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Chapter 1107 - Army Seal

“I’m a flower plucked by the Heavenly Emperor when he was alive…”

Mu Chen looked at Mandala’s smile and turned stiff upon hearing her words, he looked extremely hilarious.

Not only on the surface, but even Mu Chen’s heart was rolling with waves as he looked at Mandala in disbelief. Although he was puzzled why Mandala knew so much about the information of the Ancient Haven Palace, he did not expect her to be a flower plucked by the Heavenly Emperor.

But then again, it definitely wouldn’t be an ordinary flower.

“Is it hard to believe?” Mandala smiled as her golden pupils looked at the vaguely appearing ancient palace as she continued, “My memories also suffered suppression. But as I got closer to the Ancient Haven Palace, my memories started to return and almost all of them have recovered.”

“Then, what is your main body?” After a long while of silence, Mu Chen finally recovered from the shock as he took a gulp of saliva and forced the words out of his mouth.

Mandala turned to glance at Mu Chen and slowly said, “It’s not unfamiliar to you. Can’t you guess it from my name?”


Mu Chen took in a cold breath and exclaimed in shock, “Your main body is a Primordial Mandala Flower?!”

There’s a divine flower in the Great Thousand World called the Mandala. It’s an extremely marvellous flower with innate intelligence. If it fully grew up, it wouldn’t be inferior to Divine Beasts and might even be more powerful in some aspects.

Just that the number of Mandalas was too little and they would attract innumerable amounts of attention upon their appearance. If they were brought back and nurtured, then they might even be comparable to Heavenly Sovereigns.

Only now did Mu Chen understand why Mandala’s gaze would be so weird. That’s because there’s an Immortal Page in his body that recorded the cultivation technique of the Great Solar Undying Body along with the divine runes of a Mandala Flower.

If it wasn’t for those runes, Mu Chen would have been devoured by Nine Nether back then and have his body occupied by her.

Speaking of which, he did have some affinity with Mandala Flowers.

“This form of mine is a bud from the flower. Judging from a certain degree, I’m not a spiritual form like you have expected but I actually exist.” Mandala smiled as she continued, “This is the marvellous part of the Primordial Mandala Flower. As long as it doesn’t get completely destroyed, it can survive in another manner.”

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips, since even Perfected Earth Sovereigns might not be able to achieve that.

“Just a clone of yours possesses the power of a Greater Earth Sovereign, then how powerful is your main body?” Mu Chen immediately found an important question. For humans, if their spiritual form could possess the power of a Greater Earth Sovereign, then they should be in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm themselves, right?

Could it be that Mandala’s main body was in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm?

Mandala naturally knew what Mu Chen was thinking, but she shook her head. “At my peak, my main body was only in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. After so many years, my main body will definitely be weakened. But fortunately, I have not spent the past years in vain so I should be able to make up for the loss and maintain my cultivation.”

“Perfected Earth Sovereign…” Mu Chen sighed. That in itself was still powerful. After all, Perfected Earth Sovereigns were seldom seen, even in the Greatlaw Continent.

“Back then, when I separated from my main body, I was in an extremely weakened state with a curse on me. Thus, my cultivation was only at the Fifth to Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, at best. Speaking of which, I should be thanking you. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be asleep now to suppress the curse in my body, not to mention breaking through to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm. If I was not able to break through to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, I wouldn’t dare to come, even if the Ancient Haven Palace appeared.” Mandala looked at Mu Chen with gratitude in her eyes.

Mu Chen scratched his head, since he never realised that he had helped Mandala so greatly. But after giving it more thought to it, he asked, “Why wouldn’t you dare to come if you’re not in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm?”

He could keenly sense the ripples in Mandala’s words and his heart trembled, “You’re worried about the Demonic Saint Palace’s Lu Yuan?”

So that’s the reason. Lu Yuan possessed the strength of a Greater Earth Sovereign, if Mandala didn’t have enough strength to confront him, then it would definitely attract trouble.

“Who exactly is that fellow?” Mu Chen spoke with a grave expression. According to what Mandala said, she and Lu Yuan came from the Ancient Haven Palace, so why would they view each other as enemies to the point of putting a curse in Mandala?

Mandala contracted her eyes with a dangerous light flickering in them and answered, “He’s a Primordial Blood Jiao-dragon and also the mount of the Heavenly Emperor at the same time.”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled and he was flabbergasted. Lu Yuan was actually the mount of the Heavenly Emperor? Then why would Mandala, a flower plucked by the Heavenly Emperor, fight with the mount of the Heavenly Emperor?

