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Chapter 1086 - Western City

Half a month went in a blink of an eye.

Mandala had also decided on the formation of those participating in the half-month. The formation was finely selected, despite its somewhat lacking quantity, practically all of the elite forces in the Great Havenlaw Domain had been selected.

Not only was Mandala personally heading for the Ancient Haven Palace, but even the five Emperors and outstanding City Lords were included, a total of roughly fifty, and even the weakest amongst them had the cultivation in the Fifth Grade Sovereign Realm.

This trip to the Ancient Haven Palace would be filled with danger and no one knew what sort of danger awaited them, so under this situation, it would be irrational for them to charge with an army. So this operation focused on quality rather than quantity.

The Great Havenlaw Domain would not be the only one, the top-tiered forces of the Northern Region had formed an alliance and due to the other forces taking a long time, Mandala had considered ordering Nine Nether and Mu Chen to lead the Kings to head for the Ancient Haven Palace first. They must arrive before them and gather information.

Mu Chen was definitely more than willing to take the lead, since his heart was filled with the Ancient Haven Palace and couldn’t calm down, which wouldn’t be beneficial to his cultivation. So he would rather make a trip to the Ancient Haven Palace ahead of the party to investigate. After all, it was too far from the Northern Region and even as a Greater Earth Sovereign, it’s impossible for Mandala to be well-aware of the situation there…

Outside a Transportation Spiritual Array in the Greatlaw Sky

Nine Nether stood beside Mu Chen, with three silhouettes respectfully standing behind them. It was an old man, a middle-aged man and a woman. The old man was fluctuating with powerful Spiritual Energy around him with strength in the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, he was also one of the newly promoted Kings, known as the White King.

Even amongst the Kings, his strength could be ranked amongst the top-tiered with great experience, since he had been roaming in the Greatlaw Continent in the past.

As for the middle-aged man and woman, their strength wasn’t too bad, since they were both in the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. The two of them have paid visits to the Nine Nether Palace in recent days and were loose cultivators, depending on themselves and opportunities to come this far. So they would need protection the most and sought better resources in the Great Havenlaw Domain. Thus, the Nine Nether Palace was the best place for them to take refuge in with two Emperors in a single force.

Mu Chen paid no attention to their interests in joining, but they were tested by Tang Bing before reporting to Mu Chen and Nine Nether. Both of them had depended on their own capabilities to cultivate so far and had tenacious characters. So they could be considered as having potential and the most important factor was that they were loyal and not the type that would stab you in the back.

Tang Bing had managed the Nine Nether Palace for many years, so her eyesight was sharp. Thus, both Mu Chen and Nine Nether trusted her, which allowed the two of them to join the Nine Nether Palace, bringing them along in this trip to the Ancient Haven Palace as well.

“Lord Mu, this Transportation Spiritual Array leads to a city outside the Great Havenlaw Domain’s territory. From there, we have to transfer a few times to swiftly leave the Northern Region.” The one that spoke was the woman. She wore a scarlet long dress, which outlined her voluptuous figure. Her name was Tan Qiu, known as King Qiu in the Great Havenlaw Domain. She had many suitors amongst the Kings.

“Alright.” Mu Chen nodded his head before exchanging a glance with Nine Nether and continued, “Let’s go, then.”

Nine Nether naturally had no objection, so the two of them took a step forth and stepped into the Teleportation Spiritual Array. Spiritual light flickered, before their silhouettes disappeared.

After their departure, the old man looked at the woman and middle-aged man and unhurriedly said, “The Domain Ruler has sent a message over. Although the two Lords are outstanding, both of them are still a little too young. The three of us have roamed for years with more experiences. So carefully watch over them, if anything happens to either of them, then we will not have a spot in the Great Havenlaw Domain anymore.”

“What is Old White saying? Since the two Lords are willing to accept me, I will definitely repay them with my life.” Tan Qiu smiled.

“If anyone wants to harm them, then they will have to go past my corpse.” The robust middle-aged man patted his chest. Despite his blank face, he had a grave expression.

