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Chapter 1073 - Return

On the massive ocean, boundless Spiritual Energy descended from the sky in streaks, forming into strips of clouds tinged with shades of the sunset with Mu Chen sitting in the centre. Since he had just advanced in his cultivation, he was having difficulties controlling the boundless Spiritual Energy in his body, which caused his clothes to flutter and the noise of a gale resounded, trembling the surrounding atmosphere to the point that there were resounding buzzing noises.

His closed eyes had slowly opened at this moment and dark spiritual light flashed in his eyes. The cracks of blood on his skin had also completely disappeared at this moment.

“Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm…”

Mu Chen lowered his head and was stunned. Looking at his own hands, he sensed the boundless Spiritual Energy in his body. At this moment, he couldn’t help having his heart rolling despite his composure.

When he left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he still didn’t have his own Sovereign Celestial Body. When he joined the Great Havenlaw Domain, he was only a mere First Grade Sovereign. But through the tempering for all these years, he had finally touched the end of the Sovereign Realm.

As long as he could break through the shackles of Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, then he would be able to ascend to the level of experts!

Earth Sovereign Realm!

As long as he could step through that level, then he would have the qualifications to be proud in the Great thousand World. By that time, he would be ranked amongst the list of powerhouses.

At that time, he would also possess the capability and confidence to head for the Luo God Clan.

This was something that used to be far from him. But today, it was already within his reach, which made Mu Chen feel gratified. His bitter cultivation during the years had not been for nought.

Mu Chen slightly smiled as he looked at his own body, before observing his Sovereign Sea. The scale of his Sovereign Sea had grown several times stronger than it was before his secluded cultivation. His robust Spiritual Energy had also exceeded what it was before by countless folds.

Furthermore, his Spiritual Energy was also extremely refined. If he looked carefully, he would realise that there were transparent flames in his Spiritual Energy, filled with vigorous vitality.

“It’s the Undying Flames that I have previously absorbed…”

Watching this scene, Mu Chen rejoiced in his heart. It looked like the cultivation over the past two years had also allowed the Undying Flames in his Sovereign Sea to integrate into his Spiritual Energy, which was a great harvest for him.

Those Undying Flames might not look remarkable, but Mu Chen knew that the moment the Undying Flames were integrated into his Spiritual Energy, they would bestow his Spiritual Energy with vigorous and undying vitality. So despite the fact that Mu Chen was only at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm at this moment, in terms of robustness, not even a genuine Ninth Grade Sovereign might be able to outlast him.

Mu Chen smiled before he exited his Sovereign Sea, then looked at his arms. He could see the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits residing on his arms. Although there weren’t any changes in their size, there was a drastic change in their colour. The dazzling gold had completely turned into a dark gold with shades of purple.

Sensing Mu Chen’s gaze, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits suddenly opened their eyes. At that moment, the power of the True Dragon and Phoenix pressure seemed to have enveloped the surroundings, which caused the surrounding sea level to be lowered.

Sensing the powerful pressure, Mu Chen’s eyes lit up. The pressure was something that would make even an Eighth Grade Sovereign suppressed into immobility without the ability to fight back.

Naturally, during the two years of cultivation, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits had benefited from this place, obtaining a complete transformation.

At this moment, if Mu Chen encountered Bai Ming again, he probably wouldn’t have to make a move himself. He probably only had to leak a bit of the True Dragon and Phoenix pressure and that fellow would by lying on the ground.

“The harvest in this secluded cultivation is truly stunning.”

Mu Chen withdrew his thoughts and sensed his own ascension with satisfaction filled in his eyes. According to the Temporal Law here, he had bitterly cultivated for two years here, so only half a year should have passed in the outside world.

His ascension in these six months was something that would leave anyone dumbfounded.

He gently smiled, then waved his hand and his silhouette had already mysteriously appeared on the island.

“Haha, congratulations on your breakthrough.”

His silhouette had just appeared, but Nine Nether’s laughter could be heard. Lifting his gaze, the slender silhouette appeared in his eyes and shock rose on his face.

“You broke through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?” Mu Chen asked with shock. He could clearly sense the faint threat emanating from Nine Nether, which was something that belonged to a genuine Ninth Grade Sovereign.

“It’s all thanks to Senior’s inheritance blood essence.” Nine Nether nodded her head with a smile filling her face. Evidently, she was also satisfied with her harvest in this journey, which would allow her to help Mu Chen and not just drag his feet down.

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips. He had been bitterly cultivating for two years and he only ascended to the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. But in the end, Nine Nether’s fortune was even greater, since she had ridden the ride straight to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, which made him somewhat envious.

“The principles of cultivation between a Divine Beast and Human are different. To begin with, each have their pros and cons.” The Undying Bird Beast Sovereign slightly smiled from the side.

Mu Chen nodded his head and looked at the figure of the gorgeous woman that was nearly transparent, before his eyes turned dark. He knew that the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign would soon completely disappear from this world.

This Senior had given him the opportunity to enter this realm. Otherwise, if he wanted to reach his current cultivation, he would probably need a year. Furthermore, the foundation wouldn’t be as stable as it was now.

When the gorgeous woman saw his gaze, she casually smiled, “I have already died, so only my spiritual form has been left behind. However, that was just to prevent the demonic will from contaminating the Divine Beast Origin. Now that I have found a Successor, I’m satisfied.”

“In the future, if this Junior has the strength to inherit this place, I will definitely make an effort to guard the Great Thousand World.” Mu Chen cupped his fists and bowed with a solemn promise.

The gorgeous woman was gratified and nodded her head before her figure became even more transparent. It was as if her obsession had disappeared. She then pointed with her finger. Space fluctuated before them and formed into a vortex.

