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Chapter 1097 - Digging a Pitfall


The golden dragon fist streaked across the horizon and clashed with Xia Hong’s black claws. At that moment, the entire ground trembled and visible shock waves could be seen rippling out with Xia Hong in the centre, lifting a cloud of dust.

The golden lustre and black lustre violently tried to devour each other with ripples constantly exploding around the area. In the end, under everyone’s gazes, the Spiritual Energy was exhausted, then everyone directed their gazes over.

A gale swept through the horizon, lifting a cloud of dust in the process. When the stage cleared up, everyone could see that Xia Hong had remained standing with the same posture. He did not have any expression on his face but his eyes flickered with a dark lustre.

Everyone focused on Xia Hong. The latter did not move, as if the impact from the collision couldn’t shake him, even his clothes did not flutter from the shock wave.

However, those with vicious eyesight were focused on the golden throne behind him.

With a breeze, the dazzling golden throne was reduced to ashes that drifted away.

Many people had narrowed their eyes. Although Mu Chen’s fist couldn’t pose much of a threat to Xia Hong, it managed to pierce through Xia Hong’s defences and shattered the golden throne behind him.

Mu Chen had successfully established his might in a fist.

Furthermore, his intimidation seemed pretty effective. At least many people had their gazes turn much graver when they looked at Mu Chen. Probably anyone could tell that despite his cultivation being at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, the strength that he possessed far exceeded his cultivation.

“That brat’s pretty capable.” Mu Shan of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion smiled with his eyes narrowed at this scene. He and Xia Hong didn’t get along well, so he was naturally more than willing to see Xia Hong being oppressed.

“It’s a little unexpected… But after taking a loss, Xia Hong will probably not be careless now. A serious Xia Hong is not easy to deal with.” Qin Ya smiled.

Mu Shan nodded his head in agreement regarding Qin Ya’s words. He and Xia Hong had fought for so many years but he still couldn’t gain the upper hand. It was so much so that he was even ranked lower than Xia Hong. Thus, he knew how difficult Xia Hong was to deal with. Despite the fact that Mu Chen looked extraordinary, it’s still too early the determine the final victor.

Under all the whispers, Xia Hong slowly raised his head and looked at Mu Chen with a cold blade-like gaze before he slowly pulled his hand back, and left an indifferent remark, “Not bad.”

He was commending the fact that Mu Chen could get through his defences.

“Initially, this battle should’ve been uninteresting, but it doesn’t seem to be as I have expected.” Xia Hong walked up as the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him raised to a new height. After a few steps, the entire stage was enveloped by his Spiritual Energy pressure that even caused the countenances of the Old White trio to change and they circulated their defences Spiritual Energy.

It’s the might of a genuine Ninth Grade Sovereign!

Xia Hong’s sharp gaze stared at Mu Chen and he said in an eerie voice, “But if you only have this much ability, then I’m afraid that you will not be able to walk away from here.”

When Xia Hong finished his words, another boundless Spiritual Energy force soared into the sky that dissipated the Spiritual Energy pressure that he had formed.

Xia Hong’s gaze narrowed, then he slowly shifted his gaze towards Nine Nether, who was unleashing a gale of Spiritual Energy around her.

Nine Nether coldly looked at Xia Hong with transparent flames blazing on her hand. With a cold expression, she suddenly thrust her finger forth and the transparent flames had turned into a beam of fire that bolted towards Xia Hong.


When the beam of flames shot forth, a grey lustre flickered before Xia Hong and a grey-robed elder appeared. His dried hands suddenly grasped at the beam of flames. A powerful Spiritual Energy gushed from his palm and extinguished the beam of flames.

“Haha. Since the Prince has chosen his prey, let’s not disturb him.” The grey-robed elder smiled with his eyes narrowed as he blocked the beam of flames.

When Nine Nether looked at the grey-robed elder, her gaze turned grave. She could sense that the cold yin energy around him was extremely powerful. This person was probably a step away from the Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm with strength far exceeding ordinary Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereigns.


A gale swept behind the stage before ten-odd silhouettes shot forth and appeared around the stage, surrounding Nine Nether’s party from afar, sealing any paths of retreat.

