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Chapter 1094 - Studying the Array

The auction in the Western City finally came to an end, which caused the entire city to tremble. Everyone felt overwhelmed with shock by the transaction of 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and all of them were trying to guess Lin Jing’s identity in their hearts.

Although the auction had come to an end, those with keen senses knew that the matter regarding the token had not come to an end yet. With so much attention on it, and experts gathered in the Western City, even if the Great Havenlaw Domain managed to win the auction, they might not be able to keep it with them…

The Great Havenlaw Domain might have some weight in the Northern Region. But in the Greatlaw Continent, their fame wasn’t much and there were at least several other forces with the same fame as the Great Havenlaw Domain present in the Western City. In addition, Xia Hong and the rest were all elites amongst the younger generations of the Greatlaw Continent, geniuses that had not appeared in the other top-tiered forces, nor were those geniuses people that they could confront.

Although Mu Chen of the Great Havenlaw Domain was extraordinary, he’s only at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. So if he wanted to compete with someone like Xia Hong, there was naturally some gap between them.

Thus, when the other forces knew that the token had fallen in the hands of the Great Havenlaw Domain in the end, not only were they not disappointed, they even started to get restless. That’s because they could expect there to definitely be other forces eyeing Mu Chen’s party. When the dogfight began, they might be able to have an opportunity to seize the token…

As for the outcome of Mu Chen’s party, no one was bothered by it. In the views of others, an ordinary person was innocent, but those with treasures became a criminal. This time, the Great Havenlaw Domain would probably have to heavily suffer.

Thus, there was an undercurrent flowing and a storm brewing in the Western City.

Over in a courtyard in the Western City, the gate was tightly shut with a Spiritual Array in the sky, obstructing any prying from the outside world.

Mu Chen stood in the courtyard and looked at the sky with a smile. “I’m afraid that there are countless eyes set on us in the Western City at this moment.”

Nine Nether nodded behind him and she said in a calm voice, “Looks like it won’t be easy for us to bring the token out.”

“In the end, we’re still too weak.” Mu Chen shook his head. Their Great Havenlaw Domain didn’t have much fame now and in their group, only Nine Nether could be the intimidator with a cultivation at the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. As for him, he was immediately disregarded.

“Looks like I have brought something that would bring us troubles…”

Behind her, Lin Jing, who was playing with a chick, looked over and raised her head, then smiled. “You can ask of me if you need any help.”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he glanced at her. Lin Jing practically didn’t have a trace of Spiritual Energy fluctuation leaking out, so she must have a treasure to conceal her Spiritual Energy so others wouldn’t be able to detect her cultivation.

But when they first met, Lin Jing was in the same stage as him, both of them were still gathering materials for their Sovereign Celestial Body. After so many years, with the identity as the Princess of the Martial Realm and the instruction of a Heavenly Sovereign father, Lin Jing’s strength was probably not any weaker than him.

In addition to the deep foundation of the Martial Realm, Lin Jing probably had countless treasures on her that could protect her. According to Mu Chen’s guesses, not even an Earth Sovereign would be able to kill her.

But facing someone like her that could provide great help, Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. “If I can’t even protect this item, then I would rather give it away to others to avoid trouble.”

With a calm expression, he wasn’t panicking from this current situation. His composure even made Lin Jing feel admiration.

It was no wonder why her mother would give Mu Chen such high praise back then. At that time, she was still someone that disapproved of that, but after so many years, Mu Chen had certainly showed that he was different from the masses.

“Then, what are you intending to do? Judging from the current situation, we will definitely be surrounded the moment we leave the city.” asked Nine Nether.

Mu Chen lowered his eyelids, before he faintly answered, “Since that’s the case, then let’s wait… Since others are looking down on our Great Havenlaw Domain, then let them come and find us… Right now, we are in need to make an example out of someone.”

The nightscape enveloped the land with Mu Chen quietly sitting in his room with Spiritual Energy fluctuating around him. The Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth endlessly poured into his body and after a long while, he slowly opened his eyes and waved his hand, which was followed by two objects that appeared before him.

They were the incomplete scroll and the token that Mu Chen had obtained from the auction.

