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Chapter 1067 - Bitter Cultivation in the Divinity Sea

“You guys can cultivate here and you can decide how long you want to cultivate here for. Although the Spiritual Energy in this place is massive, it is also domineering due to the blood essences of the many top-tiered Divine Beasts. With your strength, the two of you might not be able to last long; otherwise, your blood and aura will be contaminated, causing your Spiritual Energy to be impure.”

When Mu Chen and Nine Nether heard those words from the gorgeous woman, they nodded their heads. Even if the Undying Bird didn’t warn them about it, they also had a feeling that despite the Spiritual Energy being robust here, the blood and aura leaned towards being tyrannic. So if they couldn’t control themselves, then it would cause more harm than good.

“Only the three of us can open the passage to this realm. After that battle, our Spiritual Energy has also been exhausted. So this should be the last time that we can appear in the outside world.”

Mu Chen knitted his brows. That also meant that this was the last time that this realm would be opened and they wouldn’t be able to return after leaving?

Thinking about it, Mu Chen felt extremely unresigned. He briefly pondered before looking at the Three Beast Sovereigns and said with a solemn expression, “This place is formed by the numerous experts of the Divine Beast Origin. How can we let them down by letting it gradually disappear over time?”

“Although the Great Thousand World is calm, the Fiend Clans are still covetously eyeing our land like starved wolves. So it is impossible for us to seek peace with them. If there’s a day when they launch another invasion, they would definitely go all-out and, at that time, the entire Great Thousand World would face the danger of annihilation. If that’s the case, I believe they would definitely agree to it if Senior could allow these seniors of the Great Thousand World to help out the Great Thousand World a little.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s heavy words, the Three Beast Sovereigns were also stunned, before they revealed a tempted expression. The hatred they had for the Fiend Clans far exceeded Mu Chen’s expectations. The Divine Beast Origin used to be their home, but it was destroyed by the Fiend Clans with their families and friends perishing in the battle.

There was nothing they could do, since they had already fallen. So it could be considered their greatest wish if they could use their remaining strength to pose some threat or obstruction to the Fiend Clans.

But it’s not easy for them to open the passage to this Divinity Sea, since this place was protected by the will of countless experts from the Divine Beast Origin. So it would be tough for even Heavenly Sovereigns to force their way in. With their strength gradually fading, there probably wouldn’t be anyone else that could open up a passage to this space after they faded away.

The three of them exchange a glance as if they had made a decision. Three palms came together and a spiritual light blossomed, forming into a crystal jade plaque between their palms with profound ripples being emitted from the plaque.

When the plaque was condensed, Mu Chen and Nine Nether could see the spiritual forms of the Three Beast Sovereigns turning much more illusory, as if they would soon disappear.

The gorgeous woman held onto the jade plaque, then passed it to Mu Chen and smiled, “You brat, aren’t you just coveting the power here? But looking at it from a different angle, your words aren’t wrong. Rather than letting this place fade along with time, it would be better to gift it to someone from the later generations. This way, we might even be able to contribute to a pinnacle powerhouse that can provide some strength in protecting the Great Thousand World.”

“This jade plaque contains our last energy. If you feel that you are qualified to inherit this place in the future, you can use it to be teleported to here another time. But bear in mind that it can only be used once.”

Seeing that his thoughts had been seen through by the gorgeous woman, he felt somewhat awkward. But after sensing that there wasn’t any displeasure in the latter’s tone, and even entrusting such a serious task to him, his expression had also gradually turned grave.

He could feel the trust and the expectation that the Three Beast Sovereigns had for him, which made him feel ashamed of his inferiority. The Three Beast Sovereigns fell in the ancient times for the Great Thousand World, and even in their death, they still wanted to help the Great Thousand World as much as they could. Just this sense of righteousness alone made Mu Chen feel revered in his heart.

Initially, the Three Beast Sovereigns should’ve been able to live for a slightly longer time, but they were willing to exhaust their power so that Mu Chen could have another chance in entering this place, even at the price that they would completely disappear from this world.

Thus, Mu Chen stretched his hands out with respect, receiving the jade plaque before giving a deep bow with his hands cupped together towards the Three Beast Sovereigns and said with a solemn and respectful expression, “If the Great Thousand World suffers another invasion from the Fiend Clans, this Junior will definitely protect this place, even at the sake of my life.”

