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There was an uproar when the crowd heard what Dragon-Arm Sovereign had said. However, they were no longer surprised but were making all sorts of remarks.

Mu Chen had already proven his strength. As a Half Step to Grade Nine Sovereign, he possessed the combat force to contend with a Grade Nine Sovereign! He indeed deserved to be conferred as king.

"He is so amazing," Lord Asura exclaimed as he looked at Mu Chen, who was standing among the mess. He usually looked stern, but he was now touched by Mu Chen. When Mu Chen first came to Daluo Territory, he was just a commander. In just a few years, he had surpassed all of them and assumed kingship.

The rest of the older lords were touched as well. They had witnessed how Mu Chen had worked his way up to become what he was this day.

"Lord Blood Hawk, do you still remember that you had a lot of grudges against the two of them previously?" Lord Mountain Cracker teased Lord Blood Hawk as he glanced at him. When Nine Nether first returned to Daluo Territory, Lord Blood Hawk had had a lot of conflicts with her and created a lot of trouble.

Lord Blood Hawk became embarrassed when he heard it. If Mu Chen and Nine Nether were as powerful when he had first met them, he would not have had the audacity to offend them. He was glad that he had not gone overboard back then. Otherwise, he would be trembling with fear now.

The other new lords were whispering among themselves. They had not expected Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man to fail in securing the kingship. Mu Chen and Nine Nether would become the fourth and fifth kings in Daluo Territory.

There would be a change in the power structure of Daluo Territory with the addition of the two kings. After all, kings had great power, and they could even decide on the allocation of resources for the lords. The new lords were secretly wondering if they should pledge allegiance to the two new kings to get protection from them.

The square was boisterous, and everyone had his own thoughts. Condor King, Spiritual Pupil King, and Sleeping King were smiling. Nine Nether and Mu Chen were not new to them, and the three kings were more ready to accept them as kings than Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man.

Mandela stood up from her throne. She was petite and inconspicuous, but when she stood up, the square instantly quieted down. The older lords and the new lords turned to look at her with great respect.

Mandela was a prominent figure in the North Territory given her status as an Upper Earthly Sovereign and as the top guy in the North Territory.

"The fight for the kingship has come to an end. From now on, Daluo Territory will have two additional kings. They are King Mu and King Nine Nether," Mandela announced.

"Congratulations, Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether for assuming kingship!" The people in the square started to congratulate Mu Chen and Nine Nether, and many people looked at them with admiration. Both of them were the youngest kings that Daluo Territory had ever had.

As the people were filled with admiration for Mu Chen and Nine Nether, they were shocked as well. The two of them possessed such great talents and strength at such a young age, and had even prevailed over the two long-standing top powers like Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man. They were astoundingly talented.

Mandela turned to look at Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man, and comforted them saying, "Both of you need not be dismayed. You indeed possess the capability to become king. You only need a bit more experience and time." Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were Grade Nine Sovereigns, after all. They were important to Daluo Territory, thus Mandela had to appease them to prevent them from bearing any grudges.

The two of them were new. If they had become kings, they would have become proud, and this would not do Daluo Territory any good. Mandela was thus happy that Mu Chen and Nine Nether had secured the kingships.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man felt a little better after hearing Mandela's consolation. After this experience, they had mellowed out. When they had first come to Daluo Territory, they were prideful. Other than Mandela, they were only wary of Sleeping King, and were not even afraid of Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King. When they were at Grade Nine Sovereign and became masters in the North Territory, enjoying all the attention, Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King were only at Grade Eight Sovereign.

They had thus presumed that they would naturally assume the kingship and be second only to Mandela. They thought no one was capable of vying for the positions with them. However, they had not expected Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether to appear and put them down so thoroughly.

From the look of it, Daluo Territory indeed had strong foundations and must not be taken lightly. They would have to behave themselves. As they thought of this, both of them nodded and bowed to Mandela. Their attitude had changed, and they had become more respectful and submissive.

The square was still filled with excitement. The Conference of the Lords had come to an end with the emergence of the two kings. Mandela looked at the crowd and suddenly said, "I believe all of you know about the Ancient Celestial Palace Relic which was a hot topic in Tianluo the Great Six." The square suddenly became silent at these words. Many top powers were filled with excitement. Everyone in Tianluo the Great Six, including the North Territory, had been talking about the Ancient Celestial Palace.

