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Chapter 1057 - Phoenix Blood Sacrificial Spirit

When the black beam and the Ice Phoenix clashed, the entire heavens and earth instantly turned dark. It’s as if even the heavens and earth were fearing the terrifying impact.

The impact did not produce any huge sound when they had exploded, but it was a heart-palpitating silence. But the silence did not last for a long time. Everyone could see an ice current shock wave explode forth.


The sky had been instantly frozen through the ice current and turned into a world of ice. But the ice contained a little black, combined with the two terrifying forces.

The violent cold current swept through and the massive altar was covered in a thick layer of frost. On the entire altar, there were only two other locations with similar Spiritual Energies wreaking havoc that resisted the domination of the cold current.

Sensing those astonishing fluctuations, Kong Ling, Zong Qingfeng and the rest that were engaging in an intense battle slowed down. All of them had raised their heads with some shock upon looking at the origin of the terrifying shock wave.

“That Mu Chen is actually able to stand his footing when facing Bai Ming?” When the four of them saw this scene, their hearts trembled. Shortly after, their faces gradually turned grave. In the past, perhaps they wouldn’t have considered Mu Chen as an opponent, so they weren’t optimistic about his outcome when facing Bai Ming. But right now, they knew that they had misjudged him.

Kong Ling’s eyes lightly flickered, before she inwardly shook her head. It was truly unexpected to sense that from Mu Chen; but fortunately, they did not have any grudges from before. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to have Mu Chen as an enemy.

“Heh. Looks like my help is not needed and that brat can keep his life.” Lu Hou of the Babel Ape Clan smiled in self-ridicule. Just moments ago, he still said that if Mu Chen lost, he would help him keep his life. But looking at the current situation, it looked like his help was not needed.

Zong Qingfeng of the Roc Clan had also cast a deep glance at Mu Chen. In fact, he had heard of the latter’s name in the past. Zong Teng and Mu Chen had conflicts and came looking for him. Initially, he was considering whether he should make a move in passing. But judging from the current situation, it would be better for him to disperse that thought and warn Zong Teng not to provoke such a ferocious character…

“With the fighting strength that Mu Chen has displayed, he should be able to hold up against Bai Ming for a bit longer. Heh, that’s good. Even if he cannot be stopped, at least it won’t be that smooth for him to obtain the Undying Bird’s inheritance blood essence.”

“Damn it!”

While everyone had thoughts circulating in their hearts, Bai Ming’s face grew dark as he looked into the distant dark sky. The black beam and Ice Phoenix had each occupied half of the sky. They were frantically trying to devour the opposing attack. But in the end, neither of them could accomplish it, which resulted in this deadlock situation.

The deadlock situation wasn’t something that Bai Ming wanted to see.

He couldn’t believe that his Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm strength, along with a Quasi-Saint Artifact, couldn’t even slaughter a mere Seventh Grade Sovereign.

“You’re practically dreaming if you want to beat me today!” Bai Ming’s gaze flickered with cold, before his seals changed. The Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan gushed out with a cold current that had instantly expanded, endlessly pouring forth in an attempt to destroy the black beam.

Mu Chen stood on the Great Solar Undying Body, sensing that the pressure coming from the Ice Phoenix was growing. Evidently, Bai Ming was increasing the Spiritual Energy provided to the Ice Phoenix to defeat him.

“You’re underestimating this attack of mine which used 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to launch.”

But facing that, a smear of a ridiculing smile lifted on the corner of Mu Chen’s lips. A large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was required for every usage of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. That price was something that even made Mu Chen’s heart ache. The only thing that he was comforted with was that after devouring such a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, the attack launched by the Life-Extinguishing Pupil was worth the price.

As he thought about it, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and, with a move of his heart, the vertical black pupil on his forehead blossomed with rings of black halos.

It was as if there were profound black runes condensing together.


A fine black light shot out from the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, which bolted like lightning and integrated into the black beam that was confronting the Ice Phoenix. Immediately, the black beam expanded and a fearsome black shock wave swept out that even caused cracks in the surrounding space.


A light voice resounded from Mu Chen’s mouth at this moment.


When the word escaped his mouth, the fearful black beam reacted as if it had received the order from the God of Destruction that had descended onto the mortal realm. The black light trembled and pierced through the massive Ice Phoenix.

A huge black hole appeared on the Ice Phoenix and it was also constantly corroding the body of the Ice Phoenix, causing it to slowly turn black.

In that instant when the Ice Phoenix was penetrated, Bai Ming’s countenance drastically changed with disbelief filling his eyes. He had utilised the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan to the limit but not only was it resisted by Mu Chen, but it was also even broken by him?

“How is this possible?!” A savage expression covered Bai Ming’s face, before he roared with his face distorted.


But Mu Chen couldn’t be bothered what Bai Ming was thinking at this moment. The black beam that had condensed at the price of 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had been greatly exhausted after piercing through the Ice Phoenix, but it had not disappeared completely. Thus, with a will of his mind, the black beam sudden turned, then swept towards Bai Ming.

He was clearly intending to get rid of the latter.

“You want to kill me? You’re delusional!”

