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Chapter 1080 - Power of the Dragon Arm

Standing on the stage with his hands behind his back, the Dragon Arm Sovereign felt like a mountain that would make even the earth tremble beneath his feet.

As a top-tiered expert in the Northern Region that stood along Oldman Ku, the Dragon Arm Sovereign’s achievements were much more glorious than him. In the past, even the Divine Pavilion tried to recruit him, but they failed. The reason being that Pavilion Lord that the Divine Pavilion dispatched lost to the Dragon Arm Sovereign. Thus, one could tell how much reputation and strength Dragon Arm Sovereign possessed in the Northern Region.

Although Mu Chen also possessed some reputation in recent years, he was considered a figure amongst the younger generation. Although he was a considerable figure amongst the younger generation, no one felt that he could compare to an expert like the Dragon Arm Sovereign.

Thus, everyone looked at Mu Chen when Dragon Arm Sovereign ascended the stage. There was no ridicule for Mu Chen due to the previous match, since Mu Chen should have some cards up his sleeves. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t provoke the Dragon Arm Sovereign with his character.

But the fact was that everyone was interested in whether Mu Chen’s cards could pose any threat to the Dragon Arm Sovereign.

Mu Chen maintained a calm expression despite the curious gazes and looked at the Dragon Arm Sovereign, who was emitting a powerful pressure on the stage, and lightly smiled. In the next moment, he had already disappeared and reappeared on the stage in the next moment.

“King Mu, you have also concealed your own Spiritual Energy? Could it be that you have also broken through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm? If that’s the case, then I will accept the matter today wholeheartedly!” A faint mocking voice came from the Dragon Arm Sovereign as his gaze became fixated on Mu Chen. Even with Nine Nether’s example, he knew that it was impossible for Mu Chen to break through in such a short period of time. Even if he managed to achieve it, it would cause his foundation to be unstable and his advancement in the future would be extremely limited.

Mu Chen detected the intention behind his words and smiled. “The Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm? I have not reached it yet…”

The Dragon Arm Sovereign’s tense body loosened up from Mu Chen’s words. As long as Mu Chen was not a Ninth Grade Sovereign, then there was nothing for him to fear today.

Sighs of relief resounded in the surrounding and some of the Kings had also felt inwardly relieved. If even Mu Chen reached the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm as well, then how would it reflect on them?

“It’s tough to reach the Ninth Grade Sovereign, despite the opportunities…” Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at the Dragon Arm Sovereign and slowly continued, “That’s why I’m still half a step away from it.”


A boundless ocean of Spiritual Energy suddenly burst out from Mu Chen’s body when he finished speaking. Instantly, Spiritual Energy swept out in the region, which caused huge waves to roll with rumbling sounds filling the heavens and earth, attracting a great gale at the same time.

Mu Chen’s clothes fluttered along the wind and a powerful pressure was emanating from his body as a smile hung on his face.

The expression of those experts that felt relieved had frozen when they sensed the powerful pressure.

Indeed, Mu Chen had yet to ascend to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm judging from his Spiritual Energy fluctuation. However, he had already exceeded the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, and was only half a step away from the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

King Mu was actually a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm powerhouse with only half a step away from the Ninth Grade!

Shock covered the veteran Kings. When Mu Chen left, he had only just reached the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. It’s barely a year and now, his strength was actually at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?!

The fundamentals of a Divine Beast and Human were different, so they could understand Nine Nether reaching the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. So how did Mu Chen reach that level as well?

The audience was speechless, even the Three Emperors had solemn expressions, especially the Sky Vulture Emperor. He was looking at Mu Chen with a complicated gaze. When Mu Chen was first brought into the Great Havenlaw Domain by Nine Nether, he had only just refined his own Sovereign Celestial Body. Just a few years have passed and he had already reached the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, coming right behind him.

“I knew back then that this brat was extraordinary, but I did not expect him to improve so quickly in just a few years…” The Sky Vulture Emperor sighed. According to this speed, he would probably be surpassed by Mu Chen soon enough.

Mu Chen’s future simply can’t be measured. If he had enough time, there might be a time that even the Domain Ruler would have to look at him as someone on the same level.

