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Chapter 1081 - Battling a Ninth Grade Sovereign


Both of the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s arms turned red with scales surfacing on them as he pridefully stood on the stage. There were subtle draconic roars resounding from his arms.

Revered looks were directed at that pair of dragon arms. Those were the trump cards to the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s fame and reputation, with many top-tiered experts being defeated by that pair of arms of his.

Mu Chen calmly stood before the Dragon Arm Sovereign, enveloped with Spiritual Energy and fluctuating space.


The Dragon Arm Sovereign only indifferently glanced at Mu Chen, before a light radiated from his eyes and he heavily stomped his foot.

Under the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s foot, the ground trembled and shattered with a crack spreading out. Fragments of rocks violently danced, containing a powerful shock wave that tore any obstructions apart.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign showed dominance the moment he made his move. Everyone knew that even dozens of Eighth Grade Sovereigns would be blown to smithereens if they were obstructing before the force.

Mu Chen had slowly opened his eyes and the depths of his eyes glowed when he took a step forth. A boundless Spiritual Energy poured downwards and cracks spread out from his feet at the same time, giving off a lustre from the massive and powerful Spiritual Energy.

He had actually used a similar method to face the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s dominance!

Two cracks spread out, before they ferociously clashed together on the stage.


In that instant of collision, fragments of rock flew out and the massive stage was covered in cracks before being split into two.

Mu Chen and the Dragon Arm Sovereign were struck by the blast of the shock wave and their bodies jolted before being pushed back.

Mu Chen was pushed several steps backwards, leaving deep marks on the ground with every step he took, even his feet were deeply set into the slabs.

As for the Dragon Arm Sovereign, he merely took a step to stabilise himself.

Evidently, the Dragon Arm Sovereign had the upper hand in the first confrontation. However, everyone present, including the Dragon Arm Sovereign himself, had contracted their eyes at this result.

Although the strength behind those feet wasn’t all the power from the Dragon Arm Sovereign, the destructive force was still not something that a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign could resist. Not only did Mu Chen resist that destructive force, he only took several steps back as the repercussion.

Thus, the upper hand held by the Dragon Arm Sovereign could be practically disregarded.

The Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor exchanged a look before their gazes turned heavy. They knew that they definitely wouldn’t be able to fare any better if they were in Mu Chen’s spot.

Whereas Mu Chen had achieved this with a cultivation at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, proving that his actual fighting strength exceeded his cultivation.


The Dragon Arm Sovereign fixated his eyes on Mu Chen as he grinned. But before the smile on his face receded, his silhouette had already abruptly charged forth.

The atmosphere exploded from the sudden compression and he bolted like a flash of lightning, only a few people could vaguely sense his movements.

“What swift speed!” Exclamations resounded and Mu Chen’s gaze suddenly focused when the rumbling noise came, then crossed his arms before him.


Space was torn before him and a fist covered with scarlet dragon scales jabbed forth with concentrated power that could blow hills into smithereens. It smashed against his arms.


The atmosphere exploded and Mu Chen felt a heavy strike, before he was sent flying. His silhouette was blown away with the atmosphere in his surroundings constantly exploded.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign chuckled when he sent Mu Chen flying. Not intending to give Mu Chen any time to react, the rumbling of thunder roared again and he disappeared.


His fist roared through the atmosphere and was directed at Mu Chen’s chest. Even the atmosphere was compressed to an arc shape before his fist.

Just when the fist was about to strike Mu Chen, a slender arm suddenly stretched out and grasped onto the dragon fist.

The surrounding atmosphere exploded, following the low and muffled noise. The Dragon Arm Sovereign maintained a stance with his fist thrown forth, while Mu Chen’s five fingers had grasped onto his fist. His five fingers were like the abyss that completely absorbed the strength behind the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s fist.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign had a slight change in his expression and his gaze fixated on Mu Chen’s hand. At such a close distance, he could see dark golden runes of a dragon claw spreading out from Mu Chen’s arms, shaping along his fingers.

He actually felt a pressure from the dark golden runes that caused his scarlet dragon arms to slightly dim from the pressure.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the Dragon Arm Sovereign, before he spoke in a calm voice, “You’re not the only one that possesses the power of dragons.”


The Dragon Arm Sovereign gritted his teeth. The power of dragons was the strength that he took the most pride in. Although he had no idea how Mu Chen also came to possess the power of dragons, he refused to believe that the latter would excel him in this factor.

“A brat like you knows the true power of dragons?! How laughable!”

With a ferocious gaze, the dragon scales on this arms grew redder, as if the scales had transformed into magma, and were emitting a blazing heat. A draconic roar resonated from his arms. It was as if there was a destructive power awakening in his arms.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Dragon Arm Sovereign’s arms looked like flowing magma from afar and was emitting a powerful force with fluctuations that even made the eyelids of experts like the Sky Vulture Emperor twitch.

“Get lost!” The Dragon Arm Sovereign roared with powerful energy bursting from his arms. Shaking his arm, Mu Chen’s hand, which was grabbing his, was blown away.

Shaking free of Mu Chen’s restraints, the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s eyes turned red and he took a step forth. Scarlet dragons soared from his arms and turned into a projection of a fist that enveloped Mu Chen and even caused space to shattered.

At this moment, not even Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereigns would dare to face his momentum.

Boom! Boom!

The sudden energy that burst out from the Dragon Arm Sovereign had instantly suppressed Mu Chen once again. The fist projections even forced Mu Chen to retreat in a sorry manner and every clash caused a groan to come from him.

The two silhouettes clashed in the sky with powerful fluctuations of energy that shattered space into fragments, putting fear into the spectators watching this match.


Another ferocious clash and Mu Chen finally couldn’t hold his ground anymore. He was blown back, leaving two deep marks on the ground when he descended.

Forcefully stabilising his figure, Mu Chen’s clothes shattered into pieces with blood covering his arms. But he had maintained his expression as a fighting spirit was elated in his pitch-black pupils like a brewing fire in a furnace.

This was the first time that he had faced a Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Although it was an intense battle, Mu Chen was feeling joy at his own improvements under this battle.

Ninth Grade Sovereigns were beyond his reach in the past, but at this moment, the Dragon Arm Sovereign could only get a slight advantage, despite bringing out the power of dragons.

Mu Chen finally had a distinct feeling that his bitter cultivation over the years wasn’t in vain through this battle with the Dragon Arm Sovereign.

He was no longer the weakling he was in the past.

With the emotions surging in his heart, Mu Chen couldn’t refrain from smiling. An arc rose on the corner of his lips.

“You can still smile?” The Dragon Arm Sovereign coldly said as he stood in the sky, looking down at Mu Chen.

Raising his head and looking at the Dragon Arm Sovereign, Mu Chen’s eyes gradually turned profound, before he lightly smiled and clenched his fists together. “I will now send you flying in a single punch. If I’m unable to accomplish it, then I will admit my defeat.”

“You’re overestimating your own abilities!” The Dragon Arm Sovereign narrowed his eyes as he mocked.


But the moment he finished speaking, a brilliant draconic roar resounded from Mu Chen’s body, covering the horizon in dark golden lustre that was unleashed from Mu Chen’s body and formed into a massive dragon behind him.

When the dragon took form, an astonishing draconic might swept out in the manner of a storm.

When the might enveloped the surroundings, it made the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s hair stand on end and he contracted his pupils before he said in a sharp voice filled with terror, “This is the True Dragon?!”

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