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Chapter 1072 - Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm


On the ocean that stretched as far as the eye could see, stormy waves were lifted that were myriad feet high. The waves that were constantly swept up slammed down, which brought along a deafening sound. It was akin to the sound of destruction that made the heart of one tremble.

Under the heavy layer of waves, Mu Chen’s silhouette stood firm like a boulder. Even if the myriad feet waves enveloped him, they still couldn’t shake him.

The Spiritual Energy around his body had retracted without any leakage. Only a golden light was circulating on the surface of his body. The golden light wasn’t only stronger than before, it even had a darker shade, like a true gold that had been suppressed for countless of years, making it extremely thick.

While the waves constantly swept out, Mu Chen’s eyes, which had been shut for a year, had finally, slowly opened.


His pitch-black pupils were dazzling with gold at this moment, as if the golden light had an actual form. A powerful and indescribable Spiritual Energy was bursting from Mu Chen’s eyes.

A hundred-foot wide crater was torn open by two golden lights that appeared from the ocean. It took a long time for the water to return back normal.

Mu Chen’s eyes surged with golden light and if someone took a closer look, his body was endlessly trembling at this moment with his hands balled together, causing veins to wriggle on his arm. A dreadful power was be emitted with every wriggle, causing the surrounding atmosphere to buzz.

Mu Chen was also excited in his heart at this moment, since only he knew how massive and boundless the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea was. It was so much so that he even doubted that if he continued to cultivate further, even his Sovereign Sea might not be able to take it and explode.

Every single meridian and muscle in his body contained Spiritual Energy, reaching the extreme limits.

If someone made a move at him at this moment, they probably only needed to cause a small Spiritual Energy movement and it would wreck Mu Chen’s control over the Spiritual Energy in his body, causing the Spiritual Energy in his body to sweep out. At that time, even with the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, he would probably be reduced to ashes under the violent Spiritual Energy explosion.

At this moment, he was like a volcano due to erupt.

However, if he could bear the explosive energy, then his harvest would cause countless people to have their eyes turning red with envy.

“Just about there…”

Sensing the violent and whistling Spiritual Energy in his body, Mu Chen inwardly murmured before he no longer hesitated. His face immediately turned solemn and he formed some seals with both of his hands.


The instant his seals were formed, Mu Chen’s body violently jolted and his skin had immediately turned red with beads of blood seeping from his pores.

However, Mu Chen couldn’t be bothered about that at the moment, since the inside of his body was in an even more horrifying state at this moment. The boundless Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea had omnidirectionally exploded, like ferocious dragons charging through his body, causing his meridians to twist in their path. He felt a stinging pain all over his body and even his blood was being endlessly compressed.

The terrifying energy seemed like it wanted to completely wreck Mu Chen’s body.

The pain that he was feeling right now couldn’t be described. But Mu Chen’s gaze did not even move because ever since he had made the decision to suppress his Spiritual Energy to go for an explosive breakthrough, he was already prepared for this.

That’s because, according to his estimations, he would probably only be able to break through to the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm if he did it the normal way. Furthermore, he did not obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird like Nine Nether, so he couldn’t leap over two grades so easily like her.

After all, he was a human, which was fundamentally different from Divine Beasts. The cultivation of a human was slow and, in most cases, the cultivation of Divine Beasts leapt and soared. The moment their strength improved, they would undergo a soar in their strength.

In the past, Nine Nether’s strength had far exceeded Mu Chen’s but he had caught up. But right now, Nine Nether’s strength had evidently soared at this moment.

Therefore, if Mu Chen wanted to make use of this opportunity to increase his strength as much as possible, then he would have to adopt other methods, such as absorbing Spiritual Energy and compressing it.

However, there were risks in using this method. That’s because if the Spiritual Energy was suppressed too much, there was a high chance that the user wouldn’t be able to endure it, which would result in the risk of their annihilation.

However, such risks weren’t fearsome to Mu Chen, who had been wandering between the border of life and death for several years. Therefore, he had chosen this path without any hesitation.

Boom! Boom!

Boundless and massive Spiritual Energy charged throughout Mu Chen’s body, causing his eyes to turn red. In the end, there was even blood dripping down from the corner of his eyes, as if he was tearing blood.

His body was also covered with bloody cracks, as if he was about to explode.

