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The pavillion was silent. Under countless gazes of disbelief, Mu Chen was shocked as he saw a girl in mysterious clothing appear in front of him. Her smile was beautiful, her teeth were bright, and her eyes were filled with spiritual aura. The combination made her look unforgettable.

"You… are you Lin Jing?" Mu Chen asked doubtfully after he had recovered. Looking at the slightly familiar girl, he shook his head in disbelief.

Lin Jing was the girl Mu Chen had met when he was traveling from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy to Tianluo Continent. Her true identity was the Princess of the Martial Border. Her father was the well-known and respected Martial Ancestor of the Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen couldn't believe that they would be reunited at this place after so many years. He couldn't help but to laugh a little while reminiscing. When they had first met, Mu Chen couldn't even materialize his sovereign celestial body, but now he was already halfway towards achieving Grade Nine Sovereign.

"What brings you here?" Mu Chen couldn't resist asking in surprise.

Lin Jing smiled and said, "I heard there is a celebration event here for the birth of the Ancient Celestial Palace, so I decided to come and have a look. Furthermore, I remembered you told me that you wanted to pay a visit to Tianluo Continent. I was too bored staying at home, so I chose to escape."

She looked around the place with curiosity and said, "It looks like this is fate, because we always meet each other at auctions."

Speaking of the auction reminded Mu Chen where he was. As he looked around, he realized that countless eyes were looking at Lin Jing because they were shocked by the extremely high price that she had bid.

On the opposite side of the pavillion, Xia Hong came to life and exclaimed, "D*mn! Where did this little girl come from? How dare you play around here in this auction!" He then looked in the direction where Lin Jing was standing. He could not stop salivating when he saw her beauty and charisma. According to his observation, Lin Jing and Nine Nether were both rare beauties, one of them cute and the other elegant. Their level of beauty was like venom, extremely poisonous.

"Ehem, please cancel the bid that you have placed just now." Mu Chen quickly reminded Lin Jing to remove the bid because spending 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was as good as sucking the Daluo Territory's treasury dry. Furthermore, it was not worth the cost if they still had no idea about the function of the mysterious token.

As Mu Chen finished his sentence, Xia Hong sneered. "Heh. Where do you think you are now? You think you can come and go as you please?" When he turned towards Lin Jing, he smiled and said, "Why don't you come to my seat, and we can watch the auction together, pretty lady? Then no one will keep the previous incident in mind."

Lin Jing blinked for a second and said, "Would you pay the bid of 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for me?"

The smile on Xia Hong's face stiffened, and he said, "This token isn't worth 45 million… I can take the things you've said before as a joke."

Lin Jing pouted her red lips and said, "I wasn't messing around with you. My bid is 45 million, and if you can't afford to bid higher, then please shut your mouth."

All the guests were shocked. They stared at Lin Jing, wondering if this young lady could afford the price she bid. Qin Ya, from Tianya House and Mu Shan, from the Hidden Dragon Pavillion, were both shocked because this situation was way beyond their expectations.

It was quite embarrassing for Xia Hong to get talked back to by Lin Jing, a little girl. His glance turned grave as he spoke to the girl coldly. "Little girl, I hope you know exactly what you are doing. The thing you bid on costs 45 million. You'd better be able to pay…"

Xia Hong was interrupted before he could finish his sentence. His vision stopped at Lin Jing's hand as she waved to summon a bottle. As she tilted the bottle, tumbling sounds could be heard and several rivers poured out. The immense spiritual energies they carried along instantly filled the top floor of the pavillion.

Countless eyes were staring at the rivers. Based on their knowledge, they definitely knew that the rivers were formed by countless drops of Sovereign Sovereign Spiritual Liquid of relatively high quality.

Looking at the endless stream of rivers eliminated the doubt among the people at the auction. This delicate little girl really seemed like she could afford 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

Qin Ya and the rest looked grim as they noticed that this little girl could actually carry such a great amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid around. The young lady was truly from an abnormal family background. After all, not everyone could have the financial ability to take out 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that easily.


As Lin Jing waved her hand, all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid went back into the bottle. She then glanced at Xia Hong, who was staring in bewilderment, and asked, "Do you still have any problems with my bid?"

Lin Jing looked at Xia Hong's pale face and continued, "But you do know you could hike up the bid right? Who knows? I might give up my bid if you did."

