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Chapter 1093 - Reappearance of Lin Jing

Everyone had disbelief in their eyes as they looked at her, even Mu Chen’s face was covered with shock as he looked at the girl. She wore a charming smile, which revealed her pearly-white teeth and her eyes were filled with spirituality that no one could forget upon seeing her.

“You… you’re Lin Jing?!” Mu Chen’s mind was undergoing a shock before he recovered. He looked at the familiar girl before him and exclaimed.

Back when Mu Chen had left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for the Greatlaw Continent, he met Lin Jing along the way. Her identity was the Princess of the Martial Realm.

The Martial Ancestor, whose name resounded in the Great Thousand World, was her father.

Mu Chen never thought that after so many years, he would encounter her here, which left him stunned for a moment, before he smiled with reminiscence. Back then, he was someone that hadn’t even refined his Sovereign Celestial Body and now, he was at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

“Why are you here?” Mu Chen couldn’t contain the shock in his heart.

Lin Jing smiled. “I heard that the Ancient Haven Palace appeared in the Greatlaw Continent. Furthermore, I remembered back then that you said you’re heading to the Greatlaw Continent. I was vexed from being controlled at home, so I ran out.”

As she spoke, she looked around with curiosity. “But we’re truly brought together by fate. We’ve been encountering in an auction in every one of our encounters…”

When she spoke of the auction, Mu Chen recovered and looked at everyone’s gazes that were directed at Lin Jing with shock in their eyes. They were also startled by the high price that she called out.

“Hmph, where did this lass come from, to dare to make trouble here!” Xia Hong had also recovered from his shock before looking at Lin Jing’s direction. When he saw Lin Jing’s celestial bearing, shock briefly flashed in his eyes before it turned into lust.

In his view, both Lin Jing and Nine Nether were peerless beauties. One was quick-witted and the other cool and prideful. Such grades were fatal for someone like him that lusted over beauties.

“*Cough* Call off your bid, first.” Mu Chen quickly reminded Lin Jing. 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, even if he emptied out the Great Havenlaw Domain, it’s not worth purchasing it before making sure of the token’s usage.

“Heh, what do you think of this place as? A place that you can bid and cancel as you wish?”

When Mu Chen finished his words, Xia Hong coldly sneered before looking at Lin Jing. “Why doesn’t this miss come and join me in the auction? I’ll guarantee that no one will dare to speak a word.”

Lin Jing blinked her eyes. “You will help me pay 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?”

Xia Hong’s smile blanked before coughing, “The price of this token is not worth the price of 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid… This girl was just fooling around, so I’ll pretend that I did not hear it.”

Lin Jing cast her small lips aside. “Who’s fooling around? I called out a bid of 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. If you cannot afford it, then stop your nonsense.”

Everyone was stunned, before looking at Lin Jing. That miss really called a bid of 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? But can she afford it?

Qin Ya of the Horizon Palace and the Hidden Dragon Pavilion’s Mu Shan had their faces covered in shock. It had truly exceeded everyone’s expectation for the situation to progress to this.

Lin Jing refuted before everyone, which slightly embarrassed Xia Hong and his gaze turned dark. “Miss, don’t take more than what you can chew. 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, can you…?”

Before finishing his words, he abruptly cut off and blankly looked up ahead to se Lin Jing stretch her hand out and a jade bottle flew forth. The mouth of the bottle tilted and rumbling noises resounded. Several rivers flew out with boundless Spiritual Energy filling the entire auction.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they looked at the river in the sky. Relying on their keen eyes, they could naturally tell that those rivers were Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Furthermore, the grades of them didn’t seem low…

After looking at the river that endlessly poured out of the jade bottle, at this moment, no one doubted that the sweet girl could truly afford 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

The gazes of Qin Ya and the rest turned grave as they glanced at Lin Jing. To carry such a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with her, the force that stood behind her was definitely extraordinary.

After all, not just any force could easily take out a wealth of 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

As the Spiritual Energy river flowed, Lin Jing waved her hand and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid returned, before she cast a glance at the dumbfounded Xia Hong and smiled, “You don’t have any problem with my bid now, right?”

Lin Jing looked at Xia Hong’s unsightly expression and continued, “But you can also increase the price. Who knows, I might give up after you increase your bid.”

