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Chapter 1069 - The Shakened Nine Netherbird Clan

In the Elder’s Hall of the Nine Netherbird Clan

This place had the highest authority in the entire Nine Netherbird Clan and the atmosphere in the hall was oppressive and stern. Although the silhouettes that were seated in this hall were practically half a foot in their grave, the massive pressure that was being emitted still made Mo Feng and Mo Ling feel suppressed. Even the lively Mo Ling went silent.

The Patriarch of the Nine Netherbird Clan, Tian Huang, was also seated in this hall. He had his brows tightly knitted at this moment while looking at Mo Feng and Mo Ling, before he spoke in a solemn voice, “Why didn’t Nine Nether and Mu Chen come back with the two of you?”

The moment he asked the question, the azure-robed Elder that was prejudice of Mu Chen coldly smiled, “That brat must have failed the task and incited Nine Nether to flee. Hmph, how naïve.”

When the other Elders heard his words, their brows furrowed as well. If that was the truth, then Mu Chen would be too irresponsible and disappointing.

But the moment the azure-robed Elder spoke, Mo Ling, who was in the hall as well, had lifted her lips in displeasure and rebuked, “Who said that Big Brother Mu Chen ran away? If it wasn’t for Big Brother Mu Chen, how could Big Sister Nine Nether obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird?”


Hearing Mo Ling’s words, the bodies of all the Elders in the hall trembled and a light burst from their eyes. Even Patriarch Tian Huang had contracted his eyes. He couldn’t conceal the shock in his words, “What did you say? Nine Nether obtained the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird?”

A smug look appeared on Mo Ling’s face as she continued, “Big Brother Mu Chen has completed the task given to him by the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign. The reason why he isn’t back with Big Sister Nine Nether is definitely because they are being rewarded by the Seniors, who knows what benefits they are enjoying now?”

“The Undying Bird Beast Sovereign?!”

The azure-robed Elder shrieked. He wasn’t a stranger to this name. In the ancient times, it was one of the Three Beast Sovereigns of the Divine Beast Origin, a genuine Heavenly Grade Sovereign.

“Impossible! The Undying Bird Beast Sovereign has already fallen, so how did you guys meet?” The azure-robed Elder had doubt filling his face as he spoke in a doubtful voice.

Patriarch Tian Huang did not doubt Mo Ling’s words. He briefly pondered before saying, “Mo Feng, you must tell us everything that happened in the Divine Beast Origin. Not a single bit can be missed!”

He wanted to hear for himself what that brat, Mu Chen, did in the Divine Beast Origin!

Mo Feng nodded his head. His feeling had undergone a drastic change for Mu Chen throughout the journey to the Divine Beast Origin, he was even feeling admiration for Mu Chen. Therefore, he was more than glad to tell the stories so that the Elders in the clan would have a change in their thoughts for him.

Thus, he briefly reorganised the thoughts in his heart, before starting to tell the stories of their journey to the Divine Beast Origin…

The Body Refining Pagoda, the Myriad Beast Graveyard, the Treasure Beast, as well as fighting Bai Ming, the elite of the Ice Phoenix Clan and winning in the end.

The entire hall was silent, only Mo Feng was speaking. Not only the Elders, but even Patriarch Tian Huang had gradually widened his eyes from Mo Feng’s explanation from astonishment.

The elites of their clan have participated in the Body Refining Pagoda as well, but the number of those that could reach the last level could be counted by their fingers. However, Mu Chen had accomplished it.

Regarding the Myriad Beast Graveyard, they were well-aware of the dangers in it, but they never expected such courage from Mu Chen. The Treasure Beast was something that even they would be tempted by. Not only did that brat succeed in seizing it, he even brought everyone with him to obtain Quasi-Saint Artifacts.

They could still somewhat maintain their composure regarding this. But when they heard about Mu Chen’s confrontation with Bai Ming of the Ice Phoenix Clan, their gazes gradually turned grave.

That’s because they were well-aware about how powerful the elites nurtured by the Ice Phoenix Clan were. Although Bai Ming’s bloodline might not be the noblest in the Phoenix Clan, Patriarch Tian Huang and the rest had to admit that not even the elites of their clan would defeat Bai Ming.

For all these years, they had been ridiculed by the Phoenix Clan. Therefore, when they heard that Mu Chen fought with Bai Ming and won, they were somewhat speechless for the moment.

“Good! We have truly underestimated that brat!” Some Elders slapped their armrests out of excitement. They felt a relieved of the grudge they had in their hearts. They did not have a good relationship with the Ice Phoenix Clan, having been mocked and ridiculed by them many times. But now, the elite that they had nurtured couldn’t even defeat Mu Chen, who was merely a Seventh Grade Sovereign. In the future, they would like to see what face the Ice Phoenix Clan would have when boasting their might to the Nine Netherbird Clan.

Although Mu Chen wasn’t someone from the Nine Netherbird Clan, he could be considered having the bloodline of the Nine Netherbird Clan with his Bloodlink Bond with Nine Nether. So looking at a different angle, Mu Chen could be considered half a clansman of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

Some Elders inwardly nodded their heads, forgetting about how they were objecting the Bloodlink Bond between Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

“That brat is truly somewhat capable.”

