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The dark golden dragon cried out from behind Mu Chen, sending forth a strong oppression that shocked the top powers.

"Is that the real dragon?" the Condor King asked. He and the Spiritual Pupil King were freaking out at the sight! After all, the real dragon was the king of the Dragon Clan, meaning that it possessed the supreme power of the Heavenly Sovereign!

"This is not the real dragon, but it has a portion of it within it," the Sleeping King said, then added, "If I have guessed correctly, this is the effect of the Dragon-Phoenix Body that Mu Chen has cultivated. I am surprised that he could bring it up to this level in only a year."

The Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King gazed at Mu Chen. They knew about the Dragon-Phoenix Body that Mu Chen possessed, but were surprised at how his strong oppression had grown from a year ago.

"Judging from the power of this real dragon, Mu Chen is well above any ordinary Half Step to Grade Nine Sovereign," the Condor King said.

Then, the two kings sighed within themselves. They now knew why Mu Chen was not afraid of Dragon-Arm Sovereign. He indeed had some trump cards up his sleeve. Specifically, with the power of the real dragon, he possessed the ability to contend with the top powers, who had just stepped into Grade Nine Sovereign!

Mandela sat on the throne, remaining very still. She was also a little shocked by the shadow of the real dragon that had emerged behind Mu Chen.

She was aware of the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture that Mu Chen had cultivated, so she knew that the real dragon shadow must have been formed by the real dragon symbol on his body. Although the dragon symbol was helpful to Mu Chen, it did have its limitations. However, the real dragon shadow at present possessed a spiritual body and was very powerful.

What has he gone through within this past year? How did he manage to bring the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture up to this level?

Mandela was puzzled. She knew how tough it was to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture, let alone to bring it up to a higher level. Such necessary conditions were rigid, and in order to bring it to the current level, Mu Chen would have had to absorb a ton of Divine Beast Blood Essence.

Could he have collected all of the corpses of the Divine Beasts in the Land of the Divine Beasts?

As Mandela was wondering about these things, Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked gravely at the real dragon shadow. He was wary, as he knew what was before him was not an illusion. It indeed possessed the aura of the real dragon!

Specifically, the aura was that of the oppression of the Supreme, which stifled the torrential power of the dragon in Dragon-Arm Sovereign. The real dragon was the lord of the Dragon Clan, so its bloodline was royal and mighty.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign's arms were from a Flame Dragon. Although its bloodline was powerful, it was nothing compared to the real dragon.

At the moment, Dragon-Arm Sovereign found it hard to believe that a human being like Mu Chen could possess the aura of a real dragon. As such, he had previously scoffed at Mu Chen, but now, he had to take Mu Chen seriously. After all, if he was careless, he would be defeated by Mu Chen.


As Dragon-Arm Sovereign thought of this, he took a deep breath to calm himself down. With a stern look, he slowly grasped his fists together. As he did so, the red light on his arms brightened even more, and his arms started to expand.

His fingers became sharper and were covered by dragon scales. When glimpsed from afar, his arms no longer looked like those of a human being, but had turned into the claws of a ferocious Flame Dragon!

As Dragon-Arm Sovereign was activating his power, Mu Chen lifted up his head to look at the real dragon shadow, his gaze turning sharp.


At that moment, a bright golden light burst out from Mu Chen's body, causing him to look like a golden God of War! He then grasped his fists and punched outward. The blow was slow and as heavy as a mountain.

As Mu Chen punched outward, the golden light on his body started to shift. It flowed like a tide along his arms, moving toward his fists.

As the golden light gathered together, his fists became hard like gold. Then, the wind blast of his fists fluctuated, smashing the space up entirely.

The Real Dragon's Punch!

Mu Chen recognized it instantly. Right then, the wind blast of the fists surged and a majestic golden light shot forth from them. The light then turned into golden light fist-shadows.


The real dragon shadow roared mightily in the sky. It then whizzed down and entered the golden fists. After which, golden dragon scales grew on the golden fists, thus increasing their power. Wherever the wind blast of the fists past, the space cracked.

When the top powers saw the golden fists, they were startled. Even the three kings looked grave and fearful. They felt threatened by this simple punch that Mu Chen had just thrown out.

Boom! Boom!

The golden Real Dragon's Punch pierced through the void and appeared instantly before Dragon-Arm Sovereign. Golden light then shone out, leaving no escape route for him.

As the vast wind blast of the fists hovered above Dragon-Arm Sovereign, golden light filled the area, asserting its sovereignty over the entire place. As it did so, Dragon-Arm Sovereign's hair stood on end.

"Do you think you can defeat me so easily?" Dragon-Arm Sovereign shouted, then threw out a punch instantly.


Red light burst out and a large Flame Dragon flew out from Dragon-Arm Sovereign's palm. Fire swirled around the area, as though it would burning the entire place down!

Boom! Boom!

The golden punch and the Flame Dragon collided with each other, creating a thunderous sound. At the point where the two met, it looked as though a bright sun was rising up. Space warps started to form, covering a large area, while the terrifying clashes continued to rage.

Bang! Bang!

The stone platforms below turned into powder, as they were affected by the shockwaves. Upon seeing the scene, the top powers in the area turned pale and retreated in sorry states.

After seeing the horrifying shockwaves, Mandela flicked her fingers. As she did so, a spiritual light appeared in the area and a light shield came down from the heavens, covering the center of the square. Somehow, the light shield was able to withstand the horrifying attacks that also came down on the square.

The top powers heaved sighs of relief once they saw that Mandela had stepped in. They quickly looked at the square, where the golden light was raging. At this instant, the golden light engulfed the red light.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign turned ghastly pale. He realized that he had underestimated the power of Mu Chen's punch.


Before he could do anything, the golden light had whizzed toward him. As it swept past him, it hit him, sending him flying backward in a pathetic state.


The top powers saw Dragon-Arm Sovereign fly backwards, the air behind him exploding as he went. Even the space started to crack in his wake!


After flying a far distance, Dragon-Arm Sovereign threw out a blow with the back of his hand. After that, the space cracked and he managed to stabilize himself.

Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, but he ignored it. He was looking into the distance at the mountain where the square was. He had been thrown out of the mountain by Mu Chen, with just a single punch!

Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked ghastly pale. He had never expected to be thrown out by Mu Chen with just one punch. As he stood in the sky, there was excitement in the square, as the top powers widened their eyes to look at him.

They looked at one another and gasped. Mu Chen had thrown a Grade Nine Sovereign out with only a punch! If this had happened to any one of them, they would have turned into ashes instantly under the horrifying power!

They then turned their gazes toward the center of the square. As the smoke dissipated, the figure of a youth appeared.

Mu Chen maintained his punching posture, blood dripping from his fists. His earlier punch was too forceful, which had obviously caused some repercussions.

At the moment, the majestic real dragon shadow was nowhere to be seen, and even the overbearing spiritual energy around Mu Chen had disappeared. He slowly lifted up his head, showing his young and handsome face.

He looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign, who was in the sky at a distance. Then, with a smile, he asked, "Dragon-Arm Sovereign, what do you think of this punch?"

Mu Chen had garnered all of his strength for that punch, and with the additional power from the real dragon shadow its power had been immense. Even a true Grade Nine Sovereign would have been afraid of such a punch.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked at Mu Chen, tempted to strike again. However, he restrained himself, as he no longer had confidence that he could defeat Mu Chen.

Although he had not yet used all of his trump cards and strength, he knew that this same condition might apply to Mu Chen as well. If they were to meet in a life-and-death fight right now, he might not be able to get out alive!

After pondering this for a while, he said in a low voice, "The kingship is yours."

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