Mu Chen was no longer the ignorant youth he was back then. Although he did not come in direct contact with any of the Fiend Clans, he was able to figure out something from the remains that of the Ancient Battlefield. The Fiend Clans were both wicked and brutal existences, making it impossible for them to live in peace with the Great thousand World. So the moment they launched another invasion, the entire Great Thousand World would definitely be affected. At that time, even if it was for the sake of protecting those close to him, he would definitely have to fight the Fiend Clans.

Looking at Mu Chen’s solemn expression, the Three Beast Sovereigns nodded their heads with satisfaction. “Since that’s the case, then cultivate for as long as you can now.”

The gorgeous woman looked at Nine Nether with a gentle expression in her eyes. “I will not remain for long, but during this period of time, I will guide you in the evolution path of the Undying Bird.”

The Nine Netherbird Clan was her descendant, to begin with, so it could be considered fate that she could encounter one before she truly disappeared. So, she did not mind guiding Nine Nether a little.

“Many thanks, Senior!”

When Nine Nether heard her words, excitement poured from her face. If she could receive the guidance from the Undying Bird, then it would definitely be a great fortune for her. Not to mention the Nine Netherbird Clan, there wouldn’t be many even in the Phoenix Clan that could receive such favour.

Mu Chen was also happy for Nine Nether when he saw this. He no longer hesitated and his silhouette moved, descending towards the ocean of blood, before he sat down.

Even before he started his cultivation, he could sense the surging blood and aura that was seated on the ocean alone, which gradually seeped into his heart.

Instantly, his flesh and blood restlessly stirred and the boundless blood and aura fused into his body, emitting sizzling sounds. His body was devouring the blood and aura to strengthen himself.

Previously, when Mu Chen commanded the Heavenly Beast Troop, he had felt some discomfort from the backlash, which had completely disappeared at this moment. Waves of power flowed through his limbs and bones, immediately bringing his state to the peak.

Buzz! Buzz!

When the blood and aura in his body reached their peak, Mu Chen could feel that his hands were trembling, before the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits burst forth with dazzling golden light. They then flew from Mu Chen’s arms and coiled around him.

Fuooosh! Fuooosh!

The small True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits coiled around Mu Chen, emitting crisp and clear draconic roars and phoenix cries, which had instantly caused waves to lift from the blood ocean down below. Pillars of blood endlessly gushed towards the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits and were quickly devoured by them.

As the two Spirits absorbed the boundless blood and aura, Mu Chen could see the two spirits, which were initially golden in colour, were being tainted with a trace of crimson. Furthermore, he could sense that the power that was contained in the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits were also gradually growing stronger.

Cultivating the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra relied on devouring the blood essences of various Divine Beasts, to begin with, and with the ocean beneath him being condensed from the blood essences of countless top-tiered Divine Beasts, this was made to be the most suitable ground for the two spirits.


While Mu Chen was being shocked as the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits grew stronger, the Three Beast Sovereigns had also sensed this and they immediately looked over. When they saw the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits around Mu Chen, their eyes instantly contracted.

“Spiritual beings that actually contain the bloodlines of True Dragon and Phoenix?” The Three Beast Sovereigns had sharp eyesight and they recognised the two spirits with a single look. Furthermore, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits weren’t formed from Spiritual Energy, but actually contained the bloodline of the True Dragon and Phoenix.

“The Divine Art that that brat is cultivating is truly marvellous, to be able to condense the True Dragon and Phoenix to protect himself.” The robust man, who was also the Desolate Beast, spoke in a grave expression.

He naturally knew the powerful potential that the True Dragon and Phoenix had. The moment Mu Chen fully nurtured them in the future and took their forms, their power would probably not be inferior to the real True Dragon and Phoenix themselves.

That brat was truly a jar of surprises itself.

The other two nodded their heads as they took a deep look at Mu Chen. They vaguely felt that perhaps in the future, when the Great Thousand World faced another invasion from the Fiend Clans, their choice today might forge a powerful pillar for the Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen paid no attention to the shock of the Three Beast Sovereigns, but looked at the soaring True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits, then he lightly smiled before gradually closing his eyes to sense the surging blood and aura in his body.

This opportunity was an extremely rare fortune for him. Therefore, he had to seize the moment and allow himself to obtain another breakthrough.

That’s because he knew that when he leaves the Divine Beast Origin, he would have to make preparations for the Ancient Haven Palace…

Just as Mandala had said, there was an evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body in the Ancient Haven Palace. So at that time, he might encounter someone that had also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body as well.

That person would definitely be a monster as well.

So if he wanted to stand out in the group of monsters and obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body, then he had to get stronger!

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