Even Patriarch Tian Huang had lightly nodded his head as the tense expression on his face loosened up. He naturally didn’t want to see that the person that Nine Nether had formed a Bloodlink Bond with was ordinary. If that’s the case, even if Nine Nether objected to it, he would not have allowed the Bloodlink Bond between them to exist.

But looking at the situation right now, Nine Nether’s eyesight had not left him disappointed.

“The inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird should have been obtained after defeating Bai Ming, right?” Patriarch Tian Huang asked. At this moment, he no longer doubted what Mo Ling had said before.

Thinking about Nine Nether obtaining the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird to perfect her own bloodline, even he couldn’t help smiling. That would mean that Nine Nether might be the only one for the past tens of thousands of years to evolve into an Undying Bird. At that time, the status of their Nine Netherbird Clan would rise and even the Phoenix Clan would have to look at them like someone with equal standings.

Mo Feng nodded as he continued, “But after obtaining the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, something happened. A demonic being that was formed from the will left behind by the Fiend Clan’s Monarchs that had fallen in ancient times came out. Fortunately, the Three Beast Sovereigns had also left a card behind, and had appeared in their spiritual form to confront it. In the end, it was Mu Chen who utilised his other identity as a Battle Formation Master to command the Battle Will of the Heavenly Beast Troop to aide the Three Beast Sovereigns to completely kill the demonic being.”

When Mo Feng finished his words, he felt the atmosphere suddenly freeze, so he raised his head and saw the stunned expressions on the Elders. Even Patriarch Tian Huang was dumbfounded as he looked at him.

At this moment, words were resonating in the mind of Patriarch Tian Huang and the Elders. Monarchs of the Fiend Clans… Three Beast Sovereigns… The Heavenly Beast Troop…

When those words appeared, even their minds were surging with waves. That’s because they knew the meaning behind those words better than Mo Feng and the rest.

The Monarchs of the Fiend Clans were terrifying existences that could be comparable to a Heavenly Grade Sovereign.

The Three Beast Sovereigns were famous top-tiered powerhouses in ancient times.

As for the Heavenly Beast Troop, it was a famous and powerful troop in ancient times. The Battle Will of that troop could even slaughter Earth Grade Sovereigns.

Therefore, when those words came from Mo Feng, they pondered and wondered if those fellows had travelled back in time…

“Even if Mu Chen is a Battle Formation Master, it shouldn’t have been possible for him to command the Heavenly Beast Troop, right?” Patriarch Tian Huang recovered from the shock the quickest and asked with disbelief in his tone.

The other Elders nodded their heads as well. If Mu Chen could command the Heavenly Beast Troop at this stage, then he would be able to go as he wished in the Great Thousand World. No matter how powerful is his Spiritual Energy cultivation, even Perfected Earth Sovereigns would be fearful of him.

“The Heavenly Beast Troop definitely wasn’t at their top condition, but preserved through a special method by the Three Beast Sovereigns. Furthermore, the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign even provided some help for Mu Chen. But even so, Mu Chen was still heavily injured.” Mo Feng frantically said, since he did not brag for Mu Chen. That’s because if that’s the case, it would sound unrealistic.

However, his honest words had caused Patriarch Tian Huang and the rest to go silent again. After all, their experience was vast and they could deduce other clues from Mo Feng’s words.

The fame of the Heavenly Beast Troop had spread throughout the ancient and present times. So even if it was a remnant troop, the might could also be compared to an Earth Sovereign. Furthermore, despite the fact that Mu Chen had relied on the item that the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign had given him and was heavily injured in the end, it could still prove his talent and insight in the path as a Battle Formation Master. After all, they have never seen any Battle Formation Master that could command the Battle Will of the Heavenly Beast Troop at such a young age, thus explaining lots of things.

Perhaps in the future, there might be a day when Mu Chen would have the ability to command such a powerful troop like the Heavenly Beast Troop.

The moment he achieved that, then he would be a powerful existence in the Great Thousand World.

Therefore, all the Elders were silent after figuring this out. Even the Elders that were prejudiced towards Mu Chen had shut their mouths.

After living for so long, their eyesights were vicious. Perhaps the young man called Mu Chen might not be able to make them feel fear, but who knew what height he could achieve in the future?

In the future, even their Nine Netherbird Clan would have to rely on him. Judging from the potential that he had currently shown, it wasn’t impossible.

“The Undying Bird Beast Sovereign said that she is giving a great fortune to Mu Chen, and Nine Nether has stayed behind and has yet to return. It might be highly possible that she was also kept behind by that Senior because of Mu Chen.” Mo Feng made the final conclusion.

The entire palace was silent. Many of the Elders were inwardly envious of their fortune. To be able to obtain the instruction of that Undying Bird Senior, this sort of fortune had even made their eyes turn red.

Patriarch Tian Huang gently patted the armrest, then he closed his eyes for a brief moment before slowly opening them again. His strict gaze swept out. He looked at the Elders and a solemn voice resounded throughout the hall.

“From today onwards, no one is to put blame on Mu Chen for the matter of Bloodlink Bond.”

He paused for a brief moment before decisively saying, “When they return, we will invite Mu Chen to become an Elder of my Nine Netherbird Clan.”

The moment he said those words, the hearts of everyone trembled as they looked at each other. They wanted to say something but in the end, they remained silent. Perhaps Mu Chen might not be qualified as an Elder at the moment, but his potential was more than sufficient… 

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