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Chapter 1099 - Nine Ominous Beast Body

Xia Hong stood on the massive stage with a myriad-foot tall tidal wave of crimson aura sweeping out that caused the heavens and earth to turn dark.

The spear in his hand was pointed towards the ground, enveloped with a scarlet aura and any casual movement from it would cause a deep mark to be left on the ground, as if it was slicing through beancurd.

With crimson dragons engraved on his armour letting out subtle roars, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation slowly spread out from him as he showed an astonishingly stunning bearing.

Everyone was shaken by Xia Hong’s appearance before they shook their heads with envy. The Xia Empire’s foundation was truly deep. Even other Ninth Grade Sovereigns had their eyes turning red from looking at Xia Hong’s artifact set…

That was a full set of Quasi-Saint Artifacts. Other ordinary Quasi-Saint Artifacts were naturally inferior to it. With the two Quasi-Saint Artifacts, Xia Hong probably even had the power to confront a pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereign at this moment.

When Nine Nether saw this scene, her expression uncontrollably changed when she sensed the dense threat being emitted from Xia Hong.

“That fellow is truly shameless, relying on Quasi-Saint Artifacts despite being a Ninth Grade Sovereign.” Tan Qiu gritted her teeth and couldn’t help muttering.

Anxiety flickered in the eyes of Old White and the rest. Although they knew that Mu Chen had defeated the Dragon Arm Sovereign, the fighting strength that Xia Hong revealed was not something that the Dragon Arm Sovereign could compete with.

“Only the victor is important in battles. As for the loser, they’re not qualified to question the methods of the victor.” Xia Hong gently moved the spear and indifferently looked at Mu Chen.


When he finished speaking, his eyes instantly turned cold and he burst forth like a flicker of lightning with a long beam dragging from his spear, emitting killing intent into the sky as if it wanted to tear the horizon apart.

The spear swiftly moved and appeared before Mu Chen in a flash, causing Mu Chen to be somewhat startled. With the spear and armour, Xia Hong’s speed was nearly a fold faster than it was before.

As the spear thrust forth, Mu Chen quickly took two steps back and waved his sleeve. A draconic roar resounded and the True Dragon Spirit soared, turning into a barrier and shielded Mu Chen.

The spear came in contact with the purple-golden barrier and a crimson lustre burst out. The barrier of the True Dragon Spirit only lasted for a few breaths’ time before it was pierced by the spear and the spear made its way towards Mu Chen’s throat.

The True Dragon Spirit possessed the strength of a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign at this point after its evolution, but it still couldn’t completely block Xia Hong’s attack and only briefly managed to delay it.

Just when the spear was about to pierce Mu Chen’s throat, light suddenly condensed on his forehead and a vertical eye opened with a black lustre gushing out and the space before him instantly collapsed from the light.


The black light struck against the spear and the terrifying impact briefly froze the spear, then sent it back.

“So you have a Quasi-Saint Artifact as well!” When the spear was sent back, Xia Hong’s gaze flickered with shock as he looked at the vertical eye on Mu Chen’s forehead.

“But I wonder how that Quasi-Saint Artifact of yours can compare to mine?”

Xia Hong coldly snorted and his hand suddenly trembled before the spear flew out of his hand, bursting forth with crimson light, then turned into a massive beam of light with boundless Spiritual Energy dominating the area.


The spear dived down with a destructive force that enveloped Mu Chen. Facing such a powerful attack, even Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be in danger.

Looking at the crimson beam that was expanding in size as it approached, Mu Chen focused his concentration and a purple-golden lustre burst out from his body once again before a pair of phoenix wings unfolded behind him.


With a flap of the phoenix wings, it had brought Mu Chen along and he disappeared.


The spear descended and struck the ground, creating a few hundred-foot wide crater and an abyss pit on the ground.

“What swift speed!” Xia Hong contracted his eyes when his attack missed. He was also startled when he saw Mu Chen’s speed. Did that fellow suppress his speed earlier?


As thoughts circulated in Xia Hong’s mind, a silhouette had already appeared before him. With a change of his expression, Xia Hong clenched his fist and the crimson spear roared, then flew back.

However, Mu Chen did not give him the opportunity. He jabbed forth with an indifferent expression.


