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Chapter 1088 - Token

In the bustling city, Mu Chen and Xia Hong’s gaze clashed together with chills, along with the rippling Spiritual Energy fluctuations around them, but in the end, both of them had retracted their Spiritual Energy.

The sharpness in Xia Hong’s gaze slowly retracted, before giving Mu Chen a faint smile; however, there wasn’t any warmth in his smile.

Mu Chen replied with a smile and a calm expression.

“Heh, looks like the Ancient Haven Palace attracted all sorts of people.” When Xia Hong saw Mu Chen’s calm attitude, his eyes narrowed and he murmured to himself. He had sensed Mu Chen’s strength, a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign that hadn’t stepped into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm yet. However, that fellow showed no respect for him, which made him unhappy.

Although he was a little unhappy, Xia Hong was a shrewd person as well, so he did not act up on the spot. After all, Mu Chen and Nine Nether must have a background with their strength. If he recklessly made a move without investigating them, then there’s a possibility that it might attract trouble for him.

Thus, his gaze lightly flickered, before it was retracted and he was prepared to have someone investigate them. If they didn’t have any background, then perhaps he could make a move. That black-dressed lady was powerful and had a cool bearing that was an entire level above all his other women. If he could have such a woman in his harem, he would definitely be able to increase his strength.

Just thinking about it, a smile leaked at the corner of his mouth, before he cast a deep glance at Mu Chen and Nine Nether and he waved his hand before the Lightning Beast Spiritual Beasts unleashed a roar and they turned into flashes of lightning that flew towards another direction of the city.

“That fellow’s gaze is too hateful.” Seeing that Xia Hong had left, Nine Nether spoke with her brows knitted. Although Xia Hong had deeply concealed his thoughts, she could sense his filthy thoughts with her keen senses.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xia Hong had a powerful background, then she would have definitely not let him off.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. “Let’s pay more attention to him. If he is planning something, then we will have to make him pay a price, even if he is from the Xia Empire.”

Although the Xia Empire’s foundation was deep and powerful, if Xia Hong really placed his thoughts on Nine Nether, then Mu Chen wouldn’t care so much about that. Over the years, was the number of people he offended little? So what if the Xia Empire was added to the list?

Mu Chen and Nine Nether shifted the topic but before too long, another rumbling violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation came from the distant horizon and many people could see several streaks of light making their way over.

All of those silhouettes were emitting powerful and boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations and along with their arrival, they had caused an uproar in the city.

“That’s the Young Pavilion Master of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, Mu Shan. It’s said that he is also ranked in the 20s.”

Hearing those exclamations, Mu Chen shifted his thoughts and saw a massive dragon that coiled around itself as it roared. This dragon was a variant and despite possessing the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, it’s not pure; however, if it had enough opportunity, then it might be able to evolve into a genuine Divine Beast.

A man stood on the head of the dragon with his clothes fluttering with the wind and the Spiritual Energy that he was sending out caused the space around him to shake.

That man mounted the dragon without stopping and made his way into the Western City.

“There’s still Jiang Ling of the Sword Saint Sect, it’s said that he had secluded himself to cultivate in the Sword Graveyard back in his sect and achieved a breakthrough into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.”

After Mu Shan, a sword flew over with a man standing on it and he streaked through the sky with a sharp sword aura and he charged into the Western City.

“Tsk, tsk, even Lady Qin Ya of the Horizon Palace. The Horizon Palace mainly trades information, so the information that they possess is the best. Even she has come, looks like something big is going to happen in the Western City.”

The next person to appear was a lady in a red dress. She had an elegant appearance and fiery figure, even a knit of her brows or smile would dispense charm.

Furthermore, her Spiritual Energy was retracted into her body. She clearly had a treasure to hide her Spiritual Energy fluctuation so others couldn’t probe her cultivation, which made her look unfathomable.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Whizzing sounds resounded in the sky and more people arrived with no lack of famous figures in the Greatlaw Continent, which had caused the Western City to boil up.