On the rock island, Nine Nether was extremely nervous as she watched this scene. She knew that Mu Chen had reached the crucial moment and if he failed, then not only would the two years be wasted, he would even suffer heavy injuries.


While Nine Nether’s eyes were fixated on Mu Chen, a bombardment suddenly occurred from the huge wave below and a huge roar that was akin to that of a dragon resounded. Mu Chen suddenly stood up and had directly ignited the Spiritual Energy in his body without caring for the cracks on his body!

An indescribable shock wave of Spiritual Energy dominated forth and the ocean in a myriad-foot radius was suppressed, forming into a massive vortex.

A myriad wave was forcefully pushed around the vortex before reaching the rock island and quietly disappeared.

Nine Nether’s eyes were fixated on the vortex in the ocean.

Spiritual light blossomed from Mu Chen’s body and, at this moment, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation burst forth and was rising at an astonishing speed.

The Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!

Pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!

Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm!

In just a few moments, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from Mu Chen had already surpassed Seventh Grade Sovereign and he made his breakthrough, stepping into the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm.

“He broke through to the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm!” Nine Nether exclaimed in joy.

Standing beside her, the translucent gorgeous woman slightly smiled, before she said, “It has not come to an end, that fellow’s ambition is truly not small.”

“Will he break through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?” Nine Nether couldn’t help asking. But when she spoke, her expression turned much more grave without any joy. That’s because she knew that Mu Chen had always been firm and sturdy in the foundation of his cultivation. If he broke through too swiftly even after two years of cultivation, it would definitely cause a repercussion.

“If he is fearless and goes all-out, it might not be impossible for him to break through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. But if that’s the case, then he would have to bear some repercussions.” The gorgeous woman faintly said.

Her eyesight was keen and vicious. She could see the potential of Mu Chen breaking through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. But it was just as Nine Nether was worrying about, if he improved too quickly, then it wouldn’t be a good thing for him.

Nine Nether gently nodded her head. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation that burst out from Mu Chen’s body in the boundless spiritual light was still swiftly growing stronger. In less than ten breaths’ time, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that burst from Mu Chen’s body had surpassed an ordinary Eighth Grade Sovereign’s, swiftly approaching the pinnacle level of the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Another ten-odd breath passed. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation that emanated from Mu Chen’s body was like a thundercloud covering the sky. It was extremely powerful.

Nine Nether’s heart was also lifted to her throat. Judging from the current presence, as long as Mu Chen wished for it, he could probably step into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

The moment he reached that level, then the Earth Sovereign Realm would just be within his reach.

He was endlessly approaching the level of a supreme powerhouse.


Sure enough, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that burst out from Mu Chen’s body surged and in just ten-odd breaths, the Spiritual Energy in Mu Chen’s body had reached the limit of the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm before exploding. Nine Nether could sense from the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that Mu Chen had broken through the boundaries of the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, reaching the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.


Nine Nether inwardly sighed and the gorgeous woman beside her shook her head as well. If Mu Chen didn’t even have the ability to control himself, then he would have to suffer quite a bit in the future if he wanted to break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm.

As a Super Divine Beast and a top-tiered powerhouse of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, she naturally knew that there were countless Ninth Grade Sovereigns in the world. But only a few of those could make it to the Earth Sovereign Realm. That’s because, if there was a careless mistake in their past cultivation, it would cause them to stop at the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and they wouldn’t be able to go any higher.

Although Mu Chen’s case wasn’t that serious, it would still cost him even more energy and time for him to make the breakthrough.


But as those thoughts circulated in both of their hearts, their expressions suddenly shook and they looked at the surface of the ocean with astonishment. That’s because they could sense that the violently surging Spiritual Energy fluctuation had been suppressed just when it was about to reach the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

In the distant sky, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out akin to a tidal wave and a youthful silhouette stood in the sky with the surface of his body emitting a faint golden light and a vague pressure was silently being emitted.

Nine Nether’s tightly clenched fist finally loosened up and unconcealable joy appeared on her face.

The gorgeous woman also slightly nodded her head with a gratified expression. Mu Chen had truly not left her in disappointment in the end. It looked like one day in the future, perhaps he might really possess the ability and power to inherit this place.

That’s because, at this moment, Mu Chen had finally controlled the temptation to break through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

But at the same time, he had also broken through the shackles of an Eighth Grade Sovereign, that was the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

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