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Chapter 1084 - Strength of the Ancient Haven Palace

With the closure of the King’s Conference, the entire Great Havenlaw Domain was still in an excited atmosphere, with a portion coming from the newly promoted Emperors. But the majority of the reason was probably because of the appearance of the Ancient Haven Palace.

Facing the powerful Ancient Haven Palace, everyone knew that it was a genuine colossus and none of the forces in the current Greatlaw Continent could rival its position.

Thus, no one in the Greatlaw Continent could face the ruins left behind by such a colossal existence with a calm mind. If they could obtain some opportunities in such an ancient ruin, they would definitely be able to undergo a complete transformation, becoming more dazzling.

Thus, the competition for the Ancient Haven Palace would be the most intense through the tens of thousands of years in the Greatlaw Continent. Any of those powerful forces would definitely not be exempted from this trip. After all, the Ancient Haven Palace was way too attractive.

While the entire Great Havenlaw Domain was discussing the Ancient Haven Palace, there was unrest the Nine Nether Palace as well. Ever since Mu Chen and Nine Nether got promoted to Emperors, the Nine Nether Palace had leapt to becoming the most powerful force, as well as having a greater weight in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

After all, ever since the establishment of the Great Havenlaw Domain, there wasn’t a situation where two Emperors were in a single faction.

Thus, when the King’s Conference had concluded, the Nine Nether Palace was extremely lively, with guests turning up to visit. At the same time, they also showed intentions to seek refuge. Despite being from the same forces, there would still be internal competitions for benefits. If they could obtain the support of two Emperors, then they would be able to have an easier life in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

However, despite the Nine Nether Palace became lively, Mu Chen and Nine Nether were extremely distressed by the endless visitors, since they weren’t good with these matters, to begin with. Thus, they had immediately pushed the housekeeper, Tang Bing, out and the two of them announced their seclusion to obtain peace.

In a courtyard deep in the Nine Nether Palace

It was a quiet and elegant courtyard with a stone pavilion and water flowing down.

Nine Nether sat on a rock that resided in the creek, displaying her slender silhouette that was enveloped by her dress, outlining her outstanding curves. Her eyes were closed with Spiritual Energy fluctuations spreading from her and subtle transparent flames blazing. Although the flames weren’t giving off any high temperature, they had caused her surrounding space to distort from the pressure.

She had been quietly cultivating in this manner for a long time, before slowly opening her eyes. She stretched her arms, instantly bulging her astonishing curves, which attracted a breathtaking gaze that came from the stone pavilion.

Sensing the gaze, Nine Nether cast a ferocious gaze over, which Mu Chen responded with dry coughs and pulled back his gaze, as if nothing happened, while flipping the Spiritual Array jade bamboo strip in his hands.

“The Nine Nether Palace is bustling at this moment, while the two of you hide here.” A teasing voice suddenly rang out in the courtyard and space fluctuated on the creek, before Mandala strode out, donned in a black dress. There wasn’t any indifference or prestige on her face, but a teasing expression, instead.

“I pay my respects to the Domain Ruler.” Nine Nether immediately bowed upon seeing Mandala’s arrival.

Mu Chen had also placed the bamboo strip down and smiled, “You’ve prepared the matters with the alliance? How rare for you to have the time to come over.”

“There’s nothing to prepare, those fellows aren’t stupid and they knew how attracting the Ancient Haven Palace is. With their forces alone, they’re not even qualified to compete with the other top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent. So they are even more concerned about the alliance than I am.” Mandala sat down on a rock and placed her foot into the ice-cold creek.

As she spoke, she shot a glance at Mu Chen and continued, “You’re the one that looks forward to the Ancient Haven Palace the most. How can you still be as steady as Mt. Tai when it finally appeared?”

Mu Chen smiled, “I’m just putting up a façade. With the commotion caused by the Ancient Haven Palace, who knows how many top-tiered forces will be attracted by it? My Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign cultivation is just barely enough for others to look at.”

Along with the news of the Ancient Haven Palace widely spreading, Mu Chen had gradually calmed down from his excitement. Ever since he had obtained the Great Solar Undying Body, he had waited for this day, so he knew how intense the competition of the Ancient Haven Palace would be. With the current situation, even a Greater Earth Sovereign like Mandala wasn’t absolutely confident, not to mention a Quasi-Nine Grade Sovereign like him.

Seeing his response, Mandala faintly smiled. “It’s useless for others to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body. Only those that have succeeded in cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body could obtain it, so you might not have many competitors.”

Briefly pausing, her tone switched again, “But even if there are few competitors, I’m afraid that it will be very intense.”

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. Those that were after the evolution method were naturally those that had cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body as well, which, at the same time, proved the talent and great opportunity of his opponent. Otherwise, it would naturally be impossible for them to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body under such harsh conditions.

