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The huge battle arena had become a mess. All the houses around it had been destroyed, and there were multitudes of deep cracks criss-crossing the ground, showing the intensity of the battle that had taken place.

Above in the sky, Mu Chen looked calmly in the direction Xia Hong had fled. After all, the latter was even a royal prince of the Great Xia Dynasty and naturally had the means to protect his life. With that speed of escape, even with his full strength, he would not be able to catch up. But obviously, such a desperate escape would have great repercussions, and Xia Hong was bound to suffer in future.

Moreover, at that last minute, Mu Chen shattered one of his arms. Even if it could be reborn with a magic pill, it would take a long time.

As soon as he thought of this, Mu Chen stopped thinking about Xia Hong. Although today he had inflicted a heavy blow on the latter, he was not worried. At best, this kind of matter could only be regarded as an exchange between the younger generation, so if Emperor Xia of the Great Xia Dynasty knew about it, he could only rage secretly. If he was hostile towards Daluo Territory, he would have to pay a rather heavy price, too.

Now that the Ancient Celestial Palace had emerged, all the top forces were eyeing it covetously. Emperor Xia would not be too willing at such a time to really offend a top power that was similarly an Upper Earthly Sovereign.

"Three Quasi-Divine Artifacts. He is generous indeed to preserve his life." Mu Chen suppressed his mood and then looked at the three splendorous light beams in the Great Solar Undying Body's massive palm where the golden light swelled, forming a light barrier, trapping the three splendors. These three splendors naturally were the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts Xia Hong had thrown out previously.

Among them, the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor were a complete set of Quasi-Divine Artifacts, and their power was extraordinary. Xia Hong had fought on par with Mu Chen using them, and Mu Chen had been coveting their offensive and defensive ability. According to Mu Chen's estimation, the value of these two Quasi-Divine Artifacts was much higher than that of the Shattering Sea Pearl.

It was precisely because of their value that Mu Chen was distracted by them, and this gave Xia Hong the opportunity to escape. After all, in the face of these three Quasi-Divine Artifacts, even Mu Chen would be tempted.

If he had not intercepted them, these three Quasi-Divine Artifacts would have flown into the surrounding top forces. By then, there would be chaos, and if he wanted to vie for them forcefully, it would incite public furor. Thus, Mu Chen had no choice but to strike.

"D*mn it, I was actually outsmarted by this guy." Mu Chen could not help but chuckle. That Xia Hong was also smart, as he knew what price to pay so that Mu Chen had to stop.

However, although he had been outwitted, Mu Chen was not frustrated, as he had gained three Quasi-Divine Artifacts in the process. He welcomed such calculations against him.

As Mu Chen was pondering, the innumerable gazes in the surrounding sky of the battle arena were also scorching as they looked at the three splendors in front of him. Many of those looks were colored with greed. The total value of the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts was at least 40,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, and that was obviously not a small amount.

However, although the glances were greedy, in the end no one dared to make a grab for them. After all, whether it was the amazing fighting power Mu Chen had shown, or the unfathomable Lin Jing, it was enough to make all the strong people present not dare to underestimate them anymore.

Mu Chen was not concerned about the covetous glances. With a wave of his palm, the three splendorous light beams suddenly shot towards him, rotated around him, and finally fell into his palm.

He played with the three splendorous light beams and then stomped his feet. The Great Solar Undying Body was like a fleeting illusion, finally fading into golden light and dissipating.

Amid the various glances, Mu Chen landed in front of Nine Nether and Lin Jing, stretched out his hands, and said generously, "Here are the bounties we got. Take whatever you fancy."

Lin Jing only smiled, casually glanced at the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts, and lost interest. With her status, she could obtain even a true Divine Artifact, not to mention a Quasi-Divine Artifact, so these Quasi-Divine Artifacts, which were unattainable by ordinary Sovereigns, had little appeal to her. Thus, she shook her head and then waved her hand. Not far away, the golden scroll embedded in the stone lion was sucked into her hand.

"That's the debt I want." Lin Jing waved the golden scroll and then smiled at Mu Chen. "Rest assured, when I receive the debt, I'll share half of it with you!"

Mu Chen smiled as he sent his condolences to the Great Xia Dynasty in his heart. With Lin Jing's status, even if it was 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would be difficult to tempt her, but she found this debt collection to be very intriguing. Once the young princess of the Martial Border got serious, the Great Xia Dynasty was in deep trouble.

Mu Chen had predicted Lin Jing's lack of interest in the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts, so he did not say much, and instead turned towards Nine Nether. Nine Nether was so familiar with him and thus glanced at the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts and took the Shattering Sea Pearl. She smiled and said, "That Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and Battle Armor is a complete set. If separated, their power will weaken, so I will leave it to you."