Mu Chen was extremely puzzled. No matter what, weren’t Mandala and Lu Yuan considered being from the Ancient Haven Palace?

“Back then, when the Heavenly Emperor fought with the Monarch of the Fiend Clans, they sealed the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery and the entire Ancient Haven Palace was struck by devastating destruction. I’m not exactly sure of it, but all I knew was the Ancient Haven Palace was already destroyed when my intellect recovered. Lu Yuan was the only one aside from me that was still alive.”

“But when we were investigating the Ancient Haven Palace, Lu Yuan suddenly made a move against me and I was cursed by him. In the end, I had no choice but to seal myself with my clone escaping from the Ancient Haven Palace.”

“Why did he do that?” Mu Chen’s countenance changed.

Mandala also furrowed her brows before answering, “The Hall Masters have all fallen in the Ancient Haven Palace and if he could obtain all the treasures and the inheritance of the Heavenly Emperor, he might have the opportunity to become a Heavenly Sovereign. I believe that he wants to be the sole inheritor of the Ancient Haven Palace.”

Mu Chen nodded his head, since that made sense. After all, the inheritance of the Ancient Haven Palace was extremely attractive and Lu Yuan’s ambition was truly considerable.

“I will help you pay more attention in this trip to the Ancient Haven Palace.” Mu Chen said. No matter if the current Mandala was merely a clone or her main body, it didn’t matter. If he helped her recover her main body and her strength, it would also be beneficial to him.

Mandala nodded her head. She wasn’t surprised by Mu Chen’s words. After all, she had a high trust for Mu Chen after all these years or she wouldn’t have told him such secrets.

“Right… help me take a look at where this is from.” Mu Chen suddenly recalled the mysterious token he obtained from the auction. He took it out and handed it over to Mandala. Regardless of anything, Mandala could be considered being from the Ancient Haven Palace, so she definitely must have some knowledge about it, right?

Mandala’s golden pupils glanced at the mysterious token with thoughts flashing in her eyes. After a brief moment, her eyes beamed.

“You know what this is?” Seeing her reaction, Mu Chen was startled as he enquired in joy.

Mandala did not answer. She took the token and looked at it briefly before looking at Mu Chen in a strange light. “Where did you get this from?”

“It’s all because of this that rooted the matter between the Xia Empire’s Xia Hong,” said Mu Chen.

“It’s a good deal.” Mandala said slowly as she continued, “You are pretty lucky to the point that even I’m envious.”

“What is this?” Mu Chen’s heart itched from her words as he asked impatiently.

Mandala caressed the token for a long while before speaking, “If I have guessed correctly, it should be an Army Seal.”

“Army Seal?” Mu Chen’s heart jolted.

“Accurately speaking, it’s an Army Seal of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army under the Second Hall Master, which is an elite force that had even once slaughtered an Earth Sovereign,” said Mandala.

“Spirit-Slaughtering Army? Once killed an Earth Sovereign?” Mu Chen’s heart jolted upon hearing with joy beaming in his eyes. I was no wonder why he could sense a veiled and familiar fluctuation. Sensing it again, only then did he realise that it was a form of Battle Will fluctuation!

But the joy only lasted briefly before Mu Chen knitted his brows again. Even if the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop was powerful, tens of thousands of years have passed. No matter how formidable the army was, they would have been reduced to ashes by now, so what’s the use?

Mandala knew what Mu Chen was thinking and briefly pondered. “That’s not completely the case too. The army in the Ancient Haven Palace cultivated an extremely unusual cultivation technique. After their death, their Spiritual Energy would integrate into their bodies and turn into puppet warriors without any intellect. Those puppets only listen to the command of the one possessing the Army Seal, so they might still be existing in the Second Hall.”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he inwardly nodded his head and imprinted Mandala’s words into his heart. It seemed that if he could get to the Second Hall, he should pay attention to it. As long as he could command the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop, then even if he encountered Earth Sovereigns in the Ancient Haven Palace, he would still have the strength to fight.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen’s heart gradually blazed and he asked, “When can we make our move?”

Mandala raised her head and looked at the fractured space before smiling, “Five days. The space will stabilise a little and it’ll also be the time for you guys to enter.”

Mu Chen nodded his head and looked at the vaguely appearing ancient palace with a blazing gaze.

This day is finally here…

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