Fighting those outstanding elites, the intensity of this battle would definitely exceed any other battle that Mu Chen had experienced. But despite this, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid.

“How powerful is the Ancient Haven Palace when it still existed?” Mu Chen pondered, feeling that there was a need to understand such a dominant force in order to decide how he was going to plan things in the ruins.

“The Ancient Haven Palace is split into Five Halls and Nine Mansions. The one in the Hunting War was the Fourth Hall Master of the Ancient Haven Palace. At their peak, the Five Hall Masters were all at the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realms. Although the Nine Mansion Lords were somewhat weaker, they were all existences that had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm and were all outstanding elites, at least in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.” Mandala slowly continued.

As she spoke, both Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s expressions had uncontrollably changed, with shock on their faces. It was no wonder why the Ancient Haven Palace could be the unrivalled ruler of the Greatlaw Continent.

“That’s still not the most terrifying thing. The Ancient Haven Palace still had three Heavenly Sovereigns.” As she spoke, Mandala’s expression had turned grave.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether took in mouthfuls of cold breath. This information had exceeded their expected range. Could it be that aside from the Sky Emperor, there were two other top-tiered powerhouses?

Mandala naturally knew what the both of them were thinking and shook her head, “The two other Heavenly Sovereigns were formed by the Sky Emperor…”

“Formed by the Sky Emperor?” Both of them were dumbfounded, since they couldn’t understand the meaning behind Mandala’s words.

Looking at the shaken two, Mandala answered, “You guys should know about the 36 Peerless Divine Arts from the ancient times, right? The Sky Emperor was in possession of one of them. It’s known as the Three Purities. It can split himself into three, forming two other separate clones. It’s an extremely marvellous technique and both clones possess the strength of a Heavenly Sovereign as well. Therefore, the Sky Emperor himself was equivalent to three Heavenly Sovereigns.”

“The 36 Peerless Divine Arts…” Mu Chen gulped down a mouthful of saliva. With his past knowledge of Divine Arts, he roughly knew that Divine Arts were separated into three realms, the Lesser Divine Art, Greater Divine Art and Prime Divine Art with a gulf in between each of them. So it was the first time he had heard of the 36 Peerless Divine Arts.

But thinking about the Divine Art that he had obtained, the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch could be considered an incomplete Greater Divine Art. Although the might of it was breathtaking, Mu Chen couldn’t tell how terrifying a Divine Art that was two grades higher would be.

After all, even a Greater Earth Sovereign like Mandala would be tempted by a Greater Divine Art. She didn’t even possess a Prime Divine Art and as for the 36 Peerless Divine Arts… those were on a level that only Heavenly Sovereigns could chase after, which was too far away for Mu Chen.

“Since the Ancient Haven Palace could rule the entire Greatlaw Continent, there are definitely peerless treasures. If you manage to go in, you must definitely find those two treasure lands.” Mandala said as she looked at Mu Chen.

“Which two?” Mu Chen was stunned at her words.

“The Divine Art Hall and the Heavenly Lake.” Mandala nodded, before she continued, “The Divine Art Hall is the place where Divine Arts of the Ancient Haven Palace are deposited with a variety of powerful Divine Arts. You can search for the evolution method to the Great Solar Undying Body there and as for the Heavenly Lake, it is even more important than even in the Ancient Haven Palace, it’s a treasure land that many people yearn for. That’s because the Heavenly Lake contains a powerful energy that can stabilise the spiritual foundation and break through the shackles and raise the odds of success in the Spiritual Tribulation. In ancient times, only those with great contributions could obtain this opportunity in the Ancient Haven Palace.”

Hearing the beginning of Mandala’s words, the both of them could still remain calm. But when they heard that they could break through shackles and increase their odds of success in the Spiritual Tribulation, the two of them finally couldn’t hold back the blazing fire in their eyes.

Everyone knew that only Earth Sovereigns could be considered as powerhouses in the Great Thousand World and they could rule a region, even Ninth Grade Sovereigns were far from that level.

Although Earth Sovereigns were powerful, not even 10% of the Sovereigns in the world could break through to that realm and the biggest reason for it was that they feared the Spiritual Tribulation that could result in their doom.

At their current realm, the Earth Sovereign Realm was no longer far from their reach and they should naturally know some knowledge about it.

“Naturally, you also have to be cautious of a person. His name is Garuda and he might be our greatest opponent in this trip to the Ancient Haven Palace.” Mandala contracted her eyes slowly said.

“Our greatest opponent?” Mu Chen was stunned, before he quickly recovered from the shock and his pupils abruptly contracted.

For him to be someone that Mandala had to mindful of, that Garuda… might also be a cultivator of the Great Solar Undying Body!

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