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Chapter 1083 - Ruins

When the words of the Dragon Arm Sovereign were heard throughout the entire plaza, it had caused an uproar. But at this moment, rather than the disbelief from before, it was filled with sighs.

Mu Chen had already proven his strength with the powerful fighting strength of a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign that could confront an Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign!

He was truly qualified to be bestowed the title of Emperor.

“Formidable.” The Asura King looked at the youthful silhouette in the plaza and his expression had changed before he sighed.

Thinking back to when Mu Chen came to the Great Havenlaw Domain, he was only a mere Commander. But after so many years, he had exceeded everyone and was throned, Emperor.

The other veterans also sighed after they had witnessed Mu Chen’s ascension from the bottom, reaching to the current astonishing height.

“Blood Hawk King, the both of you still have many past grudges…” The Mountain Splitting King cast a glance at the Blood Hawk King and teased. Back when Nine Nether had just returned, there were many conflicts between her and the Blood Hawk King, causing a great commotion in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

The Blood Hawk King had an awkward expression after hearing that. If he knew that Mu Chen and Nine Nether would come this far in the past, he would naturally not dare to offend them. But fortunately, there’s a bottom line to their conflicts, or he would be trembling with fear at this moment.

The other newly appointed Kings also conversed amongst them. After all, the current situation had exceeded everyone’s expectations and no one expected that the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku would lose in the appointment of Emperors. With the current situation, there’s a great chance of Mu Chen and Nine Nether becoming the fourth and fifth Emperors.

The newly appointed Emperors would definitely cause a drastic change in the situation in the Great Havenlaw Domain. After all, the authority of an Emperor in the Great Havenlaw Domain was too great and could even decide the resources allocated to the Kings.

Some newly appointed Kings were even considering whether they should show any intention of seeking refuge for the support of the two Emperors.

The plaza was boiling with commotion and different thoughts. The Spiritual Pupil Emperor and the rest had a smile on their faces. After all, Nine Nether and Mu Chen could be considered veterans, so they weren’t too objective about the both of them being titled Emperors. After all, it was still easier for them to accept than having the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku.

Mandala stood up on her throne. Although she looked petite, when she stood up, the entire heavens and earth, which was bustling with noise, turned quiet. Both veterans and newly promoted Kings all looked at her with revered gazes.

A Greater Earth Sovereign, just the title alone made Mandala the most powerful existence in the Northern Region.

“With the conclusion of the Emperor Battles, there will be two additional Emperors in the Great Havenlaw Domain, Emperor Mu and Nine Nether Emperor.” Mandala’s tender voice covered the entire region.

“Congratulations to King Mu and Nine Nether King for their ascension!”

Respectful voices echoed with envious gazes directed at the two of them. It could be considered unprecedented for such young Emperors.

The spectators were also inwardly startled by the talent and strength the both of them possessed. They could rival the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku, who were already reputed experts in the Northern Region. Their talents had truly made everyone feel astonished.

Mandala looked at the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku and gratefully said, “There’s no need to be dejected from this failure. Both of you already possess the qualified strength to be bestowed the title of Emperor, but what both of you are lacking is the rest of your qualifications.”

The both of them were, after all, Ninth Grade Sovereigns and their top-tiered strength was extremely important to the Great Havenlaw Domain. Therefore, Mandala had to appease them so that they wouldn’t have any complaints in their hearts.

Naturally, due to the both of them being prideful in their hearts, it was unavoidable for them to feel arrogant, which wouldn’t be a good thing for the Great Havenlaw Domain. Thus, Mandala was definitely willing to see both Mu Chen and Nine Nether defeating them and be entitled Emperors instead.

Hearing Mandala’s appeasing words, the countenances of the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku turned slightly better. After experiencing this event, the arrogance in their hearts had also decreased by a big portion.

Back then, when they joined the Great Havenlaw Domain, they held their eyes high. After all, aside from Mandala, only the Sleeping Emperor made them feel fearful in the entire Great Havenlaw Domain. It was so much so that they didn’t even place the Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor in their eyes. After all, back when they had ascended to Ninth Grade Sovereign and became top-tiered experts in the Northern Region, beaconing winds and rain, the two Emperors were only Eighth Grade Sovereigns.

They naturally felt that after joining the Great Havenlaw Domain, it would be natural for them to be bestowed the Emperor title, merely inferior to Mandala in terms of status and there wasn’t anyone that was qualified to compete with them.

But who could have expected for King Mu and Nine Nether King to appear at such a crucial moment, shattering their self-confidence into smithereens.

Looking at it this way, the Great Havenlaw Domain was truly deep and couldn’t be underestimated, so they had to readjust their attitude in the future.

Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku inwardly nodded their heads at this thought, then they cupped their fists and bowed towards Mandala. Compared to before, their attitudes were much more willing.

