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Chapter 1102 - Spiritual Frost Puppet


The grey-robed old man moved without any warning and all of the Xia Empire’s experts targeted Lin Jing. Even Nine Nether was briefly stunned before she recovered from the sudden turn of events.

“Damn it!” Nine Nether roared and a transparent crystal flame blazed before she threw a palm forth that bolted towards the back of the grey-robed old man.

Bust facing Nine Nether’s attack, the grey-robed old man showed no signs of defending. But when the flame was about to hit, a silhouette suddenly appeared behind the old man and blocked it with his body.


The silhouette was blown away and was swept by the transparent flames. The Spiritual Energy around him was burning and he was reduced to ashes under his shrieking roars. He was an Eighth Grade Sovereign of the Xia Empire.

This person initially wanted to briefly block it, but he had underestimated the might of Nine Nether’s Undying Flames. Therefore, his defences couldn’t pose any obstruction and he was immediately reduced to ashes.

The grey-robed old man was also startled at the miserable sight of his subordinate’s death. However, his gaze turned even more vicious as he pounced towards Lin Jing, along with the three other Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereigns like hawks. As long as they gained control of that girl, then they would be able to use her as a shield against Mu Chen. At that time, they would be able to rescue their Fourth Prince.

Their movement techniques were swift and decisive, so Nine Nether had lost the key opportunity the moment she dazed off.

Mu Chen’s face had also changed at this scene, but with a flash in his eyes, he calmed down.

Lin Jing might appear to be the weakest amongst them, but if anyone thought of her as a pushover, then they would be doomed.

The Princess of the Martial Realm, daughter of the Martial Realm. Probably even a fool would know how many trump cards would she have hidden.

When Nine Nether grew anxious, the old man and the other three had surrounded Lin Jing under Mu Chen’s calm gaze and everyone’s startled gazes before they made a grab towards Lin Jing with boundless Spiritual Energy enveloping their hands in an attempt to restrict her.

In the process, what left others surprised was the fact that Lin Jing was smiling in response to this without any panic in her eyes.

If one looked carefully, one could even notice the ridicule in her eyes.

She blinked her eyes towards the grey-robed elder before spreading her hand out. A palm-sized black puppet had already appeared in her hand, which was covered in ancient runes.

When the grey-robed old man saw the black puppet in her hand, he had no idea why, but he couldn’t help contracting his eyes based on his experience and an indescribable danger rose in his heart.

“Retreat!” Sensing the intense danger, a light flickered in his eyes as he hollered again, “Retreat!”

Being a cautious person, he couldn’t neglect the danger. Furthermore, he felt that even if they made their move, it might not have any outcome. They had chosen the wrong target. This feeble girl seemed to be the most troublesome one of all.

The grey-robed old man forcefully stopped his body along with his holler and retreated. The three other Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereigns were puzzled, but all of them complied to his command.

Everyone was astonished when they saw the grey-robed old man and his goons suddenly retreat after pouncing towards Lin Jing akin to ferocious tigers and were ten-odd feet away from her.

“Hehe, since you’re already here, why leave?” But in response to their strange actions, Lin Jing revealed a peal of tender laughter before she gently breathed towards the black puppet in her hand.


A torrential cold aura suddenly burst out from the black puppet. The cold aura was ice-blue and swiftly expanded an in just a breath of time. It had formed into a black silhouette that stood before Lin Jing.

The black silhouette wielded a longspear without any expression. However, it was covered in runes and as those runes flickered, a terrifying surge of cold aura dominated the area, freezing even the atmosphere.

At the same time, an extremely astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuation burst out from the black silhouette.


Everyone lost the colour on their faces from the powerful explosion of Spiritual Energy fluctuation, even Qin Ya and the rest were looking at the silhouette in astonishment.

“This Spiritual Energy… a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm expert?!” Someone exclaimed. No one expected the puppet in Lin Jing’s hand to suddenly turn into a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm expert.

“What is that?” Mu Shan exclaimed.

With a grave expression, Qin Ya pondered before explaining, “This is a Spiritual Puppet, a kind of extremely rare puppet. The method of production is extremely complicated, only those powerful Clans could produce it. In addition, the controls are also extremely tough and generally speaking, a Greater Earth Sovereign is needed to control a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm Spiritual Puppet, but even so, the chances of failure are high.”

