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Chapter 1056 - Life-Extinguishing Pupil VS Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan

When the ice-blue feathered fan appeared in Bai Ming’s hand, the temperature between the heavens and earth instantly dropped. It was so much so that there were even snowflakes drifting down and an indescribable pressure was slowly being emanated.

“That kid actually forced Big Brother Bai Ming to bring out the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan…” When Bai Bin saw this scene, his face was somewhat dark. The Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan was a gift given to Bai Ming from the Elders in the clan due to his extraordinary talent. But when facing ordinary enemies, Bai Ming practically wouldn’t even use it. He’d only use it on opponents of an equal level like Kong Ling of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan or Zong Qingfeng of the Roc Clan.

But right now, Bai Ming was actually forced to bring it out when facing a human who had just broken through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. The meaning behind that action was evident.

So Mu Chen, who they had held in contempt, possessed a strength that Bai Ming couldn’t underestimate.

“No matter how powerful that brat is, he should be finished now!” Bai Bin inwardly clenched his teeth with a vicious gaze. The talent and strength that Mu Chen had shown made him feel envious. Since such a person was already an enemy, then they would have to get rid of him and let such a talent die before he matured!

With the strength of Bai Ming being at the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm and the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan, even an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit would be instantly killed by him, not to mention Mu Chen.

In another corner, Nine Nether, Han Shan and the rest were looking at the battle with worry in their eyes. They had initially thought that Bai Ming would only bring out the Quasi-Saint Artifact later, giving Mu Chen more time to prepare. But who could have expected Bai Ming being so decisive? The moment he realised that Mu Chen wasn’t an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign, he had brought out the Quasi-Saint Artifact.

With the Quasi-Saint Artifact, Bai Ming’s fighting strength would be greatly boosted.

Bai Ming stood in the sky while gently fanning the feathered fan in his hand with a cold and bone-piercing gaze. He did not bother speaking a single word after bringing out the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan. He was pouring his Spiritual Energy into the fan.


Fanning the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan, an ice-blue current suddenly swept up in a grandiose manner, turning the sky into an icy world.

A cold current tornado whistled as it shot towards Mu Chen, freezing the atmosphere into ice in the process. 

The cold current contained extremely terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations and the coldness was something that not even Eighth Grade Sovereigns would dare to belittle. Furthermore, the cold current flowed extremely quickly and with only a single breath, it swept through and reached the Great Solar Undying Body.


Thick layers of ice swiftly spread out on the Great Solar Undying Body and in just a few breaths’ time, the Great Solar Undying Body had already been turned into an ice statue.


But the ice only covered for an instant, before a violent blazing golden light exploded from the Great Solar Undying Body, shattering the thick layer of ice.

The Great Solar Undying Body stood in the sky as the golden lustre grew even more dazzling. But Mu Chen, who was standing on top of it, had his face gradually turning grave because he was clear that he had exhausted a huge amount of energy just to struggle free from the ice layer.

After using the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan, Bai Ming’s cold Spiritual Energy had clearly been brought to a new level, becoming even tougher to handle at the same time.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered before he joined both of his hands together. A golden light exploded, swiftly forming into two Sky-Splitting Sceptres in the hands of the Great Solar Undying Body, before shooting towards Bai Ming.

Facing the attack that had landed him in a sorry-looking state earlier, Bai Ming did not even lift his brows. He fanned the feathered fan in his hand. The cold current swept through and the golden sceptres had been instantly turned into ice before exploding.

“He has indeed become much stronger. That fellow is not easy with that feathered fan in his hand.” Mu Chen contracted his eyes. The Spiritual Energy that Bai Ming cultivated was extremely cold, in addition to the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan, it was akin to adding wings to a tiger. At the moment, Bai Ming was a tough opponent, even amongst the Eighth Grade Sovereigns.

“If this is all that you have, then wait for your death to arrive.”

Bai Ming gently fanned, looking at Mu Chen with an indifferent gaze. Before Mu Chen could reply, the feathered fan in his hand was slowly raised, before hovering before him.

Bai Ming formed seals with both of his hands and boundless Spiritual Energy instantly gushed from his body, endlessly pouring into the feathered fan.

As the Spiritual Energy was being poured in, the feathered fan expanded and in just a few moments, it had grown to a hundred feet long. The feathered fan gradually turned into ice, which looked extremely gorgeous.

While looking at the crystalised feathered fan, Mu Chen felt a stinging pain all over his body, before his gaze grew even more solemn. Evidently, he had sensed an extremely intense threat.

