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When the golden fist of light swept past and finally crashed directly into Xia Hong's black tiger claws, the whole earth shook. Even with the naked eye, one could see ripples spreading from Xia Hong's feet, sending ash and dust flying up into the air.

The earth cracked and crumbled.

The gold and black brutally ate each other up, sending wave after wave of explosions. Finally, they were both dissipating as their spiritual energies were exhausted. At the same time, countless spectators threw their gazes at the collision.

A wind blew through the sky, sending dust and sand flying. The scenery on the stadium was clear once again. Xia Hong could be seen standing with his body stretched, and his hands maintaining a clawed position. His expression was static, and only his slightly shining eyes showed a terrifying gaze.

Countless gazes focused upon Xia Hong. He stood unmoving. The powerful impact was not able to touch him, and not even his garments were lifted. But some spectators with sharp eyes were looking at the golden throne behind him. As a wind blew at it, the sturdy and shiny throne turned into golden dust and was scattered in the wind.

The eyes of many spectators froze for a moment. While Mu Chen's fist did not threaten Xia Hong at all, it broke through his defenses and crushed the throne behind him. There was no doubt that this punch was an act to earn him a reputation.

And it seemed to be working pretty well. At the very least, many of the spectators were focused on Mu Chen, and their faces were more serious now. Everyone could see that Mu Chen's real combat power was far beyond his rating of a Half Nine Grade Sovereign.

In the sky, Mu Shan of the Hidden Dragon Pavillion looked at the scene and commented with a smile, "This kid seems to be quite capable, eh?" He had many misgivings about Xia Hong, and seeing Xia Hong lose face was rather enjoyable for him.

"It was unexpected, but Xia Hong will probably more careful after this. And a serious Xia Hong is not an easy opponent," Tianya House's Qin Ya replied with a smile as well.

Mu Shan nodded in agreement. He was unable to get the upper hand, even after fighting with Xia Hong for years. Even on the ranking of Tianluo Continent youths, he was always slightly behind Xia Hong. That's why he was very aware of how difficult an opponent a serious Xia Hong would be. Although Mu Chen was not simple, there was still a long story to tell before a winner could emerge.

As the whispers continued, Xia Hong slowly elevated his gaze. He looked at Mu Chen with eyes as sharp as knives. As he retracted his palm, he spoke with indifference, "Not bad." He seemed to be evaluating Mu Chen's punch that had penetrated some of his defenses.

"I thought today would be boring, but it seems like it won't be as bad as I thought." Xia Hong walked forward steadily. As his stepped forward, the spiritual energies surrounding him rose at a shocking rate. Within a few steps, the entire stadium was enveloped in the pressure of his spiritual energy. Under such an oppression, the faces of Bai Lao, Tan Qiu, and the others went pale, and the spiritual energy within them started to become stagnant.

This was a true Grade Nine Sovereign!

Xia Hong's sharp eyes were looking directly at Mu Chen. With a solemn tone, he said, "But if you are only capable of this, then don't hope to leave this place today." As he finished his sentence, an equally brutal immense spiritual energy shot up into the sky, dissipating the spiritual pressure exerted by Xia Hong.

Xia Hong's eyes froze for a moment, then he slowly averted his gaze, finally stopping on Nine Nether, whose spiritual energy was unfolding around her like a storm.

Nine Nether looked at Xia Hong with her ice cold eyes. A translucent flame burned brightly in her hand. With a grave look, she suddenly extended her fingers, and the flame turned into a beam of flame, shooting toward Xia Hong at the speed of lightning.


But just when the beam emerged, a gray light shined before Xia Hong. The elder in gray robes appeared, and his dry palm caught the beam of flame. A brutal spiritual energy sprayed out from his palm, forcibly extinguishing the beam. The elder in gray clothes said to Nine Nether with a squint, "Hehehe, since the prince has chosen his prey, it is best for others to stay out of this."

Looking at the elder in gray robes, the expression in Nine Nether's eyes became sombre. She could feel the immense ice cold spiritual energy exuded by the elder. It seemed that this man was just a step away from attaining the peak of Grade Nine Sovereign. His capabilities were far beyond that of a typical newly attained Grade Nine Sovereign.


Behind the stadium, the sound of wind rang out, and a dozen figures burst forth from the darkness, emerging around the stadium to surround Nine Nether and the others, cutting off all retreat.