Mu Shan and the rest had narrowed their eyes. A Spiritual Puppet that was akin to a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm expert? Who was that girl? Such precious items were things that not even they could possess.

Under all the shaken gazes, Lin Jing chuckled before she looked at the four of them with shock on their faces and she patted the black silhouette beside her. “Oh, this is a Spiritual Puppet that Aunt Bing gave me.”

As she spoke, she briefly paused before pointing towards the grey-robed old man. “Get rid of them!”

The moment she spoke, the black silhouette had opened its eyes, filled with a cold aura that burst forth, and soared into the sky.

The Spiritual Puppet possessed the strength of a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, whereas the grey-robed old man was only a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign, There was a great gap in strength compared to the puppet.

Thus, when the black silhouette pounced forth, the four’s faces were filled with aghast before they immediately split up and fled.

But the moment they split up, the three Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereigns felt a cold wind and their necks turned cold. Lowering their heads, they saw a longspear poking out of their throats with cold aura spreading out, instantly freezing the three of them into ice statues.

When the grey-robed old man saw the three of them turned into frozen statues, a chill rose in his heart and he had unleashed all his Spiritual Energy without any hesitation and fled.

But just when he had circulated his speed to the limit, the sound of a longspear cutting through flesh resounded and his body was instantly frozen. Lowering his head, he was shocked to see the sharp end of a longspear appear from his chest.

Behind him, a black silhouette had slowly appeared and the overbearing cold aura spread out, covering the old man before it turned him into an ice statue…

Everyone was speechless at this scene.

Everyone was indescribably shocked at this scene. In just a few breaths’ time, the four of them had been turned into ice statues. They couldn’t help taking deep cold breaths and the shock brought to them was even greater than Mu Chen defeating Xia Hong.

No one expected this harmless-looking girl to possess such fearful means in her hands.

Even Mu Chen, who was standing on the Great Solar Undying Body, had a smear of astonishment in his eyes as he looked at the black silhouette and his gaze turned a little grave.

The speed of the Spiritual Puppet, the overbearing cold aura and the lethality of it. If they fought, he was confident about staying alive, but it's impossible for him to defeat it.

“Truly the Princess of the Martial Realm…” Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing, since this was the first time he had seen such a powerful Spiritual Puppet. The foundation of the Martial Realm truly ran deep.

At this moment, even he felt envious, even with his composed mentality.

If he could have such a powerful Spiritual Puppet, why would there be a need for him to fight with Xia Hong? All he needed to do was toss it out and the Spiritual Puppet would deal with the situation.

As he sighed, Mu Chen looked towards Xia Hong and the latter was shocked at this scene as well. Sensing Mu Chen’s gaze, his body trembled before raising his head and he saw the indifferent killing intent in Mu Chen’s eyes.

He had clearly roused the killing intent in Mu Chen for issuing that command from before.

Sensing Mu Chen’s killing intent, Xia Hong’s heart turned cold and his gaze changed. Clenching his teeth, he slammed his palm on the ground and turned into a beam of light, trying to escape.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, his eyes turned cold and the hand of the Great Solar Undying Body made a grab towards Xia Hong.


Under the huge hand, three beams of light shot out, a spear, an armour and a stone pearl.

They were naturally the Scarlet Dragon Spear, Scarlet Dragon Armour and the SeShattering Pearl that he had purchased back in the auction.

Looking at the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, Mu Chen was briefly stunned before he circulated his Spiritual Energy and grabbed the three items into his palm.

In that instant, Xia Hong spewed a mouthful of blood that enveloped his silhouette and he had turned into a bloody beam of light that shot through space at an indescribable speed.

“These three items are still insufficient to pay for your life!”

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed and the Life-Extinguishing Pupil opened on his forehead. A black beam of light shot towards the bloody beam, reducing one of Xia Hong’s arms into meat paste.

“Arghhh!” A sharp shriek resounded and space distorted before the red beam escaped within along with Xia Hong.

“Mu Chen, I will definitely tear you to pieces!” When the bloody beam disappeared, Xia Hong’s mournful roar resounded between the heavens and earth.

Mu Chen smiled at the voice. A stray dog was of no threat. Furthermore, the Xia Empire would probably be in a terrible situation this time as well…

He lowered his head and looked at the lion statue on the stage, at the golden scroll.

It was the IOU that Xia Hong had previously written.

Debtor - Xia Empire.

Creditor - Martial Realm.

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