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Chapter 109 – Recovery

During the next few days, Mu Chen spent all his time fully recovering himself. In a few days, it was time to head back to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. According to Mister Hao, there will be a true examination when they enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Comparatively, it seemed that this examination was not on the same level as the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Entry Competition. This was because the opponents this time around were not limited to a tiny group from the Northern Spiritual Academy but instead consisted of genius from various locations, far and wide.

Moreover, there would also be some monsters that passed through the Spiritual Road.

It would not be a simple matter to stand out during the examination. Thus, Mu Chen must recover completely before that day arrives.

Fortunately, Mu Chen did not meet many obstacles during his recovery. In just three days, the dim Spiritual Energy light wheel within his aura sea was once again starting to emit light.

Furthermore, its Spiritual Energy density was many times more powerful than before. It was evident that the battle and heavy injuries were actually beneficial to Mu Chen.

Although the Spiritual Energy within the Spiritual Wheel had become denser, there was still no feeling of advancement. However, Mu Chen was not disappointed. If he thought it was this simple to advance to the Spirit Stage,  wouldn’t he truly be underestimating this level?

Even though his Spiritual Energy did not show any significant signs of breakthrough, Mu Chen obtained an unexpected harvest. He detected that the amount of Spiritual Seals had finally broken through to 21 Seals…

Breaking through from 20 Seals to 21 Seals was a qualitative advancement.

This was because by breaking through this level, it meant that Mu Chen possessed a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master’s strength!

To a certain extent, a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master was already comparable to a Spirit Stage powerhouse. Originally, Mu Chen thought that it would take at least a month before he could accomplish this step, but who would have imagined that the battle, that had left his body in ruins, would provide such a benefit to him.

Furthermore, with this hidden card, Mu Chen finally felt a bit of confidence towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s true examination.

Moreover, after Mu Chen broke through to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, the amount of Spiritual Seals he could condense increased significantly. In just two short days, the amount of Spiritual Seals he could condense had reached a staggering 26 Seals. Moreover, as time passed, the amount would gradually keep increasing.

Although the battle brought numerous benefits to Mu Chen, it also caused a bit of trouble for him. The trouble was that his father kept insisting that he reveal and explain the source of the sudden power boost from the day of his battle.

Mu Chen knew that Mu Feng only asked him because he was worried; after all, that power was far too strong. With Mu Chen’s strength, it was evident that he could not control it completely.

At first, Mu Chen did not want to talk about this matter, because he was afraid that Mu Feng would just become more worried. After all, even if Mu Feng knew about it, it was impossible for him to drag the Nine Nether Bird out of his body and would only cause both of them to develop a concern for no reason.

However, the situation with the Nine Nether Bird had changed. Although the Nine Nether Bird was still cold, its hostile attitude had softened a lot; and it would not attack him in secret. Therefore, Mu Chen didn’t need to worry about mentioning it to Mu Feng.

Therefore, Mu Chen told the truth to Mu Feng.

After his explanation, he noticed Mu Feng entering a daze suddenly. After a while, the latter gradually recovered from the shock and stared strangely at Mu Chen.

Despite the significant effort the Liu Territory and Mu Territory put into obtaining the highly-coveted Nine Nether Bird from the Black Eerie Swamp, they had both failed.   Who would have imagined that during their time in the Black Eerie Swamp, the Nine Nether Bird would have actually taken refuge inside of Mu Chen’s body on its own?

Under Mu Feng’s gaze, Mu Chen could only shrug helplessly. He didn’t know why this had happened either. Perhaps, this could only be explained as fate.

After Mu Feng’s  look of surprise lasted a while, he gradually got over the shock. However, he immediately frowned. As a Spirit Stage powerhouse, he had once ingested a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. He naturally knew how rebellious a Spiritual Beast of that level could be. Back in those days, he had gone through great pains in order to ingest the Dragonfire Bird; yet the Nine Nether Bird within Mu Chen’s body was many times stronger than the Dragonfire Bird.

Considering Mu Chen’s strength, Mu Feng could not determine whether it was good or bad for him to host such a vicious beast within his body.

Seeing that Mu Feng was concerned, Mu Chen consoled him for a while. Only after he explained the current status of his relationship with the Nine Nether Bird did Mu Feng relax a bit. However, Mu Feng still told him to remain vigilant. A Spiritual Beast of that level had an intelligence that was not inferior to that of a human. Also, given the Nine Nether Bird’s previous schemes, Mu Feng did not hold any doubts about its viciousness. That thing was definitely an extremely dangerous existence.

Hearing this, Mu Chen replied with a smile.

Time flew by quickly and in the blink of an eye, it was the day before his departure.

In the quiet courtyard, Mu Chen was currently cultivating with his eyes closed when he heard familiar footsteps approaching. He opened his eyes and noticed Mu Feng entering the courtyard.

“Dad.” Mu Chen directed a smile at Mu Feng as he spoke.

