, if they were closer, then their bodies and Spiritual Energy would be immediately ripped apart.

Raising his head, he saw the shattered space in the distance and the cracks spreading out akin to dragons and the fluctuations that came from the cracks made his scalp go numb.

Mandala and the rulers stopped a few myriad feet away from a cracks and their boundless Spiritual Energies erupted from their bodies, which guarded Mu Chen’s group, blocking them from the effects of the spatial storm.

Standing before the massive crack as the darkness swept over, it looked like a black hole akin to an abyss. If one looked more closely, they would realise an ancient palace emitting an air of ancient and mystery. That’s the entrance to the Ancient Haven Palace.

Mandala turned her head and exchanged a glance with the other Lesser Earth Sovereigns, before they made their move at the same time. Materialised beams of Spiritual Energy swept from their bodies and shot towards the black crack.

Boom! Boom! 

As the light beams shot forth, rumbling noises resounded, which caused the heavens and earth to tremble and a hole that was ten-odd foot wide was gradually ripped open.

Looking at the hole that was ripped open, Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips. They were truly worthy of being Earth Sovereigns. Those massive Spiritual Energies were akin to fireflies before the luminous moon.

“Get moving!” Mandala barked in a low voice.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the several massive beams soaring into the sky that ripped open some passages.

The top-tiered forces of the Greatlaw Continent also had their own means to forcefully rip open passages to send their own experts as mediums to descend in the Ancient Haven Palace.

One could imagine how intense the competition would be after the elites were sent in.


Mu Chen took in a deep breath and his gaze gradually turned sharp.

“Let’s go!” He roared, no longer hesitating. He turned into a beam and shot into the passage with Nine Nether, Lin Jing and the rest following behind him and they swiftly disappeared.

As he entered the passage, a fire started to blaze in the depths of his eyes.

Immortal Golden Body, here I come…

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