From old, the Ancient Celestial Palace was the only supreme power that had dominated Tianluo the Great Six, and it was prominent among the top powers. Its founder was one of the nine emperors, known as the Heavenly Emperor!

After the Extraterritorial Race invaded the Great Thousand World during the Primordial Age, the Ancient Celestial Palace had ceased to exist. There were mentions of its relic once in a while, but after some time, they had been proven to be inauthentic. However, everyone knew that this time around, it was for real!

The supreme forces in Tianluo the Great Six who had the ability to track the relic had been paying close attention to the direction where the relic was located.

"There are many opportunities in this grade of relic, and even I am interested in it. I have come to an agreement with the other top forces in the North Territory that we will form an alliance to participate in this fight over the Ancient Celestial Palace!" As the top powers heard what Mandela said, they became even more zealous.

They did not doubt Mandela. The opportunities in the Ancient Celestial Palace that had been left behind by the Heavenly Emperor were much coveted by everyone. Not only an Upper Earthly Sovereign, but a Complete Earthly Sovereign or even a Heavenly Sovereign would be interested in them.

Needless to say, the top powers were excited about it. The Ancient Celestial Palace was peerless in Tianluo the Great Six. If they could obtain some opportunities from it, their strength would increase, and they could be like Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

They had to form an alliance, as North Territory was not a great force in Tianluo the Great Six. There was no overlord, as there had been constant struggles. If the Dominator had not reached Upper Earthly Sovereign, they would not even have the chance to form an alliance. They would not be able to fight with the other Earth class top forces in Tianluo the Great Six based on their own power, thus an alliance was necessary.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man looked at each other and were intrigued by it. They had stagnated as Grade Nine Sovereigns for many years, which was a common setback for many of them. They had no confidence of breaking through the bottleneck to step into Earthly Sovereign, but if they could enter the Ancient Celestial Palace Relic, they would have more chances of doing so.

The two of them immediately cupped their fists and said, "We support the Dominator's decision and will do our best to assist you!" After the two of them had spoken, the rest of the top powers echoed the sentiment. The scene was truly majestic.

Mu Chen took a deep breath when he saw it. Although he looked calm, his trembling fingers gave him away, revealing his excitement.

When he left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy and followed Nine Nether to Tianluo the Great Six, North Territory, and Daluo Territory, he had continually honed himself. His status had been enhanced at the same time. He had gone through all of it simply for this very day…

The Ancient Celestial Palace possessed the means to evolve the Great Solar Undying Body, and if Mu Chen could possess it, his Sovereign Celestial Body could be transmuted. Although the Great Solar Undying Body was special, Mu Chen would soon unearth all of its potential as his strength advanced. He knew that when he stepped into Earthly Sovereign level, the Great Solar Undying Body would become less useful to him. After all, it was still a fundamental Sovereign Celestial Body regardless of how profound it was.

Mu Chen had to successfully evolve the Great Solar Undying Body in order to pursue the legendary Primitive Celestial Body, the Primordial Immortal Body. This was the perfect Celestial Body that even a Heavenly Sovereign yearned to have. It was also Mu Chen's ambition to possess it.

When he had succeeded in doing so, he could easily move around the Great Thousand World and be unstoppable. He would not be afraid of the mysterious clan that his mother was in. Mu Chen was looking forward to the Ancient Celestial Palace more than anyone else.

As Mandela looked at the people, she saw the excitement in them. When she saw Mu Chen's calm look, she smiled. She could tell from his eyes that he was excited. Everyone seemed interested in the Ancient Celestial Palace!

She then tilted her head and looked into the distance. She seemed to have pierced through space and seen the Ancient Relic. Since the Ancient Celestial Palace Relic had appeared, that person would appear as well. She knew how important the Ancient Celestial Palace was to that person.

As Mandela thought of this, she touched her wrist to recollect the curse that had inflicted the excruciating pain on her. Cold light flashed in her golden eyes.

It was about time to settle the old scores!

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