“This spatial vortex leads to the Nine Netherbird Clan. The two of you should get going once I disappear.”

Both Mu Chen and Nine Nether bowed towards the Undying Bird once again.

The gorgeous woman looked at this realm without reluctance to leave anymore, then she gradually closed her eyes. Her body became even more transparent, before turning into countless sparks of light and disappeared.

Boom! Boom!

The massive ocean rolled at this moment, issuing a respectful rumbling cry that seemed to be sending off this supreme powerhouse that once ruled the Divine Beast Origin.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at the area where the gorgeous woman had disappeared from for a long time before sighing then exchanged a glance. They no longer hesitated and strode into the spatial vortex.

Ripples fluctuated from the spatial vortex and devoured the two of them. In the end, the spatial fluctuation exploded, then the vortex slowly disappeared.

Along with their departure, this space that contained endless Spiritual Energy went silent once again, waiting for the next time that it would be opened up. Perhaps at that time, Mu Chen would have become a true powerhouse…

Space disorderly fluctuated, which had interfered with Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s Spiritual Energy perception. But the transportation did not last for a long time. Light had blossomed before them. They took a step forth and the scenery around them had drastically changed.

A familiar scenery entered their eyes with numerous streaks of light shooting over from the distance. They had clearly sensed the spatial undulation here.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at the familiar scenery in the Nine Netherbird Clan, feeling as if they had been given a new life. After all, the two years of secluded cultivation was too dry and monotone, even for them.

While Mu Chen and Nine Nether were stunned, the streaks of light had already appeared with shock and alertness in their eyes when they saw Nine Nether.

“Bring us to the Patriarch and the Elders.” Nine Nether lifted her hand and gently said.

Those streaks of light were the Law Enforcers of the Nine Netherbird clan, who had mighty strength. Their status was even higher than Nine Nether herself. In the past, they were only slightly stronger than Nine Nether, but today, when they saw Nine Nether again, they were stunned by the pressure that was being emitted from her. They were inwardly astonished, since they had only felt that kind of pressure from the Elders of the Clan.

In just six months, how did Nine Nether’s strength grow so much?

They exchanged looks with doubt filling their hearts. But in the end, they did not dare to enquire. They had immediately turned around, taking the lead.

The Elders Hall

When Patriarch Tian Huang and the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan saw Nine Nether and Mu Chen in the hall, all of them had shock in their eyes.

“Nine Nether, you two…” Patriarch Tian Huang couldn’t help asking. In just six months, Nine Nether had actually ascended from the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?

Even Mu Chen had stepped into the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm from the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm.

The massive rise had caused even Patriarch Tian Huang to be somewhat shocked, despite his bountiful experience.

Nine Nether slightly smiled, “I obtained the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird. Furthermore, we have received the guidance from Senior Undying Bird, herself, so our strength has undergone a drastic change.”

She did not mention anything about the Divinity Sea, since the temptation of it was too great. Even Earth Sovereign powerhouses would covet after it. Furthermore, the only condition to enter it was in Mu Chen’s hands. If it was revealed, it would definitely bring trouble to him.

“So it truly was the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign…”

Patriarch Tian Huang and the rest suddenly understood and they sighed. They knew that the matter shouldn’t be so simple, but since Nine Nether didn’t wish to reveal everything, then there’s no way they could extract it from her. Anyhow, it’s still a good thing to the Nine Netherbird Clan, in the end.

Patriarch Tian Huang and the Elders exchanged a look and when they looked at Mu Chen again, their gazes had turned even more gentle. Mu Chen had not only helped Nine Nether obtain the inheritance blood essence, he even helped her increase her strength and this, in itself, was a considerable grace.

“Mu Chen, from today onward, we will not mention a word about your Bloodlink Bond with Nine Nether any further. I hope that, in the future, the two of you can be more careful.” Patriarch Tian Huang slowly said.

“Many thanks, Patriarch and Elders.” Mu Chen cupped his fists and loosened up his heart. He had finally resolved this matter, since he did not wish to make the relationship between him and the Nine Netherbird Clan awkward with Nine Nether being caught in the centre.


Patriarch Tian Huang paused before continuing, “Through our discussions, we have decided to invite you to become an Elder of the Nine Netherbird Clan. I wonder, what’s your thought about this?”

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were stunned. To become an Elder in the Nine Netherbird Clan, one would at least require their cultivation to be at the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. The Elders were considered, to most, powerful existences in the Nine Netherbird Clan. Not to mention the past Mu Chen, even now he was only at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm at this moment, so he naturally wasn’t qualified for it. But those wasn’t the most important factor, the most important factor was that he was not someone of the Nine Netherbird Clan…

The title of an Elder in the Nine Netherbird Clan was extremely important. If he managed it well, then the Nine Netherbird Clan would definitely be a force behind him in the future.

This was a force that’s even stronger than the Great Havenlaw Domain itself!

Furthermore, Mu Chen definitely needed such strength behind him. Therefore, he only briefly hesitated when he heard the proposal from Patriarch Tian Huang and cupped his hands with a smile.

“This Junior has no opinion about it.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s response, Patriarch Tian Huang and the Elders felt relieved and their gazes were even more friendly when they looked at Mu Chen.

“Right, not long before, Domain Ruler Mandala of the Great Havenlaw Domain had left a message for you.” Patriarch Tian Huang suddenly raised his hand and a jade strip flew towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen received it and crushed the jade strip, before his pupils suddenly contracted.

There was only a sentence left in the jade strip, which caused Mu Chen’s heart to lift with waves.

“The Ancient Haven Palace has appeared, return swiftly!”

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