At this moment, the Sky Vulture Emperor understood why the Domain Ruler would have such special treatment for Mu Chen. Perhaps there might be other reasons, she probably knew Mu Chen’s potential. Thus, she did not treat Mu Chen as a subordinate right from the beginning, but like a friend.

Likewise, who could have expected for Mu Chen to come this far in just a few years when they met him for the first time?

“Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm…”

The Dragon Arm Sovereign’s face also twitched when he looked at the youthful silhouette. Although he had already estimated Mu Chen’s strength, the reality still made him feel startled in his heart.

Reaching the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm at such a young age, Mu Chen’s talent had made him feel disbelief.

The thing that made the Dragon Arm Sovereign feel the most disbelief was the Spiritual Energy that was being emitted from Mu Chen. His Spiritual Energy was dense and endless, as if there wasn’t a limit to it without any superficial feelings, which meant that Mu Chen’s foundation was extremely sturdy.

It was simply hard for him to believe that in just barely a year, Mu Chen’s cultivation had soared by nearly three grades. Even if he used treasures to increase his strength, there would be a situation where he would face difficulties in controlling the increased Spiritual Energy. But at this moment, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was completely under his control without any disorder.

“This brat…” Fear flashed in the depths of the Dragon Arm Sovereign eyes and he tightly furrowed his brows. He had already dropped the contempt in his eyes, since Mu Chen was qualified for him to face seriously.

“Looks like King Mu came prepared…”

The Dragon Arm Sovereign suppressed the emotions in his heart, then he took a deep breath and his expression gradually calmed down. This wasn’t the moment to think about the cause behind Mu Chen’s surge and yet having such a sturdy foundation. In order to obtain more resources and authority in the Great Havenlaw Domain, there’s no way he could let go of the Emperor title.

Fortunately, Mu Chen was only at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, despite his steady cultivation. There was a considerable gap between a true Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and a half step…

As long as he did not underestimate Mu Chen, he should be able to defeat him by relying on his strength.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign looked at Mu Chen without any emotion. “It’s truly rare for someone like King Mu to achieve the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm at such a young age. But if you want me to let go of the Emperor’s title, then we’ll have to see if your capability in the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm is enough!”


Both of his eyes glowed with boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping across the horizon akin to a gathering storm. The region suddenly turned dark and the earth beneath his feet buzzed with noise as if the ground was mourning.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign’s figure that was sturdy, to begin with, started to grow and emanate a suffocating pressure.

The Spiritual Energy pressure that emanated from Mu Chen had been completely wiped out by the domineering aura of the Dragon Arm Sovereign. At this moment, he looked like a god of war.

The moment the Dragon Arm Sovereign made his move, he had revealed his stunning strength and domineering pressure that had even exceeded Oldman Ku’s.

Under everyone’s attention, the Dragon Arm Sovereign slowly clenched his fist and a boundless lustre exploded, condensing into countless ancient and profound runes on the surface of his body. A scarlet lustre glowed from his arms with subtle draconic roars resounding and trembling the heavens and earth.


The clothes on his arms shattered into ashes when the Dragon Arm Sovereign shifted his arms. The thickness of his arms had reached the size of a child’s waist and they were covered in crimson scales. His nails grew sharper, akin to the claws of a dragon.

Even the Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor had slightly changed their expressions with some fear in their eyes when they saw the arms of the Dragon Arm Sovereign. Rumours had it that the Dragon Arm Sovereign possessed the arms of the Dragon Clan and he had once shattered another Ninth Grade Sovereign’s Sovereign Celestial Body with his arms alone.

So even Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be fearful when they encounter the Dragon Arm Sovereign.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign naturally placed great importance on Mu Chen, so he had revealed his dragon arms without any hesitation. Evidently, he was intending to swiftly end the battle.

“With that fellow being cautious, it’s dangerous for Mu Chen now…”

The two Emperors exchanged a look and their gazes had turned grave. With Mu Chen’s strength at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, he probably wouldn’t be able to get any benefits by facing the dragon arms.

Mu Chen took a deep breath under the attention from the surroundings, before flames gathered in the depths of his eyes.

“A dragon arm’s strength…”

Mu Chen murmured to himself, before clenching his fists. The two Spirits on his arms had slowly opened their eyes at this moment.

Let me test which is stronger, your dragon arms or my True Dragon and Phoenix…

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