Mu Feng walked up next to Mu Chen and rubbed the latter’s head. A hint of reluctance and affection emerged in his eyes as he smiled: “Brat, you’ll be leaving tomorrow. This time, you probably won’t be able to come back for a while. You should properly cultivate in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even though there are geniuses everywhere over there, I won’t allow you to disgrace me!”

Mu Chen could see the reluctance within Mu Feng’s eyes, and his heart suddenly felt a hint of warmth. He smiled and replied: “Dad, just relax. Your son isn’t someone who can be easily bullied…”

Mu Feng was slightly depressed. Over these years, he had brought up Mu Chen alone. Although Mu Chen was always sensible, Mu Feng could have always helped him when he was in trouble in the Northern Spiritual Realm. But once he left the Northern Spiritual Realm and entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he would not be able to give any protection to Mu Chen.

“You’ll have to leave tomorrow. Your father has nothing to give you. However, I’ve heard that you’ve advanced to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, so I’ve been searching for Diagram Arrays during the past two days…”

Mu Feng directed a smile to Mu Chen and gripped his hand tightly. Then, a glowing scroll emerged within his hand: “This is a Rank 2 Diagram Array, it should be of use to you.”

Mu Chen was stunned and touched as he immediately accepted the glowing scroll. In the Northern Spiritual Realm, a Rank 2 Diagram Array was considered rare. Mu Feng must have gone to extraordinary lengths in order to find this Diagram Array. No wonder he was busy during the past two days. He had clearly been spending his spare time for this reason.

“Thanks dad.”

Mu Chen placed the Diagram Array within the Mustard Seed Bracelet. Although he had become a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, he did not have any Rank 2 Diagram Arrays. Although he had the “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array”, which was comparable to a Rank 3 Spiritual Array, Mu Chen could not arrange it unless he borrowed the Nine Nether Bird’s strength.

Therefore, right now, he urgently needed this Rank 2 Diagram Array.

Mu Chen pondered before he asked, “Dad, after I leave, managing the Mu Territory will be all up to you. Is it truly fine that you did not get rid of the Liu Territory?”  He probably would have to leave the Northern Spiritual Realm for quite a long period of time. Naturally, he wanted Mu Feng to be safe here.

“Right now, the Liu Territory is greatly weakened and is nothing to be feared.” Mu Feng smiled: “Moreover, you shouldn’t underestimate your father. This time, I gained some inspiration and can vaguely feel the threshold of a Heavenly Fusion Stage. If I were to train for a while, I should be able to advance to the Heavenly Fusion Stage.”


A hint of surprise emerged in Mu Chen’s eyes. If Mu Feng successfully advanced to the Heavenly Fusion Stage, nobody would dare offend him in the Northern Spiritual Realm, and the Mu Territory would be completely stable as well.

“Haha, you should rest well today. I’ll send you to the Northern Spiritual Academy tomorrow.” Mu Feng smiled proudly and patted Mu Chen’s shoulders before he left.

Mu Chen stared at Mu Feng’s broad back. He suddenly felt that his mouth was slightly blocked and could only gently mutter: “Dad, remember the promise that I said to you. There will come a day when I bring mother back here. Our family will definitely be reunited.”

Mu Feng’s silhouette suddenly stopped at the entrance of the courtyard. He lifted his head and sighed. His eyes were slightly wet, and he slowly nodded his head.

“Brat, just cultivate properly. Your father will wait for that day.”

In the early morning of the following day, Mu Chen had gotten up early and left his room. He noticed that Mu Feng and Zhou Ye were waiting for him outside.

Zhou Ye escorted Mu Feng and Mu Chen out of the Mu Estate, before he rubbed Mu Chen’s hair.  “Little Mu, good luck. I hope that you can surprise Uncle Zhou the next time you come back to the Northern Spiritual Realm,” he said with some emotion.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded to Zhou Ye: “Relax Uncle Zhou. Instead, shouldn’t you worry about finding a wife?.”

“Damn brat.” Zhou Ye could not help but laugh.

“Let’s go.” Mu Feng waved his hand and took the lead towards the Transfer Spiritual Array within the Mu City. Mu Feng waved at Zhou Ye before he quickly followed.

As the two passed through the Mu City, numerous gazes were projected over towards them. Most of the gazes were fixed at Mu Chen’s body and curiosity and awe were within them.

It was evident that Mu Chen had become a well-known figure, after the battle above the Nine Territory Meeting. The fame had even surpassed Mu Feng and the other Territory Lords.

“Right now, your name is even more dazzling than mine,” Mu Feng laughed as he noticed the surroundings gazes.

Hearing this, Mu Chen also smiled: “When I return, I will use my own strength to obtain these gazes.”

“Daring and resolute. I’ll wait for that to happen.”

Mu Feng smiled as he stepped onto the Transfer Spiritual Array while Mu Chen quickly followed. Then, Mu Feng quickly waved his sleeves, and a light emerged as Spiritual Energy surged out. Their figures quickly vanished under countless estranged gazes.

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