When Tan Qiu and the rest saw those silhouettes, their countenances uncontrollably changed. They realised that four of those silhouettes were in the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. The rest had also reached the Seventh and Eighth Grade Sovereign.

This formation had far exceeded theirs. This entire region had been completely sealed by the experts of the Xia Empire, so it would be tough for them to fully retreat, even if they wanted to escape now.

“Since you guys are already here, then it’s too late to escape.” Xia Hong faintly smiled, before looking at Nine Nether’s slender figure, then shifted to Lin Jing with lust in his eyes. He then said in a playful tone, “But this kind of battle is pointless, why don’t we have a bet, instead?”

Mu Chen maintained a calm expression upon hearing that. He clearly wasn’t interested but before he could reject, Lin Jing’s eyes lit up and she asked in curiosity, “What are we betting?”

“Bet who can win, me or him.” Xia Hong pointed towards Mu Chen as he continued with a smile and his eyes narrowed, “If I lose, I will let you guys go and even give you three Quasi-Saint Artifacts.”

When everyone in the surroundings heard Xia Hong’s tone, they couldn’t help expressing their surprises. Three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, how could Xia Hong be so extravagant…?

“What if you win?” Lin Jing asked with her eyes blinking.

“Then I will have to invite you two beauties to stay with me.” Xia Hong smiled.

Lin Jing lifted her lips and chuckled, “The two of us are worth three Quasi-Saint Artifacts? As the Prince of the Xia Empire, aren’t you a little too shabby?”

Xia Hong was stunned, before he lifted his eyebrows. “What do you suggest then?”

Lin Jing pondered before casually saying, “Write an IOU and we’ll stamp your Spiritual Seal. If you lose, then you will owe us 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”


Everyone was dumbfounded by her words, even Xia Hong couldn’t help twitching his face. 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, that would probably completely empty their Xia Empire.

100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid could probably even purchase a genuine Saint Artifact!

Xia Hong’s face was a little stiff before he dryly smiled. “Miss, your words are a little too unrealistic… Furthermore, speaking impolitely, even with my IOU, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get a single drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from my Xia Empire.”

His words were true, if anyone could bring an IOU to demand 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, his Imperial Father would probably let the other party know what a snake trying to swallow an elephant was like, that’s simply courting death…

Even a Greater Earth Sovereign might not be able to bring that amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid out of their Xia Empire.

When Lin Jing heard his words, she flung her lips aside, “If you don’t dare, then don’t bet, to begin with. Fight like you should, what a waste of time.”

Hearing Lin Jing’s tone filled with disdain, Xia Hong knitted his brows, before he smiled a long while later, “Okay, since Miss is so interested in this, then this Prince will follow your wishes.”

He retrieved a golden scroll and his finger danced on it, writing with his Spiritual Energy, then a drip of his blood had formed into a Spiritual Seal.

Finishing up, Xia Hong casually tossed the scroll into the stone lion on the stage.

“If this Prince loses, you guys can take it as you wish. But let me remind you, if you really bring it to my Xia Empire, then you’re practically courting death.” Xia Hong faintly smiled.

He only treated this as Lin Jing’s nonsense and did not think much about it. Furthermore, he did not think that he could lose, to begin with. Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he did lose, it would basically be foolish to go to their Xia Empire with this IOU.

“You don’t have to worry how I will be doing it.” Lin Jing slyly chuckled like a fox.

“Mu Chen, I’ll leave this to you. When we win the 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, I’ll share half with you!” Lin Jing looked at Mu Chen and waved her small fist, cheering him on.

When Mu Chen saw her actions, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But in the end, he still nodded his head and looked at Xia Hong with pity in his eyes.

If Xia Hong knew that she was the Princess of the Martial Realm and her father was the famous Martial Ancestor of the Great Thousand World, how much splendour would his facial expression have?

Although the Xia Empire was powerful, if they dared to renege on the debt of that Princess, it wouldn’t just be one or two Greater Earth Sovereigns knocking on the doors…

If they truly angered her to the point that she invited a Heavenly Sovereign to act on her behalf, then the Xia Emperor of the Xia Empire could only break his teeth and swallow them.

Xia Hong had simply jumped into a pitfall that Lin Jing dug for him…

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a look before they inwardly shook their heads.

“That unlucky brat… is a little too naïve…”

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