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Chapter 1103 - Abundant Harvest

From the battle, the entire stage was in a wreck and the surrounding houses were destroyed. Numerous deep marks were left on the ground, proving the intense battle that once took place here.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen looked at the direction that Xia Hong had escaped in with a calm expression. After all, the latter was a Prince of the Xia Empire, so he naturally had the means to safeguard his life. Not even at his top speed, could he catch up to Xia Hong. But evidently, the escape would definitely cause a huge repercussion and Xia Hong’s future days would definitely not be too good.

Furthermore, Mu Chen had destroyed one of his arms, so even if he had regenerated it with the help of elixirs and medicines, it would still take a considerable amount of time.

Mu Chen no longer bothered with Xia Hong. Although he had heavily injured the latter today, he wasn’t worried, since this competition between the younger generation could only cause the Xia Emperor to be enraged. But if he wanted to start a war with the Great Havenlaw Domain, then they would also have to pay a great price as well.

With the Ancient Haven Palace’s appearance, everyone had their attention focused on it, so the Xia Emperor would definitely not be willing to offend a force that also had a Greater Earth Sovereign.

“Three Quasi-Saint Artifacts to beg for his life, he’s truly generous.”

Suppressing the surging thoughts in his heart, Mu Chen looked at the three lustres in the hand of the Great Solar Undying Body. A golden lustre had formed into a barrier that enveloped the three lustres.

Those three were the Quasi-Saint Artifacts that Xia Hong had previously tossed out, the Scarlet Dragon Spear and Scarlet Dragon Armour were a set of Quasi-Saint Artifacts that had extraordinary might. With their aid, Xia Hong could fight Mu Chen on equal grounds, causing Mu Chen to covet its defensive abilities.

According to Mu Chen’s estimations, the price of these two Quasi-Saint Artifacts was even higher than the SeShattering Peal.

It was also because of their worth that Mu Chen was slightly obstructed, allowing Xia Hong to escape. After all, Mu Chen was also tempted by the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts.

If he didn’t obtain them, then these three would definitely fly towards the spectators, causing chaos and he would probably cause a wave of public anger if he wanted to forcefully seize them at that time.

Therefore, Mu Chen had no other choice but to obtain them on the spot.

“I was fooled by that fellow…” Mu Chen couldn’t help laughing out. Xia Hong could also be considered shrewd, since he knew that he had to pay the price if he wanted to briefly stop Mu Chen.

Albeit being tricked, Mu Chen wasn’t angered. He was more than willing to have more Quasi-Saint Artifacts come his way.

While Mu Chen murmured to himself, everyone in the surroundings looked at the three lustres with blazing greed in their eyes. The total price of those three Quasi-Saint Artifacts was at least 40,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

However, no one dared to make a move. Not to mention the strength that Mu Chen had revealed, just the unfathomable Lin Jing was enough to intimidate them.

Mu Chen was bothered by those gazes, so he waved his hand, bringing the three lustres over and revolved them around his body before they fell into his hands.

Fiddling with the three lustres, Mu Chen stomped his foot and the Great Solar Undying Body swiftly turned illusory before dissipating into golden sparkles.

Mu Chen returned to Nine Nether and Lin Jing, before he stretched his hand out. “The spoils of war, if there’s anything you both like, go ahead and take them.”

Lin Jing grinned before sweeping a glance at the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts before losing interest. With her identity, not to mention a Quasi-Saint Artifact, she could even obtain Saint Artifacts. So these Quasi-Saint Artifacts that could tempt ordinary experts were worthless in her eyes.

Thus, she had immediately shook her head before waving her hand and retrieved the golden scroll.

“This is the main dish.” Lin Jing waved the golden scroll and smiled with her eyes narrowed. “Rest assured, I will definitely give you half of the debt!”

Mu Chen smiled as he pitied the Xia Empire silently.  With Lin Jing’s identity, 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was probably insufficient to move her heart. But she probably felt fresh about collecting a debt…

With this Princess of the Martial Realm going serious, the Xia Empire was about to be doomed.

It was also within Mu Chen’s expectations that Lin Jing would not be interested in those three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, so he turned his gaze towards Nine Nether.

