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Chapter 1074 - State of the Great Havenlaw Domain

Northern Realm

Ever since the end of the Hunting War and the destruction of the most powerful force in the Northern Region, the Divine Pavilion, a situation was caused in the Northern Region that surged like a gathering storm. After all, the foundation of the Divine Pavilion was too powerful and every single peak force wanted a bite at it to strengthen themselves.

Under this situation, the Great Havenlaw Domain soared with astonishing speed and in less than a year, it had already become the strongest force in the Northern Region.

As for the Northern Region Alliance that Mandala had formed with the other peak forces, it had also possessed some meaning under Mandala’s control. With the powerful strength by being in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, Mandala had already vaguely become the Alliance Lord of the Northern Region Alliance, which the other peak forces had silently agreed to. After all, Mandala and the Great Havenlaw Domain could be considered the most powerful existences in the Northern Region at the moment.

The fame and status of the Great Havenlaw Domain had also caused it to become a force that countless experts in the Northern Region would want to rely on. So in less than nearly a year, many experts had flooded towards the Great Havenlaw Domain, trying to join with various means.

Thus, it had caused the strength of the Great Havenlaw Domain to soar.

However, the expansion had also attracted some trouble and the veterans in the Great Havenlaw Domain would definitely have some conflicts with the new blood that joined the Great Havenlaw Domain. Even Mandala had no great solution for this matter. After all, this was something that would definitely appear in their expansion and she could only rely on time to wear things in.

The Greatlaw Sky was extremely bustling at this moment, with streaks of light covering the horizon, landing all around the Greatlaw Sky, making the place bustling with excitement.

Today was another conference amongst the Kings.

The scale of the King’s Conference in the Great Havenlaw Domain was incomparable to the past. That’s because, along with the swift expansion of the Great Havenlaw Domain, there were a total of eighteen Kings in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Furthermore, this was still after the careful selection of Mandala. If they had to give out titles based on strength, then the total amount of Kings would far exceed the current numbers.

But even after Mandala’s moderated selection, there was still a great number of new Kings, which had evidently caused quite the impact against the Great Havenlaw Domain’s current situation. Even the Asura King, Blood Hawk King, Mountain Splitting King and the veteran Kings all felt threatened.

There was a chance that a new King or Emperor would be nominated in every King’s Conference. Therefore, the King’s Conference had become the most important conference in the Great Havenlaw Domain. The moment it was conducted, even the City Lords of the Great Havenlaw Domain would rush over, contributing to the atmosphere today.

But while the entire Great Havenlaw Domain was bustling, the Nine Nether Palace, which sat at the northern side of the Great Havenlaw Domain, was quiet with a boundless aura of silence.

In the vast palace room stood a strict troop donned in black armour with powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation in the sky. Spiritual runes vaguely appeared, forming into a powerful protection Spiritual Array.

The current Nine Nether Palace was no longer the same as it was during the time Mu Chen and Nine Nether departed. Whether it was the cities or experts under them, there was a great surge compared to half a year ago.

Everyone in the Great Havenlaw Domain knew that Mu Chen of the Nine Nether Palace had a close relationship with the Domain Ruler, Mandala. With that layer of relationship, even the Three Emperors would give the Nine Nether Palace face, thus the Nine Nether Palace wasn’t lacking in any resources.

When those passing by the Nine Nether Palace saw the atmosphere in the palace, they couldn’t help revealing envy in their eyes. Everyone knew the status of the current Nine Nether Palace in the Great Havenlaw Domain. With a large amount of resources and experts were all allocated into the Nine Nether Palace, vaguely making the Nine Nether Palace the strongest force under the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Naturally, everyone was envious towards Mandala’s treatment for the Nine Nether Palace. There were naturally those that were unconvinced about it in their hearts, since, judging from the news, the strength of the two lords of the Nine Nether Palace was only around the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

Although such strength could be considered as outstanding in the Great Havenlaw Domain, it was far from being considered the top. Thus, their strength wasn’t qualified to lead the massive Nine Nether Palace and occupy the large portion of resources.

So in the eyes of many that had just joined the Great Havenlaw Domain, Mu Chen only had the contribution of presenting treasures and was especially well taken care of by Mandala. But it was impossible for them to receive sufficient respect from that relationship. It would just be a matter of time before the Nine Nether Palace couldn’t contain their experts and would result in splitting up.

At that time, it would be futile, even with Mandala’s support. After all, once their hearts were no longer there, it would be useless to force them…

In a chamber of the Nine Nether Palace

While the entire Great Havenlaw Domain was boiling, the Nine Nether Palace was extremely quiet, as if the King’s Conference in the Great Havenlaw Domain had nothing to do with them.

Naturally, looking from another point-of-view, they truly had nothing to do with the King’s Conference.

That’s because the two lords of the Nine Nether Palace were currently not around, and as the housekeeper, it was naturally impossible for Tang Bing to represent the Nine Nether Palace. Thus, the Nine Nether Palace had not taken part in the King’s Conference in the Great Havenlaw Domain for nearly a year. Tang Bing was talented in administration, so she knew that without Nine Nether and Mu Chen, she couldn’t represent them to make any opinion so as to avoid disputes.

After all, because of Mandala’s enormous support for the Nine Nether Palace, it had already caused some disputes in the dark.

There weren’t many people in the majestic palace, but there were two seats in the palace with Tang Bing and Tang Rou sisters beneath those two seats.

Further below them would be a white-dressed lady in a wheelchair. She had a gorgeous appearance, but her face was somewhat pale and the surrounding Spiritual Energy fluctuation around her wasn’t that strong. However, her status here was only inferior to Tang bing and Tang Rou.

She was naturally Zhantai Liuli, who Mu Chen had encountered in the Hunting War.

