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Chapter 1101 - The Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel, Offences and Defences Combined

The golden Sovereign Celestial Body stood between the heavens and earth as a golden lustre blossomed, shining upon this land with a mysterious yet boundless aura that gushed out. The indescribable pressure enveloped the heavens and earth, causing the countenances of many to change.

They looked at the golden Sovereign Celestial Body with grave expressions. They could see golden suns rising up, containing astonishing power.


As the suns rose, they caused space to distort as a crimson projection shattered space while carrying a torrential Ominous Aura as it enveloped the area. That fist was skin to the mouth of Primordial Ominous Beasts, as if it wanted to devour the heavens and earth.

Mu Chen stood on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body with the fist projection reflected in his eyes. Shortly after, the Ominous Aura that swept over had caused his clothes to flutter.

Mu Chen’s gaze turned grave. Xia Hong had practically put his entire power into this attack. Not to mention an Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign, even Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns would have to avoid this attack.

Albeit to being a hateful fellow, his attack was truly extraordinary.

“If I had not touched the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, it’d truly be troublesome for me to face this…” Mu Chen looked at the fist and murmured to himself.

But it was a pity…

Mu Chen formed a bizarre seal and a deep holler from within his heart rumbled like a roar of thunder, “Nine Solar Energy - Unleashing the Eighth Solar!”


The eight golden suns exploded and turned into golden currents, gathering at the palm of the Great Solar Undying Body. “Nine Solar Energy - Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel!”

The golden current swiftly condensed on the palm of the Sovereign Celestial Body and a golden lustre spread out, forming into a golden wheel that was roughly a hundred feet wide.

The golden wheel looked like a compass, covered with complicated runes that looked ancient, as if it had undergone countless years.

The golden wheel rose up and hovered before Mu Chen like a shield that protected him.

Standing behind the golden wheel, Mu Chen’s expression completely calmed down without any ripples in his eyes as he looked at the fist projection. Stretching his hand out, he gently pressed in the direction before him.


The golden wheel slowly rotated and the runes emitted a lustre, and the surrounding space started to distort, causing it to be on the verge of shattering.

“Stop mystifying yourself!” When Xia Hong saw this scene, he sinisterly smiled. He was extremely clear how powerful the might of his fist was. Not to mention Mu Chen, who was merely a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, even a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign would die when facing this!

“Die!” Xia Hong hollered as the fist projection streaked across with torrential Ominous Aura under countless fearful gazes, like a crimson meteorite, and clashed against the wheel.


In the instant of impact, the entire heavens and earth had frozen for a brief moment, before the violent Spiritual Energy shock wave swept out, instantly causing the space in a myriad-foot radius to distort and deep ravines started to appear on the ground.

Everyone in the sky moved back, fearing that they might be involved in the shock wave.

Xia Hong looked at the expanding crimson light and his sinister smile grew even more sinister. That fool, did Mu Chen think that he could take this attack from me? That’s simply naïve thinking!

“Now, you should be blown to smithereens!” Xia Hong sinisterly smiled.

But when he just smiled, his eyes suddenly contracted when he saw the expanding crimson lustre suddenly freeze at that moment.

The violent shock wave had also been frozen, as if time had been paused.

“What’s going on?!” Not only was Xia Hong startled by this scene, but even the spectators also exchanged looks, since the explosion that everyone had expected did not occur.

Under everyone’s gaze, the golden and crimson lustre started to gradually, suddenly calm down and the destructive force was forcefully suppressed.

The scene gradually cleared up and everyone abruptly contracted their eyes.

“This is…?” Xia Hong’s countenance had drastically changed at this moment.

Mu Chen was still standing on the Great Solar Undying Body like before with the golden wheel slowly revolving before him. The crimson fist froze before the wheel. It was so much so that even the torrential Ominous Aura had been stopped.

This situation had instantly caused the region to be in silence.

