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Chapter 1055 - Ferocious Battle


The ice mountain that looked like a phoenix unfolding its wings descended with an endless chill. As the coldness swept through, even space had been frozen, which was gorgeous to the eyes from far away.

However, under that gorgeousness was a danger that made the heart of one become fearful.

When the ice mountain swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s pupils, he took in a deep breath and his face turned solemn before he started to form seals with a single hand.


A powerful Spiritual Energy exploded within Mu Chen’s body like a flood. Compared to before, the power of his Spiritual Energy was much stronger.

“So, you have broken through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!” Sensing the Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen, everyone’s gazes flashed. When they encountered Mu Chen outside the God’s Cemetery, the latter was only at the pinnacle level of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. No one had expected Mu Chen to make his breakthrough in such a short time.

But even if he had made his breakthrough, he was only at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, whereas Bai Ming was a genuine Eighth Grade Sovereign!

Boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuated around him as Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. His seals changed once again and a golden light blossomed from his body. Draconic roars and phoenix cries resounded and, vaguely, there was a powerful pressure being emitted.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits residing in Mu Chen’s arms roared towards the sky. A golden light pervaded Mu Chen’s flesh and golden dragon scales and golden phoenix wings grew out on his arms. It’s as if they had formed into sets of armour for his arms, covering Mu Chen’s arms in layers.

The power of a Seventh Grade Sovereign’s Spiritual Energy and physical strength had completely merged together at this moment.


A visible spiritual light fluctuated from Mu Chen’s body.  The ripple had caused many experts to have a change in their expression. That’s because they had sensed an extreme threat emanating from Mu Chen.

Even experts hat had stepped into the pinnacle level of Seventh Grade Sovereign felt their scalps going numb facing Mu Chen.

“That brat does have some ability to challenge Bai Ming!” The faces of those experts gradually turned grave and the ridicule that they had from before had dulled down. That’s because this scene before them wasn’t something that an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign could possess.


As the thought swiftly circulated in their hearts, they saw Mu Chen taking half a step back after combining his physical strength and Spiritual Energy. His body was like a bow as he pulled his elbows back before throwing a punch forth.

That punch seemed slow, as if it was moving through the mud. But everyone could see space distorting in the path of the fist and ripples were constantly spreading out from his fist.


Throwing the fist forth, a torrential spiritual light swept out and clashed with the descending ice mountain under numerous grave gazes.

Visible fluctuations exploded forth and cracks were swiftly spreading out on the plaza. Mu Chen’s silhouette was pressed down by an inch by the ice mountain and his feet sank into the sturdy slabs.

Looking from afar, Mu Chen looked like a ferocious tiger beneath the ice mountain as he bitterly endured.

When Bai Ming saw this scene from the sky, he coldly smiled and his silhouette moved. He had appeared on the ice mountain with the intention of stomping his foot down to have Mu Chen buried in the plaza.

But at that moment, just when his foot was about to stomp down, the ice mountain beneath his foot suddenly trembled.


A draconic roar and phoenix cry resounded from beneath the ice mountain and a dragon-phoenix pillar of light that was roughly a hundred feet suddenly soared, splitting the ice mountain and exited from the top of the mountain. The domineering golden light had also shuttled out from beneath Bai Ming’s feet.

Bai Ming’s face turned dark, before his silhouette flashed and disappeared, leaving an afterimage behind, which was pierced through by that golden light.


The golden light soared into the sky and it looked like a towering pillar that connected the heavens and earth. Under the shine of the golden light, the ice mountain had also swiftly crumbled before shattering into crumbs of ice before it disappeared.

When the other teams on the altar saw this scene, they were somewhat shocked. Evidently, they never expected that this match, which should have been a one-sided match, would turn out so unexpected.

The cold aura gradually dissipated and everyone had directed their gaze over to see Mu Chen slowly pull his legs out from the ground without any expression as he looked at the sky.

Bai Ming’s silhouette appeared with a flash and he clearly had a shock on his face. There was astonishment in his eyes, since he was clearly startled by the power that Mu Chen had exhibited as well.

With the combination of both his Spiritual Energy and physical strength, even if Mu Chen was only a Seventh Grade Sovereign, the fighting strength that he possessed had far exceeded the realm of a Seventh Grade Sovereign.

It was no wonder why Mu Chen would dare to challenge him, he did have some abilities after all.


As Bai Ming’s eyes flickered, Mu Chen stomped his foot on the ground and he turned into a streak of light that soared into the sky, chasing after Bai Ming.

A commotion had also resounded from the surroundings at this moment by the fact that Mu Chen had taken the initiative to launch a counterattack.


