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Chapter 1104 - Ranking Board

The battle in the Western City had been spread throughout the city in a few days and even the experts in the Extreme West gradually knew that there’s an expert from the Great Havenlaw Domain in the Western City.

Mu Chen’s name had also been known by the other forces.

Mu Chen wasn’t bothered about his fame spreading. Even after defeating Xia Hong, he wasn’t in a rush to leave the Western City. After all, this was the place where information gathered and because of Xia Hong’s defeat, no one dared to cause any trouble to him and this peaceful environment was what he needed.

Thus, he stayed in the Western City. But on the contrary to others, he had stayed low-key, which exceeded everyone’s expectations. He did not go high-profile just because he had defeated Xia Hong.

Mu Chen’s low-profile had caused everyone who was paying attention to him to gradually shift their attention elsewhere. After all, with so many elites gathered in the Western City, matters practically occurred at any moment. Thus, they didn’t have the patience to focus on one person.

After all, Mu Chen only defeated Xia Hong, not the crown prince…


In a serene courtyard


A massive spiritual light suddenly exploded in the sky as complex spiritual runes fused into the atmosphere, interlinking and formed into a dazzling formation that emitted an ancient and profound fluctuation.

Mu Chen stood in the massive Spiritual Array and contracted his eyes at the innumerable complicated runes. At the next moment, he suddenly waved his hand and countless white lights burst from his hand, along with subtle dragon roars.

Taking a closer look, one would realise that the roars came from some jade skeletons with faint draconic might emitting from them.

Those skeletons were naturally the dragon bones.

When the dragon bones integrated into the Spiritual Array, they caused a huge change as a terrifying Spiritual Energy violently gathered on those bones.

Buzz! Buzz! 

The Spiritual Energy in the Spiritual Array grew violent and cracks appeared on those bones before they exploded.


The violent Spiritual Energy exploded, which caused the Spiritual Array to crumble.

Mu Chen sighed in disappointment at this sight and waved his sleeve. A boundless surge of Spiritual Energy formed into a barrier that completely blocked the shock waves.

“Even if it is incomplete, a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array is not easy to control. Furthermore, the complexity is unimaginable. The slightest mistake would cause the Spiritual Array to be out of control.”

Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. He had been trying to set up the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array for the past few days. But regretfully, he never succeeded once.

Mu Chen shook his head. He wasn’t dispirited just because of this, he could sense that along with every single failure, he could sense where he went wrong. As long as he perfected those mistakes, he believed that he would be able to successfully set up this Scholar Grade Spiritual Array.

However, he needed time to perfect it.

“Another failure?” Nine Nether, who was cultivating, opened her eyes and looked at Mu Chen.

“This is a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array and it’s incomplete. So it’s hard to comprehend and it’s commendable for you to be able to set up the rough formation in such a short time.” In the stone pavilion, Lin Jing spoke as she raised her head and look at the dissipating Spiritual Array with astonishment flashing in her eyes while she lazily leaned against the soft furry blanket with an ancient book in her hand. Judging from the cover of the book, it didn’t seem to be related to cultivation, but the records of all bizarre and unique fruits. She was flipping through it with great interest and covet. 

Although she’s not a Spiritual Array Master, she had seen Spiritual Array Scholars with her identity, so her eyesight was extraordinary.

Thus, she was clear that it was commendable for Mu Chen to be able to set up an incomplete Scholar Grade Spiritual Array in just ten-odd days.

Mu Chen smiled from Lin Jing’s evaluation, but he did not feel proud of it.

“I believe the number of people that have their attention on us has lessened, right?” Mu Chen walked into the stone pavilion and asked Tan Qiu, who respectfully stood on the side.

Tan Qiu nodded her head and smiled. “Although there are some persistent fellows, they do not dare to brazenly watch us.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. It looked like the intimidation brought by the defeat of Xia Hong was pretty effective. Otherwise, they would probably be bothered by the other forces by now.

“Furthermore, we received information from the Great Havenlaw Domain that the alliance force will be here in five days.” Tan Qiu reported.