This scenery lasted for roughly half an hour, before it gradually calmed down with exclamations resounding from the surroundings. With so many young elites gathering in the Western City, it looked like something was going to happen.

After all, every force of the Greatlaw Continent had their eyes focused on this region. Due to the instability of space, no Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouses dared to enter, so they had sent their young elites to gather information related to the Ancient Haven Palace.

“Looks like we’re in the right place…” Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen and smiled. Although she didn’t know the exact reason for those people to gather together, it had to be related to the Ancient Haven Palace.

“Let’s wait for Old White’s return for his information.” Mu Chen nodded his head. At this moment, the inn was bustling with noise, since they were all puzzled. Evidently, they couldn’t obtain any accurate information.

Their wait did not last for a long time. Roughly an hour later, Old White and Tan Qiu returned.

“Haha. Lords should have also noticed the young elites that have gathered in the Western City, right?” Old White chuckled.

Mu Chen nodded his head and asked, “Did the two of you obtain any information regarding that matter?”

Tan Qiu smiled. “We have indeed found something out. It’s said that there’s a team some time ago that risked entering the fractured space. After paying the casualties of half their members, they managed to return today.”

“Did they find anything?” Mu Chen’s expression moved. Others wouldn’t care about the casualties of that team, but if that team did not have any harvest, then no one would travel all the way here for nothing.

Tan Qiu nodded. “We’ve heard something. It’s said that they have obtained something strange. When they obtained that item, it had caused a Spiritual Energy gale in the Ancient Haven Palace and about ten-odd of their companions were reduced to a bloody mash in the storm, so it should be extremely important to the Ancient Haven Palace.”

“What is it?” Mu Chen quickly asked.

“It seems to be a token.” Old White replied.

“A token?” Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a gaze with their expressions turning grave. In this sort of ancient ruins, things like a token were the most attractive, since they might be a key to something which they might be able to obtain a great opportunity with and take the lead ahead of others.

“Furthermore, the token seems to be engraved with an ancient ‘two’…” Tan Qiu added.

“Two?” Mu Chen’s heart trembled. Mandala had once told him that there were five Hall Masters in the Ancient Haven Palace and the one that they had encountered back in the Hunting War was the Fourth Hall Master. Could it be that the token was related to the Second Hall Master of the Ancient Haven Palace?

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether and she nodded her head. The both of them had thought of the same thing.

“Those young elites should be here for that.” Mu Chen slowly analysed.

“What kind of competition will there be to obtain it?” Nine Nether asked. Although they had no idea what uses the token had, it’s best for them to obtain it, if possible. If that’s the case, then they would have an advantage upon entering the Ancient Haven Palace.

“Haha, how else? Right now, there are many young elites gathered here, they wouldn’t be having a mass battle for it, right? If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t benefit anyone but others instead. They’re not stupid.”

Old White smiled. “The obtaining method is also through the ordinary method, through auction. The highest bidder gets it.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. In this situation where everyone was fearful of each other, they would definitely opt for a fair method. But it’s another matter if there’s any hidden fights regarding the final ownership of that token.

“Lords, what do you think we should do?” Tan Qiu asked softly.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a look and smiled. “What else? Since we’ve encountered it, then we can’t just ignore it. We will join the auction and see if we can obtain it.”

Otherwise, if the token of the Ancient Haven Palace fell in the hands of someone else, there would definitely be someone unresigned to the outcome. So he would wait and see if there’s an opportunity to seize it.

Old White, Tan Qiu and the Stone King nodded their heads, which showed that they had no objections.

Mu Chen gently nodded his head before standing up with Nine Nether and walked out of the inn. He raised his head towards the centre of the Western City and there seemed to be thunderclouds gathering, as if a thunderstorm was about to happen.

Mu Chen looked at that direction as he strode out with a smile.

Tomorrow, let me experience how powerful those young elites of the Greatlaw Continent are. I hope that they do not disappoint me…

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