The roar of a dragon and cry of a phoenix resounded from his jab and the True Dragon and Phoenix coiled around his arm, turning into a purple-golden lustre as they flew out.

Ripples fluctuated, as if the purple-golden lustre had detonated the atmosphere with explosions resounded and a deep ravine was carved from the ground.

Mu Chen’s fist was gathered with the power of the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits. With the two of them, even a Ninth Grade Sovereign would be heavily injured upon being hit.

As Mu Chen made use of his speed, Xia Hong couldn’t avoid this jab directed towards him.

Xia Hong’s gaze flickered and he coldly sneered. The spear flew over with a powerful scarlet light and was aimed at Mu Chen’s head.

But in response to that, Mu Chen did not even pay any attention to the spear and his jab struck against Xia Hong’s back.


A sound akin to metallic clashes resounded when Mu Chen’s fist landed on Xia Hong’s armour and a crimson lustre exploded from the armour. The crimson dragon started to move and opened its mouth, devouring the terrifying shock wave.

Evidently, the powerful defences of the crimson armour had exceeded Mu Chen’s expectations.


But even so, Mu Chen’s jab sent Xia hong flying back.

When Xia Hong was blown away, a black beam of light shot from Mu Chen’s Life-Extinguishing Pupil and sent the crimson spear flying away once again.

Xia Hong tapped his feet in the sky and he stabilised his silhouette, before the spear returned to his hand with a grasp. He darkly looked at Mu Chen. If it wasn’t for his armour, he would probably have suffered heavy injuries from Mu Chen’s fist.

Everyone looked at this ferocious confrontation and their eyes gradually turned solemn. Some of them even looked at Mu Chen with fear in their eyes.

Qin Ya, Mu Shan and Jiang Ling also wore solemn expressions, since they could sense how dangerous the previous confrontation between Xia Hong and Mu Chen was. The slightest carelessness in either of them would mean that they would have to pay a great price.

“After this battle, I’m afraid Mu Chen’s name will rise.” Qin Ya sighed.

Forcing the Ninth Grade Sovereign Xia Hong to bring out two of his Quasi-Saint Artifacts with his cultivation at Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign and not being at a disadvantageous position, this fear could be compared to those that were ranked in the 20s.

“Even this couldn’t deal with a damnable latrine stone like you, smelly and tough.” Xia Hong looked at the closing vertical eye on Mu Chen’s forehead and spoke without any emotions.

However, there was a trace of regret in his eyes. If he knew that Mu Chen would be this tough to deal with, he would have come up with another method to deal with him and not let the situation progress to this point where he was forced to a path of no retreat.

Coming this far, there had to be a victor between him and Mu Chen. Otherwise, he would definitely become a stepping stone for Mu Chen, which was something that he absolutely couldn’t accept.

If this matter went back to the Xia Empire, it would definitely affect his Imperial Father’s view of him. Even if he lost a little favouritism, it would give opportunities to his brothers to ride on his head.

So today, he definitely had to kill Mu Chen!

Thinking about it, killing intent climbed in the eyes of Xia Hong and he sinisterly looked at Mu Chen, which even caused the temperature in the heavens and earth to drop.

Xia Hong loosened his grip on the spear and suddenly formed seals with both of his hands.


Space suddenly distorted behind him and his Sovereign Sea had vaguely appeared, his Spiritual Energy was represented in crimson, as if it was dyed with torrential killing intent.


His Sovereign Sea constantly rolled and a myriad-foot tall Spiritual Energy soared into the sky, piercing through his Sovereign Sea and dyed the sky of this stage in a blood-red color.

The crimson Spiritual Energy condensed behind him and in a few breaths’ time, it had formed into a Sovereign Celestial Body that was a few thousand feet high under everyone’s shaken gazes.

The Sovereign Celestial Body was crimson in colour with an ominous and overbearing aura that dominating forth, which made one feel like they were suffocating. There were nine realistic beast runes on the arms, legs, chest and back of this Sovereign Celestial Body with an Ominous Aura leaking from those runes. It’s as if they were from Primordial Ominous Beasts, being both violent and ferocious!

Staring at the Sovereign Celestial Body, Mu Chen couldn’t help contracting his eyes and a piece of information flashed through his mind.

The Nine Ominous Beast Body, ranked 57th from the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies… 

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