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While Mu Chen and Nine Nether were expressing their sympathy for Xia Hong subtly, the latter could not help but frown, as he sensed their glances. This made him feel uneasy, but in the end, he suppressed the subtle emotion.

This was because, even after much deliberation, he could not think of any mistake that he had made in this matter. After all, he knew that neither his bill signed in acknowledgement of the debt nor Lin Jing's earlier remark about being accompanied by a beautiful lady would be admitted by both sides afterwards.

The reason why he had proposed this was because he had wanted to stay behind and deal with Mu Chen. Then, he would be able to deal with Lin Jing and Nine Nether.

After sorting through this all in his mind, Xia Hong was able to calm down. He glanced at Lin Jing, who smiled like a fox. This caused his heart to skip a beat, as he thought to himself…

After you land in my hands, we'll see if you're laughing then! But first, I must get rid of this rather annoying boy…

Xia Hong's eyes slowly turned toward Mu Chen. In the previous clash, he had suffered a small loss by underestimating Mu Chen. However, he would not make that same mistake again! Instead, he would do his best to show this man his prowess!

At that moment, the spiritual power that was sweeping through the heavens and earth rolled up, with waves of the powerful force of spiritual oppression surging towards Mu Chen. The fierce suppression caused even the earth beneath Mu Chen to tremble slightly.

Mu Chen's expression became calm, even though he knew that Xia Hong had the power to contend with him. At once, Mu Chen's hands drooped, and his body's spiritual energy began to activate, sweeping over him like the sea.

Behind him, the space warped and the Sovereign Sea loomed above it, exuding a domineering spiritual energy. Xia Hong's spiritual oppression was then washed away completely.

Although he was only half a step into the Ninth Grade Sovereign, the spiritual energy within Mu Chen's Sovereign Sea had been cultivated in the Blood Sea Space for nearly three years, including three years of practice and refining. This meant that Mu Chen's own spiritual power had only grown richer and more immense.

Moreover, because he had also refined the Undying Flame left by the Undying Bird, it also gave his spiritual energy a peculiar edge, such as being inexhaustible. Therefore, even if it was only a battle of how rich and enduring one's spiritual energy was, the current Mu Chen would never be weaker than Ninth Grade Sovereigns. In fact, he would be even stronger!

As Xia Hong acutely perceived Mu Chen's exceptional and unordinary majestic spiritual energy, a glint flashed in his eyes. He then sneered coldly, his eyes instantly filling with malice.


The powerful spiritual energy exploded behind Xia Hong, causing his figure to transform into remnants of afterimages. Almost instantly, he appeared in front of Mu Chen, dealing him a swift punch!

With that one single blow, Xia Hong's body unexpectedly had wisps of blood aura boiling within it. These blood auras encircled his fists tightly, making for a deeply shocking scene!

"That is Xia Hong's practice of the God of War Battle Physique!" Qin Ya looked on, while Xia Hong's blood aura burst out from his body, her gaze turning serious.

After all, this was a rather domineering and eerie body-refining divine technique, which required countless bloody battles for it to be tempered with the blood of the enemy. In Xia Hong's attempts to cultivate one, he had gone to the battlefield and gathered the blood of his enemies to successfully cultivate.

"Looks like he also was able to cultivate a body-refining divine technique…" Mu Chen commented.

The majestic blood aura surged with a thick air of murderous intent, which made Mu Chen have the illusion that the blood sea was charging straight at him. However, this kind of interference did not have much effect on him.

Then, suddenly, purple gold rays burst out from his body! It was the Dragon-Phoenix Body!

Purple gold light trickled down Mu Chen's body, making it appear to be indestructible. His expression was nonchalant, as he similarly dealt out a devastating blow.

Mu Chen did not take any evasive stance, as even though Xiao Hong was proud of how strong his physique was, in the eyes of Mu Chen, his opponent was simply laughable.

The two fists, which both contained terrible forces, then tore through the void, colliding with each other brutally.


The air itself seemed to explode at this moment, the visible impact of its shockwaves raging. The space also twisted, and the earth under their feet, not being able to bear the impact, cracked immediately.

All eyes were fixed on the source of the shockwaves, the expressions of the onlookers changing slightly, for they saw that Mu Chen, who had just clashed hard with Xia Hong, was still standing strong, like a rock! On the other hand, Xia Hong's whole body was trembling, as if he had suffered much from the impact.

"Mu Chen's physique is terrifyingly powerful!" someone from the crowd whispered.

Qin Ya, Jiang Ling, and many other people's expressions also turned solemn. Amid the commotion, a gloomy glint flashed in Xia Hong's eyes, as Mu Chen's power had exceeded his expectations.


The majestic murderous intent erupted from Xia Hong's body. He then stomped his foot and the earth collapsed, his figure unexpectedly turning into numerous remnants of afterimages. These afterimages then flew out, revolving around Mu Chen rapidly.

The shadow of the fists, which were full of killing intent, immediately enveloped Mu Chen entirely. Such an offensive attack was almost too fierce to escape!

Boom! Crash!

In the face of such a stormy offensive attack, Mu Chen's expression turned grave. With a wave of his sleeve robes, the purple golden dragon rose from his body, surrounding him and forming a powerful shield. This shield immediately went to work, resisting the punches that enshrouded him.

Dong dong!

A deep sound spread throughout the battle arena, as the earth at Mu Chen's feet caved in. Xia Hong's offense was indescribably aggressive, even the protection of the real dragon spirit was unable to resist all of the terrible fist shadows. In fact, at that moment, one of them came charging directly towards Mu Chen's head!

At that moment, the ground cracked, shocking the two figures, who immediately flew backwards. Countless glances looked towards the two silhouettes in awe.

Mu Chen lifted up one palm, his expression calm. If looking closely, one could see that his sleeve was slightly torn, as it had suffered the impact of the residual shockwaves previously.

In the distance, Xia Hong's eyes were malicious. His previous offensive was so brutal, even a very strong Ninth Grade Sovereign would have been injured, let alone a man who was half a step into the Ninth Grade Sovereign! However, remarkably, Mu Chen had only suffered a torn sleeve!

This incredible outcome caused Xia Hong heart's to be full of frustration, rage, and murderous intent. Xia Hong took a deep breath, the mood on his face gradually calming down, then finally returning to indifference.

Perceiving this change, Mu Chen's eyes narrowed, and he began to detect a dangerous aura coming from Xia Hong. His opponent's gaze was indifferent and emotionless, his palms tightly clenched.


At that moment, the bright red light condensed in his palm, and in the next instant, the red light transformed into a red and ferocious battle spear, on which many runes were engraved. Then, terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations and a murderous aura erupted from it!

Mu Chen looked at the red battle spear, his gaze turning grave. He wondered to himself... Is that a Quasi-Divine Artifact?

As Mu Chen was slightly astonished, Xia Hong smiled maliciously at him. The red light surged on his body again, finally transforming into a blood red battle armor, which had runes of a roaring dragon on it.

As the auras of the spear and the armor were similar, they were clearly a set. When they appeared on Xia Hong's body, the spiritual waves emitting from them soared to an extremely alarming degree. At this point, even a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak would be intimidated!

"That's the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor… This is a complete set of a Quasi-Divine Artifact! If used together, their power is enough to dominate all of the Quasi-Divine Artifacts!" Qin Ya exclaimed, while looking at the scene, fear coloring his eyes.

In the face of such an ace card dealt by Xia Hong, one could only retreat. After all, it was obvious that Xia Hong was hell-bent on murder now. As such, Mu Chen was really in danger!

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