When Bai Ming saw this scene, his pupils contracted before he roared. With a stomp of his foot, a tornado swept out from his body, which formed into a massive Ice Phoenix behind him. The Ice Phoenix was glittering with a gem-like lustre and a powerful pressure emanated from it as well.

Bai Ming had been forced to bring out his Divine Beast Form.

Bai Ming’s silhouette moved, then appeared on the Ice Phoenix. With a grasp of his hand, the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan, which was hovering in the sky, was grabbed by him and a cold current was flowing on it, flickering with an ice-blue light.

“Phoenix Protection!”

The ice fan in Bai Ming’s hand suddenly trembled and a cold current gushed out. The Ice Phoenix beneath his foot had also spat out a torrential current. As it revolved, it had turned into a thousand-foot wide barrier in the sky that had protected him within.


The destructive beam struck the barrier, before crackling noises were being emitted. Cracks were seen swiftly spreading out, covering the entire barrier.


The barrier had reached the limits and exploded. Bai Ming, who was standing on the Ice Phoenix, had also suffered a blow and spewed a mouthful of blood out, his face turning extremely dark.


When the other experts on the altar saw this scene, they couldn’t help taking a cold breath in, since no one expected Bai Ming to be the first one injured in his confrontation with Mu Chen.

“Ho-how is that possible?!” When Bai Bin saw this scene, his face had instantly turned pale.

Beside him, Chi Hongwu had a solemn expression. At this point in time, if she still treated Mu Chen like an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign, then she would be foolish.

This time, Bai Ming had finally kicked against an iron plate.

Mu Chen stood on the Great Solar Undying Body and looked at Bai Ming, who was spewing blood. There weren’t any ripples on his face; on the contrary, he felt pity. Bai Ming’s reaction was too swift. He had already brought out his defences the moment he felt something wasn’t right. The mouthful of blood merely signified that he had suffered some of the repercussions. On the other hand, his Life-Extinguishing Divine Light had already been fully exhausted.

1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid down the drain and he only managed to lightly injure Bai Ming.

That fellow was truly troublesome to deal with.

Standing on the Ice Phoenix, Bai Ming slowly wiped the trace of blood off the corner of his lips and looked at Mu Chen with a dark gaze. His voice was somewhat hoarse as he said, “How many times can you still launch that attack of yours?”

Mu Chen’s previous attack was too terrifying, but he knew that there would definitely be a limit to that sort of attack. Otherwise, no one could take it if Mu Chen launched it a few more times.

“You want to try?” When Mu Chen heard his words, he smiled.

“Come, then!”

Bai Ming coldly smiled, then he suddenly stomped his foot. The Ice Phoenix beneath him flapped its wings and flew out. As it flapped its wings, a cold current that was a myriad foot had swept towards the Great Solar Undying Body.


The Great Solar Undying Body had also charged forth at this moment and a golden light swept out in every direction, resisting the fearsome cold current before endlessly throwing out attacks.

Up in the sky, the golden light and cold current whistled as the two massive colossi clashed. They had circulated the Spiritual Energy in their bodies to the limits and they flashed like bolts of lightning, leaving behind afterimages in the sky.

In just a few minutes, the two of them had already exchanged a few hundred rounds. Every single clash was akin to tearing the sky apart.

On the altar, everyone was dumbfounded by this slaughter. The killing intent and boundless Spiritual Energy that emitted from the two of them made them feel fearful.

At this moment, the two of them had clearly fought until their eyes turned red.


Up in the sky, the huge fist of the Great Solar Undying Body  and wings of the Ice Phoenix clashed. Mu Chen had thrown his palms out, while Bai Ming threw his fists, which clashed together.

Shock waves dominated forth, wreaking havoc as both sides were pushed back with the Spiritual Energy fluctuating around them being somewhat in a mess. They had clearly suffered from the shock waves.

The intense battle had clearly ended in a tie.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

But this deadlock had caused Bai Ming’s eyes to grow redder. Someone as prideful as him couldn’t accept that he was tangled up by a human Seventh Grade Sovereign.

“No matter how big of a price I have to pay, I will definitely bury you here!” Bai Ming roared with surging torrential killing intent.

When Bai Bin saw the savage expression on Bai Ming’s face, his countenance had also changed with alert rising in his eyes.

He knew that with Bai Ming’s strength and status, he must definitely have a few cards up his sleeves. The reason why he did not use them before was that he was unwilling to do so. But with after being forced to this point, he probably wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer.

Bai Ming’s eyes had turned red with torrential killing intent surging into the skies as he locked his gaze onto Mu Chen. Shortly after, he suddenly stomped his feet and the Ice Phoenix beneath his feet let out a mournful cry before a mouthful of blood essence gushed out.

The blood essence contained boundless Spiritual Energy.

Bai Ming tapped with his finger and the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan in his hand flew out and, as if it was opening its mouth, devoured the blood essence.

His face had also instantly turned even paler.

The ice-blue fan had gradually turned red with red vessels popping out from the fan, which vaguely reeked of blood and looked savage.

Bai Ming looked at the changes of the fan and let out a deep roar that resounded across the horizon.

“Phoenix Blood Sacrificial Spirit!”

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