Xia Hong’s face turned pale. Although Lin Jing spoke in this manner, her eyes clearly flickered with excitement. She didn’t have the look of giving up and based on her previous extravagant actions, she probably wouldn’t hesitate to follow no matter how much Xia Hong increased the bid.

Furthermore… how could he dare to follow the price of 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? Even if his elder brother was around, he would also hesitate. The foundation of their Xia Empire wasn’t weak; but no matter what, they couldn’t support being so extravagant.

Everyone looked at Xia Hong with ridicule in some of their eyes. Previously, Xia Hong was suppressing others with his wealth. But right now, there’s someone even more ruthless than him, suppressing him to the point that he didn’t dare to call another bid…

Xia Hong’s heart raged. He wanted to follow up the bid, but thinking of the consequences of such a terrifying price, he sat back down and clenched his fist with resounding crackling noises.

Lin Jing looked at Xia Hong as he sat back down, before slowly shifting her gaze to Mu Chen. “I brought a lot of money with me this time.”

It looked like she remembered what happened the last time she ran off. She left without any money and had to be saved by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a glance, before the both of them bitterly shook their heads. To take out 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in one go… She’s truly being a little extravagant, but recalling her identity, they could understand the reason why.

The Martial Realm was an extremely famous force in the Great Thousand World, even all the ferocity in the Greatlaw Continent couldn’t be compared to them, even if they added them up. After all, the ruler of the Martial Realm was a genuine Heavenly Sovereign. Furthermore… he belonged to the group of pinnacle existences in the Great Thousand World. The Martial Ancestor’s strength was unfathomable.

With such a powerful father, it was reasonable for Lin Jing to be so fearless.

While Mu Chen and Lin Jing talked, Han Fei recovered from the shock on the stage and looked at Lin Jing as if she was some sort of deity. This was the first time that he had seen such a person throw money out so recklessly…

“*Cough* …This lady calls for a bid at 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, is there anyone else?” Han Fei looked around and asked in a high voice.

But his voice attracted many gazes to look at him like he was a fool. Even Xia Hong had to back down at such price, who else could stand up against her?

Seeing those gazes, Han Fei felt a little embarrassed and quickly announced, “Since that’s the case, then this token will belong to that lady!”

Finishing his declaration, he waved his hand and swiftly delivered the token to Lin Jing’s location. Naturally, for security reasons, there were ten-odd guards escorting him.

However, the transaction was smoothly done and after checking the amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, he respectfully handed the token over to Lin Jing with his trembling hands.

After Lin Jing took it, she casually tossed it around, which caused the eyelids of everyone to twitch. That’s something worth 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, what if she broke it…?

But before they knew it, Lin Jing’s next action left them all dumbfounded. She briefly played around with the token before tossing it to Mu Chen.

“Oh, you paid for the Heavenly Flame Chalcedony the other time, so I helped you buy this… You’re not allowed to reject me, or I’ll throw it away!”

Everyone’s face twitched. The Heavenly Flame Chalcedony? That item which was worth ten thousand at most was comparable to this mysterious token that was worth 45,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?

One for one?

Everyone exchanged a look, before they took a deep breath. They wished to have such a wealthy friend that didn’t place any importance in money…

Under everyone’s looks of disbelief, Mu Chen also looked at Lin Jing’s actions with astonishment. He really wanted to reject in the beginning, but upon hearing Lin Jing’s words, he helplessly smiled and stored it with a grave expression after brief consideration.

“Thanks, I will definitely remember this favour.”

Seeing Mu Chen being so straightforward, Lin Jing smiled with admiration in her spiritual pupils. If others knew of her identity, they would all be trying to get on her good side. But Mu Chen did not have such intentions and she could feel that Mu Chen only treated her as Lin Jing, not the princess of the Martial Realm.

When she heard Mu Chen say that he would remember this favour, she did not find it hilarious. Although Mu Chen’s favour might not mean much with her identity.

“Alright, I don’t have anywhere to go, for the time being. So I’ll just follow you, for now.” Lin Jing chuckled.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile. After finishing the transaction of the incomplete Spiritual Array, he lead Lin Jing, Nine Nether and the rest and left under countless gazes.

Xia Hong’s gaze was dark as he looked at the departure of Mu Chen’s group. After a brief moment, he turned his head and spoke without any emotion on his face, “Investigate the identity of that girl…”

“Furthermore, keep an eye on them. They want to take something that’s mine… they’re simply courting death!”

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