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At the break of dawn the next day, West City was already in a state of excitement. All the immediate attention was drawn towards it after the supreme talents from various places gathered there. It was even more so, especially when the news about the mysterious Token Amulet got around in the city yesterday.

All the various top powers who came for the Ancient Celestial Palace Relic gathered there in the Land of the Far West. However, the space in this land was somewhat unstable, and as such, no one dared to barge in without a plan. Instead, they were all secretly waiting for a chance. Hence, everyone felt excited about the sudden news of the mysterious Token Amulet.

Most of the people knew that those powerful forces would have been eyeing the Token Amulet, and they would be powerless to fight with them, yet everyone clung onto the slightest hope. What if they had a chance to obtain it? That opportunity would allow them to rise above others and become the most famous person in the entire Tianluo Continent. They would shine and attract all the attention. With such a mindset, numerous air-rending sounds resounded in West City the next day. An overwhelming number of light figures swarmed to the center of the city.

There was an ancient auction venue situated at the city's center. It had been vacant for many years, but today, it was put to use again. The popularity was not any weaker as compared to those auctions held at the other main cities in the Tianluo Continent.

The interior of the auction house was divided into three levels. Those normal seating areas were at the lowest level while the higher levels would have a better view. The higher seating areas were also more luxurious and comfortable in comparison. At the same time, they could have a bird's-eye view of the entire auction house.

At this point in time, Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the rest were already seated on the third level. He patted the cushion made from the Ice Fiery Mink Fur he was sitting on. It was so comfortable that when one sat on it, one's entire rear end seemed to sink into it.

All these accessories were prepared by Tan Qiu. Mu Chen could not help but sing praises in his heart. It was more comfortable compared to roaming outside by himself and having someone taking care of him. If it were only him alone, he would not think of such details.

Mu Chen asked casually, "Who organized this auction? Was it those people who showed up yesterday?" If one of those people had organized the auction, then it would be best to stay cautious.

Bai Lao quickly answered, "The organizer is from a local force. Their strength is just so-so, unlike those top-notch forces such as the Great Xia Dynasty. Hehe, no one wanted any parties to host the auction to avoid unfairness. Hence, they voted one of the local forces to host it to have peace of mind."

Mu Chen then nodded gently.

The atmosphere in the auction house lifted suddenly while Mu Chen and Bai Lao were having their conversation. Mu Chen swept his gaze across and saw a few groups of people making their way in through the entrance of the auction house.

These people had outstanding stances. Four people were leading slowly at the front with magnificent dispositions. Those were the four people who stirred up a commotion yesterday in West City. They were Xia Hong, the Fourth Prince from the Great Xia Dynasty, Mu Shan from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, Jiang Lin from the Sword Deity Sect, and Miss Qin Ya from House Tianya…

Those four people were the supreme talents from the young generation of the Tianluo Continent. They were all ranked on the young top powers' chart. The moment they showed up, they drew much attention and exclamations.

"Heh heh... Dear all, the Great Xia Dynasty is getting that Token Amulet for sure. If you all can let us have it, we'll remember your gratitude." Xia Hong looked at the numerous figures within the huge auction house. He then turned around and smiled at the other three people beside him.

After hearing what he said, Mu Shan, the Young Hall Master from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, laughed and said, "Why don't I give you 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, and you give up the auction? The Hidden Dragon Pavilion will also remember your kindness."

The mockery in his laughter was unconcealed. Although the Great Xia Dynasty was the Overlord in the East Region, it was still incomparable to the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Hence, he was not afraid of Xia Hong at all.

Miss Qin Ya from House Tianya covered her red lips elegantly while she giggled. She was watching the two of them bickering with a smile. As for Jiang Lin from the Sword Deity Sect, he was holding onto his long, sharp sword as though he had not heard the conversations between Xia Hong and Mu Shan. There was no expression on his face.

Xia Hong put on a smiling face and looked at Mu Shan. "If this is so, I hope Young Pavilion Master Mu brought enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid today."

With a pause in his words, he decided not to carry on with Mu Shan. He turned around to Miss Qin Ya who was wearing a red dress. She was sweet-looking, but her big round eyes were gleaming. They were displaying a slightly coquettish vibe. Xia Hong smiled at her and said, "Miss Qin Ya, do you want to join me to watch the auction?"

"Hehe, we'll be rivals later. I don't think it's appropriate to be together in the same place." Qin Ya smiled and politely declined his request. She then made her move up elegantly.

