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"You are too presumptuous!" Dragon-Arm Sovereign said flatly. After he spoke, the square suddenly quietened down.

The people had weird expressions on their faces, especially the veteran top powers. Although Dragon-Arm Sovereign had great strength and was well-known, Mu Chen had contributed much to the Daluo Territory.

In fact, if it had not been for Mu Chen, Mandela would not have advanced to Upper Earthly Sovereign during The Big Hunting War. Moreover, the Daluo Territory would not have survived in the North Territory if the Divine Pavilion had won.

As such, everyone in the Daluo Territory was grateful to Mu Chen. Even the three kings were respectful toward him. These people did not look down on him because he was young. Thus, when the people heard what Dragon-Arm Sovereign had said, they were understandably very unhappy.

"Dragon-Arm Sovereign, although you are well-known in the North Territory, to us, you are still a greenhorn. You come here because we are powerful now, but please remember, Mu Chen played an important role in building the Daluo Territory up," Lord Asura said. He was already unhappy with Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man.

"Hohoho, you need to go according to the order of arrival. It is useless to flaunt your seniority in the Daluo Territory," Lord Mountain Cracker said with a smile.

Lord Blood Hawk and the rest of the older lords voiced their agreement with these sentiments as well. Only the new lords looked at one another in silence, not wanting to get involved. They did not want to offend Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man, just in case they became kings and pillars of the Daluo Territory in the future.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were shocked when they saw that the older lords were reprimanding them. They instantly turned pale.

After all, they were already well-known in the North Territory, so they were naturally proud of themselves. They had become a bit overconfident and been rude to Mu Chen, looking down on him.

They thought that Mu Chen was too young, but he had indeed hit the big time during the Big Hunting War and gained the favor of the Dominator. Even this made them more annoyed with him, as they looked down on people who pulled strings to get protection.

Thus, when they saw that Mu Chen was eyeing the kingship as well, they reprimanded him. It was apparent that they had underestimated Mu Chen's influence in the Daluo Territory. Hence, they were looking only for trouble by making such a comment.

Before Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man could say anything else, the Condor King said, "Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether have contributed much to the Daluo Territory. The two of you are not kings yet, thus you are of the same status. Please be respectful."

The Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King were already unhappy with Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man. As such, they took the opportunity to add insult to injury when they saw that the two of them were being attacked by the crowd. Even the Sleeping King smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man turned ghastly pale. They had not expected the crowd to be so infuriated by such a simple remark.

After all, in the pair's minds, especially given their strengths and reputations, it was only right for them to reprimand the younger generation. However, they had not expected things to turn out this way.

They looked at each other and then at Mandela. They hoped that Mandela would speak up for them, but she simply pretended to be asleep. She did not say a word and did not even try to stop the Condor King and the rest from rebuking them.

When Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man saw her passive attitude, their hearts sank. Mandela would rather allow them to be attacked by the crowd than to stick her neck out and support them. This showed how important Mu Chen was to her, as well as how much less they meant in comparison.

All they could do at this moment was to swallow their prides. They lifted their heads to look at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, who were standing in the sky, then forced out two smiles.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign said, "This is my fault. I hope Lord Mu Chen will not hold it against me." They had to give in, as they did not want to have more people rebuke them, which would bring shame upon themselves.

Mu Chen was shocked by this scene. He shook his head and smiled.

"You are unlucky!" Mu Chen muttered to himself. He then shook his head and smiled, refusing to be bothered by what Dragon-Arm had said.

Mu Chen then said, "Since the Dominator has said that anyone can go for the kingships, does that include the two of us?"

Mandela opened her eyes and looked at Mu Chen. Golden light surged in her eyes and she smiled faintly. Although Mu Chen and Nine Nether had hidden their spiritual energy fluctuations, she knew their actual strengths at a glance.

"Yes, you may," She said with a nod.

This announcement caused yet another uproar, where even Lord Asura and the rest of the lords frowned. They had not expected that Mu Chen and Nine Nether would vie against Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man for the kingships.

After all, Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were Grade Nine Sovereigns and very powerful. Even the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King were barely on par with them.

They knew that Mu Chen and Nine Nether must have enhanced their strengths this year. When they had left before, Nine Nether had not yet reached Grade Seven Sovereign and Mu Chen was only at Grade Six. At the most, they should have advanced one level up since that time. Yet, even if this was so, they would not be able to defeat Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man.

Light flickered in the eyes of Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man. They did not say a word, but curled up their lips into sneers.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were well-known in the Daluo Territory. If Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man had used normal means, they would not be able to take back their territories.

However, Mu Chen and Nine Nether had come to them of their own accords. As such, they were eager to find out how these two young people would suffer in their hands. They were fascinated by them, wondering how many times they could afford to bring shame upon themselves!

"Lord Mu, Lord Nine Nether, this is not an easy task. Please consider this carefully," the Condor King warned them.

"Thank you for your reminder, Condor King," Mu Chen replied with a smile, yet did not show any intentions of withdrawing.

Condor King was shocked by this. He could hear the confidence in Mu Chen's voice.

Although this Mu Chen is young, he is prudent. He would not take such a risk, unless he was full of confidence.

Has he acquired some powerful means, which enable him to contend with a Grade Nine top power?

The Condor King became less worried as he thought of the trump cards that Mu Chen had. After all, he was a Spiritual Array Master, a war troop dispatcher, and many other things. Hence, Mu Chen must have a decent chance of winning. Otherwise, he would tarnish the reputation of Nine Netherworld Palace!

"Hohoho, since the two of you insist, I will have to be seen as a bully of the younger generation!" Withered Old Man laughed hoarsely, then immediately appeared on a stone platform in the square.

He then looked mockingly at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, who were in the sky, and asked, "May I know which of you wishes to challenge me? If I lose, I will hand the position of the new kingship over to you."

The people looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether. Some of them looked hopeful, some looked doubtful, and some were gloating over the pair's misfortunes.

"I have long heard of you. Let me take you on." Nine Nether smiled and appeared before Withered Old Man. Flames seemed to be burning in her eyes. She was burning with fighting spirit.

She had spent two years cultivating in the God Sea. With the help of the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird and the guidance from the Sovereign Beast, her strength had increased tremendously. As such, she needed an opponent that was on par with her to verify her strength, so Withered Old Man was a good candidate.

Withered Old Man looked carelessly at Nine Nether and then frowned. He had noticed that Nine Nether had kept her spiritual energy within her.

"Have you hidden your spiritual energy?" Withered Old Man asked in shock.

Nine Nether smiled and did not reply. Instead, she stepped out, a horrifying spiritual energy exploding from her body like a volcano.

The heavens and the earth quaked and a majestic spiritual energy swirled out. A horrifying spiritual energy oppression then burst out from Nine Nether's body.

Many people were shocked as they looked at Nine Nether, especially Lord Asura and the rest of the lords. The Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King turned pale, looking at Nine Nether in astonishment. The Condor King then took a deep breath and muttered, "She has had a breakthrough... To Grade Nine Sovereign!"

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