Mu Chen’s silhouette mysteriously appeared above Bai Ming and his hands swiftly formed seals. Instantly, a boundless Spiritual Energy exploded forth and space had distorted behind him. His Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared and a golden light shot out, condensing into a massive Sovereign Celestial Body that was a myriad foot high like a deity.

Mu Chen was ruthless the moment he launched his attacks. He had immediately summoned the Great Solar Undying Body and, evidently, he also knew that Bai Ming was a difficult opponent. Thus, he had no intention of tangling up with him and had quickly pulled out his full power.

The Great Solar Undying Body stood in the sky, shrouded in a golden light and looking extremely mysterious. Mu Chen’s silhouette had appeared on the head of the Sovereign Celestial Body and his seals changed. Five suns rose from the Great Solar Undying Body before exploding forth.

“Five Solar Spear!”

A golden current condensed by the palm of the Great Solar Undying Body had formed into a massive golden spear with five suns circling it and emitting a powerful might.

With Mu Chen’s current strength, it was just a flip of his hand for him to bring out such a move.


The golden spear shot forth, causing the atmosphere to explode as it turned into a golden beam of light that shot towards Bai Ming. The terrifying fluctuation was akin to a meteorite descending and it brought along destruction.


As the golden spear swept over, and sensing the boundless attack, Bai Ming’s face turned dark and he issued a cold snort. Both of his hands suddenly joined together to make seals and profound runes spread out from his palm, before he pressed down towards the space before him.

“Feather of the Ice Phoenix!”


Boundless spiritual light condensed into a myriad-foot long ice-blue feather that whistled out with a chill and clashed together with the golden spear.


A violent shock wave swept out, before the golden spear and ice feather exploded.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the shock wave wreaked havoc, the sounds of rushing wind constantly resounded before him and Bai Ming abruptly raised his head, before his pupils contracted.

Down below, ten-odd golden currents appeared and those currents were all golden spears with every single one containing a power that could heavily injure a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign.

When Mu Chen’s strength broke through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, he could already easily wield the Five Solar Spear, which he had to make an all-out effort to do in the past, and could even use it to make such attacks.

The scale of that attack made even those experts watching feel their scalps going numb.

“Pitiful tricks!”

With a cold face, Bai Ming’s finger surged with a cold light and he drew light seals on the space before him. In the next moment, his fingers stopped and a cold current gushed out, forming a thick thousand-foot shield with a phoenix unfolding its wings on the shield. It was so gorgeous and sturdy that even an Eighth Grade Sovereign’s attacks wouldn’t be able to penetrate through it.

Boom! Boom!

The golden spears whistled over, constantly slamming against the ice phoenix shield. Although the attacks were ferocious, they only caused cracks to appear on the shield and did not manage to penetrate it.

“Without the strength of an Eighth Grade Sovereign, you can only dream about breaking my Ice Phoenix Spiritual Shield.” Standing behind the shield, Bai Ming coldly smiled.


At that moment when he finished his words, a golden light exploded before him and two golden beams shot out like comets, before forming into two massive golden sceptres.

They were the Sky-Splitting Seven Solar Sceptres!

In the past, Mu Chen could only condense one with the strength of his physical strength. But along with the breakthrough of his Spiritual Energy, he could condense two and use them to launch simultaneous attacks.

The might of two Sky-Splitting Sceptres was something that even genuine Eighth Grade Sovereigns had to be cautious about.


The golden sceptres slammed through the horizon and, in the next moment, they slammed against the exquisite-looking shield. The sceptres and the shield paused and, thereafter, a terrifying shock wave dominated forth. The ice shield looked like it had suffered an attack from an Eighth Grade Sovereign and exploded.

Fragments of ice and golden light wreaked havoc as Bai Ming’s silhouette retreated in a pathetic state with his hair in a mess. Evidently, Mu Chen’s attacks had made him suffer a loss.

In the surroundings, many experts had shock written in their eyes, since no one had expected Mu Chen to force Bai Ming into such a sorry-looking state.

On the altar, Bai Bin’s face had changed into disbelief as well. Beside him, Chi Hongwu’s face had turned solemn, since neither of them ever expected Mu Chen to actually possess the strength to confront Bai Ming.

On the altar, numerous shocked gazes swept over, before Bai Ming had stabilised his figure on the plaza. His gaze was like blades as he stared at Mu Chen with a dark and enraged expression.

He never expected that dealing with a Seventh Grade Sovereign would give him such a hard time.

However, Bai Ming was not an ordinary character. Thus, the rage in his heart was swiftly suppressed and he looked coldly at Mu Chen, before he slowly stretched his hand out. With a flash of cold light, an ice-blue feathered fan appeared.

When Bai Ming held onto the ice-blue feathered fan, even Mu Chen had narrowed his eyes, since the threat coming from the former had been raised to a whole new level.

“So you’re finally going to use the Quasi-Saint Artifact…”

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