Xia Hong's face was sallow. Although Lin Jing took a step back, she was obviously trying him. She never even showed a hint of giving up. With such pride as she had, no matter how much Xia Hong was going to bid, she would definitely follow the bid without hesitation.

Furthermore, with a bid as high as 45 million, who else would dare to keep up with her? Even if his big brother were there, he would need to reconsider the decision. The resources and financial background of the Great Xia Dynasty were strong, but they were not to be spent unnecessarily.

Everyone was looking at Xia Hong, and some of those gazes were decidedly amused. Xia Hong used to overwhelm others with his financial capabilities but now, someone even more brutal had appeared. He was pressured by a little girl who was rich enough to make him hesitate to hike up the bid.

Xia Hong was mad underneath the gazes of everyone there. He was thinking of driving up the bid, but when he thought of the terrible consequences, he eventually gave up the idea and sat back with anger. He clenched his fists until cracking could be heard.

As Xia Hong cut a sorry figure and sat back, Lin Jing took a slow glance at Mu Chen. "I have brought more than enough money this time." It seemed like she still remembered that it was Mu Chen who had lended her a helping hand when she escaped empty-handed years ago.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other and then shook their heads with bitter smiles. It did not take an ordinary billionaire but an extremely rich multi-billionaire to cash out 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. However, when it came to knowing Lin Jing's identity, they could only accept the truth.

The Martial Border was a well-known force in the Great Thousand World. The level of forces they had was even stronger than the army forces in the entire Tianluo Continent. Since the owner of the Martial Border was a true Sky Sovereign, he was one of the top fighters in the Great Thousand world. This Martial ancestor was unpredictable and unmeasurable. With such a respected father, no matter how extravagant her actions could be, it would only be a matter of course.

Just as Mu Chen was talking to Lin Jing, Han Fei, who was at the stage, regained his senses. He stared at Lin Jing's eyes as if he had seen God. Finally, after so many years of waiting, it was the first time he saw someone throwing such a large fortune into a bid. "Ehem...This young lady bid 45 million. Anyone up for bidding higher?" Han Fei asked loudly as he looked around.

However, his question only brought back some dumbfounded stares, as if they were looking at an idiot. Forty-five million. Even Xia Hong chose to step back, so who else would dare to follow?

Seeing everyone's gazes, Han Fei felt a little awkward. He quickly announced, "If so, this precious token now belongs to this young lady over here!" As soon as he finished announcing, he waved his hand to order his staff to hand over the token to Lin Jing. Of course, there were a few security personnel who followed along.

The entire process went smoothly. After he finished calculating the tremendous amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, Han Fei's hands were shaking as he respectfully handed over the token to Lin Jing. Lin Jing took the token and simply swung it up and down. Her actions caused the people around to panic because that was worth 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. What if she broke it...

Just as the people were panicking, Lin Jing made a move that caused their jaws to drop. After playing with the token, she smiled and threw it to Mu Chen. "There. Last time you bought me the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony. This time, I bought you something, too… But don't you dare decline my offer, or else I'll dump it!"

Everyone's faces twisted in shock. The Heavenly Fire Chalcedony, worth only 10,000 drops, for the mystery token worth 45 million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?

One for one?

Countless people looked at each other, and eventually they took a deep breath. They would also like to have a friend who was as arrogant as that...

Under countless looks of disbelief, Mu Chen was also somehow silently terrified by Lin Jing's actions. He was trying to decline her offer but after hearing her next sentence, Mu Chen couldn't help but smile helplessly. He hummed quietly and kept the token with respect. "Thank you very much. I'll keep this favor in mind."

Looking at how straightforward Mu Chen was, Lin Jing only smiled but deep inside, she admired him a lot. Everyone was trying to treat her well after knowing her true identity except for Mu Chen. She could clearly feel that he was treating her as just herself, not as a little princess from the Martial Border. Therefore, when she heard Mu Chen say that he would keep the favor in mind, she did not take that as a joke, even though with her strong and rich background, any debt of gratitude would be worthless to her.

Lin Jing smiled and said, "Alright then. Please take me in, since I've got nowhere to go."

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. He then settled his process of purchasing the auctioned ancient scroll and gathered Lin Jing, Nine Nether, and the rest to leave casually under countless gazes of the crowd.

On top of the building, Xia Hong stared at them with a gloomy look. The next second, he tilted his head slightly and said, "Dig up the little girl's identity… One more thing. Keep an eye on them for me… Trying to steal from my hands? How dare you!"

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