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Chapter 1089 - Auction

When the next morning arrived, the Western City was already boiling from the gathering of young elites yesterday and the news of the token from the Ancient Haven Palace had spread out, which attracted a great amount of attention.

All of the experts that had gathered in the Western City were coming for the Ancient Haven Palace and with the chaotic space in the extreme west, no one dared to charge in because they were all waiting for the opportunity. Thus, everyone was interested in this mysterious token that was obtained in the Ancient Haven Palace.

Although everyone knew that the mysterious token was eyed by many experts and it’s futile for them to compete for it, they knew they were all hoping that it would fall into their hands by luck. That would be a great opportunity and in the future, they might be able to make use of it to become a famous figure in the Greatlaw Continent, commanding the wind and clouds.

So when the second morning arrived, countless sounds of streaking figures covered the sky and all of them were flying towards the centre area.

There was a massive auction house in the centre of the city; however, it was empty for years. But today, it was filled and the popularity wasn’t at all inferior to any massive auction house in the Greatlaw Continent.

The auction occupied the majority of the pavilion and was split into three levels. The lower levels were the ordinary seats, while the quality increased at the higher levels with luxurious decoration and could overlook the entire auction.

At this moment, Mu Chen’s party had already entered the third level of the auction house. He was patting the mat, which was made of the fur of the Ice-Fire Leopard. It was extremely comfortable to sit on.

This was naturally done by Tan Qiu, which made Mu Chen inwardly sigh. It was truly better to have someone serve him by his side. If he came by himself, he definitely wouldn’t be so well-prepared.

“Who will hold the auction? Is it the fellows that appeared yesterday?” Mu Chen casually asked. If this auction was held by those they mentioned yesterday, then they would have to be more cautious.

Hearing his question, Old White immediately answered, “The auction will be hosted by a local force. Although they aren’t powerful, they’re not from any of the forces. Haha, no one would let their opponent host the auction to prevent themselves from being scammed. So they have all recommended a local force to hold the auction.”

Mu Chen lightly sighed upon hearing his words and as they spoke, the atmosphere in the auction was suddenly raised. Sweeping his gaze, Mu Chen could see several groups of people walking into the auction.

None of them had an ordinary bearing with four of them in the lead. The four of them were naturally the Xia Empire’s Fourth Prince Xia Hong, Hidden Dragon Pavilion Mu Shan, Sword Saint Sect Jiang Ling and Qin Ya of the Horizon Palace…

The four of them were ranked elites of the younger generation. Thus, their appearance had caused exclamations to resound.

“Haha. Everyone, my Xia Empire must have this token. If you guys can do it for my sake, my Xia Empire will definitely remember this favour.” The Xia Empire’s Fourth Prince Xia Hong looked at the crowd in the pavilion, then he turned around and smiled towards the other three.

However, the Hidden Dragon Pavilion’s Young Pavilion Master, Mu Shen grinned upon hearing his words. “Why don’t I give each of you 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to give up on this? My Hidden Dragon Pavilion will definitely remember this favour.”

He did not conceal the ridicule in his words. Although the Xia Empire was the ruler of the Eastern Region, it was tens of millions of miles away from his Hidden Dragon Pavilion, so he wasn’t the slightest bit afraid.

Qin Ya of the Horizon Palace covered her mouth and chuckled. She was looking at the two as they fought, while Jiang Ling of the Sword Saint Sect did not have any expression while hugging his longsword, looking like he hadn’t heard Xia Hong and Mu Shan’s words.

Xia Hong smiled with his eyes narrowed, then he looked at Mu Shan. “Since that’s the case, then I hope that Young Pavilion Master Mu has brought enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Pausing his words, he couldn’t be bothered to fight any longer with Mu Shan and shifted his eyes towards the gorgeous Qin Ya. “Lady Qin Ya, are you willing to sit with me to watch this auction?”

“Hoho, we’ll all be opponents later and it would put us in an awkward moment if we stayed together.” Qin Ya chuckled, refusing Xia Hong’s invitation before elegantly walking up the pavilion.

