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Chapter 1105 - Legend

Light constantly flickered on the parchment and words appeared once again before Mu Chen’s eyes.

“Rank 2 - Su Qingyin. Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign, the Myriad Insect Ancestor’s Direct Disciple, an Insect Master.”

Although that information was ordinary, Mu Chen’s heart trembled at the sight of it. The second ranker is actually an Insect Master?

In the Great Thousand World, there were thousands of path in cultivation. No one could claim which was the strongest and at the peak, practically anyone could stand on the top of the food chain.

Mu Chen still remembered that in the past, he had encountered the corpse of an Insect Master in the Northern Spiritual Realm and even obtained an Insect Flute, which had helped him greatly back then. He never expected that a few years later, he could encounter a genuine Insect Master.

Insect Masters were rumoured to be able to nurture powerful Spiritual Insects with every single one of them being extremely ferocious. There were even some that could be comparable to Earth Sovereigns.

The Insect Master relied on Spiritual Insects to fight and there were countless varieties of insects, which would make it hard for one to defend themselves.

However, the number of Insect Masters were extremely limited. It could be considered a mysterious path. Even this was the first time that Mu Chen had seen anything regarding an Insect Master.

“But since that person is the Direct Disciple of the Myriad Insect Ancestor…” Mu Chen glanced at the three words and his gaze turned grave. Even in the Northern Region, that name resounded.

A legend in the Greatlaw Continent that could be considered around the top of the food chain amongst the Earth Sovereigns in the Greatlaw Continent. The most terrifying fact was that the Myriad Insect Ancestor had nurtured a Divine Insect that was extremely powerful, even able to fight with Greater Earth Sovereigns and even the rulers of the other top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent were fearful of him. After all, fighting him would be equivalent to fighting two Greater Earth Sovereigns.

The Myriad Insect Ancestor was qualified to establish his own force with his strength, but he remained alone and took in only a few disciples and, judging from the looks of it, this Su Qingyin seemed to be the best amongst his disciples.

Although Su Qingyin did not have a force to back her up, the Myriad Insect Ancestor alone was sufficient.

“Indeed, none of these rankers are pushovers.” Mu Chen sighed as he placed Su Qingyin on a higher view. How could anyone that could become the disciple of the Myriad Insect Ancestor be ordinary?

“Then who is the first ranker?”

Even someone like Su Qingyin was only ranked 2nd, causing Mu Chen to be even more curious towards the first. He shifted his eyes towards the most bottom words.

“Rank 1st - Zhu Yan. The Fire Spiritual Clan’s Young Patriarch at the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. Cultivated the Divine Fire Celestial Body that’s ranked 34th, which is one of the top-tiered Sovereign Celestial Bodies in the Fire Spiritual Clan. Roamed in the Greatlaw Continent for years with a record of being undefeated.”

Mu Chen looked at those words for a long time before he took a deep breath with a grave expression. He never expected the first ranker to be the Young Patriarch of the Fire Spiritual Clan, it was no wonder why he was so powerful.

The Fire Spiritual Clan was one of the powerful Clans in the Great Thousand World with a deep foundation and experts as many as the clouds in the sky that exceeded any top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent.

“The Divine Fire Celestial Body…” Mu Chen pursed his lips. This was probably the highest ranking Sovereign Celestial Body that he had seen. According to his shocking estimation, if the Great Solar Undying Body was ranked amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, it could also be ranked in the 30s that was roughly equivalent to the Divine Fire Celestial Body.

“I never expected the Young Patriarch of the Fire Spiritual Clan to be roaming and training in the Greatlaw Continent.” Nine Nether also sighed as well.

“Zhu Yan of the Fire Spiritual Clan?” Lin Jing raised her head and asked in astonishment.

“You know him?” Seeing her reaction, Mu Chen was a little startled.

Lin Jing cast her lips aside as she continued, “The Fire Spiritual Clan is the arch-enemy of the Ice Spiritual Clan, which my Aunt Bing belongs to. So I know some things about him. But accurately speaking, Zhu Yan is only one of the candidates to be the Young Patriarch, not the true one. He’s probably trying to break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm so that he can return to the clan to compete.”