Nine Nether wasn’t particular with Mu Chen, so she took the SeShattering Pearl and smiled. “The spear and armour come in a set and if they’re separated, the power will definitely be decreased, so you can keep them.”

With so many experts gathered here with the elites of the Greatlaw Continent, Xia Hong was only in the 20s ranking and he would definitely encounter more powerful opponents. Furthermore, Mu Chen still had to deal with Garuda, who was ranked 3rd.

Facing those characters, even Mu Chen would find them troublesome to deal with. Thus, Nine Nether would definitely not take anything that could increase Mu Chen’s strength.

Flipping his hand, Mu Chen stored the spear and armour, since he intended to find the time to refine them.

He raised his head up and looked at the surrounding spectators. Those fellows probably didn’t have any good intentions when they gathered here. If he was in a bad state at this moment, those fellows would have pounced at him by now.

When Mu Chen swept his gaze out, there were some that shifted their gazes from guilt. After witnessing how Mu Chen defeated Xia Hong, they no longer dared to underestimate him, despite his cultivation in the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, and their eyes were filled with fear.

“Is there anyone interested in the token in my hands? If that’s the case, then I will accept any challenge.” Mu Chen smiled as he looked at everyone. After he briefly paused his speech, he further added on, “But if you fail, then I hope that you can also pay a price like what Xia Hong did.”

Everyone’s faces distorted at his words. Xia Hong tried to take advantage but ended up worse off. Not only did he not obtain the token, he even became a stepping stone for Mu Chen and lost his treasures.

That was definitely not a small price. Thus, no one dared to respond to Mu Chen’s words.

“Haha. The Ancient Haven Palace’s token was bought by Emperor Mu with real money, so how could others have any intention of taking it? On the contrary, I’m afraid Emperor Mu’s fame will spread throughout the Extreme West and you will definitely be on the rankings of younger generations.” Qin Ya gently smiled and broke the silence.

Mu Chen cast a glance at Qin Ya. The Horizon Palace was definitely worthy of being the Information Trafficker, they even knew his identity in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

“Then I will express my thanks.” Mu Chen cupped his fists.

The outcome of this situation went as Mu Chen wanted. After this battle, there would definitely be others coveting after the token, but they would definitely not dare to make their moves so easily.

Qin Ya lightly smiled, “With the closure of this battle, I wonder if Brother Mu is willing to gather with us?”

She was naturally speaking about Mu Shan of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion and Sword Saint Sect’s Jiang Ling, since they were elites that weren’t any weaker to Xia Hong in terms of fame.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen was somewhat astonished before he smiled. “Exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

The Horizon Palace, Hidden Dragon Pavilion and Sword Saint Sect were all top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent. Since there’s a chance he could form a good relationship with them, Mu Chen would definitely not reject them, since he wasn’t a fool that only liked to offend others. Xia Hong was an exception, since Xia Hong came at him on his own.

When Qin Ya and the rest saw that Mu Chen did not reject their good favour, their gazes turned more gentle as they looked at him. At least Mu Chen was easier to interact with than Xia Hong.

Mu Chen’s party roughly sorted things out before they left together with Qin Ya and the rest, then gathered in Qin Ya’s manor.

Mu Chen could sense that Qin Ya and the rest were trying to probe Lin Jing’s identity, but they were all easily pushed away by her. Evidently, she did not want to reveal her identity as the Princess of the Martial Realm to them.

Although she might look easy to interact with, it’s not easy for her to treat someone as a friend.

Seeing that their probings were futile, Qin Ya and the rest gave up on it and they talked about the matters in the Extreme West with Mu Chen and the rest. Mu Chen paid close attention to any information of the Ancient Haven Palace.

Their gathering lasted until the nightscape enveloped before they left.

When they bade their farewells, Qin Ya briefly pondered before reminding Mu Chen, “Brother Mu, you have to be cautious of one person now that you have heavily injured Xia Hong.”

“Oh? Who?” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes.

With a grave expression, Qin Ya slowly answered, “Xia Yu.”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled, since he knew the identity of this person. The Crown Prince of the Xia Empire, ranked 4th and was only beneath Garuda…

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