“How is this possible?!” Xia Hong’s face turned pale with a flash of astonishment on his face. The scene before him had exceeded his expectations and his fist, which had been imbued with all his power, was actually so easily stopped. Furthermore, he could sense that in that instant, he had lost all connection to that attack. It was so much so that he had even lost control of the Spiritual Energy on it.

That feeling was as if the fist was no longer under his control.

Under all the gazes filled with disbelief, Mu Chen looked at Xia Hong and smiled. “Looks like this situation has gone out of your control, Fourth Prince…

“I’m afraid that I cannot enjoy this gift from you, so I’ll return it to you, instead.” Finishing his words, his fingers curved and made a turning action.

As Mu Chen turned with his hand, the golden wheel started to revolve in another direction and everyone was dumbfounded as they witnessed the crimson fist slowly turn around and aim at Xia Hong.

“He can even return Xia Hong’s attack so perfectly?!” Everyone took a cold breath at this scene as they exclaimed.

Even Qin Ya, Mu Shan and the rest had shock on their faces. Just what means did Mu Chen use?

A calm expression and looking far ahead. This was the might of the Great Solar Undying Body, along with his insight regarding it deepening, he could also gradually unleash more of its power. The golden wheel was the perfect offensive and defensive ability and it could return the attack back to the source…

Such a brilliant move was practically similar to some powerful Divine Ability. But due to the limitation of Mu Chen’s strength, the effect of it was also extremely limited. The moment it exceeded his limit, then the wheel would be destroyed.

But fortunately, Xia Hong had not reached that level yet.

“Fourth Prince, please accept this move from me.” Mu Chen gave Xia Hong, whose face was covered in shock, a smile as he pushed his hand out. The golden wheel trembled before the crimson fist shot back out once more with a torrential Ominous Aura.

But this time, it was aimed towards Xia Hong!


The torrential Ominous Aura dominated forth and Xia Hong’s face turned pale with some fear. Facing the fist that he had imbued all his power in, he could feel how terrifying that fist was, it was basically irresistible.

But he did not have much time to be astonished at his own power because the fist was already coming in his direction. Immediately, he clenched his teeth and circulated all his power before throwing a jab that had the torrential Ominous Aura from the Nine Ominous Beast Body.


The two forces clashed and a crimson lustre swept out in the manner of a storm, distorting space and shattering the earth.

Cracks started to appear on the Nine Ominous Beast Body and spread throughout its body. As the crimson lustre shot out, the powerful Sovereign Celestial Body was destroyed.

Having his Sovereign Celestial Body destroyed, Xia Hong’s face drastically changed, before he spewed a mouthful of blood, and the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him diminished. He was blown away in a pathetic manner. If it wasn’t for the protection of his armour, half of his body would have been ripped apart. But even so, he felt a tremble in his body and he knew that he had suffered a heavy injury.


Xia Hong heavily landed on the ground, dragging a thousand-foot long mark and the lion statues were destroyed in his path.

Xia Hong spewed several more mouthfuls of blood and his body was covered in blood.

When the shock wave gradually dissipated, everyone was silent when they watched this scene. Their gazes were filled with horror as they looked at the slender silhouette on the Great Solar Undying Body. The latter maintained a calm expression, as if he felt no emotion from defeating Xia Hong.

It’s as if he had already expected this outcome.

Everyone exchanged a look. Xia Hong actually lost?

Qin Ya, Mu Shan and the rest also wore astonished expressions. When they looked at Mu Chen again, their gazes were extremely grave, since they knew that after today, Mu Chen’s name would definitely rise in the Greatlaw Continent and he wouldn’t be excluded from the Top 20s of the ranking.

Xia Hong finally settled down and sensed the heavy injuries in his body. His face suddenly distorted before he suddenly looked at the experts of the Xia Empire and hollered in a vicious voice, “Kill them!”

The grey-robed old man recovered due to his holler and his eyes flickered with a cold light before bursting forth with the three experts that had also reached the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Surprisingly, their target was not Mu Chen, but Lin Jing, who looked to be the easiest to deal with…

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