At present, this land of the far West was full of heroes, and Tianluo Continent's supreme talents had all gathered. This time, Xia Hong, who had been defeated by Mu Chen, was only ranked 20th on the List of Powerhouses. After that, he would surely meet more and stronger opponents. There was also the one he had to deal with, ranked third in the List of Powerhouses, Garuda, from the Saint Demon Palace.

In the face of such characters, even Mu Chen would find it extremely difficult to deal with them, so Nine Nether naturally would not want these artifacts which could enhance Mu Chen's ability.

Mu Chen did not insist on Nine Nether having them, because he really did desire these two Quasi-Divine Artifacts, and if he could have them, it would also give a big boost to his strength.

Turning his palm, he put away the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and Battle Armor, ready to find a time to refine them.

After that, he raised his head and looked calmly at the strong men in the sky around him. These guys had just begun to look around him and had no good intentions. If he had been a bit weak today, those covetous wolves would have taken a slice.

In the world around them, the strong gathered, but when they saw the sight of Mu Chen's glance sweeping over, they all turned their eyes away guiltily. After witnessing Xia Hong's tragic defeat, they no longer dared to underestimate Mu Chen, who was only a half step to Ninth Grade Sovereign. Instead, their hearts were full of fear.

Mu Chen smiled at the many strong men and asked, "Does anyone have any thoughts about the Token Amulet in my hand? If so, I can accept any challenge now." At this point, he paused, smiling, "But if you fail the challenge, you have to pay a small price, just like the Fourth Prince."

Upon hearing these words, many strong men's faces froze, Xia Hong had lost terribly and gained nothing. Not only did he fail in obtaining the Token Amulet, but he helped Mu Chen's reputation grow and even lost his own precious treasures.

That was an incredibly hefty price.

Therefore, in the face of Mu Chen's question, all the strong people present were afraid to answer.

The young mistress of House Tianya, Qin Ya softly giggled, breaking the silence. "Haha, King Mu had bought the Celestial Palace's Amulet Token with real gold and silver, how can other people have covetous thoughts? But King Mu's reputation will probably not take long to spread in this land of the far West. By then, the List of Powerhouses in Tianluo Continent will have your name on it."

Mu Chen looked at Miss Qin Ya, and thought, This House Tianya was worthy of being an intelligence dealer, and even his identity in Daluo Territory was clear to them.

"I thank all of you then." Mu Chen clasped his fists and smiled.

In today's battle, Mu Chen ultimately achieved what he wanted. After this battle, even if there would still be someone who coveted the Celestial Palace Token Amulet in his hands, they dared not strike easily, which saved him a lot of trouble.

"Since today's battle is over," Qin Ya said with a smile, "I wonder if Brother Mu is willing to come to my abode for a gathering?" Who she was referring to was of course, the young Pavilion Master of the Hidden Dragon Pavillion, Mu Shan, and the Sword Deity Sect's Jiang Ling. These people could be regarded as the young supreme talents of Tianluo Continent, who were no less famous than Xia Hong.

Mu Chen was a little surprised to hear her offer of companionship and immediately laughed. "Gladly."

The House of Tianya, Hidden Dragon Pavillion, and Sword Deity Sect were all the top forces of Tianluo Continent. If Mu Chen could make good friends with them, he would naturally not refuse. After all, he was not insane and did not enjoy offending people all day long. This time, Xia Hong had looked for trouble first.

Qin Ya, Mu Shan, and Jiang Ling saw that Mu Chen was quite kind and did not refuse their kindness, thus their glances towards him were gentler. At least this Mu Chen seemed to be friendlier than Xia Hong.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether tidied things up and left with Qin Ya and her party as they finally gathered together in Qin Ya's manor.

In the small gathering, Mu Chen could feel Qin Ya and other people seeming to secretly scrutinize and probe for Lin Jing's identity, but Lin Jing deflected the question. It was clear that she did not want to expose her identity of being the little princess of Martial Border to Qin Ya and the others.

The girl, who seemed friendly and cheerful, seemed easy to approach, but it was unusually difficult to get close and make friends with her.

Qin Ya and others saw that their probing had failed and gave up. They instead turned towards Mu Chen and Nine Nether, and chatted about matters in the land of the far West and the news regarding the Ancient Celestial Palace that had caught Mu Chen's attention. During this conversation, the sky darkened while Mu Chen and his party rose to bid farewell.

In the farewell, Qin Ya hesitated slightly before she whispered a sentence to Mu Chen, "Brother Mu, after injuring Xia Hong severely today, you must be more careful of one person."

"Oh? Who would that be?" Mu Chen's gaze turned solemn.

Qin Ya's face was grave as she said slowly, "Xia Yu."

Mu Chen's heart jolted, as he knew the identity of the man...

The Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty...

Ranked 4th on Tianluo Continent's List of Powerhouses, a supreme talent only below that of Garuda!

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