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Chapter 107 – Exterminate


As it illuminated the sky with a black light, the massive and mysterious black lotus soared through the sky at an alarming speed and emerged above Liu Jingshan, who was still transformed into the Double-Headed Hellhound.

While the black lotus slowly rotated, numerous lotus petals began to bloom. The entire world seemed to become dim at this moment as the Spiritual Aura within the world converged on the black lotus.

This fluctuation was extremely alarming.

Within Liu Jingshan’s blood-red eyes, a hint of unease flashed. From the mysterious black lotus, he could feel a hint of death.

At this moment, the only thing he could do was to use all of his strength to resist it. This was definitely Mu Chen’s last resort. As long as he managed to block it, it was certain that Mu Chen would die.


A roar filled with killing intent rang out from Liu Jingshan’s mouth. A ferocious aura surged out from his body as the two hound heads opened their hideous mouths.

Flames and black winds gathered rapidly within the respective mouths, distorting the surrounding air.

Everybody in the city watched this scene nervously. They could tell that the two people in the sky were using their last resorts.

“Blackwyrm Firestorm!”

At this moment, all of the Spiritual Energy within Liu Jingshan’s body began to circulate. The fiery light and black winds, located at each of their hideously respective mouths, expanded hundreds of meters in size. In an instant, a roar containing a murderous intent bellowed out once again.


The entire sky seemed to tremble at this moment. Then, countless individuals were witnesses as a flame dragon and a black wind dragon, each hundreds of meters tall, rushed out from Liu Jingshan’s mouth.

The two enormous dragons charged towards the sky and entwined with each other. As the two dragons converged, the flames were fanned by the winds, and it burned more furiously. The violent ferocity of the Spiritual Energy also increased exponentially and was extremely shocking.

This attack was truly Liu Jingshan’s strongest technique!

Everybody watched the entwined twin dragons in awe. These dragons carried a peerless Spiritual Energy as they charged directly towards the mysterious black lotus. Behind them, a long tail formed by shining lights emerged.

At this moment, the final lotus petal slowly bloomed on the mysterious lotus.

A dark-black light, like darkness that invaded the earth, converged swiftly at the center of the black lotus. In the center of the lotus, a black liquid seemed to be dripping down.

At this moment, the dark-black light suddenly became stronger.


Everybody noticed that the mysterious black lotus trembled slightly at this moment. Then, a black beam that was hundreds of meters wide silently erupted from the black lotus.

From the looks of it, this black light beam did not possess an overly violent Spiritual Energy. It was like a black pillar of water that descended down from the sky as it surged through the sky. Under many people’s nervous gazes, it collided with the fire and wind dragons.


A Spiritual Energy shockwave emitted from the point of contact, and the entire world seemed to tremble at this moment.


The twin dragons roared and struggled to breakthrough. Waves of matchless and violent Spiritual Energy emitted out and attempted to dissipate the black light pillar that descended upon it. However, what shocked everyone was that no matter what the twin dragons did, the black light beam remained motionless. It was like a pillar  supporting the sky and was unmoved by the confronting dragons.

As Liu Jingshan watched this scene, the uneasiness within his eyes increased. Although the black light beam was not extraordinarily imposing, it still gave him the chills.

In the distance, Mu Chen watched the confrontation in the sky calmly. He immediately moved his fingers gently and the black lotus in midair crumbled. It turned into a black liquid and fused with the black light beam.


As the black lotus faded away, an enormous black lotus imprint emerged on the surface of the black light beam. The hidden brilliance within it had finally been exposed.

Hidden dark-black lights erupted from the light beam. At this moment, the twin dragons gave a shrill cry. Then, many people were aghast to see that cracks had surfaced on the fire and wind dragons’ bodies.

At that instant, Liu Jingshan’s eyes narrowed.


A shocking sound resounded out. The black light beam had actually penetrated through the fire and wind dragons forcibly.

In the instant that the twin dragons were penetrated, horror poured out from Liu Jingshan’s eyes. A feeling of death swarmed through and consumed his heart in terror.

Under the threat of death, he immediately turned into a black light and retreated. He could feel that he would definitely die if that mysterious black light landed on him!


Sounds of shock broke out in the city as they noticed Liu Jingshan fleeing suddenly. Even Liu Qingtian’s expression had turned pale.

“You want to escape?!”

Mu Chen’s cold eyes stared at the black light that was Liu Jingshan. He had used all possible measures in order to force Liu Jingshan to this hopeless situation. If he allowed him to escape, everything he did would be completely useless. After all, the latter would come back after he rested for a period of time. As for Mu Chen, he wouldn’t be able to borrow the Nine Nether Bird’s power every time.

Therefore, he must eliminate Liu Jingshan so there wouldn’t be any future troubles.


As the killing intent within Mu Chen’s heart surged, the black light beam that had pierced through the twin dragons suddenly made a turn. It tore through the sky and chased after Liu Jingshan at an intense speed.