Mu Chen felt relieved. With so many elites gathered in the Extreme West, all of them would have a decent force standing behind them. If Mandala and the rest still didn’t arrive, then Mu Chen could only stay low-profile. If they attracted the attention of any Earth Sovereigns without someone to back them up, then they would be doomed.

“Furthermore, Lord Mu has previously instructed us to gather information, which we have completed.” Tan Qiu took out a parchment and respectfully passed it to Mu Chen.

“Not bad.” Mu Chen lightly smiled and praised her before receiving the parchment. He had instructed Tan Qiu and the rest to gather important information over the past two days regarding the ranking of younger generations.

Departing from the Northern Region and entering into the Greatlaw Continent, he realised the weight of the young generation rankings. It represented the elites amongst the younger generation and every single one of them were glorified in achievements that couldn’t be underestimated.

A dazzling lustre flickered when he opened the parchment, which formed into the three words “Elites Ranking”, then other words started to appear.

“Rank 20 - Mu Chen. Originated from the Great Havenlaw Continent, possessing a mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body with the cultivation at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and extraordinary fighting capability. Defeated the Fourth Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Hong and thus, becoming famous.”

Mu Chen was stunned when he saw those words, since he never expected himself to appear on the 20th ranking. Judging from it this way, this ranking was frequently updated with changes.

Mu Chen recalled that Xia Hong’s ranking was at the 20th, so by defeating him, Mu Chen replaced Xia Hong’s ranking.

Shaking his head, Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered by it, so he continued to read the information.

“19th Ranking - Lu Shan. Mountain Suppression Sect’s Direct Disciple in the Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign. Cultivated the Mountain Suppression Celestial Body with monstrous strength that can uproot mountains.”


“16th Ranking - Wang Tongxian…”

“13th Ranking…”

Words continued to appear and every single one of them represented the elites in the Greatlaw Continent with strength and achievements that made Mu Chen feel astonished. In terms of quality, the elites in the Greatlaw Continent would only be higher than those elites that he had encountered back in the Divine Beast Origin.

As words continued to appear, Mu Chen’s gaze turned grave because he had already gone to the 5th ranking.

“5th Ranking - Qin Jingzhe. Azure Lotus Sword Sect’s Young Sect Master at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Cultivated the best Sovereign Celestial Body in the sect, the Azure Lotus Sword Celestial Body, ranked 49th out of the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Achievement: Confronting three Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign and wasn’t defeated.”

“Fighting three alone and not be defeated, formidable.”

Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. Although it did not state that Qin Jingzhe came out victorious, just staying undefeated alone could prove how powerful it was and fully deserving the fifth ranking.

Mu Chen sighed as he looked at those words and slightly narrowed his eyes.

“Rank 4 - Xia Yu. Crown Prince of the Xia Empire at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign. Cultivated the Heavenly King Celestial Body, which was ranked 45th. Achievement: Said to possessing the fighting capability to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.”

“The Heavenly King Celestial Body…”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. This Sovereign Celestial Body was definitely more powerful than the Nine Ominous Beast Body that Xia Hong had cultivated. It was no wonder why he was the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire.

Furthermore, even if his achievement wasn’t clear-cut, just the words of him being comparable to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign alone was enough.

It looked like he had to be cautious when they encounter one another in the future.

“Rank 3 - Garuda. Demonic Saint Palace’s Holy Son, cultivated an unranked mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that is extremely powerful, pursued a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Elder a year ago and killed the traitor.”

“He has stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Evaluation: Unfathomable.”

Mu Chen looked at those words, but he did not shift his eyes. This Garuda was truly ferocious to be able to kill a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm with a cultivation at the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign. Now that he had also stepped into the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, he should be standing at the top of the food chain beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm.

This was a troublesome opponent indeed.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid; on the contrary, his eyes were blazing with flames. The path of an expert required one to move head-on without fear, to begin with.

“This time around, you are my opponent.” Mu Chen touched those words with a sharp gaze.

After a brief moment, he suppressed his fighting intent before looking at the two other information with dense curiosity in his heart. He was extremely curious about who could be ranked above someone like Garuda.

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