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Chapter 1098 - Fighting Xia Hong

“What an unfortunate brat…”

While Mu Chen and Nine Nether inwardly felt pity for Xia Hong, the latter couldn’t help knitting his brows because of their gazes and he felt a little uneasy. But in the end, he had suppressed the emotions in his heart.

That’s because, no matter how he pondered it, he couldn’t figure how it would be a mistake, since he knew that be it his IOU or Lin Jing’s promise or having two beautiful companions, both parties would definitely not admit to it after this event.

His previous speech was just to have a reason to make a move at Lin Jing and Nine Nether after dealing with Mu Chen. As long as the two girls remained by his side, he’d have tons of methods to subdue them.

Xia Hong composed his heart before glancing at Lin Jing, who was smiling like a fox, and the lustful flames were lit in his heart. When she falls in the hands of this Prince, this Prince will let you smile till you’re satisfied.

Just that before that could happen, he had to get rid of this hateful brat…

With a cold, blade-like gaze, Xia Hong slowly turned towards Mu Chen. Through the previous confrontation, he had suffered a loss from underestimating that fellow and such a mistake would definitely not be repeated twice. So he would definitely do his best to swiftly get rid of Mu Chen and let him know that a nameless brat from the Great Havenlaw Domain was not qualified to act arrogantly in this place where the elites of the Greatlaw Continent gathered.

The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth boiled with waves of Spiritual Energy pressing towards Mu Chen, which caused the ground beneath Mu Chen’s feet to tremble under the pressure.

Mu Chen’s face had turned calm, since he knew how powerful Xia Hong was. Although the latter was only at the Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, his actual fighting strength definitely exceeded the Dragon Arm Sovereign. According to Mu Chen’s estimation, Xia Hong might even be able to fight with pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereigns.

Mu Chen composed himself and his hands hung down, circulating the Spiritual Energy in his body. The Spiritual Energy around him swept up like an ocean, causing space to distort behind him and his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared, which emitted a powerful Spiritual Energy, dispelling the pressure that came from Xia Hong.

Even if his cultivation was only at Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, the Spiritual Energy in Mu Chen’s Sovereign Sea had been refined to a dense stage after two years in the Divine Beast Origin’s Divinity Sea.

Furthermore, since he had also refined the Undying Flames left by the Undying Bird, it gave an everlasting property to his Spiritual Energy. Thus, in terms of the density and endurance of his Spiritual Energy alone, Mu Chen was definitely not inferior to Ninth Grade Sovereigns. On the other hand, he might even surpass them.

“Interesting…” Mu Chen’s unusually boundless Spiritual Energy was keenly sensed by Xia Hong and he sneered with a flash in his eyes before his gaze turned cold.


An explosion of Spiritual Energy occurred behind Xia Hong before his silhouettes had turned into afterimages. He appeared before Mu Chen in a flash and he jabbed forth.

There wasn’t any fancy tricks behind that jab, but it was condensed with extremely violent Spiritual Energy. Furthermore, when he threw that fist forth, Xia Hong’s blood and aura boiled, which enveloped his fist with voices of massacre sounding out.

“That’s Xia Hong’s Massacre God Battle Physique.” Qin Ya couldn’t help contracting her eyes when she saw the blood and aura that burst out from Xia Hong. This was an extremely overbearing and unusual Body Refining Art where one must undergo countless battles and refine with the blood of his enemies. When Xia Hong was practising this art, he had used the blood of his enemies to cultivate this art.

“He has also cultivated a Body Refining Art…” Mu Chen had the perception of a sea of blood pouring over when the killing intent gushed over. But it did not cause any effect on him, since a purple-golden light burst from his body and his eyes narrowed.

The Dragon-Phoenix Physique! A purple-golden light circulated on the surface of Mu Chen’s body, which made him look indestructible, before he jabbed forth as well with an indifferent expression.

Mu Chen did not dodge Xia Hong’s attacks, the latter’s pride in his physique was that laughable in the eyes of Mu Chen.

