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Just one word from Mandela had caused much excitement at the Conference of the Lords. Many top powers were hyped up, and it was especially so with the rivals of the Lords of Daluo Territory. They were breathing very hard, and they looked ready to remove anyone who stood in their way.

The rules for lordship in Daluo Territory had changed. They had to fight in the arena and be recommended by at least five lords. The main concern was the number of lordships that were available.

There were too many top powers in Daluo Territory currently, and there were not enough positions to go around. If there were too many positions, it would create disputes among the top powers, and a civil war might break out. Mandela had thus set up only a few seats for such important positions. Only five of them would be selected.

Since there were many top powers who were eyeing the five lordships, the drop-out rate would be high. When Mandela waved her hand, majestic spiritual energy burst out instantly, and multiple figures shot out at the same time toward the stone platforms in the large square.

Roar! Roar!

The supporters of the candidates shouted and cheered loudly. After all, once the candidates whom they supported became the Lords of Daluo Territory, they would be rewarded for being supportive. When the candidates became powerful in the future, they would be given many resources to help them quicken their cultivation.

Mandela sat on the golden throne and looked around. She then shut her eyes and rested. From what she could see, it would be a tough battle. She would have let the three kings handle the Conference of the Lords if Daluo Territory had not become so powerful. Moreover, she was not there to watch the fight for the lordships.

As Mandela thought of this, she looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man from the corners of her eyes. They were sitting below her, looking relaxed. They looked as though they had already secured the positions of the new kings. They considered the lords in Daluo Territory as undeserving of the positions, as none of them could possibly defeat them.

Mandela curled up her lips as she watched their behavior. Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were powerful, but they were too arrogant. It would not do Daluo Territory any good if they became kings now.

The fights on the square were fierce, but they ended quickly. The difference in the strength of these top powers was obvious. After the fights went on for about two hours, five people remained standing on the five stone platforms.

The five people had extraordinary auras, and the spiritual energy fluctuations around them were overbearing. They had just advanced to Grade Eight Sovereign, and their strength was comparable to Bai Ming's, whom Mu Chen had met in the Land of the Divine Beasts. These five people were apparently the new leaders.

Mandela looked at the five of them and nodded. As Daluo Territory had expanded quickly, the quality of the top powers who came and joined them had become better. Daluo Territory had become more attractive than it had been previously.

The strength of the new lords was overbearing. Among the older lords, other than Lord Asura and Lord Mountain Cracker, the rest of them were still Grade Seven Sovereigns. The new and older lords might get into a power struggle due to this.

The older lords were experienced, but the new lords were powerful. They would have conflicts, but Mandela was not bothered by it. These conflicts might be good for Daluo Territory.

The people shouted for joy as the five lords emerged. They were thrilled.

The three kings stood up and announced the five new lords and their territories before they left. After the new lords left, the atmosphere in the square did not diminish. The people were excited, and the atmosphere was great.

Many people then looked across the horizon toward the center of the square. Two people were meditating on the stone seats. Everyone knew that the Conference of the Lords was only an appetizer. The emergence of the new kings was the highlight of the day!

There were more than 20 lords in the entire Daluo Territory but only three kings. When the Dominator had gone into seclusion, the three kings took charge of the entire Daluo Territory. This showed how powerful this position was.

The fight for the two positions would be fiercer than that for the lordships, and only the top powers at Grade Nine Sovereign were qualified to participate in it. Currently, only Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man possessed the qualification. When both of them assumed kingship, there would be five kings in Daluo Territory. The whole situation would definitely change.

Some of the people were already planning to join Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man once they assumed kingship so that they would look after them.

Mandela opened her eyes and said flatly, "Daluo Territory will have two more kings. Anyone who is capable can go for the positions."


There was an uproar and many people looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man. They were still looking relaxed and confident, assuming they would both become kings.

The older lords like Lord Asura and Lord Mountain Cracker sighed helplessly. They were supposed to be the ones to be conferred as kings, but others had surpassed them as Daluo Territory expanded. They had no choice but to accept the cruel fact.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man had proven their strength. Other than being more experienced, the older lords had nothing superior to the rest. Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King looked at each other expressionlessly. However, they knew that with the addition of the two new kings, things would not go so smoothly in the future, and Daluo Territory would not remain so peaceful.

Mandela sat on the throne and looked at the crowd. She repeated flatly, "Anyone can vie for the positions of the two kings."

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man stood up from the stone seats and looked around. Dragon-Arm Sovereign smiled and said, "Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? I will let you take over the position if you defeat me." He sounded indifferent but authoritative. He was confident that no one would be able to compete with him over the kingship.

Lord Asura and the rest of the lords turned pale. They looked at one another and shook their heads. They would be bringing shame to themselves if they challenged the two of them.

There was silence in the square. After a long while, no one said anything. It was apparent that no one was a match for Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man. When Dragon-Arm Sovereign saw it, he broke into a broad smile and said, "Since no one dares to challenge us, we will take up…"

Before Dragon-Arm Sovereign could finish his sentence, someone laughed from afar. "Hohoho, take it easy, gentlemen. Both of us are interested in the positions." A voice resounded in the area and shocked everyone in the square. Lord Asura and the rest of the lords lifted up their heads and saw spiritual light swirling toward them. A bunch of shadows then appeared in the sky.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman were standing at the forefront, and they captivated everyone. Lord Asura and the other lords were stunned when they saw the two of them, and they shouted, "Lord Mu? Lord Nine Nether?"

The people were shocked when they heard it, and there was a commotion. Many people looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, and started to whisper among themselves.

"They are Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether!"

"They have disappeared for almost a year and now they are back!"

"Lord Mu is holding a high position in Daluo Territory. The Dominator was able to break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign because of him."

"Of course we knew that. If not for him, Nine Nether Palace would not be what it is today." This comment was filled with envy.

"Ha! What did Lord Mu say earlier? He and Lord Nine Nether want to become kings as well? He is young and inexperienced. Even if the Dominator favors him, he is not qualified to become king!"

"You are right. It is impossible for him to vie for the position with Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man!"


The area was bustling with noise, and it was apparent that everyone was scoffing at Mu Chen's remarks.

Not everyone was qualified to be a king.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man lifted up their heads and frowned. Then they smiled as they looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, who had kept their spiritual energy within themselves, and laughed mockingly at them.

"I was wondering who it was. So, it is Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether. I have heard of your contributions to Daluo Territory. However, if you are eyeing the kingships, I have only these words for you...

"You are too presumptuous!"

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