This man did things like a stone, known as the Stone King by everyone in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

The old man nodded his head and the three of the stepped into the Transportation Spiritual Array. They disappeared within the flashing spiritual light and a subtle spatial fluctuation rippled out…

In the extreme west of the Greatlaw Continent, this was a barren land that had countless disasters descended upon this area, filled with astral winds that could split hills apart and snow storms that froze a hundred miles in radius. There were strange beasts here and despite their low intellect, they were extremely tough to deal with…

The various threats here deterred people from stepping into this region, and aside from those that specialised in hunting those unusual beasts and treasure hunting, there typically wouldn’t be anyone coming here.

But this situation had been changed half a year ago. The space in the depths was fractured, and the Ancient Haven Palace could be vaguely seen…

This matter had completely erupted the entire Greatlaw Continent and, at the same time, this barren land had also turned popular. Experts swarmed over here like locusts from the Greatlaw Continent, making this place flourish even more than the most bustling city in the central region of the Greatlaw Continent, even the amount and quantity of experts excelled the central region.

It could be said that the extreme west had become the core of the entire Greatlaw Continent, all because of the appearance of the once Overlord, the Ancient Haven Palace…

At the same time, this was also the objective of Mu Chen’s team…

The distance of the extreme west and Northern Region was half the distance of the Greatlaw Continent. If Mu Chen had travelled the distance by flying, he might not reach it even after half a year.

Fortunately, there were Transportation Spiritual Arrays that they could use. But even so, half a month had passed when they gradually approached the extreme west.

In a city near the extreme west, Mu Chen’s group descended on a teahouse. This city was initially extremely remote, but in order to reach the extreme west, this city was filled with people. It was so much so that there were streaks of light constantly travelling in the sky and they were all heading towards the extreme west.

The teahouse was also filled with people and all of them had Spiritual Energy fluctuating around them, which proved their decent strength.

“Lord Mu, Lord Nine Nether, we’re already close the extreme west. There isn’t any more Transportation Spiritual Arrays to use and we can only travel by ourselves.” Tan Qiu sat beside Mu Chen and said in a soft voice.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. The extreme west was too barren, so there weren’t any forces that spent the money to set up a Transportation Spiritual Array. But fortunately, it was already close and with their speed, they would be able to reach it in just a few days time.

“Through the information that we have gathered so far, at the border of the extreme west, there’s a huge city called the Western City. It’s also the biggest city near the extreme west with various forces gathering there. There are also those that have investigated around the extreme west, so we should be able to obtain some information on the Ancient Haven Palace.” The White King answered with a respectful voice.

“There are even those that are bold enough to risk entering the fractured space around the Ancient Haven Palace and obtained information to sell at a high price.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen’s expression changed upon hearing that. Those fellows were truly fearless with the chaotic spatial crack around the Ancient Haven Palace, the slightest carelessness and they would be sucked into that fractured space. At the moment, it’s completely unwise to enter right now.

But if they could obtain some harvest from the Ancient Haven Palace, they might be able to obtain some clues and they would be a step ahead after entering the Ancient Haven Palace. This great opportunity was basically first come, first serve.

“Looks like we have to make a trip to that Western City.” Nine Nether gently nodded her head.

Mu Chen nodded his head. Aside from that, there also had to be experts that have gathered from the Greatlaw Continent, so he wondered if any of those powerful figures of the younger generation would be present as well.

“Let’s go, to the Western City.”

Suppressing his thoughts, Mu Chen had stood up without any hesitation and left the teahouse. Turning into a streak of light, he charged into the sky with Nine Nether and the rest following behind him and they disappeared into the horizon.

While Mu Chen’s party was rushing towards the Western City, a white-dressed lady also walked out from an inn of the city. She had a celestial beauty and spiritual pupils that made her look like a fairy from a picture.

However, she wasn’t bothered about her bearing. She took out a rare spiritual fruit, which was emitting an astonishing Spiritual Energy. and gulped it down under countless heated gazes from the surroundings, before dusting her hands and murmured to herself, “That fellow is also in the Greatlaw Continent, I wonder where is he going. I still owe him a favour from back then…”

Tilting her head, she helplessly cast her lips aside and left the city with her hands behind her back… 

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