Xia Hong did not mind too much about her declining his offer. He lifted his head and watched the curvaceous and sexy body of hers. A fire seemed to be bursting in his eyes, but Xia Hong quickly returned to a normal state. He smiled and followed her.

Halfway up the stairs, Xia Hong suddenly felt the pause in Qin Ya's movement. He lifted up his head and saw that she was looking in the other direction with a slightly stunned expression.

Xia Hong followed her gaze. Both eyes were then slightly squinted. The ones whom he saw yesterday, Mu Chen and Nine Nether, were sitting there.

"What's wrong? Does Miss Qin Ya know them?" Xia Hong asked in a low voice. House Tianya had much information. Miss Qin Ya would know best when it came to those unknown top powers.

Qin Ya paused for a while before she smiled and said, "If my guess is correct, both of them come from Daluo Territory, North Territory. I heard that there were two newly crowned kings lately, King Mu and King Nine Nether. I think it's referring to them."

"North Territory? Daluo Territory? They really don't know their limits." Xia Hong was a little stunned, but his lips immediately drew up into a mocking smile. The North Territory was considered to be a remote area in the Tianluo Continent. Moreover, the North Territory was always involved in endless disputes. There was no Overlord like the Great Xia Dynasty in Daluo Territory. Hence, they were not well-known at all.

Xia Hong thought at first that they had a strong backing since the young fellow did not seem polite to him at all. It turned out to be only somebody from Daluo Territory.

Qin Ya spotted the mockery in his expression. With a flicker in her beautiful eyes, she could sense that there might be something going on between Xia Hong and the two new kings from Daluo Territory.

However, it was evident that Xia Hong did not know about the emergence of Daluo Territory, even though there was no Overlord in the North Territory. They might not be as strong as the Great Xia Dynasty, but the Dominator of Daluo Territory was already an Upper Earthly Sovereign. She was on par with Emperor Xia from the Great Xia Dynasty.

If Xia Hong really did something to the two new Kings, the Dominator of Daluo Territory would not let him off easily. Until then, even Emperor Xia would be in deep trouble. Perhaps it was not a bad idea for the Great Xia Dynasty to have another enemy.

With all these thoughts, Qin Ya walked up the stairs with a smile and found herself a seat on the other side of the auction house. Xia Hong, Mu Shan, and the rest also found other seats with a broad view of the entire auction house. Their maids were serving diligently by their sides.

Mu Chen had been staring at those people who were at the center of the attraction. He also saw Xia Hong and Qin Ya whispering to one another, and the former displayed a mocking look. He pondered for a while and seemed to understand something.

Mu Chen laughed and said, "Looks like someone looked down on me."

"This is not the North Territory. No one will know about your fame." Nine Nether, who was beside him, teased him, too.

"What fame do I have…" Mu Chen shook his head helplessly. He paused for a while before he continued saying, "But if anyone thinks I'm a pushover, they might hurt themselves."

His tone was not harsh, yet his voice was calm and firm with self-assurance in it. All these years, he had made his way up from the newly condensed Sovereign Celestial Body in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy to becoming a Half-Step Grade Nine today. He had met too many formidable opponents, but he was still standing firm at the end. Hence, Mu Chen had confidence when he faced an opponent of the same level as he was.

It was fine if Xia Hong behaved himself. However, if he decided to be up to no good, Mu Chen would not mind making him understand that he would pay a terribly high price for being too arrogant.

After Mu Chen finished his sentence, he tilted his head and saw Nine Nether staring at him. He touched his face suspiciously, "What is it?"

Nine Nether was looking at Mu Chen, who was displaying strong belief in himself. She sang praises in her heart. The current Mu Chen was no longer the greenhorn from back then. He had lot more confidence as compared to before.

He had grown up during these few years.


While Nine Nether's attention was slightly diverted, a bell rang in the huge auction house. The sound of the bell consumed the various loud noises within the auction house. Countless people gradually went quiet. They watched with fires burning in their eyes as a middle-aged man climbed up the stairs to the center of the building.

"I'm Han Fei from the Cold West Sect. Glad to see all of you here. I'll be hosting the auction for everyone this time…"

As soon as Han Fei stopped, he waved his hands. A few young ladies in chiffon dresses held a silver tray upon their jaded hands. They walked up elegantly and slowly. There was a spiritual energy light shield over the silver tray, isolating the spiritual energy fluctuation in it.

Countless gazes stared at the silver tray with passionate fires in it. Han Fei smiled when he saw it. "Since everyone cannot wait, I'll declare that the auction of the palace item opens now."

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