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. It was rumoured that the Martial Ancestor of the Martial Realm had two wives, Lin Jing’s mother, which was the celestial beauty that they had previously encountered. The other one was the Patriarch of the Ice Spiritual Clan, the Aunt Bing that Lin Jing spoke of.

“The Fire Spiritual Clan is pretty capable, but that is all to it. Back then, they lost their Divine Fire in a bet with the Flame Emperor. Even their slumbering Ancestor couldn’t stop the Flame Emperor from obtaining it.” Lin Jing spoke. Due to her circumstances, she didn’t have much of a favourable opinion of the Fire Spiritual Clan.

“You’re talking about the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory?” Mu Chen’s heart trembled. Cai Xiao, whom he had previously encountered in the Dragon-Phoenix Haven, seemed to be the daughter of the Flame Emperor.

“Yeah.” Lin Jing nodded her head and continued in high spirits, “That Flame Emperor is truly formidable, even my father evaluated him as unfathomable.”

“They fought before?” Mu Chen asked curiously. The Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor were figures at the top of the food chain in the Great Thousand World. Both of them came from the Lower Planes, but their achievements caused the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World to be in shame.

At the same time, there was a mystery in regards to which one was more powerful.

Lin Jing shrugged her shoulders. “I occasionally hear about him from my father. They should have fought but neither of them managed to obtain the upper hand. Furthermore, our Martial Realm sits at the extreme south of the Great Thousand World, while the Endless Fire Territory is in the extreme north. Since those two locations are extremely important, my father and the Flame Emperor can’t leave their territories so casually, so they do not have many chances to spar.”

“What?” Mu Chen asked in doubt.

Lin Jing cast a glance at Mu Chen and answered, “It’s because those are the borders to the Fiend Clans’ territories.”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled before his expression became solemn before realising why the Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor would decide not to establish their foothold in the centre of the Great Thousand World, but such distant places. So they had the intention to act as a barrier to prevent the invasion of the Fiend Clans.

“The Lower Plane that my father came from was invaded by the Fiend Clans in the past. In order to help my father, Aunt Bing ignited herself, allowing my father to defeat the Fiend Clans. After coming to the Great Thousand World, he had used that Lower Plane as a foundation to establish the Martial Realm. Protecting the Lower Plane at the same time, he is also trying to stop the invasion of the Fiend Clans, thus establishing a barrier between the Fiend Clans and the Great Thousand World.” Lin Jing explained.

“Senior Martial Ancestor is truly formidable.” Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. Although he had heard some information about the Martial Ancestor, it wasn’t as detailed as when it came from Lin Jing, which shook his heart even more.

The battle with the Fiend Clans was something that had countless wars and sacrifices made in order to preserve the Great Thousand World. However, the Martial Ancestor could defeat the Fiend Clans while he was in the Lower Plane and broke through the shackles of the Lower Plane, thus arriving in the Great Thousand World. His achievements could be considered legendary.

“That’s for sure.” Lin Jing proudly declared. She was also in full of adoration for her father.

Mu Chen lightly smiled. With such a father, it was no wonder why Lin Jing was full of pride. The reason why he could calmly cultivate in the Great Thousand World was also thanks to those like the Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor overseeing the borders of the Great Thousand World, keeping those Fiend Clans in their sight.

Just this alone was sufficient to make Mu Chen feel respect for them.

Furthermore, from the information given to him by Lin Jing, Mu Chen could vaguely sense that the top-tiered existences in the Great Thousand World should have formed into a powerful barrier, skin to the Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor.

However, those pieces of information were so much of a secret that ordinary experts couldn’t know them. Even Mu Chen didn’t possess that qualification.

But he believed that one day, he would be able to come in contact with that layer. However, he still needs time.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his rippling mind before gripping the parchment. If he wanted to walk on the path of a pinnacle expert, then he had to get the evolution method for the Great Solar Undying Body, regardless of anything else.

Caressing the rough parchment, he looked at those high rankers of the Greatlaw Continent and gently tapped his finger on those words.

The path of an expert required stepping over competitors. He had overcome all of the obstacles he faced in the past without being defeated. This time, it would also be the same.

Narrowing his eyes, the depths of Mu Chen’s eyes blazed with fighting intent.

Let others see if a small character like me that came from the Northern Spiritual Realm, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and Great Havenlaw Domain possess the qualifications to fight with you guys.

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