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Chapter 1082 - Ascension to Emperor in a fist

A draconic roar resonated and a huge dragon had coiled behind Mu Chen, emitting an astonishing might that caused the faces of many to be filled with shock.

“It’s actually the True Dragon?” Even the Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor had exclaimed. The True Dragons were Emperors of the Dragon Clan, possessing a strength comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign.

“That’s not a genuine True Dragon but it does possess a strand of the True Dragon’s aura.” The Sleeping Emperor had also opened his dozing eyes and stared at the huge dragon.

“If my guesses are correct, it should be from Mu Chen’s Dragon-Phoenix Physique. I never expected that after a year, he would actually cultivate it to such an astonishing height.”

The two Emperors contracted their eyes. They were aware of Mu Chen’s Dragon-Phoenix Physique, but evidently, the Dragon-Phoenix Physique still didn’t possess the mighty pressure of a True Dragon a year ago.

“Judging from the might of this True Dragon projection itself, I’m afraid that it’s comparable to ordinary Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereigns.”

The two of them inwardly sighed when they finally knew why Mu Chen wasn’t afraid of the Dragon Arm Sovereign. It turned out that he had such a trump card. With the projection of the True Dragon, he might really be able to confront experts that had stepped into the Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Mandala sat on her throne without moving, but when the saw the True Dragon’s projection, an astonished light flashed in her pupils.

Mandala naturally knew more information about the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra that Mu Chen had cultivated. This True Dragon projection should be formed by the True Dragon runes on Mu Chen’s body. In the past, although the True Dragon Runes could grant Mu Chen strength, it was extremely limited. But the True Dragon’s projection that Mu Chen had summoned today possessed a spiritual form and was extremely powerful strength.

“Just what did that brat experience in the past year to grow so far?” Mandala was puzzled in her heart. The advancement of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra was tough and harsh and according to her estimations, if Mu Chen wanted to form the projection like what he was doing now, he probably had to absorb tons of Divine Beast Blood Essences.

Could it be that he had plundered the corpses of the Divine Beasts in the Divine Beast Origin?

Just when Mandala was pondering in her heart, the Dragon Arm Sovereign looked at the True Dragon’s projection with a solemn gaze and fear was filling the depths of his eyes.

He knew that this projection wasn’t an illusion. It possessed the genuine aura of True Dragons.

The aura had even caused the dragon power in his body to slow down. It was a suppression from an Emperor of the Dragon Clan, a powerful and noble bloodline. The Dragon Arms of his were only from a Fire Dragon and despite their powerful bloodline, they were still inferior to a True Dragon.

He felt that it was a little hard to believe that a human like Mu Chen could actually possess the aura of a True Dragon.

Previously, he was still filled with disdain for Mu Chen’s words. But at this moment, he had to seriously face them. If he had underestimated his power, then he might really be defeated today.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign took a deep breath and suppressed the fear in his heart. With a stern expression, he slowly clenched his fist and a scarlet light grew more radiant on his arms as they expanded.

His fingers grew into talons, covered in dense scales and, looking from afar, his arms no longer looked like they belonged to a human. They had practically turned into two ferocious claws of a Fire Dragon.

When the Dragon Arm Sovereign had circulated his power to the peak, Mu Chen also raised his head and looked at the projection of the True Dragon, before his gaze abruptly turned sharp.


A dazzling golden light burst from Mu Chen’s body, dying him gold and he looked like a god of war. He balled his hand into a fist and jabbed forth.

That jab was slow and heavy, as if it was carrying the weight of a towering mountain.

The dazzling lustre on Mu Chen’s body had also shifted towards his fist from his arms and condensed, making his fist look like it was forged with gold and a rippling gale was being emitted from his fist, shattering space.

“True Dragon Fist!” A roar rang out from Mu Chen’s heart and as the gale fluctuated on his fist, a dazzling golden lustre burst forth, forming into the projection of a golden fist.


