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Chapter 1096 - Showing His Might

Mu Chen’s calm laughter resounded on the massive stage and when those experts that came to watch heard his words, someone couldn’t help laughing.

That brat from the Great Havenlaw Domain was pretty courageous…

However, was he qualified with his cultivation at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm? Not to mention the experts standing behind Xia Hong, even Xia Hong was a Ninth Grade Sovereign that was ranked in the 20s.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Xia Hong was only in the Initial Phase of the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, his actual fighting strength was not as it seemed on the surface and he could even confront a pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereign with the ability to retreat safely, which was a shocking feat in itself.

On the contrary, despite the fact that it’s shocking that Mu Chen could reach the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm at such a young age, it’s nothing surprising.

Qin Ya, Mu Shan and Jiang Ling stood in the sky and looked at the stage with interest. Evidently, Mu Chen’s fearless bearing made them feel rather interested, since they’re not sure if that fellow truly had the confidence or was he just putting up a façade…

“Borrow my head?” When everyone was praising Mu Chen’s courage, Xia Hong narrowed his eyes and looked at Mu Chen with a ridiculing gaze. “I never thought that there would be a day that I, Xia Hong, would be viewed as a stepping stone.”

He had seen through Mu Chen’s intention with just a glance. The latter was clearly trying to use him as a stepping stone. As long as Mu Chen could defeat him, then his name would rise in the Greatlaw Continent. At that time, even if he wanted to go, others would have to reconsider if they should obstruct his path.

“Since you offered yourself, why shouldn’t I accept it?” Mu Chen did not see the dangerous light in Xia Hong’s gaze and replied with a smile.

“You?” Xia Hong gently smiled with an arc of disdain, before he gently lifted his hand. “Wang Wu, you’ll go and deal with him.”


When Xia Hong finished his words, a silhouette suddenly shot out from the shadow behind him with boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping out like a storm.

Judging from the Spiritual Energy fluctuations he was releasing, he had also reached Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign!

Along with boundless Spiritual Energy, that silhouette shot towards Mu Chen with a crimson long blade filled with a killing aura. Looking at how he wasn’t fooling around, Mu Chen knew that he was someone that had experienced the battlefield.

The spectators inwardly exclaimed. The Xia Empire was truly worthy of being the ruler of the Eastern Region. With their boundless foundation, they could casually send out any expert that already had a cultivation at Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign. Such an expert could be considered as the highest fighting force in a top-tiered force.

That streak of light, swiftly travelled and appeared before Mu Chen in the blink of an eye. With a cold gaze, Wang Wu slashed down with his crimson blade with a crimson projection of a crescent moon descending towards Mu Chen.

It was a decisive move with Wang Wu pushing his own power to the limits. Even similar Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereigns could be killed with the slightest carelessness.

As the crimson blade projection reflected in Mu Chen’s pupils, he still maintained a calm expression and composure, which left others unexpected. It’s as if he had not seen the blade before him.

Standing behind him, Nine Nether and the rest did not move; on the contrary, there was a flash of ridicule in their eyes.

Lin Jing had widened her eyes at this scene with interest. She wanted to witness how far Mu Chen had grown after all these years.

Under everyone’s attention, the lustre instantly enveloped Mu Chen. But leaving everyone shocked, Mu Chen did not make any movements except slowly closing his eyes at this moment. It’s as if he had given up resistance.

“You’re courting death!” When Wang Wu saw this, he coldly snorted.

Under the sweep of the blade lustre, just when it approached Mu Chen, a golden light blossomed from his body with an earth-shaking draconic roar.

The golden light exploded and a purple-golden dragon suddenly flew out from his body with an indescribable pressure that enveloped the area, which had instantly frozen the blade lustre in an instant.


The purple-golden dragon coiled around Mu Chen. It clenched its dragon claws into a fist and slammed it towards the blade lustre.