After the destruction of the Divine Pavilion, due to Mu Chen’s support, Zhantai Liuli and her family moved into the Great Havenlaw Domain. As a Battle Formation Master, she was naturally a hotcake.

That’s because, in the past, Mu Chen was the only Battle Formation Master in the Great Havenlaw Domain. With another one joining them, as long as she was willing, even Mandala would be willing to let her command the Great Havenlaw Army.

But expectedly, she did not go independent and chose to join the Nine Nether Palace, commanding the Nine Nether Troop.

So, despite her Spiritual Energy cultivation not being that strong, she could rely on her strength as a Battle Formation Master. Not even ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns could gain any benefits from her hands.

Behind Zhantai Liuli were dozens of silhouettes with powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations around them. Especially the four that stood at the front, judging from their Spiritual Energy fluctuations, they had evidently stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!

With that strength, they were qualified to be titled Kings in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Those experts were naturally dispatched by Mandala, instructing them to aid Tang Bing to stabilise the Nine Nether Palace for the time being.

“As our usual practice, the Nine Nether Palace will not participate in the King’s Conference. We will seclude for a day.” Up in the chamber, Tang Bing looked at the robust formation and said while sighing in her heart.

Although everyone had expected Tang Bing’s words, they couldn’t help feeling somewhat regretful. After all, it was a pity that their Nine Nether Palace had to be absent from this conference.

“It is said that in this King's Conference, the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku might become Emperors. This is a great event, shouldn’t our Nine Nether Palace at least show our faces?” In the palace, the middle-aged man that stood at the centre amongst the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns suddenly spoke out.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku were top-tiered experts that had joined the Great Havenlaw Domain during the past year. Therefore, the middle-aged man also wanted to have the Nine Nether Palace and the two new Emperors to get closer, roping a relationship between them.

The middle-aged man was called Xu Kun, the strongest amongst the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns. Although he had only just recently joined the Nine Nether Palace, he was the strongest expert in the Nine Nether Palace with high prestige. The moment he spoke, he naturally attracted some echos. After all, the Emperors were only beneath the Domain Lord in the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Tang Bing slightly knitted her brows. She naturally knew about the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku and she had thoughts of paying a visit on behalf of the Nine Nether Palace. But those two thought highly of themselves. Not to mention her, they didn’t even care about Mu Chen and Nine Nether. Therefore, they did not treat the Nine Nether Palace seriously and, in Tang Bing’s view, if it wasn’t for the Domain Ruler, the two wouldn’t even bother about their Nine Nether Palace with their arrogant attitude.

After all, Nine Grade Sovereigns were people that even the Domain Ruler had to lower her attitude a little towards. That’s because they were the most powerful forces aside from the Domain Ruler.

But, even though the two of them were so prideful, Tang Bing naturally wouldn’t let the Nine Nether Palace be snubbed, despite showing good intentions. Not to mention that Mu Chen and Nine Nether weren’t around, so she wasn’t too confident and could only barely support the Nine Nether Palace.

When Tang Bing saw the tongues wagging in the chamber, she sighed in her heart. Along with the Nine Nether Palace’s expansion, her prestige was also lowered. Although the newcomers were powerful, they were also arrogant and unyielding, since she wasn’t strong. So it was impossible for them to fully respect her and she could only barely maintain the ceremony on the surface.

She knew about Xu Kun, it was rumoured that he had some relations with the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku. So based on this alone, it was natural for him to want to get close to the two of them.

After all, the moment the two of them ascended to Emperor, their situation in the Great Havenlaw Domain would definitely change. With the support of the two newly promoted Emperors, it would definitely be much better than being in the Nine Nether Palace without any owners around.

Evidently, Xu Kun wasn’t the only one having such thoughts in the palace. Therefore, the moment someone took the lead, the voices increased, which broke the silence in the chamber and, momentarily, even Tang Bing couldn’t suppress the voices.

“Housekeeper Tang, if you’re not willing, then allow me to participate in the King's Conference by myself…” When Xu Kun saw that the momentum was rising, he slightly smiled and immediately stood up.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku needed support at the moment and if he could go and give them support, it would be equivalent to an investment.

Seeing them standing up, some experts followed along in the chamber, with many hesitating. When Tang Bing saw this scene, her face turned a little pale.

Xu Kun lightly smiled when he saw Tang Bing’s face and did not bother about her. Although Tang Bing belonged to the two lords, his strength was much stronger than Tang Bing. Even if the two lords did return, they would definitely heavily rely on him. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of offending Tang Bing.

Thinking about this, he waved his hand and was prepared to depart.

Seeing Xu Kun turning around, Tang Bing suddenly stood up and roared, “Stop!”

Xu Kun paused his step and furrowed his brows, before he spoke in a cold voice, “Housekeeper Tang, I am not considered your subordinate!”

The two of them confronted and the atmosphere in the chamber immediately tensed up. The experts all exchanged looks, since they did not know how to deal with this situation.

Thus, the situation was tense and stiff. But at this moment, a peal of faint laughter suddenly resounded in the chamber.

“Haha. I never thought that the Nine Nether Palace would become so crowded in just six months…”

The sudden voice had shattered the tense atmosphere in the palace and everyone was stunned. Shortly after, they suddenly sensed something and everyone raised their heads to look at the two empty seats.

Not knowing when, a man and woman had already appeared. The slender and handsome-looking youth was looking at everyone with a smile on his face.

Although his smile seemed gentle, everyone present could feel an indescribable pressure emanating from him.

Tang Bing was also stunned when she looked at the two silhouettes. Shortly after, joy surged from her eyes, before her voice resounded in the palace.

“Big Sister Nine Nether? Mu Chen? The two of you are back?!”

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