The True Dragon’s projection roared, then it dived into the fist projection. Instantly, the dark golden scales grew on the fist projection, which expanded the might of the fist even further, shattering space into pieces, with cracks spreading out like a turtle’s shell.

Many spectators had shocked expressions on their faces when they saw the projection. Even those at the Ninth Grade Sovereign, like the Sky Vulture Emperor, had dense fear surging from their eyes.

All of them could sense an extremely dense threatening aura coming from that simple fist from Mu Chen.

Rumble! Rumble!

The fist had streaked across and appeared before the Dragon Arm Sovereign in the next moment. A golden light blossomed, sealing all paths of retreat.

When the gale from the fist enveloped him, the golden lustre filled the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s pupils. It was like a dominant force between the heavens and earth. The terrifying force even made his hair stand on end.

“It won’t be as easy as you think to defeat me!” The Dragon Arm Sovereign roared, with rage surging in his eyes when he was about to be enveloped by the terrifying force.

Without any hesitation, he pushed a palm forth and a scarlet lustre exploded, a massive Fire Dragon whistled out from his fist with torrential flames, incinerating the heavens.


The fist and palm clashed together and formed a sun blazing with gold and red under countless shaken gazes, producing a great sound at the same time as the space in a few myriad feet distorted from the terrifying impact.

The stages on the plaza were reduced to ashes one after another from the impact with the spectators retreating in the surroundings.

Seeing the terrifying shock wave, Mandala gently flicked her finger and a spiritual light formed into an enormous barrier that enveloped the centre of the plaza, blocking the shock wave.

With mandala making a move, the surrounding experts felt relieved, before fixating their gazes towards the plaza. During every single moment, the violent golden light was enveloping the scarlet light.

The face of the Dragon Arm Sovereign drastically changed. He had underestimated the terror behind Mu Chen’s fist.


Before he could react, the golden ripple whistled over, which gave him a heavy blow and he was sent flying back in a pathetic manner.


Everyone looked with shaken expressions as the silhouette of the Dragon Arm Sovereign was blown away with atmospheric explosions at his rear constantly resounding, even space had shattered.


The Dragon Arm Sovereign retreated a few myriad feet before he slapped out towards his back, shattering space and stabilising his figure. He did not even wipe the trace of blood on the corner of his lips and his face became dark. He was quickly blown out of the mountain after a single fist from Mu Chen.

He had an unsightly expression on his face, since he never expected Mu Chen to actually send him flying…

While the Dragon Arm Sovereign was standing in the sky with an unsightly expression, the plaza suddenly boiled and the spectators were all dumbfounded when they saw the Dragon Arm Sovereign.

The spectators looked at each other, before they took a deep breath. Mu Chen’s punch had actually sent a top-tiered Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign expert flying a few myriad feet away.

If it was someone else in the shoes of the Dragon Arm Sovereign, they would probably be reduced to ashes.

Their gazes suddenly shot towards the centre of the plaza. When the clouds of dust calmed down, a silhouette was clearly projected in their eyes.

Mu Chen maintained the stance of a jab with beads of blood dripping from his fist, which was due to the attack that he had just launched. It was too domineering.

The majestic projection of True Dragon had already disappeared and even the powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation around Mu Chen had retracted. He then slowly raised his head, revealing his youthful face.

He smiled and looked at the Dragon Arm Sovereign in the sky. “Dragon Arm Sovereign, how do you feel about this punch?”

That punch had gathered all the power in his body and was enhanced even further by the True Dragon’s projection. The power behind that fist was something that even a true Ninth Grade Sovereign would be fearful of.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign stood in the sky, looking at the smiling youth. He wanted to continue the attack but in the end, he had suppressed that intention, since he knew that he no longer had any certainty in defeating Mu Chen.

Even if he had not used his trump card, he knew that the youthful figure before him hadn’t as well. But if they were forced to that step, then it would be a contest for life and death. At that time, even he wasn’t confident that he could come out of the battle intact.

After he briefly pondered, he cupped his fists and said in a solemn voice, “The position of Emperor is yours.”

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