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Chapter 1095 - Borrowing a Head

The mottled golden token quietly floated before Mu Chen with nothing reflected off it, as if this token was a black hole that seemed extremely mysterious.

After looking at the golden token, Mu Chen stretched his hand out and allowed the token to fall onto his hand. When his fingers caressed the surface of the token, the word ‘two’ on it gave out an indescribable might, despite the wordings being somewhat blurred.

With a grave expression, Mu Chen circulated his Spiritual Energy in an attempt to pour it into the token. But he couldn’t get any effect out of it and the token remained quiet. It’s as if it was an ordinary object.

“Let’s see if I can refine it…”

Seeing that his probing wasn’t effective, Mu Chen dripped his blood on it after brief hesitation and formed his Spiritual Energy into flames, enveloping the token in an attempt to refine it.

But there wasn’t any reaction from the token while his bead of blood rolled around the token.

There seemed to be an extremely powerful and undetectable barrier that blocked anything from entering.

After burning it with his Spiritual Energy flames for a long time, Mu Chen sighed in disappointment. This item was definitely not easy to study. However, Mu Chen did not feel heartache for the huge price paid for it, since it also proved the profundities and importance of it.

If he could study it, then it would definitely be worth the price.

When the flames dissipated, the token fell back into his hand and he gently caressed it again. He could sense the subtle profundities on it, but his perception was too weak so he couldn’t track it to the source.

But through this, Mu Chen could be certain that this item definitely belonged to the Second Hall Master of the Ancient Haven Palace. That’s because there was a powerful ancient pressure emanating from it that seemed to be a strand that was left in it tens of thousands of years ago that still remained and left Mu Chen somewhat shocked.

In order to achieve this, the person must definitely be on the level of the Hall Master.

“Looks like I can only slowly analyse it…” Mu Chen gave up in the end and he wasn’t in a rush for it. Perhaps it could only be used after entering the ruins of the Ancient Haven Palace. At that time, it shouldn’t disappoint him.

“Let’s look at the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array for now…” Mu Chen no longer tangled with the token and stored it before returning to the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, hoping that he could gain insight that would aid him to successfully set it up.

Over the next period of time, Mu Chen remained in the courtyard and studied the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array. He did not secretly leave the Western City, since he knew that it’s impossible to try and leave under so many people’s gazes. Furthermore, Mu Chen was also unwilling to resort to that step.

Aside from Old White and Lin Jing, no one went out. Old White was instructed by Mu Chen to collect some dragon bones, while Lin Jing couldn’t bear the boredom and she wasn’t bothered by the fact that she’s a walking treasure trove in the eyes of many, so she continued to casually stroll around. But surprisingly, despite many experts eyeing her, no one made a move, since they were clearly fearful of her background.

Thus, this silence continued until the second day.

When dusk arrived on the second day, Mu Chen sat on the pavilion, facing Nine Nether in chess.

“We have become the focus of attention now.” Nine Nether cast a glance outside the courtyard. Despite the silence, anyone could sense the hidden flowing current and the increased amount of preying gazes.

Mu Chen nodded and smiled. “If they’re willing to delay, then let them be, which just so happens to allow me to study the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array more while waiting for the party of the Great Havenlaw Domain to come.”

Nine Nether nodded in reply.

“That subordinate of yours has not returned yet.” Lin Jing, who was playing with a rabbit that came out of nowhere, suddenly spoke up with a smile.

Nine Nether was stunned when she remembered that Old White should have returned by now. With his character, Old White was definitely not the one to be late.

She looked at Mu Chen and saw Mu Chen’s calm expression. However, his eyes narrowed with a dangerous light flickering in his eyes and he murmured to himself, “Looks like someone couldn’t wait any longer.”

A burst of laughter that was enveloped with powerful Spiritual Energy suddenly rang out, rumbling like thunder throughout the city and resounded in the horizon, “Haha. Friends of the Great Havenlaw Domain, your subordinate is here as a guest of this Prince. I wonder if you guys can make a trip here?” The voice clearly belonged to the Fourth Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Hong.

