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Chapter 108 – Conclusion

The large battle in Nine Territory City had ended with Mu Chen killing off Liu Jingshan. Moreover, everything that had happened here spread throughout the Northern Spiritual Realm at an extremely rapid pace.

As predicted, the Northern Spiritual Realm was completely shaken by this news.

There were only a few people that could remain calm after hearing about the shocking battle. Most of them gradually widened their eyes and were startled within their hearts.

That person, Liu Jingshan, had been a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse!

How many years had it been since a powerhouse of this level appeared in the Northern Spiritual Realm at all?

But now a powerhouse of this level had finally emerged, yet he was killed without displaying its might. Furthermore, the most shocking thing was that the person who killed him was only a youthful boy!

Nobody could fathom exactly how this outcome occurred. However, it was a cold truth that many people had personally witnessed. No one was foolish enough to question it, and they could only keep the shock to themselves. Just exactly how powerful was the Mu Territory’s Little Lord?

Amidst the shock, Mu Chen’s name spread through every corner of the Northern Spiritual Realm. By relying on it, the Mu Territory’s reputation also soared and far surpassed the Liu Territory. Already, there were signs that they were becoming the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

As for the Liu Territory, ever since their ambitious plan was ruined, it was as if a fatal blow had been dealt to them. Originally, Mu Feng and the others planned on eradicating the Liu Territory from the Northern Spiritual Realm, but ultimately they did not. This was because the Liu Territory still possessed immense power even though Liu Jingshan was killed and second, their opinions did not coincide. During this Nine Territory Meeting, the Mu Territory’s reputation had increased significantly due to Mu Chen. It was evident that some of the forces were afraid that the Mu Territory would become arrogant. If they were to join forces and eliminate the Liu Territory, it would be most favorable to the Mu Territory.

Since there was no consensus, the Liu Territory was preserved. However, they still suffered heavy losses. Half of the Liu Territory’s lands were divided by the other territories. Furthermore, the Liu Territory would have to pay various compensations, which would make their family bankrupt.

And since the Liu Territory was going downhill, everybody chipped in and gave them a push. Right now, the Liu Territory was extremely unpopular. The Liu Territory’s powerhouses, who submitted to them, had all left, and this caused the Liu Territory to suffer another severe blow. However, they could only swallow it down like harsh medicine. After offending many forces and losing Liu Jingshan, the Liu Territory was no longer the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

In the future, it was highly likely that they would continue to weaken until they truly vanished from this realm.

However, they could not resist this painful consequence of their actions and could only submit to suffer.

Not only was Liu Jingshan killed during the battle in the Nine Territory City, even Liu Qingtian’s ambition and courage were destroyed. From now on, it was unlikely that they would have the guts to start another battle similar to this…

The trauma planted in them this day was too terrifying.

As the Northern Spiritual Realm was being strongly affected by the Nine Territory Meeting, Mu Chen remained unconscious. In regards to his unconscious state, even Mu Feng had no solution. When he attempted to use Spiritual Energy to investigate Mu Chen’s situation, he discovered that his Spiritual Energy vanished completely once it entered Mu Chen’s body. After repeated tries, he could only give up.

Fortunately, he was relieved by the color gradually being restored to Mu Chen’s face while he was unconscious. The injuries within his body must be gradually healing. However, the speed of recovery was quite slow…

This slow recovery lasted for nearly two weeks. Finally, Mu Chen awoke from unconsciousness.

In the quiet and refreshing room, Mu Chen’s eyes twitched as they opened slightly. Faint sunlight entered his eyes and caused them to sting.

This pain gradually vanished. As he adjusted to the intensity of the sunlight, he opened his eyes completely.

What he saw was a familiar environment. This was his room, so he should have returned back to the Mu Territory?

At this moment, bursts of pain emerged within his head and Mu Chen’s throat made a dry, muffled sound. It took a while for his head to gradually recover. Then, he placed his palms on the side of his bed and struggled to get up. However, he noticed that his hand was pressing onto supple hair. He hesitated slightly before turning his head around. At the side of his bed, there was a slender figure resting as she was laying down on the side of the bed.

“Sister Qian’Er?”

Mu Chen stared at the familiar figure and was a bit surprised. Why was she here?

As if she was aware of the movements on the bed, the girl beside the bed opened her beautiful eyes in a daze. Then, she looked blankly at Mu Chen, as he stared at her.

Seeing that the boy in front of her had awakened, the daze within Tang Qian’Er’s eyes vanished. A hint of delight surged out: “Mu Chen, you’re finally awake?”

Mu Chen directed a smile towards Tang Qian’Er and sat up properly on the bed. As she saw this, Tang Qian’Er hurriedly lifted him up with her slender hands as she simultaneously placed a pillow behind Mu Chen.

Her soft and fragrant hair stroked his face and caused it to itch. At this moment, Mu Chen could not help laughing as he noticed that the girl had become this thoughtful.

“What is it,” Tang Qian’Er asked when she noticed Mu Chen laughing inexplicably.

“It’s rare to see Miss Tang taking care of others,” Mu Chen continued to laughed.

Tang Qian’Er’s pretty face turned red. She pouted as she said: “Who wanted to take care of you? It’s because my father has been talking business with Uncle Mu recently. Since I’ll be bored in the Tang Territory anyways, I followed along with him. Furthermore, Uncle Mu didn’t have time to take care of you, so that’s why I came to take care of you.”

Mu Chen smiled, but he did not expose the girl’s act. Moreover, he was truly powerless at the moment. This time, his injuries were too grave.

“I’ll go get some water for you.” Tang Qian’Er muttered to Mu Chen before turning around to leave.

