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Chapter 1087 - Xia Hong

The Western City was a massive city situated on the border of the extreme west. But in the past, this city was in a withered state with a low population, causing this city to be on the verge of collapsing.

But since the sudden appearance of the Ancient Haven Palace, the city had been revitalised, flourishing like never before.

When Mu Chen’s party appeared on a peak outside the Western City, they saw streaks of light covering the sky with ear-deafening noises resounding endlessly.

Countless Spiritual Energy fluctuations that caused the Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth to react came from the sky and could be sensed even from such a distance.

“The temptation of this Ancient Haven Palace is truly extraordinary, to allow such an ordinary city to be this populated…” Mu Chen sighed at this sight. He could sense several subtle powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations. The owners of those fluctuations should be extremely powerful to the point that even he would have to face them seriously.

According to his estimations, the scale of experts in this city had exceeded the elite formation from the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Naturally, it was just a surface comparison. If Mandala made a move, the entire city might be levelled to the point where there weren’t any Greater Earth Sovereign Realm existences in the city.

“Let’s go.” Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a glance, them they flew out with the three Kings following behind them. The party turned into five streaks of light and they joined the flow of light in the sky, entering the city.

The moment they entered the city, Mu Chen’s party searched for an inn to settle down. Oldman White and Tan Qiu went out to scout for news, while the Stone King followed Mu Chen and Nine Nether as their loyal guard.

When Mu Chen saw the three of them splitting up the work, he couldn't help praising in his heart that it was truly wise to bring to three of them along. Otherwise, he would have to do the work himself, searching for information all around the area.

With the shrewd Oldman White around, he and Nine Nether only had to wait for information to be gathered.

The inn was filled with bustling noises and much of it had entered the ears of Mu Chen and Nine Nether. In this place that was mixed with all kinds of people, it’s the best place to search for information circulating around.

“I heard that someone made a move in the Western City. It seems to be an azure-robed man wielding a golden spear. His strength seems pretty decent, I’m afraid that he’s at least at the pinnacle of the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm.”

“Tsk, that’s the Golden Saint Spear - Liu Ming. He’s from the Western Region and has already reached the pinnacle of the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm at such a young age. He has been searching for people to challenge in this period of time, with many being defeated by him.”

“He’s truly talented, but I’m afraid that he’s still inferior to the Azure Lotus Swordsman a few days ago. After judging his strength, I’m afraid that he’s in the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. At that time, he had cut off the arm of four Eighth Grade Sovereigns with a single move, truly formidable.”

“There’s still another one half a month ago…”

All sorts of news entered Mu Chen’s ears, which left him a little startled. The extreme west was truly gathering countless experts of the Greatlaw Continent. If they were placed somewhere else, they would naturally be top-tiered experts of the younger generation. But right now, they have popped up one after another.


Just as Mu Chen sighed at the amount of concealed talents in the Western City, a bolt of rumbling lightning suddenly resounded from the horizon, which had appeared in this city in a flash.

In the city, countless gazes were directed over, which caused an endless burst of exclamations.

Mu Chen looked towards the sky and was stunned and had inwardly slapped his lips. That’s because, at this moment, he could sense an extremely luxurious carriage in the lightning. The carriage was covered with golden dragon runes and a powerful fluctuation was being emitted, displaying its might as a Divine Artifact.

Naturally, the intimidating factor wasn’t the carriage itself, but the four silver lions that dragged the carriage with flashes of lightning beneath their feet, as if they were riding on the lightning itself.

Those were Spiritual Beasts, Lightning Lions, possessing the bloodline of Divine Beasts. The moment they grew up, they would be able to evolve into genuine Divine Beasts. No one had expected anyone to use them as carriers for a carriage.

“Who is that person to have such extravagance?” Nine Nether knitted her brows. She was clearly unhappy with someone using Divine Beasts as pets.

Mu Chen shook his head, before an excited and envious voice resounded from the inn.

