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Chapter 1068 - Closure


The scarlet ocean covered this entire realm with boundless Spiritual Energy incessantly surging, condensing into a mist. Occasionally, there were some mists that were extremely condensed, turning into clouds with spiritual rain falling from the sky, lifting ripples on the surface of the ocean.

Although this ocean was formed from the blood essences of countless top-tiered Divine Beasts, there wasn’t any of the expected stench of blood. The purity of Spiritual Energy also exceeded any region that Mu Chen had visited.

According to his estimations, even if several powerful Spiritual Convergence Arrays were to stack together, it would still be impossible to refine such a massive amount of Spiritual Energy…

In this region that was covered by the spiritual rain, Mu Chen sat on the surface of the ocean, allowing the icy-cold spiritual rain to fall onto his body as a golden light circulated on the surface of his body, greedily absorbing the spiritual rain into his body, then integrated it into his Sovereign Sea after the refinement, which made his Spiritual Energy even more robust.


The ocean behind him billowed and a massive Divine Beast that looked like a whale soared into the sky before diving down, passing through Mu Chen’s body and returned to the ocean.

Mu Chen’s body did not move, allowing the Divine Beasts to pass through his body with his eyes closed and no ripples on his face.

Unconsciously, he had already spent a month on this ocean, but he wasn’t in a rush to devour the Spiritual Energy in this region to attempt his breakthrough.

That’s because, not long ago, he had used the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus to break through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. So if he tried another breakthrough in such a short period of time, perhaps it might be possible with this place, but it would also shake his sturdy foundation, leaving repercussions.

Mu Chen wasn’t a fool that could have his eyes blinded just for the efficiency alone. Therefore, he rationally suppressed the urge to break through and chose to quietly cultivate, allowing the Spiritual Energy in his body to circulate and absorb the Spiritual Energy from the outside world.

He needed a fulfilling breakthrough.

Although such a breakthrough was the slowest, it was the most sturdy. Furthermore, since the Temporal Law in this realm was different, Mu Chen wasn’t lacking in time.

Therefore, he did not choose to rush and opted for the slowest method.

Even the Three Beast Sovereigns had inwardly nodded their heads regarding his choice. If someone else could make it to this treasured cultivation ground, they would probably be blinded by the meat pie here and would choose to devour as much energy as possible.

This method could only quench their thirst while leaving repercussions, so it could only be considered as foolish in the long term.

Although the efficacy of Mu Chen’s method was slow, it could guarantee that his steps would be sturdy and he would also make it further in the path of cultivation.

Although Mu Chen wasn’t clinging onto the cultivation of his Spiritual Energy for the past month, he also had some harvest. At the very least, he had obtained stunning improvements on another path of cultivation.

Mu Chen quietly sat on the ocean, before he suddenly opened his eyes. Shortly after, he lifted his hand and the ocean before him violently rippled. In the next moment, the surface of the ocean was torn apart and two lights whistled out.

The two lights coiled around Mu Chen, emitting golden lights. They were naturally the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits.

But at this moment, they had undergone a drastic change. Their illusory figures felt more condensed after devouring the blood essences of the various Divine Beasts for a month. Although it was still some distance away for them to have a form, they looked more realistic compared to the illusory feeling that they had a month ago.

Furthermore, their golden figures had also changed, vaguely having a darker shade of gold, which seemed even more sturdy and powerful.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits coiled around Mu Chen and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations were constantly being emanated from them.

Mu Chen looked at the two spirits with surprise in his eyes. That’s because in just a short period of one month, the growth of the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits was too powerful.

Right now, due to the Spiritual Energy condensed in the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits being sufficiently powerful, they could leave Mu Chen’s body and fight within a certain range.

According to Mu Chen’s estimations, he wouldn’t need to make a move and the spirits could probably confront a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign by themselves.

That would be equivalent to having a powerful helper along with him. Furthermore, these two helpers also possessed a powerful growth potential and Mu Chen did not doubt that after they fully grew up, the strength that they possessed would even cause an Earth Grade Sovereign to feel fearful.