The black light beam was as swift as lightning. In only a few seconds, it had appeared behind Liu Jingshan.


Liu Jingshan shouted in horror. He furiously roused his Spiritual Energy and placed a massive Spiritual Energy barrier behind his body.


However, the black light beam did not care and charged straight at it. Finally, it landed on the Spiritual Energy barrier.


The seemingly powerful Spiritual Energy barrier was completely ineffective at this moment. The black light beam was like the sickle of a death god, and it easily ripped through the Spiritual Energy barrier. Then, it smashed into the Double-Headed Hellhound, which was Liu Jingshan, fiercely.


At that instant, Liu Jingshan’s cries of despair and fear resounded throughout the sky.


Amidst the screams, the black light beam forcefully pierced through Liu Jingshan’s body before it shot off to a distant mountain. The entire earth trembled as the mountain instantly vanished.

At this moment, the entire city was completely silent.

This was because they had witnessed the Double-Headed Hellhound disappearing completely as the black light beam passed by, not even its bones remained.

It was a scene as though he had been forcefully erased from the world.

In the sky, the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations subsided quickly. Even the extraordinary battle earlier had completely faded away.

Within the city, numerous people exchanged glances with each other as they stared at the empty sky. Liu Jingshan was killed just like this?

A Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse had fallen like this?

Liu Qingtian, Liu Mubai and the others stared blankly at the place where Liu Jingshan had vanished. A feeling of dizziness emerged from their minds and they could not help but sit down on the floor.

The excellent situation they had originally, the ambitions of dominating the Northern Spiritual Realm, all of this was completely destroyed?

And everything was caused by Mu Chen, who they did not think of highly before?

“How could this be…” Liu Qingtian’s body trembled. His eyes no longer had the sharpness they had earlier. What replaced it was a deep sense of fear. This time, the Liu Territory had offended all the forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Yet, the only person they could have possibly relied on had been killed. From now on, the Liu Territory would definitely take a severe blow within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Beside Liu Qingtian, the other 3 Territory Lords that did not help out Mu Feng and the others also took a deep breath. They stared grimly at Liu Qingtian and slowly moved away. It was evident that they did not want to have any relation to the Liu Territory anymore.

“Brother Mu Feng. I never imagined that your Mu Territory would actually have hidden such a trump card,” Tang Shan muttered as he recovered from his shock.

A few Territory Lords nearby also looked at Mu Feng with a complex expression. Within their eyes, fear arose. They were genuinely shocked by the attack that Mu Chen had unleashed.

No wonder Mu Chen was able to become the only person that qualified for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Hearing this, Mu Feng could only smile bitterly. He knew nothing about this. Moreover, he did not expect that Mu Chen possessed such power…

In the sky, Mu Chen glanced at the place where Liu Jingshan had vanished. After he confirmed that the latter’s aura had completely vanished, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

But just as he sighed, the power within his body rapidly subsided. A feeling of powerlessness quickly emerged. At the same time, intense pain rose throughout his body and he felt that his body had become completely useless.

Powerlessness surged through Mu Chen’s mind. In the end, his body wobbled and he lost consciousness as he fell from the sky.

Seeing this, Mu Feng hurriedly rushed out and caught Mu Chen, who was completely covered in blood. Then, he landed on the ground carefully.

“Uncle Mu, is he alright?” Tang Qian’Er hurriedly approached. She could not help but bite her lips when she noticed that Mu Chen was covered in blood.

“His is still breathing. He should only be unconscious.”

Mu Feng examined Mu Chen for a while before letting out a heavy sigh of relief. Then, he exchanged gazes with Tang Shan and the others. A hint of chill flashed through their eyes.

“Qian’Er, please take care of this boy.”

Mu Feng handed over the unconscious Mu Chen to Tang Qian’Er. When the girl saw this, she hurriedly grabbed onto Mu Chen’s waist without caring about the tainted blood all over his body. The robust feeling and manly aura made her blush. Then, she secretly stared at the unconscious boy’s handsome face as her heartbeat increased.

As Tang Qian’Er’s heartbeat increased, many people within the city were staring at the Territory Lords, who approached the Liu Territory’s troops with expressions devoid of compassion. They secretly sighed to themselves. Next up, it would be the concluding act. The Liu Territory’s position within the Northern Spiritual Realm would definitely plummet. On the other hand, by relying on the fear of Mu Chen, the Mu Territory would undoubtedly become the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

The setup of the Northern Spiritual Realm would still change. However, it was still many times better than having been forcibly annexed by the Liu Territory…

All of this was due to this boy.

A few gazes stared at the boy in the beautiful girl’s arms. Their hands covered their mouths, and a touch of admiration passed through their eyes. The Mu Territory’s Little Lord had definitely exceeded his father.

After this battle, Mu Chen’s name would definitely become known to everyone in the Northern Spiritual Realm.

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