Looking at the two objects, Mu Chen briefly pondered before taking the incomplete scroll. In the complete state, this was a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array that even Earth Sovereigns would have trouble facing against.

A Spiritual Array Scholar was the dream of every Spiritual Array Master. The moment they stepped into that level, then their cultivation in Spiritual Arrays could be considered a success.

Naturally, the true peak realm in the path of Spiritual Array cultivation was the legendary Ancestral Master realm, an existence comparable to Heavenly Sovereigns that were rare even in the Great Thousand World. But what made Mu Chen feel prideful was that his mother was one of them.

“I wonder how mother is doing… and Big Sister Ling Xi. Ever since our separation in the academy, there hasn’t been any news about her. I wonder how she is doing, since she said that she was going to look for mother.”

Mu Chen caressed the scroll and his trail of thoughts slightly trembled. But in the end, he took in a deep breath and suppressed the emotions in his heart. Even if he was at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, it’s still insufficient. With every single improvement of his strength, he vaguely sensed the powerful clan behind his mother, a clan that even his mother, as a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master, would be fearful of. Although it was due to keeping him and his father safe, it was sufficient to show how powerful that clan was.

Mu Chen pursed his lips before focusing on the incomplete Spiritual Array. Closing his eyes, Spiritual Energy surged from his hands and entered the scroll.


The moment his Spiritual Energy perception entered, an explosion resounded in Mu Chen’s mind and a dazzling lustre burst out with a scene.

There was an old man standing on the peak with his hands behind his back. As his clothes fluttered, spiritual seals gushed out in the manner of tidal waves in every direction, which integrated into space and formed into complicated Spiritual Energy runes. As those runes intertwined, they also caused the Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth to fluctuate.

Along with the Spiritual Array gradually forming, the old man flicked his finger and nine streaks of light whistled out along with subtle dragon roars.

The nine streaks of light had charged into the massive array and as the light dissipated, they revealed nine genuine dragon bones!

The nine dragon bones had formed the centre of the array and after they integrated, the entire Spiritual Array seemed like it had come to life and a torrential Spiritual Energy dominated. A boundless Spiritual Energy lustre gathered around the dragon bones and formed the blood and flesh, forming the nine dragon bones into nine genuine dragons.

However, the dragons didn’t have actual bodies, but were formed with Spiritual Energy.

But even so, the nine dragons were emanating a powerful and fearful pressure.


When the Nine Dragon God-killing Array was formed, a light flashed and a silhouette flew out with a torrential momentum, an Earth Sovereign powerhouse.

The old man that set up the array indifferently saw him, then he flicked his finger. The nine dragons roared with nine dragon breaths gushing out, piercing through space and struck the Earth Sovereign powerhouse.


It was only an attack and the Earth Sovereign powerhouse was already blown back in a pathetic state with fresh blood gushing out and the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him diminishing. Evidently, he had suffered a heavy injury that marked the end to the scene and was followed up with a huge amount of information pouring into Mu Chen’s brain.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, then he opened his eyes that were filled with shock and murmured to himself, “What a powerful and complicated Spiritual Array…”

He shook his head and sighed. Judging from the information that flowed into his mind, despite being incomplete, he could infer that not only was the array massive, it even required dragon bones for the foundation of the array.

Furthermore, the dragon bones were interlinked, using the aura remaining in the dragon bones to form dragons and only with the combination of two, could the array unleash the might of an Earth Sovereign.

“Although the scroll is incomplete, even with study and research, I could probably only set up four dragons. Judging from that, it is far from nine dragons.”

Mu Chen felt pity but he felt relieved shortly after. If the Spiritual Array was in it’s completed state, it’s absolutely impossible for him to set it up with his current attainments in the field of Spiritual Arrays.

On the contrary, such an incomplete Spiritual Array might give him a chance of success if he studied it well.

“Looks like I have to search for some dragon bones…” Mu Chen murmured to himself. According to the array, the more powerful the dragon bones were, the more powerful the array would become.

But right now, he definitely didn’t need any powerful dragon bones. So it wouldn’t be too challenging for him to gather them.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen nodded his head with satisfaction before shifting his eyes towards the mottled golden token… 

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