A torrential cold aura swept out from the feathered fan and the icy-blue had gradually turned deep blue, filled with destructive power.

Bai Ming coldly locked his gaze onto Mu Chen and an arc that was filled with killing intent was raised from the corner of his lips.

“Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan - Ice Phoenix of Destruction!”

His seals suddenly changed and the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan slowly tilted, before the fan side gently fanned down at Mu Chen from afar.


The heavens and earth had suddenly turned cold and dark. An endless deep-blue cold current swept out from the fan. Furthermore, when the cold current whistled out, it had turned into a deep-blue Ice Phoenix that was roughly a thousand feet long. The ice phoenix was covered in a cold aura that could turn any Eighth Grade Sovereign into an ice statue.

Everyone present shivered with astonishment on their faces. That’s because they could feel the Spiritual Energy in their bodies showing signs of gradually freezing up.

They were just affected by the cold current. If they were facing it, perhaps they might be turned into ice statues without any vitality before the deep-blue ice phoenix even descended.

“What a terrifying cold current!”

Everyone’s faces turned pale. Bai Ming was truly not going easy. He had completely brought out the power of the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan. If this attack struck, not to mention Mu Chen, even an Eighth Grade Sovereign would have to face it at full force.

“That brat’s dead!” Bai Bin grinned. Although Mu Chen was somewhat capable, he was capable and unfortunate at the same time to force Bai Ming to this step.

The ice phoenix flew out as Bai Ming’s facial colour turned a little darker. Evidently, the terrifying attack had caused quite an exhaustion for him. But it should be time for this battle to end.

Rustle! Rustle!

As the ice phoenix swept out, the surface of Mu Chen’s body was covered with frost and a bone-piercing pain stung his body. Even with his powerful physique, it still felt like a stinging pain for him.

If he allowed the ice phoenix to make a contact with him, then he would be turned into an ice statue, even if he had cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Physique to the second level.


Mu Chen spat out a mouthful of mist, which turned into ice before him, then slowly closed his eyes.

“Giving up resistance?” Seeing his actions, Bai Ming smiled with ridicule. But he smiled for only an instant before he knitted his brows. He saw a vertical black pupil slowly opening on Mu Chen’s forehead.

“What is that?” The other teams that were shocked by Bai Ming’s attack had also seen this scene and exclaimed.

Nine Nether and the rest felt relieved. Mu Chen had finally brought out the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. It was a Quasi-Saint Artifact, and with it, he might be able to block Bai Ming’s attack.

The Life-Extinguishing Pupil opened, shrouded in a mysterious black light. Mu Chen flicked his finger and a current whistled out, containing boundless and pure Spiritual Energy. When the other experts saw this scene, their pupils nearly popped out of their eye sockets. They had discovered that the current was filled with Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Judging from this scale, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was at least 1,000,000 drops.

Mu Chen’s seals changed and a powerful suction force burst out from the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. It was like a whale drinking water, completely devouring the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

With 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid infused into the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, black ripples fluctuated, looking like a black hole from afar.

“It’s a scam!”

When Bai Ming saw this scene, his gaze contracted but shortly after, he coldly smiled. No matter what Mu Chen used, he would still be able to win with this all-out move.

Buzz! Buzz!

A black halo was emitted from the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, before Mu Chen’s closed eyes had suddenly opened at this moment. At that moment when he opened his eyes, his hands suddenly formed seals. “Life-Extinguishing Pupil - Life-Extinguishing Divine Light!”

The black pupil opened wide and, in that instant, the heavens and earth seemed to have turned dark. All of the light seemed to have been devoured by that vertical pupil.

A massive black beam of light then suddenly shot out from the pupil.

The beam was terrifyingly black, without any violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from it. When the blacklight shot out, every single expert in this region felt their hearts going cold and their scalps numbing.

Nine Nether’s group also had grave expressions. The beam of light that came out from the Life-Extinguishing Pupil was even stronger than the time it was used to slaughter that Eighth Grade Beast Spirit!

However, they weren’t sure if that terrifying attack could withstand Bai Ming’s fearful attack.

Although the two Quasi-Saint Artifacts were powerful, they could only tell which was more powerful after the two clashed.

Under their anxious gazes, the black beam of light pierced through the heavens and earth on the horizon before it clashed with the ice phoenix that was flying over.

In that instant, the entire heavens and earth were silent… 

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