“How extravagant, judging from the runes on the carriage, they must be from the Xia Empire…”

“Tsk, tsk, truly the ruler of the Eastern Region. I never thought that they would come as well. The one in the carriage must be a Prince of the Xia Empire.”

“Heh, there are pampered waves of laughter from some ladies coming from the carriage. Looks like the person is fond of that. With such a liking, I’m afraid that aside from the Fourth Prince Xia Hong, there wouldn’t be anyone else.”

“Oh? The Fourth Prince Xia Hong? He’s THAT Xia Hong, ranked 20th of the rankings of the younger generation in the Greatlaw Continent?”

“It must be him. Rumours have it that he is already at the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. However, his cultivation path is towards the unrighteous, which resulted in his swift improvements.”

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether heard those voices, they contracted their eyes. So it’s the Fourth Prince of the Xia Empire, no wonder he’s so extravagant. The Xia Empire was extremely powerful and had a deep foundation in the Eastern Region.

Nine Nether nodded her head and just when she was about to speak, she was attracted to a voice coming from the inn again.

“Although Xia Hong is pretty good, he’s still too lacking when compared to the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire.”

“Haha, that’s for sure. That Crown Prince’s fame is widely spread in the Greatlaw Continent, ranked 4th amongst the younger generations in the Greatlaw Continent. He’s way stronger than Xia Hong.” That voice was filled with expectations and respect for the Xia Empire’s Crown Prince.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s hearts trembled and their gazes turned even more grave. The Crown Prince was actually so formidable to be ranked 4th, his ranking was practically the same as Garuda.

The Xia Empire truly cannot be underestimated. The Greatlaw Continent was truly a Supercontinent with countless elites.

Just when Mu Chen and the entire inn were inwardly startled by the strength of the Xia Empire, a person idly walked out of the carriage with beauties in both arms.

When that person walked out, he had attracted countless gazes. He wore a golden robe with noble bearing being emitted from him. His face was somewhat pale and the smile hung on the side of his lips looked somewhat eerie, but at the same time, there was also a unique charisma.

He was naturally the Fourth Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Hong.

Xia Hong looked from above and casually swept his gaze like an Emperor touring his territory, before looking at Nine Nether, who was seated with Mu Chen, with his eyes that were sensitive towards beauties.

Nine Nether still wore a black dress with a slender and voluptuous figure, showing her exquisite features. Despite being calm, there was an icy bearing around her and due to the awakening of her Undying Bird’s Bloodline, there was a noble aura that was being emitted from her bloodline that made her even more extraordinary.

Thus, when Xia Hong saw Nine Nether, there was a flash of light in the depths of his eyes. 

But before he could look any longer, Nine Nether had sensed him and her face instantly turned cold. Her cold gaze swept out, which caused Xia Hong’s expression to change and he felt threatened.


Xia Hong casually smiled, since he never thought that this unfamiliar lady would have such a stunning strength that wasn’t any weaker than his own.

Xia Hong’s gaze flickered, but in the end, he did not descend from the sky and had only nodded his head towards Nine Nether from afar, completely disregarding Mu Chen, who was beside her.

In response to his attitude, Nine Nether maintained a cold expression with a cold light condensing in her eyes and was on the verge of making a move towards that self-conceited fellow.

Just when she was about to make a move, Mu Chen stretched his hand out from the side and gently patted her fist and smiled. “Looks like your charm is pretty good, attracting someone the moment we’re here.”

Hearing his tease, Nine Nether couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Compared to the cold expression, it was several times better, which even revealed a rare charm.

Xia Hong had also noticed Mu Chen’s actions and Nine Nether’s attitude, so he narrowed his eyes before glaring at the young man that was much younger than him…

Sensing Xia Hong’s gaze, Mu Chen lightly smiled and raised his head without any fear in his eyes.

In the bustling city, two gazes coldly clashed… 

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