Xia Hong wasn’t bothered about the rejection. He simply raised his head and look at Qin Ya’s exquisite figure with a fire blazing in the depths of his eyes before returning to a normal expression and followed behind her.

Halfway up the pavilion, Xia Hong suddenly sensed that Qin Ya had stopped. She raised her head and looked in a corner with shock in her eyes.

Following her gaze, he contracted his eyes because he saw Mu Chen and Nine Nether that he had met yesterday.

“What’s wrong? Lady Qin Ya knows them?” Xia Hong asked in a low voice. With the boundless information, the Horizon Palace should have some information regarding those strangers.

Qin Ya briefly paused, before smiling. “If I have not guessed incorrectly, they should be from the Great Havenlaw Domain and they are newly ascended Emperors. They should be Emperor Mu and Nine Nether Emperor.”

“Northern Region? Great Havenlaw Domain? They’re overestimating their own abilities.” Xia Hong was stunned with a ridiculing smile on the corner of his lips. The Northern Region could be considered a remote place in the Greatlaw Continent, covered with conflicts without a ruler akin to their Xia Empire. As for the Great Havenlaw Domain, the reputation of that force wasn’t too significant either.

He initially thought that the brat had a powerful background, considering that Mu Chen had not shown any respect to him. But in the end, it turned out that he’s only from the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Qin Ya caught the ridiculing smile hung on the corner of Xia Hong’s lips and her gaze flickered. Looks like Xia Hong has some problems with those two new emperors.

But naturally, Xia Hong didn’t know that despite there not being a ruler in the Northern Region, the Great Havenlaw Domain had already stood out from the other top-tiered forces. Although the Great Havenlaw Domain’s foundation was weaker than the Xia Empire, the ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain had stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm and wasn’t at all inferior to the Xia Emperor of the Xia Empire.

If Xia Hong did anything to those two Emperors of the Great Havenlaw Domain, the ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain would definitely not let the matter rest so easily. At that time, even the Xia Emperor would have a headache, right? So she was more than willing for the Xia Emperor to have an additional enemy.

With this thought through her mind, Qin Ya walked towards another corner of the pavilion. Xia Hong, Mu Shan and the rest had also found a place to sit down with servants serving them.

Mu Chen had been paying attention to this group and had also seen the conversation between Xia Hong and Qin Ya. The former revealed a mocking expression on the corner of his lips, vaguely figuring out something with a single thought and smiled. “Looks like we’ve been underestimated.”

“This is not the Northern Region and no one knows your reputation here.” Nine Nether teased.

“What fame do I have…?” Mu Chen helplessly shook his head as he paused and continued, “But if anyone believes that I’m a pushover, I’m afraid that they would end up having their hands broken instead.”

Despite his casual speech, there was pride contained in his words. He had been moving step-by-step for all these years, ever since he left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and refined the Great Solar Undying Body to reach the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. He had met too many opponents but in the end, he was the last one to remain standing. Therefore, he was confident that he could face anyone of the same generation.

It’s fine if Xia Hong behaved himself, but if he had any thoughts, then Mu Chen wouldn’t mind letting Xia Hong know the price for being too conceited.

Mu Chen turned his head and he saw that Nine Nether was stunned while looking at him, so he scratched his head in puzzlement. “What’s wrong?”

Nine Nether was also stunned about the traces of sharpness being emitted by Mu Chen, before she inwardly sighed. Mu Chen was no longer the tender youth, his confidence and bearing surpassed the past.

He has truly grown in these years.


While Nine Nether dazed off, a bell suddenly rang out in the pavilion, which covered the commotion coming from below, and everyone gradually turned silent with heat in their eyes as they looked at the stage.

A middle-aged man ascended the stage and he introduced himself, “I am Han Fei of the West Cold Sect and I will be hosting this auction…”

Finishing his words, he waved his hand and several silhouettes walked out with silver plates in their hands, which were enveloped with barriers of Spiritual Energy that obstructed the Spiritual Energy fluctuations inside.

Countless gazes were on the silver plates with heat in their eyes and Han Fei smiled at this sight. “Since everyone can’t wait any longer, then I will announce the start of this auction.”

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