There wasn’t any intention of hiding his voice, since it could be clearly heard in the city. Instantly, the hearts of everyone trembled. Did Xia Hong finally lose his patience and made a move against the Great Havenlaw Domain?

“That fellow is truly hateful!” Nine Nether’s face beamed with ominous light in the courtyard.

“What a cautious fellow.” Mu Chen said faintly. He initially thought that Xia Hong would come to their lair himself. He never expected Xia Hong to use such a method. Was Xia Hong worried that he would set up traps around them to gain the advantage?

“Milord… what should we do?” Tan Qiu looked at Mu Chen, consulting his opinion.

Mu Chen stood up and his slender figure was as straight as a spear as he looked towards the source of the voice with a smile. “The chicken that I’ve been waiting to see for two days has finally come. Without the head of this chicken, how are we going to intimidate others?”

“Let the fame of our Great Havenlaw Domain start with that fellow as a stepping stone…”

Finishing his words, he had turned into a streak of light and soared into the sky with Nine Nether and the rest closely following behind with boiling killing aura.

“There’s a show to watch! Let’s see if his cultivation that’s at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm can deal with someone in the genuine Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm…” Lin Jing smiled at this scene with expectation in her eyes before she turned into a streak of light and quickly followed.

When Mu Chen’s party charged out of the courtyard, countless streaks of light flew in the Western City and all of them were moving towards Xia Hong’s direction.

Anyone could tell that the hidden current that had been flowing for the past two days was going to erupt today and they all wondered if the Great Havenlaw Domain could keep their token after today.

In three other locations, Qin Ya, Mu Shan and Jiang Ling looked at the streaks of light that represented Mu Chen’s party and a light flickered in their eyes.

“That Mu Chen of the Great Havenlaw Domain is truly bold… he actually dares to go to him. Although Xia Hong is a hateful person, he is not a pushover. Looks like there will be a show to watch today.”

The three of them smiled and waved their hands before they soared into the sky with streaks of light following them. All of those streaks of light were fluctuating with powerful Spiritual Energy, none of them were weak!

Thus, the Western City had exploded in an instant at this moment.

At the centre of the Western City, there was a huge stage on a courtyard and Xia Hong sat on an imperial throne with two ladies serving him from the side.

Behind him, there were ten-odd shadows with boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations emanating off of them, trembling the atmosphere.

The most eye-catching one out of them was a grey-robed elder that was emitting a chilling aura that even dyed his Spiritual Energy cold.

On a pillar, there was a silhouette bound in chains. It was Old White. Spiritual Energy runes had appeared around him, sealing the Spiritual Energy in his body.

“Old Wang, do you think that fellow will dare to come?” Xia Hong held onto a crystal cup, toying around with it.

Behind him, the grey-robed elder eerily smiled, “No matter if he dares to come or not, the outcome is already determined. That token is not something that a small Great Havenlaw Domain can afford to possess.”

Hearing his words, Xia Hong let out a satisfied smile before emptying his the wine in his cup in a single gulp, then he raised his head at the sudden crowd. There were many people appearing here and they looked down at the stage.

“They showed up indeed… how courageous.” Xia Hong looked up and raised his hand up.

Following his words, the sky in the stage flickered and several silhouettes appeared with Mu Chen in the lead.

Mu Chen glanced at Xia Hong before flicking his finger and a Spiritual Energy beam flew, shattering the shackles that bound Old White and lifted him back with his Spiritual Energy.

When Xia Hong saw this scene, he did not obstruct him. He only spoke with an eye-narrowing smile towards Mu Chen after Old White was rescued, “Leave the token and the two beauties behind. I’ll guarantee your departure in the Western City.”

Hearing his words, Mu Chen lightly smiled and looked at Xia Hong with a chuckle, “I wonder if you can let me borrow me your cock head?”

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