If Xia Hong made use of his advantage as an Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign, it might still cause some trouble for Mu Chen. But if Xia Hong wanted to compete in terms of the physical body, then it’s a fantasy if he wanted to cause any harm to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen, who had refined the Dragon-Phoenix Physique and reached the state of True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits, was absolutely confident in his physique that he wouldn’t even fear Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign experts.

Two terrifying fists tore through the air and they clashed under countless serious gazes.


The atmosphere exploded at this moment and a visible shock wave spread out, causing space to distort and the ground beneath the both of them couldn’t bear the impact, so cracks started to spread out.

Everyone fixated their gazes on the source of the impact and shortly after, their expressions slightly changed when they saw that Mu Chen’s body was like a statue. He did not move after clashing with Xia Hong.

On the contrary, Xia Hong was affected by the impact and his body had briefly trembled.

“Mu Chen’s physical body is terrifying!” Someone exclaimed in a low voice. With a cultivation at Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, Mu Chen actually gained a slight advantage in his clash with Xia Hong in terms of the physical body!

The countenances of Qin Ya and the rest had also turned grave at this scene.

Under the uproar. Xia Hong’s gaze flashed with a smear of shock. Mu Chen’s toughness had exceeded his expectations.


A massive killing aura exploded from Xia Hong’s body as he stomped his foot. His silhouette had turned into countless afterimages with the earth shattering beneath his feet before he circled around Mu Chen with fists directed at him at every direction.

It was an attack that basically couldn’t be avoided.

Boom! Boom! 

Facing the storm of jabs from Xia Hong, Mu Chen’s face had also turned solemn and he swept his sleeve. The purple-golden dragon soared up and coiled around him, forming into a powerful defence that blocked the jabs.

Boom! Boom! 

Deep collisions endlessly resounded from the stage and even the ground beneath Mu Chen had crumbled from the impact.

The violence of Xia Hong’s attacks couldn’t be described, even the defence that was formed from the True Dragon Spirit couldn’t block out all the attacks and a jab was heading towards Mu Chen’s head after seeking a loophole.


A slender hand stretched out and blocked the jab as a raging Spiritual Energy exploded forth.


The earth cracked and both of them were blown away, dragging long marks on the ground before stabilising their bodies.

Xia Hong’s expression was dark. His attack could even injure a Ninth Grade Sovereign, not to mention a Quasi-Ninth Grade. But when it landed on Mu Chen, it only tore Mu Chen’s sleeves.

The outcome had caused Xia Hong’s heart to be filled with rage and killing intent.

Xia Hong took a deep breath and gradually composed his expression into indifference.

Sensing his changes, Mu Chen had also squinted his eyes and felt a threat rising from Xia Hong.

Without any expression, Xia Hong stretched his hand out and suddenly clenched.


A brilliant scarlet lustre gathered beneath his palm and formed into a crimson spear that was engraved with runes. It had only just appeared but there was already an extremely astonishing fluctuation of Spiritual Energy and killing intent spreading out.

Looking at the scarlet spear, Mu Chen contracted his pupils. “Quasi-Saint Artifact?”

While Mu Chen was slightly startled in his heart, Xia Hong gave a sinister smile and a crimson light burst from his body once again, forming into a crimson set of armour that was engraved with the runes of roaring dragons, looking both sinister and ferocious.

The spear and armour were evidently a set, since they had the same aura. When Xia Hong donned them, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him surged to a fearful degree that even pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereigns would have to face him seriously.

“That’s the… Scarlet Dragon Spear and Scarlet Dragon Armour… That’s a set of Quasi-Saint Artifacts. With a set, they could be proclaimed Emperors within the Quasi-Saint Artifacts… This Xia Hong is truly ruthless to even use them.” When Qin Ya and the rest saw this scene, their countenance turned extremely grave and their eyes were filled with fear.

Facing Xia Hong who had resorted to his trump card, even they would have to avoid his lustre.

Evidently, Xia Hong’s killing intent had been completely roused in this fight and Mu Chen was probably in danger now.

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