A violent energy swept out, which fluctuated space, and as the golden light gushed out, Wang Wu’s countenance drastically changed and he could sense a terrifying force coming from the blade, a destructive force that shattered his Spiritual Energy.


The crimson blade had instantly crumbled and Wang Wu suffered a heavy impact before he was sent flying back with fresh blood gushing out. Then he fell to the ground, leaving a myriad-foot long mark on the ground.


Everyone changed their expressions and an uproar resounded. No one expected that a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign would be instantly reduced to such a pathetic state in just an instant.

Furthermore, Mu Chen had not even made a move and the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign was already defeated.


Everyone looked at Mu Chen with traces of shock in their eyes. Then they looked at the purple-golden dragon coiled around Mu Chen that had been emitting draconic roars. As space fluctuated, a suffocating atmosphere emanated from the dragon, while Mu Chen remained with his hands down without any ripples on his face.

“That’s the aura of a dragon… that’s rare, even amongst the Dragon Clan!” A commotion rang out in the sky and everyone could tell how extraordinary that dragon was.

“Could Mu Chen be a member of the Dragon Clan?”

“He is definitely a human; however, he must have cultivated a technique related to the Dragon Clan!” Someone pointed out with vicious eyes.

“Although it looks like an actual dragon, there’s still traces of the illusion. But judging from the energy that it is emanating, it has probably exceeded most Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereigns.”

“He could defeat a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign just by relying on the dragon that he had cultivated?” Many people had uncontrollably narrowed their eyes. Just what powerful art was that? Mu Chen was definitely extraordinary. It was no wonder why he wasn’t afraid, even when facing Xia Hong. So the trump card that he was relying on was powerful as well.

Based on the dragon and Mu Chen’s own power, he could even confront an Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign by himself.

Lin Jing blinked as she looked at the dragon around Mu Chen with curiosity and muttered to herself, “It’s actually the aura of a True Dragon…”

With her experience, she could naturally tell the origins of this dragon. But what left her astonished was the fact that the aura emanated from the True Dragon was orthodox.

A True Dragon of the Dragon Clan had once visited her father in the Martial Realm and the aura of that True Dragon was so massive that it could even surpass the heavens.

But right now, the aura on the dragon around Mu Chen was actually similar to that senior.

Under the uproar, Xia Hong looked at his subordinate that had been defeated and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. He looked at Mu Chen without any expression and with a cold blade-like gaze that struck fear in others.

But Mu Chen wasn’t affected by his gaze. He looked at the True Dragon Spirit that coiled around him before looking at Xia Hong. “It’s rude not to respond in kind.”

With a calm expression, he took half a step forth and clenched his fist before a dazzling golden light abruptly soared into the horizon as he threw a jab.


When Mu Chen jabbed forth, the dragon roared and turned into a purple-golden light that dived down, following Mu Chen’s fist and pounced forth.


A thousand-foot wide fist project suddenly shot out that looked like a dragon. As the dragon brandished its claws, a horrifying fluctuation wreaked havoc and caused cracks on the ground.

Compared to the blade, his fist was several times more powerful!

Facing this fist, even those at the Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm couldn’t help the change in their expressions with fear in their eyes.


The dragon fist bolted down and, in an instant, it was already before Xia Hong, enveloping him.

Xia Hong’s expression grew dark with a cold light flickering in his eyes. Facing the might of Mu Chen’s fist, he did not avoid the blow and coldly snorted, “Let this Prince test how powerful you are and see if you’re qualified to act so impressively before this Prince!”

He formed claws with his hand and tore out. His fingertips flickered with a dark light that even left deep marks in the path of that fist.

Spiritual light flickered in the claw that formed into the projection of a black dragon and it widened its savage mouth.

“Nine-Beast Sovereign Celestial Body - Skyeater Demonic Dragon’s Claws!”


The golden dragon fist shot over and, in the next instant, it clashed against Xia Hong’s black dragon claws!

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