So looking from a certain degree, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits were probably the most formidable part of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra.

Naturally, Mu Chen did not expect that he could ascend heaven in a single day, since that step was still far away. Right now, all he had to do was do a good job at nurturing the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits so that one day, in the future, they would become his greatest aide.

As for now…

Mu Chen looked at the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits and lightly smiled. Right now, it’s best for him to take good care of their growth…

As thoughts circulated in his mind, Mu Chen no longer dwelled in his thoughts and looked at the small island that was floating on the ocean of blood. Nine Nether was seated on the island with her silhouette blazing with flames.

In the past, Nine Nether’s Undying Flames were a darker shade of purple. But the purple had gradually dulled down and were leaning towards the evolution of the Undying Bird’s crystallised flames.

Mu Chen knew that was due to the guidance of the Undying Bird. As an Undying Bird herself, she naturally knew the way for evolving into the Undying Bird. So her guidance for Nine Nether was extremely precious, allowing her to take fewer detours in the evolutionary path, causing her evolution to be even more perfect.

At that time, she might even surpass him after he had bitterly caught up to her.

“It’s been three years since I came out of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

He suddenly raised his head as he let out a long breath. Through these years, he had gradually grown up from an inexperienced youth to one of the ten Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain. Furthermore, he felt that after his cultivation this time, there might even be an additional seat amongst the Emperors of the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Through all the years of cultivation, his inexperience had faded and all this work was just to rescue his mother and the promise that he had made to the girl back in the Spiritual Academy.

The promise to become a supreme powerhouse.

“Luo Li, are you well?”

Mu Chen looked at the sky through the rising spiritual mist. There was a head of long silver hair and an exquisite face with pupils akin to glass vaguely appearing, which ticked the deepest thoughts in Mu Chen’s heart.

Mu Chen pulsed his lips and his face gradually turned resolute. Although he had a tough time all these years, he knew that Luo Li, who was in the Luo God Clan, definitely wouldn’t have it easy either. Under her gentle appearance, that girl was even more stubborn than him.

She had to bear the entire load of the diminishing Luo God Clan that far exceeded the Great Havenlaw Domain. Perhaps at this time, she was using her tender shoulders to bear the burden.

“Luo Li, wait for our next encounter. At that time, I will fulfil my promise to you…”

Mu Chen clenched his fists and no longer hesitated. He suppressed the thoughts in his heart and gradually closed his eyes. The Spiritual Energy around him fluctuated and gradually shaped into a vortex, incessantly devouring the boundless Spiritual Energy in this region.

For a long period of time, he would be in a deep cultivation state…

While Mu Chen and Nine Nether started their deep cultivation, time quietly, swiftly passed.

The arc of the Divine Beast Origin has ended after roughly half a month since they were in the Divinity Sea and the various teams have gradually left after obtaining various opportunities, returning to their own clans.

When the curtains of the Divine Beast Origin folded up, practically everyone knew about the battle in the God’s Cemetery and Mu Chen’s name at the same time.

When Zong Teng of the Sky Roc Clan met Zong Qingfeng of the Roc Clan, before he could inquire about Mu Chen, the latter had already used a profound tone to warn him not to provoke Mu Chen in the future, or he would bear the consequences for his own actions.

Zong Qingfeng’s words had caused Zong Teng to be covered in sweat, especially after knowing that Mu Chen had defeated Bai Ming of the Ice Phoenix Clan. He was completely speechless before leaving the Divine Beast Origin in a pathetic manner. He no longer dared to have any thoughts of dealing with Mu Chen, since such a character would definitely not be ordinary in the future. If he offended such a person, then he would lose more than he could gain.

Those teams that had fought with Mu Chen were also inwardly fearful as they disheartenedly left.

Under this situation, Mo Feng and Mo Ling had also left the Divine Beast Origin, heading back to the Nine Netherbird Clan. The instant they returned, they were immediately summoned by the Patriarch and Elders of the clan. They enquired about their harvest in the Divine Beast Origin…

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