Tan Qiu and Wang Shi could not stop their faces from turning sullen when they saw the figures. At least four of them had achieved Half Grade Nine, and the others were at least Grade Seven to Grade Eight Sovereigns. The opponent's lineup was far stronger than theirs.

At that moment, the area was under the well-fortified control of the Great Xia Dynasty warriors. It would be a difficult task to escape unscathed.

"Since we are already here, it's too late to regret it now."

With a faint smile, Xia Hong's eyes scanned Nine Nether's slender body lewdly, and he took a look at the beautiful Lin Jing. A dirty smile appeared on his lips, and he said, "A pure battle is rather boring. Why don't we gamble on something?"

Mu Chen's eyes remained calm when he heard this. He was obviously uninterested. But before Mu Chen could say anything, Lin Jing's eyes brightened up, and she asked with great interest, "Ooh, ooh, on what?"

"Let's bet on who will win, him? Or me?" Xia Hong pointed at Mu Chen, and he continued with a sheepish smile, "If I lose, I will let you all leave in peace, along with three Sacred Artifacts."

Hearing this, many of the spectators could not help clicking their tongues. Tsk tsk tsk. Three Sacred Artifacts... with his deep pockets, this Xia Hong really could promise anything.

Lin Jing blinked her pretty eyes a few times as she said, "What if you win?"

"Then I will have you two beauties by my side," Xia Hong answered with a laugh.

Lin Jing pouted her small red lips and complained with a laugh, "Are the two of us only worth three Sacred Artifacts? Our prince of the Great Xia Dynasty is rather stingy."

Shocked, Xia Hong asked with a twitching eyebrow, "Then, what do you suggest, young lady?"

After thinking for a moment, Lin Jing answered nonchalantly, "You should write a receipt and stamp it with a spiritual seal, saying that you'll owe me a 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid if you lose."


Many jaws dropped as she finished speaking. Even Xia Hong's face twitched for awhile. A hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid could even empty the treasury of the Great Xia Dynasty.

A hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid could even buy a True Sacred Artifact!

With a stiffened face, Xia Hong replied with a dry laugh, "Young lady, this is rather unrealistic. Furthermore, forgive my frankness but, even with the receipt in hand, you won't be able to take a drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from the Great Xia Dynasty."

He was not lying. Anyone holding a receipt for a hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and trying to claim it from the Great Xia Dynasty would probably be sentenced to their end by his father, the King, for their astronomical greed. Even an Upper Earthly Sovereign would not be able to claim this amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Lin Jing ignored this and continued saying with pouting lips, "If you don't have the guts, why gamble? Just fight normally! What a waste of my time!"

Sensing the indifference in Lin Jing's voice, Xia Hong frowned tightly, then he replied with a laugh, "Alright then! Since our young lady is so interested, I shall be profligate with my purse!"

He took out a golden scroll, and as his fingers danced before it, spiritual energy was transformed into words in thin air before fusing with the scroll. At the end, with a flick of his fingers, a drop of his blood fell onto the scroll, forming a spiritual seal.

After all this, Xia Hong threw the golden scroll carelessly, and it transformed into a stream of golden light, shooting into one of the stone lions on the stadium.

"If I lose, then you can take it. But I have to remind you, if you really plan to claim this from the Great Xia Dynasty, you will be seeking your own death," Xia Hong said with a smile.

He did not think much of it, as he assumed Lin Jing was just messing around. Moreover, he never thought that he would lose. Even if he actually did, anyone who would really take the receipt to the Great Xia Dynasty would be an utter fool.

"Well, chasing the debt is my job. You don't have to worry about it." When she saw this, Lin Jing's eyes narrowed slightly, like a fox's eyes with a glint of cunning in them.

"Mu Chen, the rest depends on you. After you win, we will split the 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in half!" Lin Jing looked at Mu Chen and pumped her fists to encourage him.

Seeing her actions, Mu Chen did not know whether to cry or laugh, but he nodded anyway, and he looked at Xia Hong with a bit of sympathy. How wonderful would his expression be when he realized that the playful girl before him was the daughter of the well-known Martial Ancestor of the Great Thousand World?

Although the Great Xia Dynasty was a tyrannical force, if they were to find trouble with this young girl, it would not be a simple matter like a few Upper Earthly Sovereigns showing up. If they really did provoke her, and a Heavenly Sovereign from the Martial Border was sent for her, Emperor Xia could only swallow his grievances.

Xia Hong had jumped into an abyss dug for him by Lin Jing…

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged looks and silently nodded.

"This unlucky child… is really too naive."

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