The commotion in the plaza did not stop because with the appearance of the two newly promoted Emperors, the King’s Conference had also come to an end, so Mandala swept her gaze around before she suddenly said, “As everyone knows, the ruins of the Ancient Haven Palace have recently appeared in the Greatlaw Continent.”

The entire plaza turned silent at her words, the eyes around were burning with flames. The news of the Ancient Haven Palace had spread throughout the Greatlaw Sky, even their Northern Region was heatedly talking about this matter.

The Ancient Haven Palace was a dominant force in the ancient times, ruling the entire Greatlaw Sky that luminously stood even in the ancient times, which was filled with powerhouses.

That’s because the founder was one of the Nine Emperors in the ancient times, the Sky Emperor!

However, the Ancient Haven Palace had disappeared without a trace in the ancient times when the Fiend Clans intruded. Although there was the occasional news about it, all of it was verified to be false news.

But this time, everyone knew that the news was true!

That’s because all the powerful forces that were qualified to covet after the treasures of the Ancient Haven Palace have paid their attention towards the ruins.

“The level of the ruins is definitely filled with so many opportunities that even I am tempted by it. I have already reached an agreement with the other top-tiered forces in the Northern Region’s Alliance and we will partake in the Ancient Haven Palace as an allied force!” Mandala’s voice resounded once again, which made the fire blazing in the eyes of everyone to grow stronger.

They did not doubt Mandala’s words that the Ancient Haven Palace was filled with opportunities. Not to mention a Greater Earth Sovereign, even a Perfected Earth Sovereign or even Heavenly Sovereign would be tempted by it.

Naturally, they were also attracted by it as well. The Ancient Haven Palace was an invincible existence in the Great Havenlaw Domain and if they could obtain some opportunities in it, their strength would definitely soar and they might be able to follow Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s steps.

As for the alliance, it’s definitely a must. The Northern Region was not especially outstanding in the Greatlaw Continent. Due to the constant conflicts, there wasn’t a dominant force and if it wasn’t the fact that their Domain Ruler had broken through to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, it might be a question of whether the alliance could be formed.

They were going to face other powerful forces in the Greatlaw Continent, so they had to join up with the other top-tiered forces in the Northern Region. Otherwise, it would be impossible for their Great Havenlaw Domain alone.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku exchanged a look with emotions surging in their eyes. They had been stuck at Ninth Grade Sovereign for years and many Ninth Grade Sovereigns have been stuck at this realm for the rest of their life. They weren’t confident about breaking through to the Earth Sovereign Realm, but it might be possible for them if they could obtain some opportunities in this trip to the Ancient Haven Palace.

Thus, the both of them had immediately cupped their fists and their voices resounded, “We are in support of Domain Ruler’s decision, we will definitely do our best to help!”

Along with their voices, echos resounded in the plaza, it was a spectacular scene.

Mu Chen took a deep breath at this sight. Although he had maintained a calm expression, his fingers were trembling due to the surging waves in his heart.

After he left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy along with Nine Nether and came to the Great Havenlaw Domain, he had been improving his own status and cultivation all for this day…

The method to evolve his Great Solar Undying Body existed in the Ancient Haven Palace and only by obtaining it, could he evolve his Sovereign Celestial Body. Although the Great Solar Undying Body was extraordinary, Mu Chen had gradually found it lacking as his strength rose. He knew that by the time he stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, the help that the Great Solar Undying Body could grant him would be extremely limited.

No matter how profound it was, it was still a base Sovereign Celestial Body.

Thus, he had to evolve his Great Solar Undying Body. That’s because only through this way, could he be a step ahead to chase after the legendary Primal Celestial Body… The Primordial Immortal Body.

It was a perfect Sovereign Celestial Body that even a Heavenly Sovereign would be attracted to, which was also the ambition that Mu Chen had been concealing in his heart all this time.

The moment he succeeded, he would be able to travel as he wished in the Great Thousand World, with no one being able to obstruct his footsteps. At that time, he wouldn’t have to fear the mysterious clan that held his mother captive.

Thus, Mu Chen was definitely the one that was in most expectation of the Ancient Haven Palace.

After looking at the boiling plaza with all the heated gazes, Mandala looked at Mu Chen. Even if Mu Chen had maintained a calm expression, she could still sense the smear of excitement in the depths of his eyes and she smiled. Looks like everyone is greatly interested in this matter.

She turned her head and looked into the distance that seemed to have penetrated through space and looked towards the ancient ruins.

Since the Ancient Haven Palace have appeared, that person would definitely show up as well and she knew well in her heart how greatly he viewed the Ancient Haven Palace.

Thinking about this, Mandala touched her wrist, feeling the curse that made her suffer in pain as a chill flashed through her eyes.

It’s time for the grudges to be settled once and for all… 

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