Mu Chen stared at Tang Qian’Er’s figure as she left, before he finally closed his eyes tightly. His consciousness entered his body. The majority of the injured meridians in his body had already recovered while he was unconscious. However, the Spiritual Energy light wheel within his aurasea had become quite dim and lacked Spiritual Energy. It seemed that it would only become abundant again after he cultivated it for a while.

However, Mu Chen did not care about this at all. Instead, he headed to a location within aurasea. At that location, the Nine Nether Bird was lying down on top of the mandala flower. The black flames on the surface of its body had become dim. It was evident that Mu Chen wasn’t the only one who was injured this time. Even the Nine Nether Bird had suffered greatly.

The Nine Nether Bird seemed to be aware of Mu Chen’s glance and opened its eyes slightly. It stared coldly at Mu Chen before a mocking thought was conveyed over: “You’re sure long-lived. You actually survived.”

Mu Chen smiled and ignored the ridicule from the Nine Nether Bird. He only replied seriously and sincerely: “It’s all thanks to you this time.”

Sensing the sincerity within Mu Chen’s voice, a hint of unnaturalness flashed through the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes. Although the thoughts conveyed were still cold, it no longer taunted him: “What thanks? I didn’t help you for free. You should remember what you’ve promised me, otherwise, I’ll make you pay a price if you fail to keep that promise.”

“Relax. What I promised is still valid. I won’t ingest you, and you can leave whenever you want.” Mu Chen nodded.

“As for the other condition, I’ll try to help you if I can. But what is the condition?”

Hearing this, a hint of light appeared within the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes. It hesitated for a moment before asking: “You’re going to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?”


“Then I want you to obtain an item from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy,” The Nine Nether Bird replied.

“What item?”

“The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has an Ancient Divine Beast known as the Northern Sea Dragon. Its blood essence possesses an Ancient Divine Beast’s blood. If I manage to obtain that, I will be able to use it as a catalyst and awaken the ancient blood sleeping within my body. By doing this, I will finally be able to complete my evolution and advance to a Divine Beast.”

“Northern Sea Dragon…” Hearing this, Mu Chen sucked in mouthful of cold air. It was a terrifying existence within the Myriad Beast Record’s Heaven Rankings. For the Nine Nether Bird to ask him to obtain its blood essence, isn’t it thinking too highly of him?

“Relax. Although the Northern Sea Dragon’s blood essence is valuable, it wouldn’t cause much harm to it if a bit was taken out. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy probably has a stock of it, so you should be able to get it as long as you can think of a way.” The Nine Nether Bird’s thoughts were conveyed over.

Mu Chen gave a bitter smile as he replied, “I’ll do my best.”

The Nine Nether Bird nodded. The Northern Sea Dragon was indeed troublesome. Even in its peak condition, it was impossible for the Nine Nether Bird to defeat the Northern Sea Dragon. The only method it could suppress the Northern Sea Dragon was to complete its evolution to the Nine Netherworld Bird and fully awaken the ancient Undying Bird’s blood.

Therefore, it had placed all its hope on Mu Chen. If he was able to perform exceptionally well within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there should be a chance to obtain it.

“Next up, I’ll have to rest for a while. Therefore, you shouldn’t think of borrowing my strength all the time. You should just behave yourself and protect your life, so you won’t die too early.” The Nine Nether Bird reminded him.

Mu Chen nodded reluctantly. To be honest, he did not want to borrow this strength again. This was because the cost of borrowing it was too great. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Liu Territory had cornered them, he wouldn’t have been forced into using such measure.

After Mu Chen finished his conversation with the Nine Nether Bird, his consciousness exited his aurasea. Just as he opened his eyes, he noticed Tang Qian’Er pushing open the door and entering with a water kettle in her hands.

“How long was I unconscious for?” Mu Chen took the cup and asked.

“About half a month.” Tang Qian’Er thought for a moment before replying.

Hearing this, Mu Chen clicked his tongue. He had actually fallen unconscious for such a long period of time. It seemed that the aftereffects of borrowing the Nine Nether Bird’s power were indeed quite heavy.

“That’s right…Half a month…Doesn’t that mean I missed the time to go to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” Mu Chen thought of something and quickly asked.

“What’s the hurry? There is still 5 days.” Tang Qian’Er batted an eye at Mu Chen.

Only then, Mu Chen was relieved. If his entry to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was delayed because of this, it would be a severe loss to him.

“Hmph, are you thinking about the fact that nobody would bother you once you’ve entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” Tang Qian’Er’s face turned sour as she asked coldly.

“How is this possible? With Sister Qian’Er’s beauty, you will definitely be in the top ranks, even if you enter the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Although the students within the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy are all female, the five academies would often communicate with each other. When that happens, wouldn’t you completely captivate all the other academies’ students? You’ll probably be unhappy if I beg you to bother me then.” Mu Chen smiled and replied.

Tang Qian’Er chuckled. She raised her chin proudly and said: “That’s correct. There are many outstanding youths in the Five Great Academies. Once I fall for someone, who would care about you?”

After saying this, Tang Qian’Er raised her fists at Mu Chen and muttered: “Moreover, you shouldn’t act too arrogantly. I will surely cultivate properly within the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. If by some chance I meet you again, I’ll show you how amazing I am!”

“That’s enough for now. I’ll call Uncle Mu and the others over. You should rest for a while.”

Tang Qian’Er smiled at Mu Chen as she ended the conversation. Then, she stood up and headed outside.

Mu Chen stared at the girl’s figure as she departed. He inhaled deeply as his closed his eyes. At the same time, he slowly clasped his hands together.

The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I’m really looking forward to you.

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